Hillary: Bill Clinton Will Be In Charge Of “Revitalizing The Economy”

I’m surprised she would come right out and say this:

“In an election year when Bill Clinton’s policies and personal indiscretions have faced intense scrutiny, Hillary Clinton is beginning to shape the role her husband would play in her administration, zeroing in on economic growth and job creation as crucial missions for the former president.

Mrs. Clinton told voters in Kentucky on Sunday that Mr. Clinton would be “in charge of revitalizing the economy, because, you know, he knows how to do it,” especially “in places like coal country and inner cities.” Earlier this month, she told West Virginians that her husband has “got to come out of retirement and be in charge” of creating jobs. …”

Trump already had plenty of ammunition from the Bill Clinton years to hit Hillary on the economy: NAFTA, the World Trade Organization, permanent normal trade relations with China, and the Financial Services Modernization Act. When Bill Clinton was president in the 1990s, Wall Street practically ran the US economy through Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers.

The truly pivotal decisions that have shaped the American economy over the past 20 years – PNTR with China, the WTO, NAFTA, and Wall Street deregulation – took place on Bill Clinton’s watch. George W. Bush only added a relatively small tax cut and a few minor free-trade agreements. Obama, too, hasn’t changed much. The economic collapse of 2008 was set in motion by Bill Clinton and Phil Gramm.

I assumed Hillary would try to distance herself from Bill’s globalist economic record in light of Trump’s inevitable attacks. Instead, she is owning Bill’s record and running on giving him four more years to build on it.

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  1. Certifiably insane, and GOING TO LOSE! Jezebel wants to restore Ahab to the Throne? God preserve us from the Idiots of the World, and the Demon-crap-ic Party!

  2. It’ll be Billy boy running it behind the scenes, anyway. Hillary is just a proxy for Bill.

  3. Generally speaking there is a hazy glow around Clinton’s economic record. Having said that Trump’s critique is perfectly designed to tee off on that bloated reputation with an anti-nafta anti-China swing.

    She’s trying to make sure that the rhetoric around Bill is only about bullshit GDP during those years and not raping interns and deindustialization.

    In effect the US industrial sector was stripped just as much as Russia’s energy sector was picked clean by oligarchs.

  4. Hildabeest slips in the mud wallow again. Reminding voters that it’s a twofer is a mistake; how big remains to be seen

  5. It’s what it’s always been about: “I’m Bill Clinton’s wife,” “I’m a woman.”

    She’s hoping that a combination of people who remember the relatively good economic times of the last three-fourths of the Clinton years and want a woman just for its own sake put her over the top.

    Problem is, the Democrat Party and the left are getting more and more SJW-y, and they’re remembering the Clinton era putting a lot of blacks in prison and holding back the World War G agenda for awhile.

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