Trump: Transgender Restrooms Is A States’ Rights Issue

Good to hear.

I think it is safe to say that Trump would never abuse his powers as president to force the radical LGBT agenda on the states. At the same time, I don’t think he is comfortable addressing the issue. If the federal courts were to strike down these laws, as they did with the gay marriage bans, I can’t see Trump going to war over it:

“The federal government should leave sexual regulation of the nation’s K-12 bathrooms and locker rooms to state and local governments, Donald Trump said in multiple interviews Friday.

“I believe it should be states’ rights and I think the states should make the decision, they’re more capable of making the decision,” Trump told the audience for ABC’s Good Morning America. When pressed, he repeated his pro-federalism policy: “I just think it should be states’ rights. I think many things actually should be states’ rights, but this is a perfect example of it.” …”

Regardless, we can expect far worse from Hillary Clinton. In hindsight, we clearly underestimated Obama’s willingness to push the envelope on social issues in 2008 and 2012. Unlike Hillary Clinton, we know that Trump listens and responds to pressure from his base on various issues ranging from H1-B visas to Syrian refugees to tranny restrooms.

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  1. The Donald can take this issue away from the Obama/Hillary filth and this is good for us. The more the LEFT screams the better it is for our side.

  2. We need a little background history.

    We speak of how US defeated the USSR in the Cold War.

    But maybe two collapses took place almost simultaneously. Of course, the collapse in the USSR was much bigger and more disruptive & more eventful, indeed calamitous.

    But there are certain parallels between what happened in the USSR and US.

    In the USSR, the ruling elites got sick of communism. Indeed, the elites tired of communism more than the people did. Though Soviet folks didn’t get much from communism, they got enough to live on. In contrast, elites felt squeezed because so much of their responsibility was running the vast system to take care of the workers.

    Why not end communism so that the elites could just concentrate the wealth in their own hands? So, the collapse of the Soviet working class meant opportunity for the oligarchic class to hog so much of the wealth for themselves.

    Now, look at the US. With Clinton, the New Democrats became the ascendant party… but how? By dumping their traditional alliances. Democratic Party used to be the People Party. It used to represent farmers, factory workers, the coal miners, the working class folks. And then, it also began to represent black s and others who had less.

    But the Democrats decided to dump the working class and blacks as burdensome and tiresome. So, the new darlings became homos who were part of the elite. By adopting ‘free trade’, the Democrats favored the elites over the American working class who got screwed big time. As for blacks, many were headed for prisons built under Clinton. Clinton made a lot of pro-black noises but it was to hide the fact that he was favoring the white/Jewish urban gentry and homos over all others. And to seal the fallen fate of white working class and blacks, the Democrats pushed massive immigration to use as scab labor.

    Because America is so much richer and had a much bigger talent pool — and still the legacy of Anglo rule of law — , certain classes were able to prosper from this massive transformation in the 90s. But what happened parallels what happened in the USSR because both were cases of elites dumping their traditional mass allies to rake in more for themselves.

    When the Cold War was on, the Western elites felt compelled to show that they cared about the workers and people. But with communism fallen and gone, there was no more ideological or moral competition for the globalist-capitalist West. The elites could work mainly in their own interest.

    Of course, Western elites pretend to be on the ‘progressive left’ and yammer incessantly about ‘equality’, but their BS is betrayed by their support of ‘diversity’ that only increases inequality between the elites and native majority masses. More ‘diversity’ via immigration means lowering of wages and more competition for jobs for the middle class, working class, and poor native folks and citizens. If the elites are truly interested in more equality, they would end immigration right now. But they push immigration because they want to use docile immigrant laborers who will work for low wages against white middle/working class and blacks.

    The elites of the world conspire together in a globalist club.

    But ironically, Putin put a damper on this by restoring some degree of nationalist themes to Russia. And Donald Trump is threatening to do the same for the US. This is why globalist elites hate them so much.

    The elites in both USSR and US engineered a COMING APART so that the elites could dump National Economies and rake more profits by favoring the Global Economy.

    The themes of Putin and Trump have been to COME TOGETHER so that the elites must primarily focus on the interests of their national brethren and sistren. But the elites want no such bridge. They want to burn the national bridges between the elites and native masses. Their favored bridges are among the globalist elites(political and economic) around the world. So, the likes of Obama and Hillary and GOP cucks feel closer to elites of EU, Asian, Latin America, and Africa than to the economically challenged citizens of their own nations.

    Because the elites in the US are so Jewish, homo, or cuckish, they sneer at the national hoi polloi and prefer the company of fellow globalist elites. They are globo-hobnobbers or Globnobbers.

    Sure, they like to act like they care about the People with publicity stunts like Zuckerberg donating money to some troubled inner-city school, but it’s all for show.

    Their main emphasis is on globalism and zero concern for their own native majority masses.

    • Well….we had 2 revolutions and 3 wars within 50 years. Genetical liberals got killed. And of course nonviolent liberal intellectual comerade Stalin who purged Communist Party from genetical liberals. I predict also that US and the rest of the white world will end like USSR, the elite gets sick and tired from liberal issues.

      But revolutions will be made on grassroot level and those millions genetic liberals who are in the western world will be still remain. Even the most educated white nationalists refuse to admit that white race has genetical problem and everybody else from jews to moslems only exploiting this.

      My biggest fear is that this revolution ends like in Hitlers Germany when victory blinded people got upper hand for a moment and lost all common sense. Are we ready to admit that the abstract “white race” does not exist and similar to greatly honored niggers with their IQ and impuls control problem white race has also genetical defect and when some nice naked lady stands in Germany with poster “better rapist than racist”, then she is not brainwashed or just good but genetically born self hating evil.

      Are we ready to admit the problem ? And the solution, that if we finish off white liberal, then jews and everybody else will be powerless ???

  3. I do think this is an issue we should go to war over. It’s as if the central regime is trolling us, daring us to make a move. We should resist.

    • That should have been the headline 50 or 60 years ago. The ground was ceded over water fountains and bus seats.

    • The only possible effective resistance would be an independence movement. All other types of resistance would fail. That’s why they do this. They know they can get away with it because the people won’t respond in a way that would actually stop them. Too busy worshiping ‘Murica and Glenn Beck’s Founding Fathers.

    • Trump would have come up with colorful language and rigamorue to make it sound positive and a good thing to us in only the way that he can if he believed the Federal Government should enforce this, the man isn’t left nor right. He marshall’s support from both sides. This position is how he really feels. Trump can take anything and make it sound common sensical. I remember his remark about killing arab families of Terrorists during one of the Republican debates, when it is just said by anybody nobody’ll take you seriously, murder is murder, but Trump was able to make it sound like the right thing to do. He is so wealthy that if he wanted to pass this off as a good thing to the American people he could, just writing this paragraph I can think of one easy way as I type this, he could say that he’d regulate them.

  4. I support Trump completely, but he is just a stepping stone on our journey, he is not the end of it.


    I disagree with Diminutive Ann on her analysis of Politics, as she’s not infallible (though she IS Trad RC, whatever THAT means, these days….).

    But she’s right. The Obamanation, allowing faggots to live, and sitting quietly while the antichrists do their ‘thang’ on every side, would have (in days of yore) enraged the White populace to take up arms, and end the charade of ‘Equal Rights for Satan’s minions’- be they gay, tranny, nigger, or merely Hillary supporters!

    “Listen up, all ye flaccid effeminates, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COERCION. The Obama regime can not FORCE you to do ANYTHING. You either freely choose to capitulate or not. This “forced”, “coercion” bullshit is 100% candyass agitprop.”

    Cam put it equally as bluntly this week, as well:

    “My own feelings, when I hear of the election of a Moslem mayor in London, of another statue of an iconic Southern hero being torn down, or another blasphemy from the demon Pope, are like unto the feelings depicted on Nathan Bedford Forrest’s face in a painting by Mort Künstler called Sound the Charge. In the painting, Forrest is standing over the body of his brother, who has been slain by the enemy. There is a grief too deep for tears on Forrest’s face and a look of adamantine determination as well. So it is with us, with all of us who remain true to our European blood. No European country will ever be what it once was. But we don’t have to accept the liberal-barbarian conquest as final. They think we will never fight back.

    Isn’t it time for the liberals and the colored heathen to fear the white man who will no longer sit quietly while everything he holds sacred is destroyed?

    The liberals and their heathen allies cannot build anything; they can destroy everything that was noble, true, and Christian in Western culture, but they cannot replace Western culture with anything but their own sick culture of murder by proxy, rape by proxy, and outright plunder. There can be no blending of old Europe and new Europe. Multiracial, multicultural Europe must be completely eradicated in order to rebuild sacred Europe once again. The non-democratic, non-diverse people of the new-old Christian Europe will be battle-scarred and weary, but they will be Europeans again.”

    IF all you Southernors meant what you said about Secession, even with a Trump candidacy, don’t stop stirring the pot. With the recent admission of Sheldon KIKE Adelson that he’s going to ‘fund’ the ‘Self-funded’ Trump, to the TUNE OF 100 MILLION BUCKS, we have ‘not YET begun to fight.’

    I hope.

  6. It’s a very serious situation, when the federal government, on purpose, attempts to cause, or does cause gender confusion in children. This is the LGBT goal.

  7. Didn’t Trump get the memo? Every little thing states or their local communities want to do, from public bathrooms, to public religious Christmas décor, to state immigration controls, to abortion laws needs permission from some Federal authority. Permission is usually denied on the grounds of Political Correctness.

    State’s rights are gone. The War of Northern Aggression decided it. Appealing to said rights is an exercise in futility.

    • Jews, of which Drudge is one, are conditioned by their culture to behave as if the whole world is out to get them. Consequently, Jews are always making enemies of the rest of the world.

      They have good reason to worry about pending obliteration. Their hostile behavior to the rest of the humanity makes it a self fulfilling prophesy.

  8. My oh my! The Obama administration is showing just how totally out of touch with reality it is by this Transgendered Bathroom thing which is like Monks debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. How many of these Transgendered Queers are there really out there? This is such an uncommon thing with so many serious issues to get wrapped up in this fight shows how his regime must be staffed by complete weirdos. What Savage call his “Little Girls” commisars. One instant change Trump could do is completely purge the Feds of these “Little Girls” and put in common sense dudes in the EPA, Immigration Enforcement, those pushing “Title 9” nonsense trying to make Women’s Volleyball bigger than the NFL, etc.

    On the other hand, you start encouraging this Transgendered Crap, you could end up with a hell of a lot of them all over the place trying to trick shit drunk guys who can’t see straight. Unlike most Asian countries, Thailand encourages this shit and the place is crawling with them. The black guys I work with always warn each other before going to New Orleans to Party that The Big Easy is the same way, with Transvestites everywhere trying to trick drunk guys into punking out their butts. They are reputed to steal as well from what I hear. One black guy from Chicago’s ghetto said some little black dude turned into a transvestite prostitute and used to rob his tricks, going so far as to drive of with one’s car. He said eventually they found his punk ass corpse buzzing with flies in some vacant lot, evidentially he fucked with the wrong dude and got what was coming.

  9. I should add that those who are waging World War T won’t like Trump’s paradigm at all. Because they want, in fact need, an all powerful Federal government doing their bidding. Therefore, Trump’s cop-out won’t make the other side happy.

  10. It’s the Follyhood over sexualization of young boys and girls, those Jewish homosexuals, who are behind the sexual depravity, and filth, that this clown Obama peddles for.

  11. Oswald Spengler in The Hour of Decision predicted accurately the tenor of our times. “It is a piece of stupidity,” as Spengler writes, “to want to substitute something else for the social structure that has grown up through centuries and is fortified by tradition” because “there is no substituting anything else for Life” and “after Life there is only Death.” When “shipwrecked academicians, adventurers and speculators, criminals and prostitutes, loiterers, and the feeble-minded” rouse the rabble in the cause of “Liberty” what they really mean, as Spengler writes, is: “Liberation from all the bonds of civilization, from every kind of form and custom, from all the people whose mode of life they feel in their dull fury to be superior.”

  12. more faggot group-entitlement, and another Jew attack on normal sexuality and White reproduction. Trump? His double-talk on this “issue” is beneath contempt. On the plus side: once the Judeo-Satanists can no longer buy consent by waving debtbux around, it is going to be a target-rich environment

  13. Meta politics.

    Obama is trolling back. Trump is not the only effective Megatroll in American politics.

    I think that Trump ought to hit back with cases of gay adoption sexual abuse cases. There must be a few cases by now…

    Never defend just attack.

  14. The Left’s obvious response to Trump’s Constitutionally correct but irrelevant assertion that it’s a State’s Rights issue is that they’ll connect it to the Civil Rights revolution. They will say that the segregationists and advocates of Jim Crow used the same arguments. Therefore Trump is wrong and he’s also a racist for using arguments used by racists. It’s a complete non sequitur of course but that won’t stop them from saying it. This will convince the less intelligent who have bought into the system’s dogmas on race. Some of the more intelligent will simply discount the guilt by association argument and deal with other matters. Some though and it may not even be many could very well be red pilled by linking transgendered restrooms to the broader Civil Rights revolution. The more intelligent will see that yes the same principles that propelled the Civil Rights revolution in regards to race have also been applied to homosexuals and are now being applied to those suffering from gender dysphoria.

    What I’m saying is that association works both ways. The push for tranny bathrooms since it’s following the same path and principles as racial civil rights will cause some to accept tranny bathrooms but for others it will cause them to reject the Civil Rights revolution in regards to race. The great bulk of people are perfectly comfortable with cognitive dissonance. But that is not the case for every one.

  15. These things were always a states rights issue. The states are sovereign, they aren’t subject to Presidential executive orders, or the whims of federal courts. This should have been the line that was drawn in 1954. And if it took a second war of rebellion to get the point across then it should have been done. It looks like it will have to be done eventually, and a shit load of damage has been done since Brown versus Board of Education.

  16. Trump is right. It IS a States’ Rights Issue. Why would anyone not think so? And a Convention of States is going to pull our country out of the miry pit it is sinking into. Give the power back to the citizens. Smack dab where it has always belonged. No more power outages. Because the states and therefore the citizens will hold their power right where it should be. No more government overreach. No more Washington power struggles. They won’t have to worry about that. Power to the people. For Liberty! Sign the petition here and volunteer here

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