Gavin McInnes Owns a Sexy Feminist – Then Names the…..

I highly recommend OD readers subscribe to the Anthony Cumia network it’s ~ $7 a month. Let’s be honest, there is virtually NOTHING funny on cable TV, nothing honest from an Alt Right, race realist perspective. Saturday Night Live hasn’t been funny in what 30 years since Eddie Murphy left the show?

The best show on the Anthony Cumia network is the Gavin McInnes show which airs Mon – Thurs 10:30 Eastern time. Gavin is just flat out funny, he’s politically in correct and presents a solid Alt Right viewpoint with lots of guests discussing things like the reality of Black crime, BlackLiesMatter, Islamic migrant invasions. Gavin has that special Brit humor, with lots of self depreciating comments about Scots, Canadians – that’s Gavin. Gavin is a big Trump supporter.

Gavin moves in a lot of (New York) circles and has had mainstream success like here on Fox where he’s a guest on the Sean Hannity show. Gavin schools a (very sexy) single feminist woman and explains that she’s miserable and should be a housewife with many children.


On today’s Gavin McInnes show – Gavin named the JEW and slammed a straight out of central casting, anti White NY Jew named Adam Reznik. Gavin also dissed Jewish Neo Conservatives and pro Israel Jewish Liberals for acting like anti White Black mobs in places like Ferguson MO will give Jewish people a pass for being anti White, pro Black etc.

This is what I like about the current Alt Right world, particular Alt Right comedy.

1) They’re funny
2) They’re honest – don’t accept PC lies about crime, immigration, Islam, race realism, feminism etc
3) They’re brave and don’t suck up to the powers that be. The best will on occasion, stand up to the worst anti White Jews.


  1. Gavin McInnes has an excellent interview with Jesse Hughes the leader of the heavy metal band that performed in Paris when the Muslims slaughtered everyone –

    Jesse Hughes was/is a stand up guy – who was brave and just aware of Arabs/Muslims when most everyone else was cowering in Liberal “I would rather be slaughtered than appear racist towards Muslims”.

    It’s nice to know we have some very intelligent men like Peter Brimelow and John Derbyshire or our own Hunter Wallace on our side, but it’s also good to know that we have real men on our side who don’t over intellectualize things and understand what inbred, low IQ, nasty Algerian Arab Muslim scum are and how they must be faced down.

  2. Gavin McCuck may say some good things every now and again, of course he is afraid of getting really ANTI-JEWISH nasty but even a blind squirrel turns up a nut every now and then.

    • Did you check out the link to Gavin OWNING the very sexy woman who said she preferred to be childless?

      Gavin just told her she should be home with a husband and children and she would be happy – as now she was miserable.

      • Ya…she should do like McCuck and have mixed breed defects to further infect our gene pool!!

        It’s much preferable to have no kids than mixed race ones or even adopting non white ones. He’s done the far worse sin. She can die childless and leave no legacy of liberalism to her progeny….he has ruined who knows how many future white generations whom he will push his kids to marry.

          • India used to be White before browning out 3000 years ago. It’s possible a few of them have retained more White genes than most.

          • Mine are much whiter, healthier, smarter, blonder, and more light eyed. Lacrosse, Basketball, Volleyball, Dance, and all advanced and gifted classes. Marcus can confirm this – they also are far over the height of even the higher averages. All will be between 5’11 – 6’3. Also have highest ranked SATS for our school system and in top 3% of the state which got them into a special program at Duke for the especially gifted.

            Gavin and his curry maker can jog on.

          • Yep. Fact. All of this. Southern Princess’ children are superior to any half-caste squaws Gavin has produced.

            Jack, this dude is stereotypical cuck, and proud of it.

      • Gavin gets some good points, I basically like the guy but he will back down on a few points. Still he does us more good than harm, so he is an ally.

        • He’s infected the white gene pool and married a subhuman. No one like that is on MY side. He does no good trotting around with his ugly brown wife promoting it to others who might become race wise?

          Know the enemy among thee.

          • I agree with you but these Cucks can be our useful idiots if we use them properly. We have already made our partial takeover of the right, we keep pushing we will have the entire thing.

          • My only thing is we need to use these people as our useful idiots, we can do what we have to do when the day comes. For now, we need as many trolls against the SJW’s as possible which of course they will respond to with more vitriol and hate and as Gavin and his side have NOTHING to offer, we show them the way,

  3. Isn’t this the guy who has retarded mixed breeds with a nasty Indian dot head? Anyone who pays to hear this guy needs to be on the list for treason right along with McCuck the curry lover.

    • “Isn’t this the guy who has retarded mixed breeds with a nasty Indian dot head? ”

      I respond:

      And that is a definite “No”.

      Please stop spreading lies and trolling.

      Watch the video where Gavin owns this (very beautiful, sexy) single White woman and blames her and her kind for the “death of the West”.

      She would be so much happier having children and a husband. If that icon is anything like you in real life, the same applies to you.

      Watch the link

      • McInne’s wife, Emily Jendrisak, is a quarter native American, but Gav likes to say she’s indian because he thinks it gives him street credibility. McInnes is a wannabe cool guy. In reality he’s a loser and if you don’t believe me take a look at VICE his canadian magazine that basically promotes degeneracy as being cool…..just like him.

        • Thanks.

          So Gavin’s children would be ~ 87% White, with mostly Scottish Canadian DNA.

          I somehow doubt that 12% Native American DNA is going to cause his children to become cowards, Libs, Libertarians….

          There might be some “issues” with alcohol.

          And just note that there is a certain segment of trolls that hang out in and around American White race realists sights that spends all their time smearing solid folks as “Race traitors, race mixers, secret Jews”.

          These types claim pretty much everyone including Hitler were secret Jews.

        • I really wish people would STOP using the erroneous descriptor “Native America” to refer to Land Bridge Asian mongrels. REAL Native America are WHITE CHRISTIANS – the actually people who actually founded ACTUAL America.

          Meanwhile – yes. Cuckvin’s a cuck. He’s dipping his widdle tootsie wootsie into the Alt Right Standard Pool Party, and a lame attempt at “kwedibility”. Mmmm…

        • VICE is exposing degeneracy. In order to do this in today’s climate and reach a mass audience, they have to superficially praise it.

          Thanks to VICE, many young breeders know more about how far out gays are when it comes to sexual behavior. They have done the same to other identity politics victim groups as well. That’s the point of all the articles about gay orgies and stuff. The left and gay activists want people to think that gays live like Ozzie and Harriet. If you read VICE, you know nothing could be further from the truth. That’s precisely the kind of gritty reality that cuckservatives have been afraid to expose for years. The best part is that the other side can be enlisted to do these exposes on their own victim communities as long as the editorial tone is not too harsh or obvious.

          The Alt Right is all about using more sophisticated tactics to push our ideas than what 1488ers and conservatives have been doing. Better not to say “gays are sick!” Just tell the truth and people will come to their own conclusions.

          Get with the program. The left has been operating this way for many decades. The right operates like its the 1700’s, with no knowledge or application of psychology, sociology, marketing etc.

          • Very good post. McInnes is a media entrepreneur looking for money, and he has carved a niche for himself as an ingenious anti-PC crusader. He knows there is a segment of the (mostly male) population that likes that sort of contrarian speech so he is gladly providing it.

            Whether he can be taken at face value… you decide. But some of his stuff is very good. Particularly his insistence with the “women make less because they choose to” mantra is fantastic, because this is an obvious truth very few people champion (if women were paid less for the same work then business owners would only hire them). Also his defense of stay-at-home moms is both refreshing and effective since it comes not from the lips of some old fogey but a sort of “cool” Gen Xer, which may make others less afraid to speak up.

            This brouhaha about his partly non-white wife or some cuck-sounding remarks about Detroit being ravaged by leftism is the sort of nitpicking that leads nowhere. The whole thing reminds me of the pathetic anti-Roosh hunt a while ago. Nobody says you have got to embrace those figures, just take what is relevant from them and use it to further your own aims.

            On race, he has a fantastic article:


            It’s tongue-in-cheek, critical, but not “offensive” or blunt as Derbyshire’s “The Talk”. It’s perfect because it sends the message without any viciousness at all.

      • Ya…she should do like McCuck and have mixed breed defects to further infect our gene pool!!

        It’s much preferable to have no kids than mixed race ones or even adopting non white ones. He’s done the far worse sin. She can die childless and leave no legacy of liberalism to her progeny….he has ruined who knows how many future white generations whom he will push his kids to marry.

  4. Why is this jerkoff permitted to post “articles” here?

    I don’t know about anyone else but I can deal with occasional obscenities (313chris) and views I disagree with (again, chris) but JR’s stuff is just, well, retarded.

  5. I’ll bet money that “Jack Ryan” is either McInnes himself or he’s being paid by him.

    • This comment violates OD comment guidelines prohibiting wild conspiracy theories.

      This is a big problem with any place that promotes pro White race realism. There are always trolls looking to come in start flame wars, accuse successful people on our side of being Jews or all kinds of slanders.

      One of the worst types of trolls are those who get insanely jealous of anyone on our side having any type of success in the real world – this is someone

      “Selling out to the system”

      Gavin McInnes has been successful – he s also very bright and very funny. The usual suspects try to get him banned from mainstream Conservative places like Fox and they might have been successful – it s the Jewish Neo Con purge of race realists, immigration restrictionists.

      So Gavin McGinnes and Anthomy Cumia have started a moderately successful alternative subscription video media. They have done what Glenn Beck could not do.

      I take the view that we should just support people on our side who are successful or at least competitive whether it s in sports like boxing or in politics. That s why I strongly oppose the race denying Constitutionalist, Libertarian cult of Ron Paul and Rand Paul :

      They are not competitive – they’re losers, plus lots of times they just aren’t on our side saying insane , treasonous things about Black riots in Ferguson MO, defending the nastiest Afro Arab terrorists in Yemen as supposedly American citizens because of birth right citizenship.

      I support Gavin McInnes – he s funny successful ad ye, on my side. Read his writing at Takimag.

  6. Hunter,

    I know you are very busy with more important things such as your beautiful, growing family.

    Can I have the tech ability to delete comments on my posts as there are same old, same old trolls that stalk my posts.

    Thanks Hunter – take care.

  7. I don’t know that much about Gavin, but how angry/flustered the lib gets when confronted with non-PC facts made me think of this video from Buffalo:

    • Good for that guy. That stupid White woman missed out on being sexually surprised by the Vibrants. Too bad!

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