The Ultimate Troll: Trump Voters Feeling The Bern

It happened in West Virginia:

“Many of those Democrats, however, behave like Republicans, which helps explain why Donald Trump voters played a key role in putting Sanders over the top Tuesday.

A third of those who voted in West Virginia’s Democratic primary say they plan to back Trump in November, according to NBC News exit polls. Sanders won those voters by a wide margin.

In fact, 39 percent of Sanders voters said they would vote for Trump over Sanders in the fall. For Clinton, nine percent of her voters say they plan to come out for Trump in the general election.

West Virginia has an open primary, meaning independents can vote in the Democratic contest. With the GOP nomination wrapped up, it’s possible mischievous Trump supporters sought to damage Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, by voting for Sanders. …”

39 percent of Sanders voters in West Virginia said in the NBC exit poll last night that they would vote for Trump over Sanders in November.

The only chance Bernie Sanders has of winning the Democratic nomination is to run the table in the states in which he is favored – Kentucky, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, and New Mexico – while scoring huge wins in Oregon, California, and New Jersey. The only way that could realistically happen is if enough Trump supporters crossover to vote for Sanders in the Democratic primaries.

The media is ready to coronate Hillary as the Democratic nominee, but that depends on Hillary winning California and New Jersey, which the polls suggest she will do. Now that Trump has locked up the Republican nomination, there is nothing stopping Trump supporters from voting for Sanders to maximize chaos on the Democratic side. In theory, Sanders could win all the remaining states and narrow the pledged delegate count enough to fight for the nomination at a contested convention.

Hillary could be severely wounded in the process.

Note: California and New Jersey have semi-closed primaries. It is not too late to vote for Sanders.

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  1. Hear ye, Hear ye

    Progressive-Globalists or the PROGLOB say that the ‘culture war’ is over and that the ‘left won’. (Funny notion when the Left now represents the 1% and Goldman Sachs and the oligarchy and elitocracy.) But in truth, the Real Culture War is now only beginning. It is beginning because Culture has to be understood in relation to Race.

    Jews understood this all along. Jewish culture and Jewish race fought as one. Blacks understood this. Black culture and Black Race fought as one. Homos understood this. Homo culture and Homo identity fought as one.

    White race failed to fight the Culture War because white culture and white race were separate and couldn’t fight as one.

    So far, there was no real Culture War. Why? Because Jews, blacks, and homos(and La Raza Hispanics) fought the Culture War in terms of Our Race and Our Culture as a unity. In contrast, whites couldn’t properly fight the war since their culture and their race had to remain apart. Since white culture couldn’t reflect or serve the white race, it ended up cucking out to Jews, blacks, and homos.

    Only by fusing white culture(history, identity, consciousness, politics) with white race/biology can white people finally feel the soulful unity that allows confidence, pride, and courage to fight.

    Thus far, one side has been doing all the fighting while the other side just took the blows without counter-punching. In boxing, the left jab and right across must work together. Left jab is culture, the right across is race. Jews gained tremendous power cuz Jewish culture and Jewish race were coordinated to fight as one.

    Jews used media, academia, Hollywood, finance, and government to persuade whites to separate white culture from white race. But if white culture is cut off from white race, it can’t even be called white culture anymore. It turns into wussy Cuckture whereby white heritage, culture, and achievements are seen as existing only to serve other races since it cannot serve whites or be said to reflect the nature of the white race. It’s no wonder that so many white Europeans now think that the glorious achievements of Europe exist only to be shared with and serve non-whites than to serve whites whose ancestors built it.

    Because whites lacked the unity of race and culture, there was no real Culture War in the postwar era.

    War is where two or more sides fight each other It is not a war when only one side attacks and the other side stands defenseless and just takes all the blows. It’s been a Culture Battery with whites taking the drubbing without ever fighting back.

    But if Alt Right plays it right, white culture and white race can once again be fused into one. And then, white culture will be seen as existing to reflect, represent, and serve the white race. And then and only then will the REAL CULTURE WAR finally begin.

    So, what’s been called ‘the culture war’ was hardly that. It was a one-sided Culture Abuse where Jews, homos, and Negroes did all the fighting while whites stood helpless and took all the blows.

    Political consciousness is like electricity. The positive and negative charges must make contact to create power.

    Culture and Race must fuse into one in order to come alive, fight, and win.

    Why did Italian Fascism and National Socialism win the culture war in the first half of the 20th century? They fused race and culture. Tragically of course, National Socialism went off the rail and eventually destroyed itself because it messed with the nationalism of other nations. German nationalism betrayed the ideal of nationalism by violating the sovereignty of other nations.

    If National Socialists had been more respectful of other nations, their movement would have been a great success. The fusion of race and culture of the Modern Right could fight and destroy the Left.

    Indeed, even FDR’s regime was popular because it fused race, culture, and economics into one. It was a form of Liberal Fascism.

    The New Deal was mostly for whites. And US entered WWII as a race war against the ‘Japs’.

    Anyway, Alt Right’s signature achievement so far has been the fusion of white culture with white race. The positive charge and negative charge have been joined, and the power is finally ON. The light-bulb is finally glowing.

    The main enemies are Jews, homos, and blacks. And traitor whites who have it so good. The globo-affluent whites in big cities and college towns enjoy all the privileges of globalism and hobnobbing with the elites around the world. They got theirs and are conceited with their fancy degrees. They turn up their noses at the other whites who have less.

    So, Alt Right must go to the poor, working class, and middle class to mobilize the masses of have-nots and have-lesses. In doing so, it will gain moral advantage over the privileged class of Jews, homos, mulattoes, and cuck-traitor white elites.

    Anyway, the Culture War is not over. What the ‘left’ won was a phony culture war in which the white race didn’t fight and indeed couldn’t fight because it had no juice in its electrical line. There was no juice cuz white culture and white race were not joined together to create the spark, the power.

    Jews want to fool us that the ‘culture war’ is over and that there is nothing to fight about anymore. The ‘left’ won, the ‘right’ lost, and so, the ‘right’ should just hand over all the guns and bow its head and obey.


    So, the Culture War finally begins for real. Alt Right must lead the fight because it stands for the unity of race and culture, of plus and negative charges that make the electricity come alive.

    It’s like the opening of GREASE. Sandy wonders if this is the end. And Danny says, no, this is only the beginning.

    Let the REAL CULTURE WAR begin. Alt Right must be race-and-culture-warriors.

    It’s like the ending of KIDS RETURN when one guy muses if it’s all over, and the other guy says, “It hasn’t even started yet.”

    • essays of this length possibly belong on your own site. The Jews inflicted their Kosher Culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, feminism – on America via systematic debt-bombing by the Central Bank, a.k.a. “federal Reserve”, which bought the consent of the political class and various entitlement groups. Once the debt blows up and the CB has been liquidated, the Jews’ “victory” in the Culture War is going to be violently reversed. Via a real War

    • “…In contrast, whites couldn’t properly fight the war since their culture and their race had to remain apart. Since white culture couldn’t reflect or serve the white race, it ended up cucking out to Jews, blacks, and homos.

      Only by fusing white culture (history, identity, consciousness, politics) with white race/biology can white people finally feel the soulful unity that allows confidence, pride, and courage to fight.”

      I disagree with Stuka Pilot. You stated your case well, but (as my segment above from that post in quotes notes) you forget the KEY element in your analysis of Whites, that you DIDN’T forget in talking about all the MINORITIES (Jews, Fags, Nigs). YOU DIDN’T INCLUDE RELIGION.

      Jews have their Talmud, (which is the Deifying of themselves as their own savior). Blacks have their Race Idol (themselves) Fags have their god (penises), but only Whites have an INCARNATED KING as their God AND Savior, i.e., Jesus Christ.

      The REASON we have bifurcated the joining of our Race with our Savior/King is due to the millennia old HERESY of the filioque, which posited the false ‘king’ of the person of the Pope, as the funnel through which Western Civ was ‘supposed’ to flow. With the departure of Rome from Orthodoxy, the West started a 1000-year slide into apostasy, that only now is showing up in the heresy of Francis the Last and his open ‘Apologia pro Multicultura sua’ as the ‘new Gospel’ of Antichrist.

      The Reason Russia is regenerating herself, is due to her attempts to fuse the Czar and the Patriarch into a ‘Symphony’ as the Orthodox Weltanschauung has done, since time immemorial. The reason the West is dying in Europe (at the hands of the Jews, make no mistake)-

      and is fast approaching a nativist/racialist/populist/nationalist stance with Trump in the US, is because we have finally awoken to the UTTER IMPOSSIBILITY of a RACE not tied to her CULT, as Absolutely/Fundamentally necessary for her continued Existence.

      Or, IOW, Christendom redevivus. Y’all better start reading Rushdoony’s INstitutes of Biblical Law. Or you WILL have Shari’a. It’s not ‘law vs. no law,’ or ‘religion vs. no religion,’ but WHOSE LAW, and WHOSE RELIGION will you obey and serve?

      “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” – Josh. 24:15

      • The true sons of Abraham Issac and Jacob/Israel are Christians. We are at war against the children of darkness Esau Edom-Caanan-Amalek represented by the SO-CALLED JEWS. The Jew has used the tired argument that JESUS WAS A JEW to cow the Reformation idiots for 500 years. In fact John Cauvin aka Calvin WAS A JEW so says the Jews at their Jewish Convention in Paris 1936. John the Baptist and Jesus Christ were Israelites as were all of the Apostles,

        The so-called Jewish Leadership in the First Century cowtowed to Esau/Edom as the Romans placed the Edomites over the Jews, which was why there was so much war in Judea. Today even if there were pure blooded Israelites among the Jews so what? They do not acknowledge Christ as KING therefore putting them in the camp of Esau. By blood or by action they are all EDOMITES.

        • IF Jews congenitally lie, (and they do) and if Calvin were not so reviled by all those who HATE Christianity, you MIGHT have some specious merit in denigrating Calvin. But frankly, I don’t believe so. He was the ONLY one to publically kill a DENIER (Servetus, a Unitarian= goy Jew) during the Reformation. Sorry, not buying it.

          • Calvin’s Doctrine led to the denial of Baptism as necessary for salvation as Calvinists believed the Elect were born saved. Once this boundary was crossed, Christianity was on the way to being destroyed in Western Europe. The Calvinists also Emancipated the Jews in areas they controlled, ie Netherlands, Cromwells England. They saw the Jews positively. The Calvinists caused the 30 years war. All of the Israel loving Protestant Denominations were born from Calvinism

            Calvin was a Jewish Agent Provocateur. Although I don’t believe everything on these websites it is ironic that a Catholic Publication in 1936 offered pretty solid proof of his Jewish Identity. Where there is smoke, there is fire.


          • This is utterly BOGUS! Calvinism, in both its Dutch Reformed and Scottish Presbyterian forms, DEMAND the baptism of Infants as FULL MEMBERS of the Covenant. Unlike the Schismatic and HERETICAL Baptists, who leave their children in a sacramental LIMBO, until ‘years of discretion,’ the Calvinists (including the Anglicans) were the ONLY ones, (apart from Lutherans, who, if they followed Luther (Bondage of the Will) are also Calvinist- i.e., Augustinian) who MAINTAINED the Orthodox/Catholic continuation of the Covenant from the precursor of circumcision.

            YOU ARE A NUT JOB, and don’t even know your own history. We’re done.

          • Father John, Calvinists believed the Zwingli interpretation of Baptism as an Outward Sign of Inward Grace basically a meaningless dip in water, that is what they believe. This is the basis of the Baptist belief among others that Baptism is basically worthless.

            The 1500 year teaching of the Church from 33 AD until Calvin was that it was 100% mandatory no exceptions, after Calvin and Zwingli it became a meaningless formality. The same as Holy Communion which turned from a Sacrament into a meaningless obligation taken whenever the spirit moved them.

  2. You’d think Sanders would appeal more in California than Clinton would. He’s just the sort of far out type a lot of them might go for.

    • His typical SWPL base is getting a bit thin in California. The Third World voting blocks, which are now the majority of Dems in California, will stick with the Establishment candidate.

    • Whites vote. Blacks and Mexicans don’t. The blacks and Mexicans only now how to come out for the Big Chief every four years.

    • This year, within the Democrat Party voting universe, HRC’s voters have been high income Democrats, or older women, or people plugged into the borg somehow, or NAMs. Bern gets everyone else. If the Democrat voting universe of a given state has enough of at least one of the four wheel house HRC categories, she’ll win it, otherwise, Bern will. It’s easy to see why HRC won Massachusetts, in spite of the fact that it neighbors Bern’s Vermont, because it has Boston, higher education, one of the borg’s big elements. Of course she won Maryland and Virginia, because of the Federal government, as borg as borg can get. The Deep South? All the old black church ladies. Nevada and Arizona? Rich Dems (Nevada) and Hispanics (both).

      This is why she’ll win California, because it’s got two major borg elements (entertainment media and Silicon Valley), and lots of rich Democrats.

      • Maryland was conquered in 1861 and has never been free since. Of course they allowed them a few Confederate Memorials in Baltimore but never forget this, the Despots Heel has been on Lord Baltimore’s throat for 155 yrs and it seems they have almost killed him.

  3. Bad idea.
    We need to run up the Trump score so that he goes into the convention with 50%+ of the total popular vote.

    • No, we really don’t. It’s over. They may shoot the man, but they aren’t going to steal it at the convention.

      Trump already has his talking point of the most votes in GOP primary history.

      The important thing is that we get Bernie to bleed Clinton to the convention.

  4. This is funny – but if it backfires, and The Jew becomes the Shrew’s VP – errrr…uh oh.

    • At this point I don’t see how the democrats get away without a party unity ticket, regardless of trolling. I can only wonder at why they haven’t already put that together.

      • Because Bernie is an outsider. Because they owe him nothing. Because they are arrogant.

        I would love to see Bernie on the ticket! Kind of like Ron Paul, he can’t play to someone else’s tune. You just keep hitting him on issues where he and Clinton disagree, and you hit him on issues where he and Trump agree. He won’t be able to sustain the charade.

        It would tarnish Bernie permanently to be associated with the Clinton machine.

        Non-whites are not going to come out for two elderly whites (they think Jews are white, whether you do or not). Democratic primary participation is way down because of this. Donald is going to do better with non-whites than McCain and Romney, and he will certainly do better with whites.

        The only concern is the electoral map, specifically the swing states, specifically Pennsylvania.

  5. I did find it odd that Democrat turnout was a bit higher than Republican turnout in West Virginia. (Even though in 2008, D turnout was 3x higher than R turnout, yet and still McCain won WV in November). Then I figured it out: Operation Chaos. Trump people, knowing Trump has it in the bag, are taking Democrat ballots to vote Bern to keep the Democrat race going.

  6. The Democrats do the same thing against Conservative Republicans. The Democrats can’t say a word when it’s done against them in a Primary! WPWW !

  7. Watch out for a latter day Dr Carl Weiss though.

    The vampires are loose.

  8. Children of Israel in Jesus Christ arise and seize your heritage. Esau and his allies have been trying to kill us for 4000 years and he won’t stop. This is not only an idelogical war a race war it is all of that and more, it is a war against Satan and his Demonic realm as well. You must read the Book of Ephesians Chapter Six the entire chapter to get the point. Paul said that Satan would never stop warring upon us. Unless we are willing to fight the Spiritual War, we will lose the Physical War

      • Just telling the truth, Im sick of people falling for these Devil worshipping Edomite Jews. The white man has the power to overthrow them tomorrow if he simply seized it within his hands. The problem is he is so bewitched by their witchcraft and deviltry, he won’t do it

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