Murder Rate Soars In Major Cities

Add soaring violent crime to the shrinking middle class, transgender restrooms in K-12 public schools, gun control, open borders, resettling Muslim jihadists in your neighborhood and the other issues Hillary Clinton is running on this year:

“WASHINGTON — More than 20 major cities, including Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, have seen large increases in murders in recent months, a spike that the director of the F.B.I. linked to less aggressive policing stemming from a “viral video effect.”

The new data released Friday showed clashing trend lines across the country, with many cities seeing a sharp increase in murders while rates in others — including New York and Miami — were down significantly from last year.

After receiving an advance look at the data, the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey Jr., expressed alarm Wednesday about the spike in murders in some major cities. Reigniting the debate over a “Ferguson effect,” he told reporters that he believed the trend could be linked to a “viral video effect” because officers were being less aggressive for fear of ending up on videos. …”

Trump hit ¡Jeb! hard on illegal alien criminals in the primary. Will he capitalize on the crime issue against Hillary? It worked for Richard Nixon. He doesn’t have much to lose. 97 percent of black women voted against Mitt Romney.

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  1. Someone somewhere modeled the 2016 election claiming that Romney only needed 4% more of the white vote to win. I never saw the calculations, but it seems plausible.

    It would be interesting to see what Trump is polling relative to Romney with blacks as the campaign progresses. I recall one comical poll where Romney got 0% of the black vote, and this after Mormons had been cucking for 4 decades (nature teaches beasts to know their friends).

    I would also like to see black primary participation rates this year vs 2000 to 2012. I would warrant that Obama 2008 was the high point. Blacks that come out to vote may be going for Hillary, but are many coming out to vote?

    Non whites can comprehend elections as coming out to vote for the Big Chief every 4 years. Trump fits that paradigm, and while he may not get +10% above the GOP baseline, every percent counts.

    • Certainly the level of turnout between the Republicans and the Democrats in the primary elections so far is much much greater on the Republican side. Hillary just doesn’t motivate the voters and neither does Bernie.

  2. Get those racist and oppressive cops out of black neighborhoods! Let the people sort things out African-style in peaceful cooperation and community.


  3. The biggest issue is voter turn out. The political establishment relies on apathy/low voter turnout to maintain their perch. If Trump can maximize turnout he’ll win, although much might depend on democratic enthusiasm – and vote rigging.

  4. Well, it sounds like they’re getting what they want so I can’t see any problem. They don’t want policing in their neighborhoods and that’s what they got.

  5. Chicago is turning inside out when it comes to violent crime. One of the main subjects of the 2013 CNN documentary “Chicagoland” was murdered a few days ago. And yet, the Chicago Public Schools are worried about gender pronouns and transgenderism. Seems like worrying about draining the swamp when you’re up to your neck in gators.

    • The irony of this entire thing is this. The lost War For Southern Independence left Mississippi Alabama Georgia South Carolina Louisiana and East Texas with UNCONTROLLED DIVERSITY hint hint. So being magnanimous about the situation these Deep Southern States turned around one day around 1912 and said to Chicago, Detroit and these other little Yankee Bostons on the Plains and said to them, YOU CAN SHARE IN THE WONDERFUL DIVERSITY THAT DIXIE HAS THANKS TO YOU BEEN FORCED TO PUT UP WITH.

      After 1912, many states in the Deep South, seeking to deal with the Diversity Problem placed upon them in 1865 pointed at the railroad tracks and said theres the road to Lincolnland Rufus and Leroy, have fun up there. So Rufus and Leroy went north to Lincolnland and then sent back home to Topsy Hambone Skillet, Pork Chop and the rest and told them Y’all Come.

      A Century Later if anyone hasn’t figured out THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT they are obviously brain dead

  6. The entire mess can be summed up in one word. NEGROES. The issue is here 155 years after secession, the South was right all along the Negro has as much business being free as a rabid dog does. In fact left to his own devices the Negro becomes even more dangerous than said Rabid Dog

  7. FBI Comey is too busy ensuring that new FBI recruits go through some “Hollow Cost” sensitivity training, just to make sure we know who is and isn’t the real criminals in the world.

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