Hillary’s Hispanic Problem

This jumped out at me in the NBC poll:

“Clinton, who was able to maintain her front-runner status throughout the Democratic primary by winning over black and Hispanic voters, continues to do extremely well among these voters over Trump. She wins black voters 84 percent to 9 percent — a 75 point gap — and wins Hispanics 65 percent to 28 percent. …”

It showed up again in the FOX poll:

“Clinton has a commanding 83-point lead among blacks (90-7 percent), and is up by 39 among Hispanics (62-23 percent).”

Hillary is only at 65% and 62% with Hispanics? Seriously?

Obama won 71% of the Hispanic vote against Mitt Romney in 2012. Hillary was supposed to destroy Trump with Hispanics because of his high unfavorable rating and politically incorrect comments.

Note: FOX and Rasmussen have Trump +3 and +5 in national polls. NBC has Hillary +3. Clearly, Trump is rapidly consolidating Republicans while Hillary is losing Democrats and failing to inspire Hispanic voters. 84% of a much less engaged black electorate isn’t a good sign either.

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  1. As has been stated before, it’s the white electorate in the sixteen old Union states, plus their political allies in California, who will pick the President. How Mexicans or anyone else outside of the North and California vote, is irrelevant.

    • Are we sure about that? Mexicans have turned other formerly red states (Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico) blue.

    • Don’t forget those leftists in the Pacific Northwest which is New England on the West Coast, the coasts were settled by ship jumpers from New England Clipper Ships. That is why Northern California Oregon and Washington are so leftist. Maybe we could just call them the Union of Soviet Socialist Pacific Coast States.

      • They are also Meccas for young people, hipsters in particular. And the white girls who move to the cool, sweater weather Pacific Northwest don’t have hot bodies they want to show off thus gravitating to feminism which promises unattractive women all the fruits of society that beautiful women get bestowed on them, by a leftist government who takes it away from others to gift upon the fuglies.

  2. In the first poll, Trump already has 28% of Hispanics with some room to grow. Remember, Romney only got 27% of them. If Trump even beats Romney’s number by even just a little bit, he will have ruined a lot of narratives and a lot of careers and a lot of industries.

    Then again, I don’t think the Hispanic vote is that big or that crucial or exercises much leverage, especially in the electoral college. Personally, I think it’s all going to come down to that other, more obnoxious minority. Like I have been saying about black voters for months now, they’ll still vote HRC with at least 85%, any pretense that Trump can get more than 15% is a delusion. But the crucial factor is their overall numerical turnout. I think Trump can neutralize the black vote far more than he can get it, and a black that voted in 2012 for Obama but stays home in 2016 will in essence be casting one-half of a vote for Trump, especially if it’s a black that lives in a crucial swing state like Ohio.

    • As in KY where they held the black areas at 75% reporting until they knew how many votes to create so Clinton would “win.” Happens everywhere theres a black stronghold. Trump has to win by knockout in a few of those states.

      • It’s been said that Hillary will steal the election. They’re saying she’s been stealing the primaries. Although Sander’s wins might mitigate against it.

        • CIA MI6 and Mossad have the ability to crash and infiltrate our voting machines. If this election was fair id say Trump as it is unfair I say President HR Clinton

    • Trump doesn’t really need to say anything more about the wall in the general, it served him well in the primaries but everyone already knows this stance. He needs to get the Americanized hispanics who don’t have overwhelming cultural ties to Mexico into his camp. He needs an anti globalist anti free trade policy to win Reagan Democrats and needs to appeal to white women who don’t want the 700 Club scolding them, and also don’t want the social welfare net taken away by Ebenezer Romney Ryan Scrooge.

      • I did not know that there was much of a danger of the 700 Club scolding anyone, nor was I aware that Romney Ryan actually wanted to cut even one penny from welfare spending.

    • Ohio was facing multiple lawsuits under the Voting Rights Act of 1965 after the 2004 Election when if you would believe the leftists the Klan Firehoses and German Shepherds were waiting in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and Toledo for Negroes who attempted to vote. Of course none of this happened but Alexandra Pelosi made a movie about Ohio and of course her mother is Nancy the Witch Pelosi

      (Nan Dilessandro Pelosi was born in Baltimore Maryland technically making her a Southerner by birth though saying that makes me want to barf uncontrollably)

      Witch Pelosi threatened major investigations and with Governor Taft already under investigation for Money laundering and stuff connected to Jewish Mafiosi Jack Abramoff, the Democrats pushed forward changes to the laws stripping residency requirements to the bone, thus allowing New York Jews at Ohio State to organize the students to vote who dont even live in the state. Provisional balloting allows anyone to vote without identification who claims to live in the area. Early voting for a month allows ballot box stuffing. Before 2005 there were only two ways to vote, Absentee or in Person. Now thats over with.

      I will go to my grave saying that the 2008 and 2012 elections were complete lies as the voting laws, so stripped out and with people busing Negroes all around to vote provisionally or face lawsuits, I think its all a fraud. White People in OH their votes dont count.

  3. The Clinton’s are virtual poster children for everything that’s wrong with Washington, a couple of smarmy political hacks. Government is just something for them bleed off of, like a tick. Their fingerprints are all over just about every dirty deal of the last twenty three years, from changing the banking laws to NAFTA, from voting for the Iraq War to Benghazi. Maybe enough of the public is finally beginning to see what they are.

  4. Hillary has a Clinton problem:

    1) If she was Hillary Smith, she would be nobody. Her career is tied to her husband’s career, and Trump is wise to reinforce that link. Bill Clinton’s stock has faltered as of late with his ties to Anglo-Jewish Pedophiles, and the reassessment of his economic legacy: he got the benefits of the Bush tax increases and the computer/internet revolution, but he hurt the country badly with NAFTA and the repeal of Glass-Steagall.

    2) “On her own” as a Senator from New York and then as a Candidate in 2008 and then as Secretary of state and again as a candidate in 2016: her record is very spotty with some glaring failures and atrocities. Again, Trump has no problem hitting those, unlike the Cuckservatives, who never called Libya or Iraq or Syria an evil, illegal war; but rather drone on about Bengazi, as if the Unconstitutional toppling of Gaddafi that lead to Benghazi wasn’t the real crime.

    • I’ll never forget the three cackling harpies (Clinton, Powers, Rice) on the overthrow of Ghaddafy- “We came, we saw, and he died.” All to protect al-Qaeda in Benghazi from a government attack. Disgusting. Disgraceful. Enough to make anyone anti-American.

  5. The big story in American politics today is the rift in the Democratic party. Big Jew is now on the warpath against Little Jew (Sanders).

    These are the remaining contests:

    Virgin Islands: Clinton
    Puerto Rico: Clinton
    South Dakota: Bernie
    New Mexico: Clinton
    New Jersey: Polls say Clinton
    Montana: Bernie
    DC: Clinton
    California: I’m calling it for Bernie, and here’s why. The last poll in Oregon on May 11th had Clinton 48 Sanders 33: Sanders won 55 to 45!

    The latest California poll was on May 2nd, showed Clinton 57 to Sanders 38. That is in no way reflective of the state of the current race. Sanders has won Oregon and Washington state, and is out drawing huge, electrified crowds in California. Is Clinton making any public appearances?

    Clinton has invoked the Democratic Machine to attack Bernie across the board. Stupid move, but exactly what we want. If she was so sure of winning, she would just run a positive campaign in her firewall state of New Jersey, and conclude the primary season with a narrow lead in national polls, more state victories, more earned delegates, and more votes than Sanders, to say nothing of the super delegates.

    Bernie is isn’t backing down. He can hope for an upset in New Jersey and also use the interregnum between the primary and the Democratic Convention to watch Hillary falter in the polls. He then goes to the convention and makes the plausible case that only he can beat Trump and that Clinton and he were basically tied at the end of the Primary, despite the entire Democratic Establishment standing with her and against him.

    In the final analysis, Clinton will get the nomination on the strength of New Jersey. That is when we make the case to Bernie supporters that if they want to do to their party what Trump did to the GOP, they have to stay home, vote third party, or vote Trump. Plant the seeds of “Trump for 4, Bernie for 8” and “Worse is Better” and harvest them in November.

    • PS The post-mortem on Bernie is that he would have won the nomination, and perhaps the Presidency, if he would have gone after Clinton as hard as he could. Even now, he is still putting a bit of pull in his punches.

      One thing you don’t have to worry about Trump is attacking and counter-punching. If Trump loses it will be because the nation is demographically too far gone, and 60+% of whites are just not enough to win in Pennsylvania.

      • It is already demographically too far gone, but Trump just might pull it off for 4 years of slowing down the Collapse and pushing back a bit of the rot. In any event this debt ridden, Third Worldizing, degenerate place is done for.

  6. I don’t know what to make of poll numbers where nonwhite vote percentages are projected, and frankly I don’t care about them. Nigger and spic votes are frauded in blocks necessary to make up lost white votes by the Democrats. That’s all you need to know about them.

    How this election will play out is also uncertain to me. Clinton is now having to wage a debilitating two-front war, which her campaign team clearly never envisioned and thus didn’t prepare for. Trump probably got a boost after that Megyn Kelly interview a couple nights ago. Bernie’s suppoters are bloodthirsty at this point, demanding that Wasserman-Schultz resign from the DNC, and even the MSM is giving that situation some attention.

    At a glance, it would look like all these forces are coming into perfect alignment for Trump, but the six months between now and election day is a political eternity in an American election year. So I don’t know — today it looks like Trump will be the winner, but tomorrow might be the opposite.

  7. I think part of Clinton’s relatively poor showing among Hispanics as opposed to Obama and the expectation of this election cycle is that she is a woman. Latinos don’t go for feminism and are more likely to adhere to traditional sex roles.

  8. Hispanics are different than Blacks in that they may actually want the good jobs Trump is promising.

    Blacks have the ghetto economy, which is a government subsidized micro economic system that works for them. Hispanics just haven’t gotten there yet.


      Jew have never been to the barrio, man!

      The FALLACY that Spics are ‘hard-working, family-values’ types, is just that- a FALLACY! They are as completely WORTHLESS as the worst nigger in the hood. More so, because they can PRETEND far better than the Blacks, for whom we have a 400-year track record of FAILURE.

      Those who have never lived in an area overrun by the Meximidgets, don’t have a CLUE. But the best thing to point out the ‘Otherness’ of Spics, is the simple truism – “Hey, Meester- wanna f#ck my seester? I give her to jew, cheep!” And those who say that’s a stereotype, yeah, right. If they’re not pimping their sisters, they are pimping themselves as ‘down low’ as any ghetto hood. Crips and Bloods, man. Lo creo yo!

      Try reading this series, to give you some ‘enlightenment’ as to why we are all saying, ‘THEY ALL HAVE TO GO.’ Because they do- ALL OF THEM.

      (start at part one, and read from there…)

  9. I think most blacks can’t understand that when Trump says more jobs more everyone it means more jobs for blacks. If the candidate isn’t directly pandering to them, they think they’re not getting anything.

    • A lot of blacks are simply unemployable. The just don’t show up way to often, or goof off all the time, or are just too incompetent to do the job period that you could bring the entire offshored economy back and they still won’t be able to hold a job for more than a week.

  10. The Latinos are largely divided into Ethnicities as well, you cannot play the same message to Cubans as you do to the Puerto Ricans or to the Mexicans. Hillary attempts to mass them all into one group and of course that doesn’t work. I will give you an example, the Mexicans tended to like George W. Bush but the Puerto Ricans hated him. WHY? Because although they are Spanish Speaking, culturally they are completely different plus add in the fact that PR is largely an extension of New York City and you get the picture.

    A very interesting point is La Raza. The National Council of La Raza is all of Latin America, but to a Mexican LA RAZA is Mexicans Only. You will very seldom hear any other group saying La Raza but Mexicans.

    Hopefully Hillary continues to group them together, which pisses them off and make constant gaffes, this will serve our purpose. The Latinos are not as stupid as American Niggers and if Hillary treats them the same it will backfire. Please Hillary fail.

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