Jeblary 2016

There’s a lot to digest here.

1.) By nominating Donald Trump for president, the Republican Party has FINALLY repudiated nearly 30 years of Bushism including everything from the New World Order in economics to the Iraq War and bellicose neocon foreign policy. All three Bushes are now on record in refusing to support Trump in the general election:

“Jeb Bush has joined his brother and father in declaring that he will not support Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee, in the presidential election in November.

On Friday, a day after House speaker Paul Ryan said he could not support Trump just yet, Bush posted to Facebook a declaration that, like his fellow former candidate Lindsey Graham, he will abstain from voting for either Trump or the likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Trump “has not demonstrated that temperament or strength of character” required to serve as president, Bush wrote. …”

2.) Now that Trump has won the Republican primary, he is pivoting to the general election by moderating his position on taxes and the minimum wage. A typical Republican presidential nominee moderates his rhetoric on social issues while doubling down on Ayn Rand economics. Trump is doing exactly the opposite here:

“Two days into his general election campaign, Donald Trump has already signaled he may abandon his positions on two major policy issues: a minimum wage increase and tax cuts for the rich.

Trump has never been known for his consistency: He took multiple positions on abortion in several days last month, and more recently shifted from promising to erase America’s $19 trillion debt in eight years to arguing it was actually a good time to borrow. Even on his signature issue of immigration, he’s flipped back and forth – sometimes in the same day – on whether he supports certain visas for legal workers. …”

Remember how much I hated the Trump plan because it was conservative, not populist? I even told reporters from Buzzfeed and Politico that my enthusiasm for Trump had cooled because of the tax plan.

I thought the Jack Kemp-Larry Kudlow tax plan would be a liability in the general election and that Hillary would use it to portray Trump as another Mitt Romney with White working class voters – well, that’s been thrown out the window now, and thankfully it is not going to distract from the free-trade message in the fall.

3.) It gets even better.

Now that the Republican Party has cast off the albatross of neocon warmongers, the free-trading globalists, and the Wall Street bankers who want large tax cuts, they are all being invited by Hillary Clinton to regroup in the Democratic Party:

“NEW YORK, May 6 (UPI) — Top fundraisers for Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton have begun targeting one-time donors to former Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, in a bid to woo those who are opposed to GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Politico reported Thursday the race to win over some of Wall Street’s top big money donors has taken an unsocial turn since Trump all but locked up the nomination this week. Many of Bush’s former donors have not lined up behind Trump and Clinton’s team is courting several high-profile individuals, including Bush’s former finance chairman, Woody Johnson, who owns the NFL’s New York Jets. …”

4.) Bernie Sanders and his supporters were already upset about Hillary Clinton’s close ties to Wall Street, warmongering, and support for free-trade agreements. Needless to say, Hillary’s rolling out the red carpet for ¡Jeb! & Co. wasn’t well received:

“Bernie Sanders chastised Hillary Clinton for soliciting Republican donors for her presidential campaign, saying those tactics would turn off his supporters.

“Those are the kinds of things that make not only my supporters, but millions of Americans, nervous,” Sanders said Friday on PBS “NewsHour.”

Sanders was referring to a Thursday Politico report that claimed Clinton’s supporters have targeted Bush family donors for funding, trying to convince them she represents their values better than presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“By the way, as I understand it, [Clinton] is now reaching out to Jeb Bush’s fundraisers in order to raise money from them, and that really casts a doubt on the parts of millions of Americans,” said Sanders, who currently trails Clinton in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“Are you really going to stand up for the middle and working class when you’re collecting millions from Jeb Bush supporters?” …”

The old liberal vs. conservative ideological divide is breaking down. It is being replaced by a new politics that is populist vs. globalist.

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  1. London, England just elected a Pakipig Raghead mayor, with only 13? Sand nigger population.

  2. Trump walking back his former statements on minimum wage and tax cuts for the rich while doubling down on the border wall and the Muslim ban showed where Trump is heading. Newt Gingrich on Hannity admitted Trump wasn’t a conservative and called him a nationalist and went on to say that this is what the party needed to defeat the radical left.

    Amazing things are happening.

    • Gingrich is merely positioning for a Cabinet seat.

      Ideological purity, like racial purity, cannot admit of even a LITTLE admixture.

    • Newt Gingrich would be an interesting pick for VP. Newt is a smart guy. As a politician he’s not ideologically rigid. If he sees WN is moving up he will jump on board. I don’t believe he’s anti-White. He may have done some things that don’t help us but given the chance I think he would do all he could to make the country a better place. I think he’s a good organizer and would be a great help to move legislation for Trump. Don’t be surprised if he’s picked. We could do worse.

  3. “The old liberal vs. conservative ideological divide is breaking down. It is being replaced by a new politics that is populist vs. globalist.”

    Or, (in theological terms) Kinist vs. Antichrist.

    And Hitlery is clearly, antichrist.
    And the Bush clan, JUDAS.

  4. Ideology at some point requires magic thinking and its pathetic when it becomes a shopworn over the hill scam and you have to watch its adherents bellowing in pain like Limbaugh and the other cucks who won’t let go. Of course they profit it from it so basically only death will free us from their bleatings.

    • Cucks teach Dirt Magic. Unlimited numbers of 3rd worlders can come to White countries and presto, they become indistinguishable from White people. Instant 1st worlders!

      When that doesn’t materialize it’s always the fault of libruls and white soopreemacists.

  5. The editor of a major mid-Western newspaper called me a racist, after I tweeted a mention of a former Ohio Governor and his relationship with his Jew donors as compared to Donald Trump. LOL. The editor didn’t block me, probably because I’m one of the few who reads and responds to his nonsense.

    Newspaper guys today are generally cowards & cucks because they will kiss Jew ass, Black ass, Latino ass, and any other non-White ass they can get their lips around. Then they wonder why no one reads their newspaper, and the readership and circulation keeps shrinking, and the paper itself shrinks.

    Sure, kissing Jew ass may get their paper a few more advertising dollars, and they don’t have to listen to some Jew whine in their ear about a story the Jew didn’t like. But, is kissing Jew ass really worth it?

    Then there’s the faggot thing, like the Jew thing, newspapers don’t want a bunch of faggots parading around the front of their building.

    White people vote on these issues by not buying the paper. Like White flight. One more exit down the inter-state.

  6. It’s only a matter of time before the only question that matters goes mainstream: Are you pro-White or pro-White Genocide?

  7. What states are still left? I know Oregon and California are the biggies and Hillary is going to go limping into the convention coming off Sanders landslides in those two. Use to live in Portland and know those people are the epitome of the Sanders crowd.

    Fact is the debt has to get paid down and that requires cutting spending on BRA foolishness AND keeping existing tax income. Any plutocratic tax cuts will just further destabilize the debt. Confidence that an Alpha Male is in charge would go a lot further to stimulating growth than some plutocratic tax cut nonsense where you know they’d never have the guts to pull the plug on the EBT subsidizing welfare queens and their broods of useless bastards. Fact of the matter, even defunding BRA and you’ve still got a massive entitlement bill for medicare and social security of decent Americans who deserve every penny. This is going to have to be paid, those who make fortunes off the stability the American System provides owe it.

    • Furthermore, you know what really would put confidence back into the economy? Having an American Putin, a real white guy in charge where you know you no longer have to worry about being at the mercy of the results of who college kids, blacks, and hispanics pick in the next election.

  8. The RINOs will support Hilliary Clinton in November. They’ll never talk about it in the media. However it’s how the RINO establishment operates in America. WPWW !

    • No, Mr. Pace – the subject of Republican establishment crossing over to Miss Hillary’s campaign has been all over the news – from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, to Fox News and MSNBC channel talk shows.

      It’s a very hot topick, particularly with leftists, as they see it as the Republican party having been taken over by Hitler,

      • You know the naziwantstokillsixmillionjews card is overplayed, when the latest Hitler has Jewish children and grandchildren.

        • Mr. McHaggis,
          As you have probably guesst : Miss Hillary is NOT going to run against Mr. Trump, BUT, against Adolf Hitler.

          And being half Jewish, as I am, I fully intend to vote for Mr. Hitler.

          It’s just the olde Tarheel in me that has a thing for jackboots and WWI issue iron crosses…

      • The conservative wing (Rhinos) of the party is really just a handful of washed up politicians and pundits that amount to no real significant numbers.

        Trump has already started in on Bill’s numerous rapes and Hillary threatening his victims. When he is done with her the public will hate her.

    • Conservative always side with the radical left to keep nationalists out. “True Conservatives” are left wing.

  9. If HRC consolidates the fopo neocons under her tent, I hope Trump and Corey and Manafort make a big issue of it. Fopo neos are the A-1 reason why a lot of people just don’t trust giving many Republican Presidential candidates the Presidency and the power of commander in chief. And Hillary is dumb enough to invite them in to throw their stench on her.

  10. What we have here is an anti-Front National type alliance forming. The Bush’s are Sarkozy and Clinton is Hollande. Only Trump captured a major party.

  11. The establishment is exposes themselves every-time they unleash their attack dogs on Trump, and his supporters…

    Q… Who is the Establishment???

    A… The Mainstream media (MSM), GOP, AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs and their cuckservatives…

    The more, the aforementioned groups attack Trump, and his supporters, the more the establishment exposes themselves.

    And that’s a good thing.

  12. BTW, the composite of Jeblary, is almost as ugly as Brucie Jenner’s Drag Persona… ALMOST!

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