The Intercept: Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton “Trigger Happy” as She Courts Neocons

This is a great story in The Intercept:

“Donald Trump derided Hillary Clinton’s hawkish foreign policy record over the weekend, a glimpse into a potential general election strategy of casting Clinton as the more likely of the two to take the nation to war.

Just moments after maligning Syrian refugees at a rally in Lynden, Washington, Trump pivoted into a tirade against Clinton as a warmonger. …

Nevertheless, the myth of America as an indispensable superpower burdened with the task of leading the world to prosperity, through force if necessary, has long dominated the thinking of political elites across the ideological spectrum. Republicans have represented the more militaristic extreme. Today it’s not so clear.

“Donald Trump will be running to the left as we understand it against Hillary Clinton on national security issues,” Republican strategist Steve Schmidt said on MSNBC last week. “And the candidate in the race most like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney from a foreign policy perspective is in fact Hillary Clinton, not the Republican nominee.” …”

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  1. Trump’s popularity soars because he successfully tapped into the issues that most of us Whites are rightfully concerned about.

    What Trump will do if elected is anybody’s guess but I’d much rather bet on him than Hildebeast.

    • The USA is in it’s last gasp, the backlash from this transgender restroom ruling hasn’t even begun to manifest itself yet. The Democratic Party has just turned anyone with little girls against them.

    • Government officials must follow the law: applied to the Kentucky clerk re gay marriage, but not to Clinton. The clerk was thrown in prison and the law enforced (note that ZERO Christian men had that courage).

      It’s the Law! Faggot liberals concerning Obamacare. Where are they now?

    • People like Clinton appointed the higher ups at the FBI and they decide if the law is enforced or not.

      When Reagan was in power he did not purge the leftoids from the control points, which is how we got to the point we are at now. For that reason I really hope Trump understands the concept of control points.

      • Every man, once they become President see’s fully if they aren’t aware by that point, who is in control.

  2. On its face it looks like a brilliant move. Now the Cucks and Aging Crone libs will try and dogpile DT with instances that would require force so he starts to go off message and play intellectual. DT won’t play that game

  3. Her Achilles heel. She should “disavow” the neocons, but she won’t, as Jewish power put her where she is.

  4. She doesn’t stand a fucking chance.

    He’ll just keep jabbing her with Bill’s Rapey history and landing a solid right with her Neo-Con warmongering.

    Her only chance right now is standing down and going away. Even a Bernie VP slot won’t help.

  5. The Bolshevik Jews that fled Russia and took over the Republican Party are leaving. This is a great thing. Trump will be our Putin from the looks of things.

  6. It’s not that we don’t need a good military, it’s that the U.S. military should be used to defend the United States of America. It’s not there to restore democracy, create democracy, change somebody else’s regime, create stability, restore stability, or any of the rest of this annoying buzz word horseshit that regularly comes out of Washington, from both parties. As I heard once on the radio, the military is there to kill people and break things. It isn’t there to right wrongs over seas, or make the world a better place for foreigners. It’s not a court, or an international food bank One good thing the military could do: be put on the southern border and stop this horde of wetbacks from coming to the United States.

    • “America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy.” — John Quincy Adams, 1821

      I wish the international gangsters in DC would read that famous speech and think about it.

  7. In my opinion, our worst enemies– the countries which do the most harm to us– are Mexico, China, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Not Russia, not Syria…

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