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  1. 150 years of Jewish disruption and 70 years of Alinskyite disruption explain to me exactly why we don’t just do X Y and Z?

  2. It is Jew. It is. In Paul Joseph Watson’s video, around the 1:51 mark, it’s posted a profile of itself. It identifies as Jewish. We’ll need a REALLY big oven.

  3. Frankly I would encourage the people on that video to double down with their behavior, because I honestly think the universities and their scams need to tank it all the way to bankruptcy.
    Sure all the conservative intellectuals want their Phd and tenure at some nice leafy college circa the year 1920 and play Oxford don, but they need to move on from that fantasy. Better off blogging

  4. Looks like the Piggly Wiggly mascot had an accident with a molecular scrambler. The cartoon, not the freak in the vid.

  5. SJW’s are useful idiots. They’ll be cast aside like the trash they are once they no long serve any useful purpose for the usual suspects.

    • Which, unfortunately for them, they’ll not realise until it’s too late and too bad for them.

  6. Hey Hunter next time Rod Dreher scolds you over some transgression of the Three Deadly Sins of Progressiveness ask him why that Trufflepig and people like her are the moral touchstones of his politics.

    • Hell, I think Rod has blacklisted me. The thing is that my comments aren’t racial or edgy at all and yet he still won’t post them. Shitlibs can post anything they want. He knows who’s his daddy.

  7. Trump has started to over-perform his polling data, and I attribute that to Paul Manafort. He has been the missing ingredient in the Trump Organization.

    Remember those harping on “ground game”? Manafort gets it. When I went to vote there wasn’t even one Trump sign at polling places. Recent races have them everywhere. Manafort is getting on top of the delegate situation, actually courting new delegates rather than sitting idly by while earned delegates are stolen away. And perhaps most importantly, he is spending money on polling internals rather than “up or down” polls. That crucial information is the only way to win a close election by knowing when and where and what to say to build the winning coalition.

    These are the things that will pay dividends in November, giving Trump a shot at states like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania and possibly getting a Faithless Elector or two!

  8. Running the numbers I have Trump at 273 to Clinton 265.

    Key to this scenario: Trump winning Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Colorado.

    If you trade North Carolina with Pennsylvania, then its Clinton 270 and Trump 268; and this is where Faithless Electors come in to play. Trump would only need to flip one to him in order to throw it to the GOP House, or get two Clinton Electors to vote Bernie or some such horseshit.

    This actually happened in 2004 when a Kerry elector voted Ewards (John Edwards). The fact that it was misspelled made me think it was a black person who did it, but no one has been able to finger the culprit.

  9. I have toyed with the notion of moving to Pennsylvania to vote:

    You have to be a resident 30 days prior to the election, that would be an extended vacation for some, but would you really need to live there the whole time? You could fly in, get a lease from a pro-Trump land lord for 1 month, then register, go home to continue your life as an empty apartment sat in your name, and the name of a few buddies. At the end of the month you would vote and then the apartment would pass back to the land lord.

    I would gladly trade 400,000 Trump votes in New York for 400,000 Trump votes in Pennsylvania!

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