The American Middle Class Is Shrinking Everywhere

Give the Democratic Party some credit.

Their solution to this massive problem is to nominate an establishment insider, handpicked by the superdelegates because it is “her turn,” who has been in politics for 25 years, who is the favorite candidate of Wall Street, and whose husband’s globalist economic policies in the 1990s – NAFTA, the WTO, “Financial Services Modernization,” etc. – were one of the major causes of this fiasco.

It is a bold play. If you oppose Hillary Clinton, they must be counting on the “War on Women” narrative to carry them to victory:

“The great shrinking of the middle class that has captured the attention of the nation is not only playing out in troubled regions like the Rust Belt, Appalachia and the Deep South, but in just about every metropolitan area in America, according to a major new analysis by the Pew Research Center.

Pew reported in December that a clear majority of American adults no longer live in the middle class, a demographic reality shaped by decades of widening inequality, declining industry and the erosion of financial stability and family-wage jobs. But while much of the attention has focused on communities hardest hit by economic declines, the new Pew data, based on metro-level income data since 2000, show that middle-class stagnation is a far broader phenomenon.

The share of adults living in middle-income households has also dwindled in Washington, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta and Denver. It’s fallen in smaller Midwestern metros where the middle class has long made up an overwhelming majority of the population. It’s withering in coastal tech hubs, in military towns, in college communities, in Sun Belt cities. …”

Note: The middle class is declining in Germany too. This is interesting in light of some of the debates we had here about free-trade in the European Union.

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    • Beat me to it.

      It is the College-centric economy and society that the Jews took over in the 60s.

      They churn out so many worthless degrees, that they need socialism to provide those people with employment. Socialism destroys the real economy and those that do real work take it on the chin.

      The only mystery is why those who do real work continue to take it?

  1. Now the Germans are going to have to support several million new leeches, thanks to Mad Frau Merkel.

  2. Agenda 21 will make sure the 99% are in Poverty and the 1% are Rich. That includes both Corporate America and Politicians. Your looking at the controlled demolition of the Economy. You could say NAFTA, Illegal Immigration, and World Trade are important tools being used for the destruction of the Working Class. However I’ll mention back in the 1800s the majority worked in Farming. Now it’s only about 2%. We can thank the American Empire for destroying Farming in America! You can’t have a solid nation without Farming, Manufacturing, Retail, Service, Retirement, and a Safety Net. All are being destroyed by The Enemy! WPWW !

  3. The idea that protectism is the route to prosperity is bonkers. Look at Argentina at the turn off the 20th century. It’s standard of living was at european/USA levels but not since due to economic stupidity by nuts governments. What I do accept is the that mercantile economic policies by many countries have rung rings around western economies / governments.

    • Protectionism built the American Economy POST 1865. Free Trade is a policy pushed by two groups AGRICULTURALISTS ie the Confederacy and MARXISTS. Agriculturalists need it to sell their wares and Marxists want Free Trade to give them a ONE WORLD COMMUNIST EMPIRE.

      Protectionism was abandoned after WWII as FDR blamed Protectionism for both world wars as he said we must SHARE THE WEALTH read the Atlantic Charter. After WW2 we became a Free Trade state solely to buy influence in the Third World at the cost of destroying ours. Who led this? JEWISH MARXISTS

  4. What a world we live in

    Funny that just after homos came out of the closet, white nationalists and race-ists are also coming out of the closet(or the basement).

    Since race is a sexual product — white people are the product of race-loyalty between white men and white women — , maybe white nationalists should go by Euro-sexuals or Eurosexuals.

    White nationalists believe in the sexual and romantic unity of white men and white women so that the white race will survive and thrive. Sexual traitors are the most fundamental traitors.

    If a white woman goes for political betrayal, she can always come to her senses and return to the fold. One can always change one’s mind.

    But if she shuts off her womb(that was created by 20,000 yrs of evolution in Europe) to white men and uses it to produce babies for the loathsome black race, her betrayal is total. Womb is the incubator of life, and in her white womb, she has chosen to reject white babies and create black babies. She has chosen to use her white tits to provide milk for a black baby of a black father. Her womb has murdered the white child that could have been. She is a total traitor.

    There is no coming back to the fold. She is a traitor at the most element level. That of LIFE.

  5. Obama-ism was bound to fail.

    Obama ran on gaseous dreams. ‘Post-racial’ America. Vague notions of Hope and Change. Citizen of the World. Fantasy of harmony and a new America. It’s no wonder that his presidency made the biggest difference in homo and tranny issues. It’s all about make-believe. Fake marriage, fake notions of men being women, and etc. A nation cannot run on empty fumes for long.

    Obama’s BS fantasy of post-racial harmony and peace only led to BLM lunacy and SJW nuttiness.

    SJW are nuts cuz they were raised on fantasy and keeps getting ‘triggered’ by reality that won’t conform to their fairytales.

    In foreign policy, Samantha-Power-ism led to hell in Libya and Syria. Powers is the SJW of foreign policy.

    From Obama’s fantasy of ‘post-racial America’, we have Trump’s reality of neo-nationalist America.

    Nation and its people are REAL. They have real identity and real interests. They have real priorities and needs bound and served by meaningful laws. (Under Obama, the law favors illegals over legals, trannies in woman’s washrooms, and ‘gay marriage’ that is perversion of marriage.) We need to come back to reality after so many yrs of free trade fantasy, open borders fantasy, proposition nation fantasy, save-the-world fantasy, Jews-are-perfect-angels fantasy, and etc.

    We need to reconnect with the real and emphasize issues that are grounded in reality.

    70s and 80s sobered up from 60s era utopianism. But the stability of 80s, victory in cold war, and economic expansion of 90s made US all decadent again.

    The Obama Camelot or Obamalot yrs have been a parody of the 60s.

    The 60s, crazy as it was, had some real themes of returning to nature and finding meaning through arts and spiritualism and philosophy.

    But the Obama millennial generation has been about cynical hooking-up, soulless sexuality, pornification of society, twerking as national culture, homos and trannies as angels, pride meaning fruits on parade, courage meaning man in a dress, and etc. It was the Sicksties.

    Surely, the Obama Era has been the ugliest, most decadent, most degenerate, most ideologically insane(SJW on meth), and most shallow cultural period in US history. Though we can’t blame Obama for what happens in Hollywood and music industry, his presence at the helm encouraged the Libs to come all out to push a sicko culture of excess, trash, cuckiness, and suckiness. It was the Era of Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Bruce Caitlyn Jenner, and Trigglypuff.

    Post-racial fantasy was just that: a fantasy.

    We need neo-national reality.

  6. Hello people

    This election is about a man running to represent and lead a nation versus a woman running to represent and lead the world.

    Trump is running to be president of America, Hillary is running to be president of the world.

    To be president of America means to uphold and enforce US laws for the good of US citizens.

    To be president of the world means to favor global interests over US interests. It means to ignore US laws and favor illegals and immigrants. It means to disrespect and violate the laws of other nations and trample all over them, like Obama and Hillary did with Ukraine, Libya, and Syria. Obama and Hillary violated Libyan and Syrian sovereignty and smashed those nations. And when that unleashed huge migrations into the EU, globalism was prioritized over the national security of European nations. NYT, the propaganda rag of globalists, say that European nations must favor invaders over citizens.

    Take your pick.

    • Ann Barnhardt has much to commend her. Sadly, though, she is UTTERLY delusional in her misplaced devotion to the “Trad RC” rhetoric that does not reconcile the fallacy of sedevacantism with the doctrine that one MUST have a Pope, for ‘Catholicism’ to continue. I feel for her. I feel for all Trad RC’s. But only Orthodoxy has answered that question correctly. And the sedevacantism types are ostriches with their heads in the sand.

  7. You don’t build or sustain a middle class on the consumption of cheap, foreign made goods or the outsourcing of high wage manufacturing jobs.

    There is nothing wrong with international trade per se. It’s the trade imbalance of imports far exceeding exports that’s killing us. That’s the way the anti-White, NWO globalists want it.

    • “Free Trade” as alleged by these creeps would only be true if the “Fake Rollex/Poison Catfood” Chinese had actually been the ones TO INVENT the I-Phone and HDTVs. These are our products which these psychopathic companies would have been assembling in 1760 Barbados or South Carolina by negro slaves had they existed at the time. By the early 20th Century people like Teddy Roosevelt made sure they were made here, without child labor, by people paid fair wages, with a 40 hour workweek. But of course that didn’t last and they got their way by the Bush Sr./Slick Willy era and since slavery was gone they picked the next best thing. The slave society of Red China. Now they simply fired whole American workforces, and moved whole factories over to Red China to build OUR PRODUCTS for sale to US by people working 16 hour days, 7 days a week, living in company dorms. This isn’t “Free Trade” it’s labor arbitrage. I bought a Mr. Coffee auto drip maker in 1997 and on it’s bottom it says “Made in America” in some Ohio town. In 2005 I was at the store and saw the EXACT SAME COFFEEMAKER same black plastic molds used to cast it and all. On it’s bottom it now said “MADE IN CHINA” like a cold slap on the face. An entire workforce in some town in middle America was thrown out of work for this stupid ideology of “Free Trade.” Boy do I ever want to see the “Free Trade” traitors go to the chair for treason.

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