The End is Near

A few data points tell the story:

1.) The Gravis poll of Indiana which came out this afternoon which shows Trump winning by 17 points, 44 to 27. This mirrors the NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll which was released yesterday and had Trump up 15 points. The Gravis poll was highly accurate in New York and the Northeastern states.

2.) The SurveyUSA poll of California which came out this afternoon which shows Trump winning there 54 to 20.

3.) The CNN/ORC poll which came out this afternoon which shows Trump at 49 percent nationwide.

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  1. Here’s the page where FiveThirtyEight presents its pollster ratings (based on past performance, apparently). The pollsters are listed not alphabetically but in declining order by number of polls whose accuracy FiveThirtyEight has measured …

    For the record:

    Gravis, which did the most-recent Indiana poll: C rating
    Marist, which did the previous day’s Indiana poll: B+ rating
    SurveyUSA, which did the new California poll: A rating

    • Me either. The Trumpenfuhrer is citing the photo of Rafael’s Commie Crypto daddy with Lee Harvey Moron, right before JFK was shot. FYI- Rafael is a literal bastard.

  2. I am amazed of the organization of the Churchians, in the service of total numbnuttery and failure theater but great organization.
    I will join the list of internet geniuses and give DT some advice. To gather that organization into something useful first approach the Sellers of those votes, flatter them and give them your ideas on how to make them relevant. They will be indifferent and cool to this of course. Secondly when DT is rebuffed go straight to their voters and let them know that Failure Theater is over and the DT will be effective in DEFENDING their interests.

  3. I think once we’re out past this primary season and we look back, we’ll conclude that Trump threw the TKO with New York. Even now, most people think that he threw the TKO with Acela Tuesday. If Ted Cruz wasn’t so blinded and warped by his own life long ambition to be President, he would have dropped out after Acela.

    BTW, Trump is now insinuating no SCOTUS for Cruz, and I totally agree with that. If Cruz really wanted some goodies from the Trump White House, he would have read the writing on the wall after SEC Tuesday and dropped out and endorsed him.

    • ” If Ted Cruz wasn’t so blinded and warped by his own life long ambition to be President…”.

      The record will show, that’s not ‘ambition’- that’s LUST. One of the seven deadly sins. And, Lord knows, Cruz already cruzified himself with the adultery fracas… Some ‘Xtian’ – even for an ‘Evan-jelly-goo.’

  4. This is extremely good news. The Cuckservative side of Conservatism is being shown for what it is, reactionary Trotskyism. White Christian Conservatism is rising.

  5. The Cruz Ship is sinking. BRILLIANT!

    May God prosper Donald Trump. May God Prosper the work of his hands.

    May ‘Lucifer’ be bound a thousand years in a pit. (nomimsayin’?)

  6. The media will still find ways to torpedo Trump.

    The media are repressed about the truth like Victorians were about sex. Correctorians have this notion of good and evil, but they must have repressed doubts about their own worldview since there is so much evidence to the contrary. After all, the media is, at least half the time, more hidea or obfuscatia or muzzlia or curbia or shushia or subduea or etc. Instead of serving as conveyor of news, it acts as hider and obfuscator of truth. Media are less about find the evidence than hide the evidence.

    The media are like a crooked cop who works for certain interests. So, if certain evidence is found that might solve the puzzle(that might undermine the powers-that-be), the media go all out to hide the evidence and put forth false evidence. Altman is part of this scam. (Jews and Asians make a bad mix in the media where truth is concerned. Jews have much power and don’t want to lose it. So, Jewish media people are shhhhhhh in supporting their brethren in Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and etc. As for Asians—who are becoming more prominent in media—, they are lacking in individuality and bark like running dogs according to what they’ve been taught in school. If Jews long ago challenged Wasp power, don’t expect Asians to challenge Jewish power. They’ll just do as told and think as told.)

    It’s like the Corleones in THE GODFATHER said they got some newsman on the payroll. But I don’t think it’s all just corruption. Yes, media guys write what is Correct because they want to keep their jobs and gain access to important people.

    But many of them really believe that their agenda is just. So, it’s corruption and correctness. The Noble Cause trumps evidence. If there is good and evil in the world, and if false evidence helps the good while true evidence helps the good, you go with false evidence. Media people see the world in terms of Nazi ‘racists’ vs ‘progressive anti-racists’. It’s that simple. So, evidence is only good when it serves the good side. If it helps the bad side, it must be suppressed in favor of false evidence that might help the good side. Now, of course, everyone knows that false evidence is bad in and of itself. But it’s the difference between facts and Truth. Facts are details, Truth is worldview. Media serve as lawyers whose purpose is to serve a side.

    If you found a piece of factual evidence that might help the Nazis, would you reveal it? If you could help defeat the Nazis by spreading false evidence, would you do it? Since Nazis were really evil, that might be justified. But the problem of PC is it sees everything in terms of Nazis vs Goodies. World is not that simple.

    Truth trumps facts. Of course, Truth is or should be made of little facts. But as it happens, there are many little facts that might help the Bad since no side is totally good and no side is totally bad. But if media people see the world as just good vs bad, then they might favor helpful falsehoods over subversive facts.

    Journalism schools don’t teach neutrality and objectivity as the highest virtue, at least not anymore. They teach (1) careerism and (2) commitment as the highest virtues. A fusion of ultra-capitalism and radicalism. Everyone knows that it’s a dog-eat-dog competition to make it in the media. So, students become aware of the rules of game to make the climb. If PC are rules of the game, they learn to opportunistically spout PC stuff regardless of true or false. Career trumps truth.

    And there is the cult of radical commitment. Since kids have been raised to worship MLK and Civil Rights Movement and Holocaust and Homo celebration and Diversity and etc., they think those are Absolute Truths that cannot be questioned. So, their warped minds think that PC is truth and facts must serve PC.

  7. Matt Walsh @MattWalshBlog

    Donald Trump is just a repulsive cretin doing what repulsive cretins do. His supporters are the real culprits in this sad, pathetic tale.

    Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent
    Hunter Wallace Retweeted Matt Walsh

    Looking back on this day, you will be glad Cruz lost. We don’t need another #TruCon who gets his orders from donorsHunter Wallace added,

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