Neocohens: Max Boot Is “Ready For Hillary”

Max Boot is “Ready for Hillary”:

“I have been a Republican as long as I can remember. Joining the Grand Old Party seemed like a natural choice for someone like me who fled the Soviet Union as a boy and came to Los Angeles with his mother and grandmother in 1976. Refugees from communism, whether from Russia or Cuba, generally oppose socialism and embrace conservative political views.

My allegiance to the GOP was cemented during the 1980s, when I was in high school and college and Ronald Reagan was in the White House. For me, Reagan was what John F. Kennedy had been to an earlier generation: an inspirational figure who shaped my worldview. Reagan had his faults, like JFK, but he was optimistic and gentlemanly. He was pro-free trade and pro-immigration. He believed in limited government at home and American leadership abroad. …

But if I’m not for Trump, who am I for?

Hillary Clinton is a centrist Democrat who is more hawkish than President Obama and far more principled and knowledgeable about foreign affairs than Trump, who is too unstable and erratic to be entrusted with the nuclear triad he has never heard of. Even in his prepared foreign policy speech couldn’t pronounce “Tanzania.” For all her shortcomings (and there are many), Clinton would be far preferable to Trump. …”

Note: Robert Kagan is already on board.

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  1. I wish they would be “already on board” a plane to Israel. Let them foment wars from there and pay for them with their own blood and money.

  2. Remember how these jerks attacked Trump for an immigration “religious test” with regard to Muslims? This creep came to the US as a beneficiary of just such a test preferring Jews over all others from the USSR. Virtually all “Russian” immigrants from that era were Jews.

  3. I’ll say it again.

    Let Hillary be dumb enough to embrace openly foreign policy neoconservatives.

    And let Trump and his people be smart enough to point out to everyone that that is happening.

    Fopo neos are one of the prime reasons why enough people are loath to let a Republican be commander in chief. Trump should be happy that these knaves are leaving the party and otherizing themselves from it and vice-versa.

    I’ve also noticed that Hillary embracing these people isn’t making Bernie Sanders and Feel the Berners happy.

  4. The neocons have not sacrificed enough Americans to Moloch. They need Hillary to continue sacrificing Americans to Moloch.

  5. Translation. First we took over and ruined Russia. Then the Russians got wise to us and we had to leave. Then we took over and ruined the US. Now you’re starting to wake up and it’s getting hot for us here. Why are you so ungrateful to us?

    • Boot is able to infest our shores due to the Jackson-Vanik admendment that allowed for more Soviet Jew immigration. Thanks, “Scoop”.

  6. This is good. With them out of the party, it makes the GOP better, and the Democrats worse. If Clinton sings the neocon song she will lose voters.

  7. Good. Let these treasonous neocon fake conservatives return to Criminal Party where they belong — along with the union thugs, illegal aliens, Marxists, antiwhites, and every other form of Democrat.

  8. Srcrew this kike. Fled Communism my ass. Fled a lynch mob of Russians enraged over what these Khazars did to their country more likely. Get the hell out of my country asshole.

  9. Neocohens have always had allegiance to one entity and one entity only: Israel.
    Let them slither their way into Hildebeast’s tent.
    Good riddance.

  10. What is Alt Right?

    In a nutshell, Alt Right is Zionism for Whites.

    Alt Right should call itself Orionism.

    If Jews have Zion and Zionism, then whites need Orion and Orionism.

    Orionism is about the mythic unity of white biology, history, territory, heritage, spirituality, morality, and philosophy. It is mostly earthly and most heavenly.

    Jews believe in unity with God in heaven and sacred homeland under their feet.

    Whites must believe in a similar concept/formula for their own people.

    Orion the hunter was a man of earth but made it to the heavens.

    When you see Orion the hunter, think of unity and covenant between heavenly spirit and earthly blood.

  11. I read this in the LA Times. Amazing how the “Conservative” movement was so easily taken over by “conservatives” who don’t even believe America has a right to exist, even though they most assuredly believe the Jewish State of Israel does.

    Thank God the TRUMP candidacy has revealed this split and the fault lines along which it has occurred. Those fault lines are largely Jew v. non-Jew. With the battle lines more clearly drawn, I believe we have a fighting chance for WHITE survival.

  12. the more Trump sucks up to the Jews, the more they abuse him. This goes way, way beyond the Israel racket. The Jews – Red and Zionist – are seeing a White alpha male surrrounded by beautiful White women, and with 3 children. This does not conform to their Tikkun Olam: White Extinction

  13. This disgusting Jew chickenhawk once criticized the US effort in Afghanistan because we were not suffering enough casualties. Send him back and let Putin dispose of him.

  14. “Hillary Clinton is a centrist Democrat who is more hawkish than President Obama and far more principled and knowledgeable about foreign affairs than Trump, who is too unstable and erratic to be entrusted with the nuclear triad he has never heard of. Even in his prepared foreign policy speech couldn’t pronounce “Tanzania.” For all her shortcomings (and there are many), Clinton would be far preferable to Trump.”

    She was for Iraq before she was against it. She left good American men to die on a roof in Benghazi and blamed it on an internet video, not just to the American people but to the dead heroes’ families. She wears a Hijab in Muslim countries and is in bed(figuratively – maybe literally) with the Muslim Brotherhood. She was point person for destroying women her husband either assaulted or engaged in extra marital affairs with. Why wouldn’t a “conservative” support her?

    • On trade: Cucks, neocons, Truconservatives and the GOPe are the same as Hilligula.

      On immigration: Same as Hilligula.

      On stupid wars to replace secular autocrats in the Mideast with jihadists and instability: Same as Hilligula.

      Their voting for Clinton actually makes perfect sense.

  15. We need to think of the future. The long-term.

    There is talk of how the Alt Right has shifted the Overton Window.

    But the Alt Right must think about the Opportune Window. This window will not remain open forever.

    First impressions are crucial. Blow that, and you may never recover.

    Alt Right now has the Opportune Window to be noticed and understood. So, how it represents itself when the Window is open will decide its future.

    The Window will not remain open forever.

    There is interest in the Alt Right at this moment because it offers something other than the usual Conservative Inc talking points. There is energy, fresh ideas, and edgy intelligence usually not associated with the Right. Most of all, there is courage and daring. A sense of principles and unwillingness to sell out. Also, Alt Right has train-hopped onto the Trump campaign.

    How long will the Opportune Window remain open for the Alt Right to make its case? Maybe a year, at most two years.

    In that period, Alt Right has to establish itself as a conveyor of Real Ideas and Truth with long-term potential.

    Alt Right is now in sprint mode. But to succeed in the long run, it has to pace itself and run the marathon.

    It can’t be in the out-of-the-gate mode forever. Alt Right now has the Freshness Factor, but the freshness will fade(with the usual ‘shitlords’ screaming the same mantras), and its survivality will depend solely on the strength of its ideas, truth, and vision. Unless Alt Right puts forth a compelling vision, it will have been just a political fad. (Worse, Alt Right trolls might become not unlike the SJW tards who are incapable of thinking beyond PC dogma. For this reason, Alt Right should encourage independent-thinking even among the loyalists. Just repeating tired slogans shouldn’t be enough. Shout ‘cuck’ at everything is as tiresome as shouting ‘racist’ at everything.)

    As for the ‘shitlords’ and meme-wars, it’s fun enough in the Southpark manner. But mischief and goofiness alone don’t make for long-term political viability. Yippies were fun in the 60s but soon faded. The ‘shitlords’ are useful only as the jester/cheering section of Alt Right. They cannot command its core. Their main worth is to troll the ‘left’. It’s too immature and childish to formulate a vision and lead a movement. it can be Lenny Bruce or Don Rickles. It cannot be Moses or David. It can be the Fool, but it cannot be King.

    For the next year or two, every day counts in defining the core truths, values, and vision of the Alt Right. Not an hour should be wasted. The Opportune Window to make the ‘first impression’ won’t be open forever. And this Impression must be compelling, powerful, eloquent, inspiring, honest, and even ennobling. Alt Right must really be different. It can’t just be Republicans with attitude or Nazis with hipster beards.

    If the main image of Alt Right becomes that of ‘shitlords’ hiding behind Pepe the frog, people will see Alt Right as just a troll operation of immature adults in basements ‘masturbating to anime’.

    Also, if Alt Right does not draw a clear line between itself and the loathsome 14/88 crowd, the media will spin Alt Right as just hipster Nazis. Indeed, that is what the ADL and SPLC want most: To erase any boundary between Alt Right and 14/88, just like Joe McCarthy willfully jumbled communists and liberals together. McCarthy wished to disgrace any liberal by calling him a ‘commie’, and SPLC and ADL, with full aid of mass media, would love to paint Alt Right and 14/88 with the same paintbrush.

    This is why Alt Right has to make clear that it is not 14/88.

    While most Alt Rightists feel contempt for 14/88, there are some Alt Right figures situated somewhere in between. While not 14/88, they do have weird, even sickly, pro-Nazi fetishes. Greg Johnson and Alex Kurtagic fit this description. (Not surprisingly, they are cultural philistines with shallow understanding of art.)

    While standing one’s ground and not apologizing to the enemy is a virtue, all true movements must denounce the crazy radicals and mindless extremists on its side. The Left did better in the long run to reject Leninism, Stalinism, and Maoism. A leftist who continues to sing praises to Stalin, Mao, and Khmer Rouge is sick and useless. This doesn’t mean everything about Stalin or Mao was bad. No one and nothing are entirely bad. But overall, Stalin and Mao did more bad than good. And their bad was truly horrible.

    Same must be said of Hitler and Nazism. We should be able to study and even praise the good things about them. But make no mistake: There was real evil at the core. We need not only political courage but moral courage, and moral courage means having the integrity to admit certain wrongs and evils on ‘our side’. Alt Right can do this WITHOUT apologizing to the other side. Alt Right can do it among themselves so that it won’t fall into the trap of perverse extremism. Alt Right must not become like BLM, a retarded black movement that only blames white and is totally blind to black people’s own failings. Movements that are fixated only on the enemy cannot succeed in the long run. Once the enemy is vanquished, what next? It’s one thing to fight the enemy, but how do you build your own just social order?So many third world and communist movements failed because, while they were effective in fighting the Western imperialists/capitalists, they were wholly unprepared or misguided in creating and running a working social order of their own.

    Though 14/88 people are real shits, they are dangerous because all ideologies have extremists who are the most fanatical and committed. The radical left was just a small component of the broad Left but often gained disproportionate power because it was so zealous and committed. Radical Muslims make up just a small component of the Muslim world, but they have often driven events because of their crazy daring to go all the way and take it to the enemy. Radicals and extremists may be crazy and imbalanced, but they have the reckless energy and, yes, courage-of-conviction, to push it all the way. Thus, they come to define the movement. This is why Bolsheviks took over Russian Socialism. Though they made up only a minority on the Left, they were most dogged. And this is why Nazis won in Germany. Even though most German Right were not radical like the Nazis, the Nazis had the extremist will to take it all the way. And this is why the GOP came to be taken over by the most fanatical groups: Jewish Neocons, Evangelicals, and libertarians. They have core passions. Jews are for Jewish supremacy. Evangelicals are for GOD, lawdy oh lawd. And libertarians really worship that Ayn-Randian stuff about radical ‘liberty’ and globo-utopianism by turning everyone into an individual-consumer.

    But radicalisms are bound to fail in the long run because they are too blind. Communism failed in peacetime. Nazism failed in the war it triggered. Neocons have crashed and burned with their Middle East policy. Evangelicals turned GOP into dumb dumb party that worships the black fetus to be saved from abortion. And libertarians gave us Wall Street meltdown and socio-cultural decadence that prioritizes individual hedonism as the highest value.

    People need to be sensible, but those who are most fanatical tend to dominate the narrative. Those with sensible ideas also tend to have sensible temperaments. In contrast, those with extreme ideas tend to have extreme will, thus more motivated and driven by ambition, resentment, rage, and/or hatred.

    So, the Alt Right must find a way to combine rationality & sanity with the radical will.

    It’s like this:

    Radical ideas + radical will = craziness. And we know craziness is not good.

    But without the radical will, those with rational & sane ideas and values may be intimidated by those with more forceful personalities and agendas. This is why traditional moderate liberalism lost out to Jewish power and homo decadence. Jews and homos have radical wills.

    What Alt Right needs is:

    Rational Ideas + Radical Will = Survival and Long-term Viability.

    Alt Right needs to reject neo-Nazis but have the radical will of the Nazis(or Bolsheviks). Being mentally rational and emotionally radical sounds contradictory, but life is full of contradictions. Sublime Contradictions are the best weapons in politics, which is why neo-fascism, if understood and used correctly, can become the best ideology.

    Anyway, in this period of the Opportune Window, what should Alt Right’s main positions be?

    1. Jewish Power. Alt Right must say it is a Theory of Power. It must say that power in the US isn’t just a matter of principles but ethnic interests. And it is true that Jews are most powerful and act in Jewish ethnic interests that are at odds with white gentile interests.

    2. Alt Right must associate homo power with Jewish power. Homo agenda is the proxy of Jewish power. It is a form of globo neo-imperialism. Associate homo with Jew, associate homo with Jew, associate homo with Jew. Never discuss homo power as a stand-alone issue. It must be seen in relation to its main ally and enable, Jewish power. Jews push the homo agenda to normalize and promote the New Normal Ideal of minority elite privilege and dominance all over the world since Jews happen to be elite minorities in the West(and even in parts of Latin America).

    3. Racial differences are real. From a white gentile perspective, Alt Right should argue that Jews pose a threat to whites due to higher IQ. Smarter Jews make more money and gain more control, and then use their power against white identity and interests. And blacks, being tougher and rougher, pose an existential threat to white communities. Therefore, whites have the right to be wary of blacks and seek safe spaces from them. Alt Right should be like Colin Flaherty and hammer home the facts of black racial violence.

    Without making black advantage in racial violence a central issue, whites will always have moral deficit vis-a-vis blacks.

    After all, if indeed there is no difference between whites and blacks in anything but skin color, why do so many whites choose to live apart from blacks? Why did whites use racial discrimination against blacks for so long?

    But if it is established that blacks are tougher/rougher and pose a physical threat to the white race, then much of white ‘racism’ will come to be justified on grounds of racial safety and security. Also, it will allow a re-reading of history has, for too long, been about nice gentle blacks being oppressed and attacked by mean nasty whites. But when people realize that blacks are indeed the tougher/rougher race that often acts violently to non-blacks(not just whites but browns, yellows, Jews, arabs, etc), then past white ‘racism’ will come to be seen as half-justifiable.

    4. Alt Right must expose Liberals as Libocrites or Liberal hypocrites. Alt Right must point out over and over and over the huge discrepancy between what white/Jewish Libs SAY and what they really DO. In terms of what they do — gentrification, sending kids to private schools, using immigrants as buffers between themselves and blacks, making cities whiter, becoming richer through globalism, hogging elite universities, and etc — , white Libs are the biggest ‘racists’. Indeed, they make noises about ‘racism’ to mask the ‘racism’ that they practice themselves in places like NY with its stop-and-frisk policies.

    5. Alt-Right must be humanist in showing that it cares about ordinary white Americans of the middle class, working class, and poor class. When globo-Liberalism has come to be all about urban affluence, haute conceits of superiority, and decadent pleasures, Alt Right can reach out to, represent, and stand up for the Salt of the Earth, at least among whites.

    6. Alt Right must say it wants for white nations what Jews have in Israel. Alt Right must seek a special Covenant with God or the higher power. If Jews have a special covenant with God and history, then whites must reject generic universalism and choose universal -democratic-nationalism that says every people has their own unique narrative, history, territory, identity, and spirituality. After all, even if there is only one God, who is to say that God has the same message for all peoples? Jews believed there is only one God for all men, BUT that Jews have a special relation with God. If it is true of Jews, who is to say that other people don’t have their own special covenant with God? So, Alt Right must seek this special covenant. And Alt Right should support democracy for whites. Just like Japanese democracy is for Japanese and only Japanese AND Turkish democracy is for Turks and only Turks, Alt Right needs to support a democracy that is for white nations and white peoples. White National Democracy. Even if whites cannot win national elections in the US, Alt Right should create a parallel political culture that brings white people together to form their own organizations, societies, and clubs.

    7. Alt Right should say ‘diversity’ is the result of imperialism. Always has been. Also, contrary to the Liberal conceit that US in leading some great unprecedented experiment in diversity, such diversity-mongering has been all-too-common in world history.

    Look at North Africa,a mixture of Arabs, Europeans, and Africa in the name of uniting everyone under Islam.

    Look at Central Asia, a mixtures of Europeans, Arabs, Asians, Turks, etc.

    Look at Latin America, a massive mixtures of all peoples.

    Look at the former USSR. A vast empire with so many groups.

    And how did most of them work out? Not very well.

    indeed the sanest nations have been homogeneous ones like Japan, Sweden, Germany, UK, and etc. If anything, northern European nations have gotten worse by following the North Africa model of diversity. If diversity is so great, how come North Africans want to come to white Europe while white Liberals don’t move to North Africa?

    And look at the mess that is Brazil.

    Alt Right should argue that diversity has long been the result of imperialism and clash of cultures. The last thing we need is the Ottomanization of the world. It was good that Greeks won independence from the Ottomans. Now, all white peoples should seek independence and sovereignty from the GLOB dominated by Jews.

    Also, Alt Right should say interracism is a form of ‘racism’ since it is about rejecting one’s own race in favor of the Other race seen as superior as sexual partner. Down with mudsharks who, in their ‘racist’ interracism, believe black men to be superior to white men.

    8. Alt Right should support L&M, or Love and Marriage, as its sexual culture. And it should support familism over masculinism and feminism. Masculinism is about trashy guys looking for loose sex without commitment and honor. Feminism is about women creating their own separate world as if women came into existence through feminist theories and constitute a separate race.

    But every person, man or woman, is the product of man and woman, father and mother. Thus, the family is the proper unit of human life. We are, each of us, born of man and woman. So, the main personal identity should be to belong to a family that, in turn, belongs to a larger family of race/nation. In a family, the husband feels closer to the wife than with other men. And the wife feels closer to the husband than with other women. And the father loves the daughter as much as the son, and the mother loves the son as much as the daughter.

    So, familism unites man and woman. Masculinism divides men from women. It only seeks women for cheap sex. And feminism divides women and men. It is either a lesbian ideology or a slut ideology that seeks men only for cheap sex and no commitment.

    In contrast, familism is about man and woman becoming a single organic unit and producing more life — thinkers, workers, builders, warriors, etc — for their race, culture, and history. Alt Right doesn’t think in terms of sexual politics but sexual organics. It is not about men vs women (battle of the sexes) but men AND women. After all, race is a sexual product, and white women and white men need to want to have children together to ensure the survival of their race.

    Anyway, the OPPORTUNE WINDOW won’t stay open forever. If Alt Right wastes this precious opportunity with bad boy meme antics and by letting 14/88 types(very likely shills of SPLC and ADL) define what it is, it will have lost. Meme trolls are okay, but keep them on the sidelines. Never let them control the narrative.

    As for 14/88, avoid them and reject them. I know some Alt Right use Naziesque memes ironically and jokingly, but Alt Right should be careful not to become just shock-jock of the Right. That stuff is fun for guys to get together and drink beer and talk shit. But Alt Right has to be more than that. It has to offer a vision of values, history, and future that can be meaningful to our parents, grandparents, next door neighbor, our children, and etc. It has to be more than ‘fun’ and ‘smartass’. It has to do more than elicit laughter. It actually has to move and inspire people. It has to make tears flow…. like the TV show ROOTS did for blacks.

  16. Hunter, there are so many jews against us in politics/media that you could just run a “Jew of the Day” or “Jew of the Week” column.

  17. The Cuckservatives will support Hilliary Clinton or not Vote! These politicians will never support a Third Party candidate. That includes many Cuckservatives in the Church. I’ve mentioned Conservative / Third Party candidates in the past and these individuals looked the other way. They’ll look all the way at Hilliary Clinton in November. Why? Because these people are Democrats but still in the Closet! WPWW !

  18. This one needs to come out of the closet.


    Neocons are now bitching about how Trump has the support of ‘white nationalists’.

    Given the bitching-kavetching, one would think ‘white nationalism’ is a bad thing and that Neocons don’t want to have anything to do with people who espouse such feelings.

    But in fact, neocons would have no problem with white nationalists as long as white nationalists kept their white nationalism at home and channeled their repressed passions toward Israel.

    Neocons are not really upset with white nationalism per se. They are upset with white nationalism going public. Coming out of the closet and coming out of the house… as white nationalism.

    Neocons had no problem with white nationalism as long as it remained in the home and stepped outdoors as pro-Zionist or pro-Jewish-nationalist.

    In a way, Neoconservatism had depended on the very existence of white nationalism or white nationalist passions. Why? Because despite all the shibboleths about ‘spreading democracy’, ‘universalism’, ‘proposition nation’, ‘color blind society’, and etc, Neoconservatism is really about support of Jewish identity, Jewish interests, and Jewish nationalism.

    Neoconservatism will have little appeal to white people who are REALLY and TRULY committed to universalism and global identity. After all, the truly ‘progressive’ white Liberals are increasingly critical of Israel and Zionism. Why would white Libs who are truly obsessed with commitment to pure universalism be attracted to Jewish identity, interests, and nationalism, esp when it’s doing much harm to Palestinians?

    For the true agenda of Neoconservatism to be served, it has to harness the repressed nationalism of gentiles, especially white gentiles.

    Neoconservatism invoke ‘universality’, ‘equality’, and ‘diversity’ to the extent of suppressing and taming white nationalism, but it doesn’t want to totally extinguish white nationalism because white nationalism has to be repressed, reshaped, and channeled to serving Jewish nationalism.

    When a people’s nationalism is repressed and forbidden, it seeks release through approved outlets. And the approved outlet for repressed white nationalism has been Zionism, Jewish identity, and Jewish interests. By rooting for Jewish power and Jewish nationalism, repressed white nationalist passions found an outlet.

    THAT has been the dirty secret of Neoconservatism.

    Though it now rails against white nationalism that supports Trump, it has thrived over the yrs by feeding off repressed white nationalist passions that were channeled toward Zionism.

    Zionism is a nationalism(based on imperialism), so it isn’t easy to convince sincere universalists to support it. The Holocaust-guilt stuff isn’t as effective anymore because the Occupation has been going on for so long, Israel has turned more right-wing and religious, and Zionism forged close ties with the GOP. Also, the ‘left’ has run out of great causes and sees the Palestinian one as the last great one left.

    So, when Neocons now bitch about white nationalism, they aren’t really upset over its nature and existence. They are upset that it’s no longer repressed and taboo. If white nationalism is no longer repressed, it is more difficult to tame, irrigate, and channel toward serving Israel and Zionism. White nationalism unleashed and unchained will serve its own interests.

    It’s like a horse. A horse is a powerful and dangerous animal. Suppose someone wants to use the horse in battle. The horse must be tamed but it must remain powerful and dangerous. It just mustn’t be dangerous to the rider. The rider channels the horse’s aggression and explosiveness against his chosen enemies.

    So, not only does the rider have no problem with the horse’s power & dangerousness but he depends on those very qualities. Taming the horse doesn’t mean getting rid of its power and dangerousness. A war horse is useless if not powerful and dangerous. Taming the horse means directing its power and dangerousness at the enemy of the rider.

    But suppose the horse were to waken from its enslavement. Suppose it were to realize that it’s being exploited by the rider. Suppose it throws off the rider and tries to kick him.

    The rider might then revile the horse for being powerful and dangerous… BUT the dirty secret is that the rider had no problem with the horse’s power and dangerousness AS LONG AS it had served his interest.

    Indeed, he valued the horse for its power and dangerousness because they could be directed at his chosen enemies.

    So, it is disingenuous for him to bitch about how the horse is bad for being powerful and dangerous. He is really upset that the horse is now being powerful and dangerous for its own interest than being used as war horse by the rider.

    As long as Neocons could ride the repressed passion of white nationalism to serve Israel and Zionism, they were perfectly fine with white nationalism(as long as it took orders from Neocons). Indeed, they not only tolerated white nationalism but depended on it(as long as it could be repressed and channeled).

    But now that white nationalism has thrown off the neocon rider and is running wild and free, the neocon is kavetching that white nationalism is a terrible, terrible thing.

    Neocons told white nationalism to throw away or burn the Confederate Flag but raise high and wave the Zionist Flag. And that was like the last straw for many white nationalists. Enough was enough.

    Just think. Suppose all the white nationalists in this election cycle had decided to keep their white nationalism at home and come outside as Zionists willing to support anything Jews to do Palestinians, Russians, Syrians, and Iranians.

    Suppose this repressed white nationalism shouted hurrah to Jewish nationalist aggression against the Middle East and Ukraine. Do you think Neocons would be complaining? No. Indeed, Neocons loved people like Ann Coulter as long as their aggressive repressed-white-nationalism had been channeled to waving the Zionist flag 24/7.

    The whole trick of Neoconism was the science of repressing and channeling white nationalism to serve Jewish nationalism. From a psycho-political point of view, only repressed rightism can serve the rightism of another people.

    After all, it’s getting harder for Liberal Zionists to channel sincere universalist white Liberals passion toward supporting Zionist occupation/oppression of Palestinians.

    By conventional standards, what is happening in Israel is ‘racism’ and ‘imperialism’, the kind that European nations once used to carry out around the world.

    White Liberals do support Israel(due to Holocaust guilt and coolness factor of smart Jews), but they feel increasingly uneasy about Zionists kicking Palestinian butt.

    In contrast, white nationalism is for identity, racial consciousness, and pride. In some cases, it can be hostile, aggressive, and even imperialist-minded. While such feelings about whites is taboo under PC, those are precisely the kind of passions that can be channeled toward serving the nationalism and imperialism of Jews that goes by the name of Zionism. White nationalists who can’t bitch about blacks and illegals in the US are likely to channel those passions toward cheering for Jews to kick Palestinian butt.

    So, when Neocons bitch about ‘white nationalism’, just tell them, ‘you had no problem with it when it was channeled to serving Jewish imperialism’.

    Neocons are just bitching about a horse that threw them off and ran off on its own to be free and serve its own horsey interest.

    White nationalism without Neocon masters = white horse without a rider.

  19. Ricky Vaughn Retweeted
    THE SONG OF TROLLAND ?@paleodeadlift

    Question everything, they said.

    “Why are Jews over-represented in the media, politics, and finance?”

    Now I’m unemployed

  20. “You’ve got to ask yourself, why doesn’t [Trump] want to release [tax returns]? Yeah, well we’re going to find out” – Hillary Clinton (NYT)

    I really despise that witch. All the crap she pulled over they years with that husband of hers and she sh*t talks about Trump?

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