Trump: “This Is Called The Republican Party, Not The Conservative Party”

If you are Donald Trump, you are likely beyond sick and tired of hearing from the #TruCons that you don’t represent “conservative principles”:

“Donald Trump said on Saturday that he doesn’t think he needs to unite the GOP in order to win general election.

“Does the party have to be together, does it have to be unified?” he said during an interview on ABC’s “This Week” that will air Sunday. “I’m very different from anybody who’s perhaps ever run for office. I actually don’t think so.”

“I think it would be better if it were unified, I think there would be something good about it, but I don’t actually think it has to be unified,” he said.

The presumptive GOP nominee said that he can win without the backing of the full party by drawing Democratic voters, specifically supporters of Bernie Sanders.

“I have to stay true to my principles also. And I’m a conservative, but don’t forget, this is called the ‘Republican Party,’ not the ‘conservative party,’” Trump said.

That’s a shot across the bow.

Maybe the #TruCons are right. Trump does have a problem with “consistent conservatism.” Republican voters were given 17 other choices – the “greatest field” ever – and rejected #TruConservatism as it has been defined by National Review, CuckState, The Weekly Standard, and so on. If that is what conservatism means, the election showed the base of the party has decided it wants to buy something else.

What is that? Trump should say, my critics have a point, I am a populist and a nationalist, not a conservative. In the United States, the term “conservative” means classical liberal, which is someone who is uninterested as a matter of principle or incapable of conserving anything except for entitlement cuts, free-trade, huge tax cuts for the rich, endless foreign wars, etc. They exist solely to serve the US Chamber of Commerce and the other corrupt billionaire donors who finance the whole show.

Trump should say, we have more important problems in this country to worry about than ethanol subsidies or eminent domain, and I really don’t care if this enrages the dorks. Speaking of conservative dorks, Ross Douthat has a new article about why #TruConservatives shouldn’t support Trump in the fall:

“Reaganite conservatives who help elevate Trump to the presidency, then, would be sleepwalking toward a kind of ideological suicide. Successful party leaders often transform parties in their image. William Jennings Bryan and Woodrow Wilson between them turned a conservative Democratic Party progressive. Dwight Eisenhower all but extinguished G.O.P. isolationism. Reagan himself set liberal Republicanism on the path to extinction.

A successful President Trump (and to support him is to hope for such a thing) could easily do the same to Reaganism. In a fully-Trumpized G.O.P., Reagan’s ideological coalition would crack up, with hawks drifting toward the Democrats, supply-siders fading into crankery, religious conservatives entering semi-permanent exile. And in its place a Trumpized Republican intelligentsia would arise, with as little interest in Reaganism as today’s conservatives have in the ideas of Nelson Rockefeller or Jacob Javits. …”

In other words, Douthat is saying it is better for the #TruCons to lose to Hillary Clinton than compromise their conservative principles. After Trump is defeated, the #TruCons and the GOP establishment will blame the loss on him and give it another go in 2020, and all those people who supported Trump will return to their place.

Isn’t there a flip side to this argument though? It is not like Trump will be the only name on the ballot on the fall. Why on earth should Trump’s populist and nationalist supporters vote for someone like John McCain or Paul Ryan who represents everything we want to break with? Maybe it is better for us to leave that spot on the ballot blank to ensure that they are defeated and purged from the party?

A huge swath of Trump’s supporters love Donald Trump’s message, but have many, many grievances against the Republican Party. If the #NeverTrump movement wants to go there, why shouldn’t we return the favor tenfold and sink their candidates?

“A successful President Trump (and to support him is to hope for such a thing) could easily do the same to Reaganism. In a fully-Trumpized G.O.P., Reagan’s ideological coalition would crack up, with hawks drifting toward the Democrats, supply-siders fading into crankery, religious conservatives entering semi-permanent exile. And in its place a Trumpized Republican intelligentsia would arise, with as little interest in Reaganism as today’s conservatives have in the ideas of Nelson Rockefeller or Jacob Javits. …”

This is the real threat.

A successful President Trump would owe nothing to the #TruCons and the GOP establishment who opposed him. He would be free to redefine the Republican Party as a populist and nationalist party. The whole #TruCon clique would be discredited and would fade away like the Rockefeller Republicans.

Speaking of which, Trump may have already concluded that the #TruCons and GOP establishment will never be reconciled to their defeat, so the time has come to go full populist and revolutionize the party:

Meet the new Republican Party. It is the old Democratic Party of George Wallace that clashed with the New Left in the 1960s.

It is the final form of a realignment that began with the Dixiecrat revolt against Harry Truman in 1948. It took over 60 years to complete, but the White South has gradually taken over the Republican Party. Every year more White Southern voters would shift to the Republican Party, and in 2016 they had become so numerous and poorly represented that – with the assistance of Trump – they finally overthrew the GOP establishment which had for been cucking White voters and exploiting their resentments for generations.

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  1. Sounds like he’s telling the TruCons, I don’t want you or need you. Go to hell.

    • You mean, just like he told the Jewish GOP Party, ” I don’t need your money”?

      Yes, yes, yes!

  2. Trump knows how to get the girl. Not by pandering, as GOPe has done for “minorities” for decades, but by instilling the fear that they will be left at the station as the train plows over Clinton and wins in a landslide. He’ll gradually win over trucon voters this way. Hopefully leaving the fake trucon elite at the unemployment office.

  3. If Trump starts using the word Nationalist and Nationalism to imbue his campaign with a distinct identity that will never be achieved in a simple Republican/Democrat or Right/Left paradigm, he’ll create a perfect storm of awakening.

    The Far-Left and Cuck-Right are petrified of solidarity along lines of identity that they don’t control or can’t influence. Even if the solidarity isn’t explicitly formed along racial lines, the break from the specific brand of social engineering that they’ve invested in so heavily is enough of a shift that they won’t be able to control the narrative when explicit racial solidarity platforms are put out for mass consumption. They lose leverage, and since they have virtually no facts or truth in their arsenal, they really can’t afford to lose that kind of leverage. In a war of attrition, you never give up leverage unless you have a plan in place and can sustain a momentum shift. Crush their hollow platitudes and mantras—which is all they really have—and they are virtually naked and vulnerable.

    The anti-Whites hordes have already become more emboldened and visibly unhinged while the Magic Negro has been in office. If Mr. Trump starts to actually say Nationalism and Nationalist to differentiate between his campaign and that of the Marxist Left and the self-serving GOPe on the Right, the anti-Whites will lose their fucking minds.

  4. It is a very good thing that creeps like Paul “Foreigners First” Ryan, Romney, the disastrous Bush syndicate, Lindsey “Israel First or God will punish us” Graham, Rand “Black Lives Matter” Paul, and the rest will not endorse Trump. They should fade away quietly. Joining Trump would discredit him and call into question his populist/nationalist bona fides.

  5. We don’t need these people to Make America Great Again we just need the patriots!

  6. (1) Trucons are playing Russian Roulette with their own cause by distancing themselves from Trump. Because when Trump wins, that will communicate the message that truconservatism is not the path to national victory and is politically irrelevant. If Trucons had any PR horse sense, they’d try to worm their way into making Trump’s wins a victory for truconservatism. I’d rather stretch the truth in order to be associated with winning than tell the full unvarnished truth and be associated with losing/non-winning.

    (2) Trump will have no coattails, because he’s energizing a new constituency that is largely uninterested in yay red team partisanship or histrionics. I can easily see, for instance, in November, Trump winning states yet the Republican running for Senate loses. Such as Wisconsin: I can easily see Trump carrying the state but Ron Johnson losing to Russ Feingold. Mainly because Trump voters, enough of them, will only be voting to vote for Trump as a named individual, they won’t even cast votes on named candidate races downballot, maybe they’ll vote on issue referenda and propositions.

  7. We’ve got other things to worry about in this country besides the rights of perverts, Freaks and Weirdos. To people with bills to pay and groceries to buy, all these things are meaningless abstractions.. Only spoiled, overgrown children, still living with their parents, can afford to worry about such nonsense.

    • Half the time said children are LBGT as well as homosexuality and perversion is usually the fruit of Child Molestation or some other bizarre thing. Homosexuals often have a bizarre attachment to Mother

    • …And after this election is over, We Progressives will see to it that the “rights” of Angry Right Wing Bigots are stripped away.

  8. I love how they call all of this Reagan conservatism when it is actually Bush/neocon conservatism. What we are getting with Trump is Buchanan conservatism.

    Of course, lets just stop pretending and drop the conservative label altogether. It has no meaning any longer. Nationalism is the future.

  9. I presume most of us are presently surprised at the changing dynamic of American politics, especially on the right. But for that to continue, Trump has to win. As the old saying goes, winning is now the only thing.

    What does that mean? Voter registration. Yard signs. Small donations (25$ per Trump voter ought to cover it). Talking with neighbors, coworkers students. Internet messaging. These are “ground game” activities that Trump alone cannot do.

    The national campaign can target Hillary in upcoming primaries with those “wedge issues” that will resonate with Bernie supporters. NAFTA, Glass-Steagall, corruption, the wars in the Middle East.

    That will embolden Bernie voters to fight on in the primary, but also attract them in the fall.

    The national campaign can use the convention to rebranding the GOP as something palatable to most voters – repudiating the Bush years.

    Pennsylvania is the lynch pin to the whole campaign. Right-wingers in New York should be willing to set up temporary residency in Pennsylvania in order to vote for Trump. He has a starting deficit of 400,000 votes based on previous elections.

    The campaign to divorce libertarian followers from their misguided leaders needs to continue. Even .4% to Gary Johnson could spell trouble.

    Parts of America will be Made Great Again, but I don’t think the entirety of America can be made great again by electoral means alone. Fortunately, Trump could provoke the left into a street fight that we could capitalize on which would open the door to total victory.

  10. Was talking last night to a friend who told me he’d seen Trump’s candidacy announcement live on television last year–when Trump came down the escalator in Trump Tower. I asked what he’d been thinking as Trump was making his remarks about illegal immigration. “I could hardly believe a presidential candidate was talking about something real,” he replied.

  11. I also predicted that the fall Trump would be a little different than the spring Trump, and I’m already getting an early support for my prediction.

    Here’s another prediction for you: The static annual wealth tax on very high net worth fortunes that Trump proposed when he was pondering a Reform Party run in 2000, he’ll propose it again between now and November, albeit at a lower percentage.

  12. “If you are Donald Trump, you are likely beyond sick and tired of hearing from the #TruCons that you don’t represent “conservative principles”:” Yes pro-LGBT trump and a man who promoted outsourcign and still does it, while also spitting on the 1st amendment is a truconservative:,d.cWw
    I am sorry but what the fuck is wrong with you, Do you guys not do the research? Are you so concerned with ‘awakening’ that you are willing to sell out your principles?

  13. The American People haven’t been “Conservative” 100% for a while. Many people are more nationalist or populist. That’s especially true on economic nationalism and protecting our national borders. Many still use Conservative but the “Conservatives” running America could care less about American Jobs or National Borders. Seems like a changing of the guard in the GOP. WPWW !

  14. TruCons should vote for Darrell Castle with the Constitution Party, the largest conservative third party, in November! Castle is on the ballot (24 states) and on track as write-in in total of 48 states! GOP has taken for granted their members, it is time tell them is enough is enough. NeverTrump. Vote Castle!

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