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Here’s a quick breakdown of the news of the day. There are too many unrelated developing stories here to compile into a single article:

1.) Desperate to change the news cycle after the ass kicking he received last night in the Northeast, Cruz announced Carly Fiorina as his VP pick in Indiana.

2.) #FeelTheBern was pretty much eliminated last night.

3.) You saw it right? Trump dominated the Northeast last night. He won something like 111 out of 118 delegates and nearly 40 of the 54 unbound delegates in Pennsylvania. His performance exceeded the wildest, most optimistic delegate projections. Trump could lose Indiana now and still win the nomination outright because he won the equivalent of Nebraska in unbound delegates.

4.) In a sure sign of the impending collapse of #NeverTrump, Rick Perry announced he would vote for Trump “at the end of the day” after labeling him “a cancer on conservatism” last summer.

5.) Dennis Hastert, the #TruConservative ex-Speaker of the House, admitted to molesting boys and was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

6.) Nothing really new in Trump’s foreign policy speech. Aside from his comments on Israel, it was pretty good. Watch it below.

7.) Paul Ryan, the current #TruConservative Speaker of the House, is pleased that the 50 state flags on Capitol Hill were removed in order to get rid of the “offensive” Mississippi state flag. You are probably not surprised he had nothing to say about that, or his views on amnesty, when he was Romney’s VP pick in 2012.

8.) In Missouri, the #TruCons killed a religious freedom bill in the Missouri House. Whether it is florists in Missouri or women’s restrooms in Tennessee, it seems like every day provides us with new evidence the #TruCons are incapable of conserving anything.

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  1. TalmudVision pundits were opining that Nurse Ratchet was picked as VP to bait Trump. It’s a set up. He’ll say something obnoxious about women, and they’ll hammer him. It also has loads of connections in {{{Commiefornia}}}. I think it’s over though. This is not a clean shot into a basketball “ring”.

  2. I just heard Carly on Fox making her case for her and loser Ted: no difference between Trump and Hillary. Right, I missed all the Hillary talk about building a wall, imposing a moratorium on Muslim immigration, doing away with unfair trade, putting American first before globalism, etc., etc., etc.

  3. Of all the matters of real importance in this country these cucks decide to do this?

    The Hill @thehill

    Senate passes resolution honoring Prince

    Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent
    Hunter Wallace Retweeted The Hill

    @sbpdl Who says the #TruCons are incapable of getting anything done?

  4. Carly Sneed Fiorina is surprisingly Southern, her family has been in the South for generations, but she is on my Scalawag Wall Of Shame.

    • I don’t doubt that many of the current Scalawags have imposing Southern and Confederate ancestry. Such makes their selling out even more disgusting and shameful. It is yet worse because they sell out for a simple pat on the head from the MSM or Washington. When the day comes i hope the true sons of the South will make them pay the price.

      • The Scalawags are everywhere. I think Lyndon Johnson can now safely enter the Pantheon of Scalawagdom beside Lincoln and Johnson of course there are hundreds more. We need to work on the Wall of Shame

  5. I was a direct witness to the Missouri General Assembly surrendering to World War T today. I probably had the same feeling that I would have had had I been a personal witness to Lee surrendering to Grant at Appomattox.

    • Poor Missouri, wasn’t enough they ethnically cleansed so many Southerners from the River Valley that the Southern accent practically died out, now they continue the cleansing. Never-ending Reconstruction

      • Recently drove down to that Diamond Mine in Arkansas and came to the conclusion that the area where the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers meet is a Black Hole like Hunter describes parts of Alabama. Up in Central Illinois the blacks are all in the cities and the small towns are white. Stopped at a McDonald’s and gas station in the middle of nowhere just across the river in Missouri off I-57 and the staff were all black. I guess this part of the rural south is mostly black as a ghetto dude at work talks about coming from Paducah Kentucky which is in that same general area.

        • Cairo Illinois was a major entry point for escaped slaves heading north and because it was a riverport many found work there after the War of Northern Aggression. Today it is a mini Nigeria

  6. That’s the earliest announcement of a VP, no?

    Not that it matters in this case. Cruz can’t win.

  7. I saw Fiorina for a few minutes on Fox and had to smile at her suggestion that “the Republican party is uniting around Ted Cruz.” That’s very funny after the past 6 beatings, mostly (entirely?) in closed primaries.

  8. Some truly amazing rhetoric coming out of the Trump speech:

    I do not think it mere coincidence that he delivered this speech after the battle for the nomination was over.

    Some jewels:

    “We are getting out of the nation-building business, and instead focusing on creating stability in the world.”

    “In the 90s…we put more effort into adding China to the World Trade Organization –
    which has been a disaster for the United States – than into stopping Al

    “I believe an easing of tensions and improved relations with Russia.”

    “we can upgrade NATO’s outdated mission and structure – grown out of the
    Cold War – to confront our shared challenges, including migration”

    “A superpower understands that caution and restraint are signs of strength.”

    “Instead of trying to spread “universal values” that not everyone shares,
    we should understand that strengthening and promoting Western
    civilization and its accomplishments will do more to inspire positive
    reforms around the world than military interventions.”

    “we do not go abroad in search of enemies”

    “Many Americans must wonder why our politicians seem more interested in
    defending the borders of foreign countries than their own.”

    “We will no longer surrender this country, or its people, to the false song of globalism.

    The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and
    harmony. I am skeptical of international unions that tie us up and bring
    America down, and will never enter America into any agreement that
    reduces our ability to control our own affairs.”

    • The reaction from “libertarians” has been positive but too muted. They need to get on board, ASAP.

        • Like Conservatives conserve nothing, Libertarians conserve no freedoms.

          Bob Whitaker memes on open border Libs and their propositional fetish:

          A “propositional nation” is a dictatorship. Whoever controls the “proposition” and can change the “living constitution” is the dictator.

          A multiracial state must be a propositional state, based on words rather than natural identity. Such a state cannot allow freedom of speech.

          As soon as Europe had a tiny minority of non-whites, Hate Speech Laws were imposed. A multiracial society cannot be free.

          Where are all those chest-beating libertarians when a demand for free speech is rejected? Hiding in the bushes wetting themselves.

        • Most Libertarians I’ve run into are open borders due to some esoteric libertarian/constitutionalist reasoning. Interestingly, the Theonomists/Theocrats also want open borders. Don’t get it.

    • “The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and

      When he talks like that he becomes interesting again.

  9. Cruz and Fiorina, McCain and Palin. The cucks do like to repeat themselves and keep using failing strategies and tactics.

  10. It’s practically a forgone conclusion that Trump has the nomination. Unless the top GOP powerbrokers are complete morons they have to know denying Trump the nomination will burn their party down. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing in itself.

  11. On the stages in Indiana yesterday:

    Trump: “Make America Great Again”

    Cruz: Standing next to girl wearing “I stand with Israel” t-shirt

  12. Carly Fiorina is the one female politician that I find even more obnoxious than Hillary Rodman, she’s just disgusting.

  13. Hunter Wallace Retweeted
    ADL ?@ADL_National

    .@realDonaldTrump: Reconsider your use of the phrase “America First” as a slogan.

    Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent

    @JustinRaimondo @technochango They would have no objection to “Israel First”

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