SHOCK POLL: Trump At 49% In Indiana

When I saw the Politico story last night, I figured the end of the Ted Cruz campaign was near. His internal polling must be flashing red:

“BURLINGAME, Calif. — Ted Cruz is speaking confidently about knocking off Donald Trump to take the GOP nomination, but his top staffers admit they’re getting nervous.

In interviews, several aides, speaking on the condition of anonymity, expressed growing alarm that Cruz would lose Indiana’s primary on Tuesday — an outcome that would be a major blow to his hopes of holding Trump below the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the GOP nomination on the party convention’s first ballot. The aides concede that, without a win in an Indiana primary where 57 delegates are at stake, Cruz’s shot at the nomination would significantly narrow.

And while the Texas senator has closed the gap in Indiana in recent days, he still trails Trump and his decision to tap Carly Fiorina as a running mate has provided only a modest boost in the state, according to sources familiar with the campaign’s internal deliberations.”

I woke up this morning to the big news:

“Donald Trump has a double-digit lead over Ted Cruz in Indiana just days before the state’s primary, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist poll.

Trump leads Cruz by 15-percentage points in Indiana, 49 percent to 34 percent. John Kasich falls behind at 13 percent

Well, that explains a lot.


That’s what I have been waiting for.

This poll tells me it is over. Trump is going to comfortably win Indiana. He is going to win the Republican nomination outright. The barbarians have conquered the Republican Party!

Note: Happy May Day! I think I will have a drink and watch some movies!

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  1. Cruz’s operatives are getting nervous? Yeah, it’s over. I guess their nervous about their checks running out because this things been over for some time.

  2. The people know a phony and Ted Cruz definately is one. He claims a Texas identity now if he were a Tejano, that would be somewhat appropriate, but he is the son of a Cuban born in Canada, which is about as far away from South Texas as one can get. Carly Fiorina actually is a native generational Texan, though for some reason she plays this down I assume because she talks like a Yankee. I assume thats why Ted wants her as his Veep, one a fake Cuban the other a Scalawag tramp.

    Do not take this as support for Donald Trump, I only support Trump because I believe he is actually making the Jew aka Esau/Edom OUT THEMSELVES IN ANGER. This oh Jacob/Israel which is us Christians I believe is of God. God is attempting to awaken his children and to goad them into battle and we best be awake or else Esau and his master Satan will continue their oppression over us.

    Obadiah prophecied nigh on 2500 years ago that Esau would be destroyed, this was partially fufilled when Esau’s domain aka southern Jordan was taken over by the Nabatean Arabs. However as they migrated to Southern Judah, reinvented themselves as Idumeans and were there until 70 AD they are still among us. Edom’s full destruction is yet to come. Maybe Trump will be the vector through which God begins this process.

  3. Heidi Cruz told some people (I hesitate to say a crowd, because Cruz never draws one) that Ted is an “immigrant” and a “Hispanic.” Gee, that slipped out.

    Lyin’ Ted is a reptile. Everything is about his ambition. Me, me, me. I wish he would get more exposure because it seems that the more people see and hear him the more they dislike him.

    • Ted’s a phony Texan just like the Yankee Bush family, although the two Texas Presidents we had, Eisenhower (who considered himself a Kansas Yankee) and LBJ worked out horribly for Dixie

      • Eisenhower was born in Denison Texas but only lived there while his father was working at a job.. The family moved to Abilene, Kansas when Ike was 18 months old.

        • That’s true technically Ike was from a German Yankee family but this does bring up the question does BIRTH confer Southern Citizenship or does ancestry? There was briefly a group of guys who they consider anyone born in the 13 States of the Old Confederacy a Southerner but they also recognize Arizona Oklahoma, West Virginia and Maryland as Confederate Territories not states. Not sure how all this works.

          I don’t know if Hunter ever discussed this concept. If we go solely by birth, then Nancy Pelosi being born in Maryland is a Southerner as her father was also born in Maryland, although I think most would wash their mouths out with strictnyne before considering Nancy Pelosi a fellow Southron. If we go solely by ancestry then you end up with the conundrum is it conferred through father mother or both? How many generations is enough? I am sure Hunter has his opinion on this subject as does Dr. Michael Hill but I haven’t as yet red it

  4. Great news!

    What are you guys going to watch today? I need to dig out my copy of ‘Zulu’…

    • Yes, it is mathematically impossible for Cruz to get a majority of the delegates on the first ballot. But Cruz’s strategy is to prevent Trump from getting a majority. The plan is to have a brokered convention where the bought and paid for delegates switch to Cruz on the second ballot and deny Trump his victory. Every part of the Republican establishment is hoping for this.

  5. Into the early hours of the morning, before the release of this poll, the forecast at FiveThirtyEight was split: The “polls-only” forecast had a Trump win 70% likely, but “polls-plus” (which factors in endorsements and one or two other things) was almost the reverse, 65% likely for Cruz. Now, unsurprisingly, Trump is solid in both forecasts: 94% polls-only, 69% polls-plus.

    Last night, I looked at FiveThirtyEight’s final forecasts for several of the Republican primaries that have taken place. In no case did I see a final forecast that had been split, with “polls-only” going to one candidate and “polls-plus” going to the other. Because the site appears to preserve the graphs that show its forecasts for each primary all along the way, up to the final forecast, it’s possible to go back and see whether there was ever any such split–in the lead-up to any primary other than this Indiana one, that is–but as I say, no, there does not appear ever to have been any such split in a final forecast.

    That doesn’t mean, of course, that the site’s forecasts invariably proved correct. In both “polls-only” and “polls-plus,” their final forecast had Clinton at 99% over Sanders in Michigan, where Sanders pulled off an upset. Whether all of the site’s other predictions have been good, I don’t know.

    Anyway–good movie recommendations, Mr. W.

  6. Postscript: The following graph is FiveThirtyEight’s polls-plus forecast for Indiana, as of today. You can see how the new poll sharply switched things, with Trump shooting upward and Cruz crashing …

  7. God Emperor Trump will be POTUS. He will clean Shrillary’s clock. Cruz the Crypto’s choice of Nurse Ratched aka Carly the Crypto did him in. Humans HATE that She Beast. Also – this:

    I am sorry to link to my own terribly neglected blog – but this was triggering. Cruz announced Carly’s VP role, and had a woman wearing an “I Stand With Israel” t-shirt RIGHT next to them, in he podium. I know there are tons of Jew Worshipping Evangelicucktards – but that was just too much. ZOG is getting sloppy.

    • The original children of Israel had a red haired gene and we know this because Jacob and Esau were fraternal twins. Esau according to the Jewish Encyclopedia meant hairy or red hair but Jacob evidently had the black hair and tawny skin common to Palestinians today but both having the same genetics would have been able to produce children of both types.

      When the Israelites (Northern Kingdom) went into captivity in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan during the Assyrian Empire the book of 2nd Esdras declares that the 10 Tribes went north through Armenia and up into Russia, likely heading toward Europe. Through this period they intermarried with indigenous whites until likely their phenotype completely became Europoid. Now as to Whites, we know we have all types of hair color diversity, What about Jews?

      The So-Called Jews of today are the product of centuries of Uncle-Niece and first cousin Marriage Almost all are Universally hairy, a trait that would have been through inbreeding heavy among Esau’s descendants. Through intermarriage with Hittites Armenians, Arameans, all people Esau’s children intermarried with they came to have the prominent skull and hook nose which is why Askhenazics look different than Arabs. Although all Mediterraneans are hairy, this universal trait is most heavily seen among the So-Called Jews. Therefore from an armchair anthropologist here, its pretty obvious these Jews are imposters and NOT of Jacob and his progeny, they are Esau’s.

      • Add to this thesis, the work of Michael Bradley, himself a part-Jew. HIs works (and his website. ) clearly point out that the modern AshkeNAZI has a LARGE concentration of NEANDERTHAL DNA in him. They are, in essence (and in fact, if you read Jew Professor Elhaik’s denunciation of “Semitic DNA” over at Rehmat’s world) ANOTHER RACE- perhaps, even ANOTHER SPECIES of Hominid.

        As Bradley himself notes: “Okay, boys and girls, Ladies and Gentlemen, we come down to it. Believe it or not, I don’t like being right about this distribution of Neanderthal DNA. And now that this distribution has finally been proved, I like the implications even less because I know the meaning of them perhaps better than anyone on this planet (see Esau’s Empire 1, and 2-4). Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the Cro-Magnon majority of the human population.”-

        At any rate, Jesus Christ denounced these Esau/Edomitic race-mixers of his day, (cf. Josephus, and Gen. 36:8, Obadiah) while preaching the Gospel to the faithful Judeans AND Romans, at the same time, denouncing [sic] ‘the Jews.’

        When one realizes later on, that St. Paul says the Gospel is to the “Judean first, and then the Hellene” (rather than “Jew” and “Greek”)- yet, he ‘as a Jew’ acknowledges (by his ministry) the veracity of Christ’s words, and St. John’s in Rev. 2:8,9) you can easily see that Scripture confirms your thesis.

        Christianity (the Israel of God- Gal. 6:16) is ONLY, and has always BEEN, only for the White Race, encompassing the Two-Tribed Judea of Christ’s day (dispersed after AD 70O and the ‘ten-tribed’ Greco-Roman Europe of the Roman Empire… and to NO OTHER race. Even the Holy Spirit forbade preaching in Asia Major! [ Acts 16:6] Universalism is a theological and racial HERESY… and so is ANY missionary endeavors outside of the Caucasoid stock of the West.

  8. Win or lose on Tuesday Cruz will plod on. He just locked up most of Arizona’s delegates although he lost to Trump in a landslide in that winner-take-all state. I wouldn’t discount entirely the religious aspect of his mission– he really appears to believe that God has chosen him to be president. Who are mere voters compared to God? Cruz stays in as long as there is money for his campaign. The money consideration was the reason for that Cruz-Kasich deal.

  9. Personally, I don’t think the Republican Establishment has the guts to attempt to steal the nomination.

    • Oh, really?

      Texas Sen. Ted Cruz pulled out a strategic victory at
      Saturday’s Arizona Republican Party convention, nailing down a large
      majority of delegates to the national convention amid cheating
      accusations from backers of businessman Donald Trump.

      The Cruz slate won virtually all of the 28 at-large national
      delegates and roughly split the 27 delegates selected by congressional

      Former Gov. Jan Brewer, losing her first election in 35
      years, angrily yelled “I got cheated — I got cheated,” as the results
      became known.

    • It’s not a matter of guts. It’s a matter of suicide for them and their party if they do.
      Still, never underestimate the stupidity of GOP but steal or not it’s a win for us.

  10. Secret Service man told me that if Cruz loses Indiana they are shutting down his and Kasick’s protection. Also told me that despite already boosting Trumps guard, they will have to boost it again after the situation in California. That’s a good thing.

    • “if Cruz loses Indiana they are shutting down his and Kasick’s protection…”

      Which means an ‘act of God’ would be just that… If… I say, ‘if’ anything might happen to Lucifer/Rafael, and his wife, Beelzegoldmansachs, once he is once again, persona non grata… by an outraged citizenry, angry against an illegal alien lying adulterous scumbag, whose sins cry to heaven for vengeance…

    • The awe inspiring stupidity of these people must rank as some kind of modern record. What the Republican establishment lacks in cluelessness, it more than makes up for in being stubborn. Picking up somebody that ran before that nobody wanted like Jeb Bush, and then cheating Trump out of the nomination, and giving it to another candidate at a ‘brokered’ convention is so stupid I can’t believe any of them are still saying it. Are they really crazy enough to think they could win a national election with a candidate who couldn’t even win a primary? Let alone gypping the front runner out of it, do they think the Trump people would vote for a new candidate? That would break the party up.

  11. Not sure what to make of Indiana. The polls tend to favor Trump, but they have been wrong especially in the corn regions.

    In reading of the history of that state I found that many of the inhabitants originally came up from the South, so their demographics are quite different from Wisconsin, for example, where Cruz had a massive victory over Trump.

    I was intrigued by a comment that Paul Manafort made a few days ago answering a question from a reporter who asked him if the sweep in the NE was the nail in Cruz’s coffin.

    The reply from the savvy Manafort was very bold and dramatic. No equivocation.

    Does he have inside information?

    Manafort said, “Last Tuesday was the nail in the coffin, Indiana is when he realizes he’s inside it.”

    • Here’s the clip in which Manafort says that, Sam (at about 0:55). Smooth character …

      • Manafort certainly earned his paycheck in Penn. I expected Trump to get only 17 delegates by winning there. Instead he got 40 of the 54 “uncommitted” as well. That negated Wisc and then some. If he wins Indiana, Trump is already so far ahead in the left-coast states that he’ll easily clear 1,300 delegates at the ClevCon…unless the Republiscam apparatchiks figure some way to steal it. Remember what they did to Bob Taft (hardRight conservative) in 1952? Who came in with a delegate majority? No? They decided to exclude all the delegates selected in open primaries and thus put over a liberal egg-sucker named Eisenhower. See also 1976, vs. Reagan

    • Indiana should be a good state, solid like Kentucky. It’s a very White state with some brutal Black crime areas – that usually works well for us. But then Kentucky produced Rand Paul and Indiana had Sen. Dick Lugar all those years.

      Dick Lugar might have been the most boring White person in history. If you ever have insomnia just put a video of Dick Lugar talking, talking, talking about…..


      Instauration did make Dick Lugar a White renegade traitor of the year 1986

    • Can’t believe she called Cruz the next President of the USA, when #CruzCrew are fighting for defeat.

      • If you watch the video at a a slower speed you can clearly see Corey Lewandowski grabbing her arm and throwing her to the floor.

    • That was a trap door Ted was demonstrating to Carly. Ted will be using it on her every time she’s done introducing him and his family.

  12. As a friend of mine said last night, you can put the bumpkin in Harvard, but you can’t put Harvard in the bumpkin. In his own mind and in the minds of his supporters, Cruz is exactly that, the virtuous bumpkin, fated to lead the bumpkin horde in righteous might against the city slickers and the “Washington cartel.” Even by America’s notoriously-limited standards of personal culture, he’s a drag.

  13. Just saw the below photograph at Wikipedia. It’s “The Palladium,” where Trump will be having a rally tomorrow, I think, in Carmel, just outside Indianapolis. Pretty nice …

  14. Thought for tomorrow: Let’s give Puerto Rico back to Spain—let them pay the bills.

  15. Bill Clinton got the folks in West Virginia upset when he started comparing his visit to WV with visiting an Indian Reservation without gambling.

  16. Here is a fact.

    IQ differences are not the key.

    It is muscle differences. But the Right and HBD community always ignored this, going with the MLK cult of peace.

    I’ve seen stuff like this so many times in the city when I went to an integrated school.

    Section 8 is bringing this stuff to your town.

    White boys get smashed, white girl loses respect for white boy and is excited by big negro and has his kid.

    Wake up to the truth. Blacks have more fast twitch muscle. Blacks are tougher and more aggressive. White people need safe spaces from blacks.

    More than immigration, the main threat is the Negro fist and Negro pud.

    • White people really shouldn’t go anywhere without a gun. All gun restrictions on law-abiding White people should be declared unconstitutional, since that is exactly what they are. The gorilla in this video needs to be dispatched by the kid’s father.

    • We never had a problem protecting ourselves from them in the past: de jure segregation in the South, de facto segregation in the North. Blacks knew we were in charge and they respected us.

      It’s not their muscle. It’s our lack of will, brought about by decades of anti-White propaganda and psychological warfare.

      But all of that is changing.

  17. If Indiana was earlier in the season, Cruz would have a much better chance. It’s just that it is happening after New York and after Acela Tuesday, and Trump throwing the TKO punches on both Tuesdays has discouraged enough of the others’ supporters.

    • It is “Destruction,” one of the five-part series of paintings entitled “The Course of Empire” by mid-19th century American artist Thomas Cole.

  18. Ha ha.

    Erick Erickson ?@EWErickson

    If the WSJ poll in Indiana is accurate, not only is the primary process over, the GOP is too.

    • Win-win

      Goodbye forever to Bushism and cuckservatism — fighting “nativism,” “protectionism” and “isolationism.” MAGA.

  19. It is about time for the West to rethink its values and strengths.

    So much of history is stagnant and unchanging. And some changes are permanent. There might be no return to the old. No reset button.

    When some people lose, they really lose… for all time.

    If all peoples of all history are under the same Big Laws, how come Jews have done so much more than Gypsies?

    The group with the most driven, creative, intelligent, and daring individuals will change history.

    History is often like an object in space moving in one direction at a set speed. Its trajectory will not change unless there is external exertion.

    It’s like Chinese and Ottomans grew stagnant. Even though there was the rise and fall of dynasties, the civilizations were pretty much the same no matter who was in control.

    But when the Western power hit those civilizations, their historical trajectories were altered forever.

    The West stood out cuz it developed an INTERNAL mechanism for change whereas most other civilizations became rigid and unchanging. As such, only external force or pressure could change them in any fundamental way. It’s like Japan would probably still be like Old Japan IF NOT for Western pressure on it in the 19th century. Japanese had little internal mechanism for revolution and change. (And by revolution, I don’t just mean change in government or dynasty. I mean huge changes in science, technology, economics, culture, ideas.)

    What is this quality among white people that allowed change from within? Is it genetic? Possibly. But it’s also culture. Greeks developed this first in a big way in the Ancient World.

    In one sense, the Greek world was just as oppressive and repressive as any other civilization. Athens had tons of slaves. Sparta even more so.

    So, a lot of people in Greek civilization hardly had any freedom. They had to do as told.

    BUT among the elites, there arose a culture of pride, dignity, individuality, and freedom. This was true among ultra-conservative Spartans as among adventuresome Athenians.

    In contrast, even the elites in Persia, Egypt, China, Japan, and India lacked this sense of individual freedom, pride, and dignity.

    All of their society, from top to bottom, was about repressive hierarchy and dogmatic obedience. Japanese samurai were the elites over the people, but even these elite warriors had no individual agency. Their only purpose was to serve the warrior code and their lord.

    But at the elite levels of Greek society, there was a sense of freedom, individuality, assertiveness, and agency. Indeed, Greeks held in contempt those who only knew how to take orders but never stood on their own feet and used oratory & wit to make their case. (Italian Fascism, National Socialism, and Communism all failed because they snuffed out the power of the individual. Stalinism was ‘Stalin always knows best’, and Hitlerism was ‘shut up and obey Hitler’. That was not the Greek way. Even in ultra-right Sparta, free men were expected to offer their views and make their case.)

    That aspect of Greekness made all the difference, and these cultural seeds later made the West able to change its historical trajectories from within.

    To that extent, we need individualism. Not in the abstract libertarian sense but in the identitarian sense. Even if you want to do something for your people, you must have individual will and drive. Individual ability to

    think and plan .

  20. Erick Erickson ?@EWErickson 1h1 hour ago

    It fascinates me that in the pick up line at my kids’ school there are still more Romney-Ryan stickers than Trump stickers on cars.

    • In’s article about that episode, the writer remarked, aptly, that Cruz was “talking down to the voter.” That drew from me the following comment—which I repost, here, just for you, Denise:

      The offensiveness of Ted Cruz is like the offensiveness of our Hebrew friends. There are persons to whom it is obvious, and there are persons who do not see it at all.

    • He got in some zingers, but something like this would destroy Cruz and the Republican establishment. I wish Trump would say it. I wish everyone would say it:

      “When THUGS riot against Trump’s right to free speech, the GOP backs the THUGS.”

  21. I don’t know which subject Cruz enjoys discussing more, the U.S. Constitution or spanking his kids …

    • Ted Cruz talks about the Constitution, but not much about us. When he speaks of an actual country and a people it’s more often Israel.

      “I support the Constitution.”

      “I unapologetically stand behind Israel.”

      • I’m not as familiar with him as you are, Steve, but what you’ve said sounds likely.

  22. Cruz may be finished but I don’t think the oligarchs are going to throw in the towel yet. They have been getting their way so long they don’t know how to accept defeat. If they can’t stop or control Trump then either they aren’t as powerful as they appear or we have entered a new age politically and all bets are off.

    • Peak Kike is approaching. I didn’t think it would happen this fast. But it is.

      PS – Kikes were on Morning Joe this AM, howling about “what will happen to the Fedsky is Trump is POTUS!!!! OY VEY GEVALT!!!”


      • That’s right– Trump has signed on to the idea of auditing the Fed. Ron Paul drove them nuts with this, but he was obviously never this close to the prize. Hahaha, you scumbags.

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