Neocohens: Trump’s Terrifying Online Brigades

Jamie Kirchick is freaking out about the Alt-Right Twitter gang:

“But there is something new in the pervasive and relentless nastiness of Trump’s supporters, especially as they represent themselves online. While it’s certainly true that most of Trump’s supporters are neither racists nor anti-Semites, it appears to be the case that all of the racists and anti-Semites in this country (and many beyond) support Trump. …

“Free speech activist” is a curiously prevalent appellation on the medium of Twitter for members of the “alt-right,” short for “alternative right,” a populist movement that has been emboldened and bolstered by the fortunes of the Trump campaign. Existing largely on the Internet, which makes the size of its following difficult to gauge, the alt-right is proudly ethno-nationalist, protectionist, isolationist, and culturally traditionalist. It takes intellectual guidance from publications and websites like American Renaissance, Radix Journal, Occidental Observer, Taki’s Magazine, and, increasingly, the popular news website” …

Long before this slur was being flung at everyone from Karl Rove to Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee (who has since endorsed Trump), and John McCain, Land theorized that life had simply become one long series of shame rituals for right-wing white men like himself. “The principal role of conservatism in modern politics is to be humiliated,” he wrote. “That is what a perpetual loyal opposition, or court jester, is for.” …

What we are seeing here is a convergence of three phenomena: neo-reactionary philosophy, popular discontent, and a charismatic leader. Successful political movements need all three.”

I think our influence will grow as the campaign winds on and mainstream conservatism continues to discredit itself by pining for defeat. I don’t see how websites like RedState or The Weekly Standard ever come back from this. Even if Trump loses in November, they will never be trusted again by their “base.”

Note: Nick Land’s insight about conservatism playing the role of the court jester couldn’t be more dead on than in the case of RedState.

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  1. It is astounding how the LIES continue.

    Jews are NOT Semites. That’s been DNA proven, by an Israeli Geneticist!

    Therefore, the cavil of ‘Anti-Semite,’ NO LONGER HOLDS.
    As each instance of that bastardly lie (Heb. 12:8) surfaces, I will mount the Truth as defense. Drive the Amalek into the sea, as it were…. because that is all they have EVER been… that, or Edom’s accursed sons and daughters. [Matt. 27:25]

    • They are mainly Turcics; Asiatic mongrels, but a Jew is a Jew is a Jew. re: Semites in general – anti Semitism is a sign of health and sanity.

      • If I was rich I’d hire an honest poll to see how many Americans feel as I do: I have to fear terrorism because we are enforcing a brutal Jewish ethnostate, in contradiction to American values and because George W. Bush wanted to kiss the rear ends of Jewish neocons with his wars, especially the invasion and occupation of Iraq. And because Bill Clinton kept bombing Iraq throughout his term and kept sanctions that killed half a million Iraqis, mostly children, from lack of medicine. Etc. etc. etc.

        The TruConservatives have monopolized media to declare that all GOP voters are like Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz, “Don’t we just love Israel!” (Palin)

  2. I think people need to read the writings of the Revolutionary Conservatives to see what actual conservatism looks like. The American variant is merely another economic philosophy and lacks the political transcendence found in Revolutionary Conservatism. We are reactionary conservatives when we need to be Revolutionary Conservatives. I have no doubt, however, that the leaders in the Alt Right are widely read in that movement but it needs to seep down to the rank and file.

    • The word “conservatism” is poison to most people these days. What it means in the popular mind is someone who wants to get rid of minimum wage, take away social security and medicare, support tax cuts for billionaires, and send your job overseas. They are seen as “Scrooge” incarnate, that’s why the Republicans loose in the North where deindustrialization has created an everyday wasteland that enough whites hold their noses and vote for Obama rather than Romney and Paul Ryan that the states go blue in November.

      Unmarried women also want to be able to fuck around in hopes of landing an alpha male without the Pat Robertson Wing of “Conservatism Inc.” coming down on them and the democrats also capitalize on that. Trump hurt himself with his comments in Wisconsin when he should have avoided the issue altogether as he was running an anti-globalist campaign, not a 700 club campaign. Hope it won’t come back to hurt him, had he avoided it his embrace of Trophy Wife underwear model Melania was a wink-wink-hint that “I like sluts” and it’s safe for the young ladies who aren’t completely in the Jeannine Garafalo communist camp to vote for him.

      • Poison indeed. Mainstream conservatism is the story of how business interests set up their own think-tanks and started a massive propaganda operation to maximize profit. The little true social conservatism that survived was merely decorative.

  3. The anti-White journalist whine fest continues. They’re wringing their hands and babbling incessantly over losing control of the message.

  4. The “conservatives” are the last “anti-racists” in America, they did nothing as the American Left reintroduced “racism” back into the lexicon of political discourse.
    They did it to themselves. Next time you read a long winded alt-right essay on race and other stuff, just remember the Left brought “racism” back not the alt-right. That is the club in which to beat the Cucks over the head.

    • As long as the coloreds are in our lands raping, robbing and rioting there will be White “racism”, aka White resistance, against them. Unfortunately there is not nearly enough White resistance to the Mud Flood at the present time. I am doing all I can to remedy that problem.

  5. These neos and lamers kill me with their irony-oblivious whining that the alt-right is internet only. In reality, neoconservatism and lamestream conservatism is in the same situation that the alt-right is in, that their ways of thinking are things that are all talk and no results. The only difference is that the alt-right’s all talk and no results (yet) is on the internet, and the neos’ and lamers’ all talk and no results are in red ink prodigious slick mags.

    The big difference is that the alt-right is winning the mindshare battle against the neo/lamer right, the alt-right is pressing on more interesting and relevant existential issues, the alt-right is even waging many neo/lamer battles better than neos and lamers can wage them themselves, alt-rightists are way more creative than neos and lamers, and the raw intellect on the right is definitely trending away from neos and lamers and to the alt-right.

    Also, I don’t necessarily buy the notion that the alt-right doesn’t have any real world victories.

  6. Those two RedState cucks are physically interchangeable. Doubtless that’s what their wives’ boyfriends think, too.

  7. Can someone please explain to me what the green face, like frog man imposed as Trump means? I’ve seen this a lot, but am clueless as to the origins of this meme.

  8. NeoCohen Kristol has been so wrong about almost everything.

    Ricky Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99
    [removing Saddam] “would start a chain reaction in the Arab world that would be very healthy”

    -Bill Kristol, 2002

  9. @Mr. Griffin…

    ‘I don’t see how websites like RedState or The Weekly Standard ever come
    back from this. Even if Trump loses in November, they will never be
    trusted again by their “base.”

    Yes, Sir, ‘Red State has lost me, as has the Glenn Beck radio show, the only entertainment, here, before Rush at 12.

    Never, in my life, have I witness such a sabotage campaign against a candidate, FROM the Right.

    What really steams me is that they are doing this to Mr. Trump, under the pretext that he is ‘not really conservative’ yet, somehow found Dole, McCain, and Romney acceptable.

    Want to find out how conservative Mr. Trump is, just ask a Leftist, and you will get a cross-eyed lecture, in a heartbeat!

    • A Commentor on TRS posted an article from Red State. The comments of the regular posters, re: Trump supporters, were horrific, in their SNEERING hatred of lower/class/working class Whites. Worse than anything I’ve seen on Negro/Mestizo/Lefty/Jew sites.

      • Yes, M’am, it’s abominable. I don’t really understand the all-out hatred for normal white man, in this county, at this time, though, this kind of vitriol has long been directed at the Southerner – since before i was a rocket in my daddy’s pocket.

        I reckon it’s just gone pandemick.

        If whites won’t stand up, and soon, the culture will be forever destroyed.

        We are doing our best, in the Tarheel state, to band together and prepare to put an end to this, once and for all.

        May the Dragons be with you!

      • I get the impression that most of the readers and supporters of Conservative, Inc. sites like Red State and NRO are old, White (& Jewish) patriotards who are mostly retired, with the “I got mine, fuck everyone else!” attitude. I hope these evil motherf*ckers rot in Hell.

  10. @NikolaiLeskove & Denise the Celt

    Yes, Ma’am, it’s abominable. I don’t really understand the all-out
    hatred for normal white man, in this county, at this time, though, this
    kind of vitriol has long been directed at the Southerner – since before I
    was a rocket in my daddy’s pocket.

    It makes total sense to me. Turncoats have to prime themselves for treachery. The North utilizing force to keep the South from seceding from the Union betrayed the ideal of the Union’s original founding; secession from Great Britain. It was easier for Northern politicians to demonize the Southerners over slavery than admit to betraying the very ideal of the country’s founding; the right of the governed to dissolve a system that was no longer working for them.

    How else would the well-heeled Whites populating both the Democrat and GOP establishment who wiped their asses with the social contract established with their own people be able to live with themselves if they could not view the people they betrayed and hurt with their disastrous global agenda as losers, useless eaters defective rednecks who had somehow brought their own poverty on themselves do to a lack of intelligence and/or moral fiber?

  11. Ricky Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99

    TRUMP IN ANAHEIM: “His name is @BillKristol [LOUD BOOS]…He wanted Iraq, all this guy wants to do is kill people and go to war.”

  12. and the beauty of it is…. we’re not paid to do it. here, twitter….the neocohens and their sayanim can’t say the same. 🙂

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