• She was mouthing PC BS about “cultural appropriation”. Since the Mudslime Prophet was a pedo, had sex with a 9 year old girl, then (White) pedos in the USA were doing cultural appropriation by copying the prophets sex customs.

  1. The Mormons who vote 75% for Cuckservatism, Milo who says he likes
    Black cock and who was that cuckservative who has children with a Native
    American wife? And now Sargon of Akkad – a half Black, race denying
    anti-White? And Sargon is not Alt-Right he doesn’t like them.

    I’m sorry Jack, but you have have bad judgement when it comes to people,
    but it seems to be a common problem… Just look at the number of views
    this Sargon gets. Who listens to a boring nerd drone on about his wordist
    opinions for hours on end? People either have no life, or Youtube
    manipulates view counts.

    • Sargon is a Mud? I don’t like him. I’ve only listened to snippets of his viddies. Is there a picture?

      • He says he’s quarter Black. Google this article “World War Sargon 2” to see a picture and his positions on race. He’s now making videos attacking Alt-Right and WN.

        • There’s a very good writer I’ve only recently become aware of called Morgoth’s Review. He does a detailed piece on Sargon’s world view here:

          “The Limitations Of Sargon Of Akkad’s Liberalism”

  2. Just enjoy this great music cartoon.

    The targets of ridicule are nasty Paki Islamists and bitter, worst ever feminists who take the Islamists side against regular, straight White people.

    Too many people over intellectualize things – these are clear enemies.

    Our side is using great, clever humor.

    What’s not to like?

      • I say appropriate things and use them when needs be. Good material is good material no matter who wrote it. Hunter is right we need to use humor and every other point of leverage we can get. The vast majority of people know our present system is a joke, so make fun of it as much as you possibly can

        • I agree on appropriation if its useful to us, but don’t give credit to people who are open enemies of Whites. Claim all all the credit for yourself.

          • I agree 100% just like with the Ben Garrison Cartoons, re apropriate them and use them for our purposes.

      • “Who’s side are you on?”

        I respond:

        That’s an easy answer.

        I’m on our side. Just google all my articles on OD

        Jack Ryan Occidental Dissent

        here’s an easy us vs them

        “Them” are the worst Islamists and the worst feminists who hate us.

        It seams rather easy – a no brainer to simply take our side against these terrible, ugly, vicious hateful “other” people.

        • “Islamists and feminists”

          These are ideologies – word religions (opinions) of which there are thousands created every day. Cuckservatives have been fighting this battle and losing for as long as I’ve been alive.

          I keep it simple. I am Pro White.

          1) Almost all feminists are anti-White. Problem solved.

          2) Almost all Muslims are non-White and should not be in White countries. Problem solved.

          No need for endless back and forth arguments by Jewish Black cock lovers like Milo or quarter Black anti-Whites like Sargon, or other race mixing alt-rightish conservative weirdos.

          • You were doing fine, good, not bad or even great…

            Then you fall down at the end and start ragging on Milo or some not quite SS racially pure guy who’s doing brave, great activism.

            Life isn’t complicated – just take our side. It’s #*$&# clear to see who’s insulting us, abusing us, but then when we find bright, talented folks who are taking our side….

            Too many folks start nit picking – “ohhh, they’re not pure enough – plus one of their grandmothers was Irish Catholic and Catholics ain’t white.”

            Pss off.

            Yeah I know, you’ve got some secret TRUTH source that reveals the TRUTH that MILO and Freddie Mercury of the band Queen were/are “gay”…

            Ohh my God.

            Who would have ever thought Freddy Mercury of Queen was Gay.

            Next thing you’ll tell me is that Bob Marley smoking MJ.

            I never would have thought it.

          • So you are with poofters and race mixing weirdos, because you don’t like Islam and Feminists? lol

            Well I don’t like your gay and race mixing promotion, because I am a straight White Christian man.

            Guess we aren’t on the same side after all.

          • “So you’re with poofters and race mixing weirdos, because you don’t like Islam and Feminists. lol’

            I Respond:

            That’s a solid “no”. I’m not “With” these people.

            Instead I am recognizing, promoting very funny, very effective comedy, music that attacks political correctness, that deflates the power of real enemies that work day in day out to hurt, kill us.

            The Alt Right world is different – not old, humorless, always losing Conservatives that act like they have a pole up their arse and simply have no idea how to effectively fight the worst Leftists, cultural marxists, Islamists, BlackLiesMatter.

            All these old $*#@ Conservatives do is complain, whine or stockpile guns that are never used for anything constructive.

            The Alt Right world is so different- young, intelligent and very


            Humor is frankly one of the most effective weapons in this humorless age of Kali Yuga.

  3. The Feminists don’t have much respect for Traditional Christianity. However all the respect for the Islamic World. All about the ‘minority” destroying the Majority. That being White Christian Americans. WPWW !

  4. Millennial Woes ( WN / UK ) had a long and contentious on-line debate with 1/4 Black Sargon a couple of months ago. Sargon rejects White Identitarianism / Ethno-Nationalism. He is some kind of Libertarian

  5. We need a new concept.

    Inclugence or inclusive-intelligence.

    For instance, Fat Albert has high inclugence in eating fried chicken and watermelons.

    Inclugence would be like trans-intelligence.

    Today, if a man with penis and testicles says he’s a woman with a pooter, he is a she.

    It’s called transgenderism. And it is a wonderful thing because we can now be what we say we are or what we feel to be, not be defined what biology made us to be. Biology and nature are ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’.

    So, we need to beyond them. We need to embrace social constructs to free ourselves from natural obstructs(or obstructions). Nature is limiting. If you are born human, nature says you are human. Damn nature!!!

    Well, thank Todd that there are social constructs.

    You can socially construct yourself into a dog, cat, antelope, owl, hippo, aardvark, skunk, or gopher.

    We need to embrace social constructs over natural obstructs. Nature forces us to be what we were born to be. If nature made us white, we have to be white. If nature made us black, we have to be black. If nature made us male, we have to be male. If nature made us female, we have to be female. Nature obstructs us from being what we really want to be. Nature takes away our freedom, our dream.

    But by embracing social constructs, we can make ourselves to be whatever. I always wanted to be the smartest person in the world. But nature made me an idiot. But thanks to trans-intelligence identity, I now feel myself to be the greatest genius that ever done lived. Yes, I’m smarter than Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and Yoda.

    Why? I don’t go by natural obstructs. I go by social constructs. I’ve socially constructed myself to be the greatest physicist and mathematician that ever lived.

    My equation R = SC2 bridges quantum mechanics and the other stuff about big matter. It means reality = social construct squared, and aint that the truth?

    When progo-social-scientists dismissed race as a ‘social construct’, they were going about it all wrong. They were using ‘social construct’ pejoratively, as something false, fake, and made-up. What they should have done is denounce race as a natural obstruct. Race is a BIOLOGICAL fact created through evolution that created divergences among human groups. It is why different races look different, feel different, and think different(as some are naturally smarter than others).

    Race as a natural obstruct is very very bad since it imprisons us in what we were born as. It decides identity and intelligence for us than allowing us to choose.

    But if we embrace race as a social construct, then our race can be whatever we want it to be. Born black? You can socially construct yourself as white. Born white? You can socially construct yourself as black. Born yellow? You can socially construct yourself as brown. Born brown? You can socially construct as a Jew. Born Jewish? You can socially construct yourself as an Eskimo. Yes, Eskimos now run Hollywood.

    Steven Spielberg lately declared himself Inuit.

    Same goes for intelligence. If I, an idiot, say I’m a genius, I’m a genius. Why? Because I socially constructed myself as a genius, that’s why.

    Henceforth, ‘social construct’ shall no longer be a pejorative but the most beautiful concept for it allows us to be what we wanna be. If a midget says he’s 7 ft tall, you better believe it.

    I can SC myself into whatever I choose. Notice how all the Alt Right kids are turning themselves in frogs. So, you see, Alt Right isn’t a white nationalist movement. It is a frog nationalist movement. If Alt Right folks say they are frogs, they are frogs.


    In our age of trans-nationalism, trans-sexualism, trans-racialism, maybe we need trans-legalism and trans-moralism. A crime is a good deed if the criminal feels that what society deems a crime is really a perfect legal and moral act.

  6. There has been some discussion of that degenerate freak MIlo.

    Milo Isn’t One of Us


    ‘Milo has made something of the fact that he has an “anti-white” bias in the bedroom (except for when it comes to Trump) and that he prefers getting fucked by black men. Apparently this preference started when he had sex with a black tranny at the age of 14. Milo informs us that such relationships are beneficial to young people, because you see, an AIDS-ridden tranny can “help” young men in a way their parents can’t. “Consent is complicated, especially in the gay community.”

    Milo is a cultural libertarian. He’s an equalist. In other words, he views the vanguard of the left as having abandoned the “live and let live” attitude. Milo is only a conservative by the standards of 2016.’

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