Bernie Bros Are Entitled White Males

I’ve noticed a huge uptick in hating on the Bernie Bros this week, but this article from Joan Walsh in The Nation is the worst:

“The defections of some supporters, the increased skepticism of even once-friendly cable hosts, and a rebuke by Politifact isn’t fatal to Sanders’s campaign, of course. What will be fatal to Sanders’s future as a mass-movement leader—as opposed to the messiah of an angry, heavily white, and male cult—is his continued insistence that his enemy now is not so much the corporate overlords, or income inequality, or the big banks, but a corrupt Democratic Party, epitomized by Wall Street flunkie Hillary Clinton, that has “rigged” the election to thwart him—as he raged in a tone-deaf speech Tuesday night, as cable news was showing the texted death threats to Roberta Lange in the background (which Sanders did not even mention). …

This is starting to get delusional, and dangerous to the American movement for social justice.

First of all, I don’t accept the presumption of moral and ideological superiority from a coalition that is dominated by white men, trying to overturn the will of black, brown, and female voters or somehow deem it fraudulent. There’s a growing element of male entitlement in the Sanders “movement” that supporter Sally Kohn articulates well …”

She calls the Bernie Bros an “angry, heavily white and male cult” and a “coalition that is dominated by white men.” If Joan Walsh was casually dropping “Jew” in the same dismissive tone, she would be denounced as an anti-Semite.

The Bernie Bros have no future in the Democratic Party. I’ve said from the beginning that the black block vote determines who wins the nomination. The outcome of almost every race on the Democratic side was determined by racial demographics. The vast majority of White males aren’t going to put up with this which means the Bros are doomed to never be anything more than a junior partner in the Democratic coalition.

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  1. I don’t accept the presumption of moral, ideological or any kind of superiority from Jews.

    • Neither do I. The good news, pro-Jew superiority propaganda is losing its strength.

  2. First of all, I don’t accept the presumption of moral and
    ideological superiority from a coalition that is dominated by white men,
    trying to overturn the will of black, brown, and female voters or
    somehow deem it fraudulent. There’s a growing element of male
    entitlement in the Sanders “movement” that supporter Sally Kohn

    Here we go with the social justice crap. Every time some element of economic populism pops up on the left, boom, here comes the SJWtardism big time.

    Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks NBA team owner, said yesterday or the day before that, in suggesting that HRC should pick him as her running mate, that Bern is dragging her too far to the left. I disagree: If anyone is dragging anyone in an undesirable direction, it’s HRC and her SJW and coalition of the fringes crap getting Bern off of his economic populist game.

    • Isn’t it beautiful? They actually want us to believe that a former Goldwater girl is more “minority friendly” than a Jew involved in the Civil Rights movement.

      “Every time some element of economic populism pops up on the left, boom, here comes the SJWtardism big time”

      Don’t doubt it for a second. Although I can not thoroughly prove it, I firmly suspect that all this critical theory cant which passes for respectable speech in leftist circles today is actively encouraged by seedy interests… the level of enthusiasm corporations show for LGTB causes and diversity in general is distressing to say the least.

      They want a housebroken Left, perpetually trapped in the soft echo chambers of cis-this and intersectionality-that, more receptive to whatever minority or fringe issue than the plight of actual working class whites in the West.

    • To our self appointed political and moral betters, Populism, Left or Right, is always evil. You always end up with a Hitler or a Bernie.

    • She really sucks. White Male has become the old “Witch” or “Heretic” or even “Devil”.

  3. This is rich. Bernie Sanders supporters are largely White Males aye? Seems I saw quite a few Hebrews in his crowds and he is one himself. Complete Intellectual Dishonesty.

  4. “First of all, I don’t accept the presumption of moral and
    ideological superiority from a coalition that is dominated by white men…

    [But we ARE superior, darling. Men are genetically stronger, more intelligent, able to lead, and physically more commanding than women…. plus, we have divine mandate to be so, and do so…]

    “trying to overturn the will of black, brown, and female voters or
    somehow deem it fraudulent.”

    [ But you are all illegitimate, and it IS fraudulent….]

    Oh, and you are a Jewess? A stinking mass of menstrual unrighteousness, [Is. 64:6] that comes from a race of Christ killers [Matt. 27:25]?

    Who has no shred of “moral legitimacy,” eh? You, darling. YOU.

  5. Time to attack Joan Walsh’s twitter feed. It’s also time for operation chaos type trolling.

    • Hunter I wasn’t aware that aside from Jews and Faggots there were many Negroes or others at Occupy. Most of them I saw on tv were the above.

  6. Racial Theory from the Left, as I have said for years it won’t be the Right that brings back the respectability of racial theorizing it will be the Left, and voila.
    But then again conservatism the fraud is nothing but a hanger on to the Left.
    Next time a cuck calls you a “racist” do mention that the cucks said nothing when the Left brought “Racism” back in vogue.

  7. IMO, we are getting closer to the day political parties will divide along racial lines: White party/non White party. The biggest obstacle now to a White party is “feminism”, dividing us up by gender. But even White females are finding out that the Left will always side with the non White whenever the two come into conflict.

  8. I have to say, I actually respect their drive.

    Hunter might be projecting, “entitled White males”.

    They, right or wrong, are in the streets.

    Whatever happened to the “League of the South” love fest?

    • They never could get more than 20 people to show up and secede from the Union, so they became Trump groupies instead.

  9. Comrades…

    I know some of you like to use the term Anglo-Zionist to characterize Globalism, but I suggest Anglo-Zio-Homo Imperialism.

    Anglo-Zionists have recruited homo-globalists as their main imperialist allies.

    Wherever the tentacles of Anglo-Zionism spreads, homo victory marchers follow.

    In Old Imperialism, whenever Anglo-Brits conquered new land, they hoisted the British Flag.

    In Palestine that became Israel, Zionists hoisted the Jewish Flag. And in the US that has succumbed to Zionist control, Southern Flag is out and Zionist flag is in. It is everywhere.

    But it wouldn’t do for Anglo-Zionists to hoist British or American flags in all their globalist-imperial conquests. And it would look pretty stupid to hoist Zionist flags in such places also. If people see American Flags hoisted all over, they will see it as American Imperialism. If they see Zionist flags, they’ll see it as Jewish imperialism.

    Also, there will resistance from the Western domestic Left that is prominent in academia and even media. If US conquers new lands and hoists the US victory flag, Western Leftists will cry foul and holler ‘imperialism!’

    So, why not hoist the homo-flag to spread Anglo-Zionist Imperialism?

    In the de-spiritualized West, the new religion is homomania. Western Leftists and Liberals worship the ‘Gay’ Anus. They see trannies as godly. They think homos, especially Jewish ones, are holy and made of angelic skin. Ahhhh, the Socialism of the Skin. I don’t believe Western Leftists worshiped even Karl Marx, Lenin, or Gramsci as much as they do the holy homo. Why not? Because Western Leftists are hedonistic and vain, and they see the holy homo as more fun and flamboyant than Marxism that was actually quite priggish and spartan about lots of stuff.

    Because the Western Left is so much into holy-homomania, their ire can be neutralized if Western Imperialism is wrapped in the homo crusade, aka frusade(fruit crusade). It’s like when the West was Christian, much of the imperialist plunder could be hidden or justified on account of spreading Christianity and God.

    Today, much of the destruction and plunder is covered up by holy homomania.

    Old Imperialism was justified with the help of Christian missionaries.

    New Globo-Imperialism is justified with the help of homo missionfairies.

    In a way, the Globalist Imperialists fear the rage and resistance of domestic Western Left more than anything. Domestic Left is rich, powerful, and well-organized in the way that Third World darkies are not. So, in order for Western Imperialism to be successful, the Western Left must be persuaded that it is NOT imperialism but a holy frusade to spread ‘tolerance’ for homos and ‘love’. ‘War is Homo Love’ is the New Orwellianism. And homos are so vain and narcissistic that they are willing partners in this to spread homo-supremacism all over with the help of Anglo-Zionists.

    So, it must be seen as a case of Anglo-Zio-Homo Imperialism.

    Notice how Hillary Clinton praises the Zionist crushing and killing of Palestinians on the basis that Israel has ‘gay pride’ parades but Muslims/Arabs do not. So, display of homomania justifies militarism, imperialism, and colonialism. Jewish-supremacist Wall Street and Western Left are agreement in their homomaniacal worship of the ‘Gay’ Anus.

    And even Western Leftists, being so worshipful of homos, go along with this.

    In the name of holy homo, any amount of wars and oppression are justified.

    This is why whenever we discuss Anglo-Zionism, we need to associate or ass-ociate it with the homo-globo-agenda. We need to tell the world that homos are among the main collaborator-agents of the Western Neo-Imperialism.

    Anglo-Zio-Homo Imperialists!

  10. It’s terrible and fascinating to watch this country yearn to be Third World.

    Where “America First” and “Make America Great Again” are considered hateful.

    Where European-Americans are derided for “white privilege” and required to come in last (or speak last as in Occupy or defer completely to 3rd worlders), like sitting in the back of the bus.

    Where respect is not something earned, but rather freely dispensed.

    Where success (in building a small business, for example) is considered nothing more than luck.

    Where 95% of immigrants, legal and illegal, hail from miserable hell holes and are eagerly recruited to re-establish their hellholes here.

  11. I m at American Renaissance conference in Tennessee.

    Very good crowd – good speakers, lot s of your people, not many women, but those that are here are beautiful.

    I’m traveling with a good looking fellow activist, we stopped to have beers on Broadway in Downtown Nashville. We were embraced by two very sexy Canadian college sports stars one was very sexually aggressive….

    Our loyalty to our people and our civilization meant that we chose to move on to Amren in Dickson Tennessee and not give in to the temptations of the Canadian sexual Sirens in downtown Nashville.

    History will judge if we made the right choice.

    • Why does it matter that the pro-White women are beautiful? How do the pro-White men look, fat, dumpy and sexist? You sound like Roosh giving a summary of the Amren conference. Sheesh.

    • Jackie Boi always makes sure to publicly broadcast and overemphasize on this blog, any contact, however minor or inoccuous, that he has with women. Jackie Boi does this to compensate for the fact that he is half-queer, and was even busted on this very blog about 4 or 5 years ago, when someone found a kinky home/hetero 3-way meet-up listing that he posted in the adult classifieds of some local Chicago periodical.

    • Nobody here worries about your amren conferences, you asshole. A bunch of jews and judeophiles in a orgy there leaded by jew shill Jared taylor. talking about philo semitism and obsessed with negro pathaologies. Its a deliberate attempt to shield the jews. So jack, had your kosher diet for the day?

      • This comment violates OD’s comment guidelines against flaming, using vulgar language.

        Amren conferences are successful because Amren has high standards and doesn ‘t allow dirty, poorly dressed men to come in and shout obscenities.

        Neither do we.

        There are plenty of places on the internet that have few or no standards – go hang out someplace else.

  12. This brief video shows why we need a competent businessman not another lawyer or politician as President.

    Trump Fixed the NYC Skating Rink

  13. Glad they are openly telling the remaining whites in the democratic party they are no longer welcome. We’ll take the disgruntled cucks and turn them into proper fascists.

  14. I don’t accept the presumption of moral and ideological superiority from a coalition dominated by black, brown, and female voters. Let’s include the trans in there too.

  15. It’s going to be hard for many leftists to pull the lever for the Destroyer of Libya, especially when the Republicans are offering an antiwar alternative.

    The rift on the left is growing, and I think we can all sympathize with the Bernie Bros (?) who are guilty just for being white.

    I know a Bernie Bro who swears up and down that he will vote Trump if Bernie doesn’t win. I have my doubts, but it’s possible he isn’t misleading himself. Despite his over-the-top and erratic personality, Trump is a stand up guy.

  16. Hey yous

    White Progs are a funny-wunny bunch.

    Even though they pontificate about equality, their world-view is predicated on white superiority or at least the herculean effort on part of whites to be superior.

    Progs are sort of like vegans.

    Vegans won’t eat meat cuz they see animals as equally precious as human lives.

    But… but… but… animals kill and eat each other all the time. Animals live by feeding on other animals. And even herbivores depend on predators because, without predators, herbivores will eat up all the plants and they will die of starvation.

    So, if vegans love animals so much and see them as equally precious to humans, why do they reject the animal way? The animal way is for animals to kill and eat animals. If vegans see animals as equal to humans, shouldn’t humans act like animals and eat meat? If animals are so wonderful, the animal way must be wonderful.

    This is where veganism gets weird. Even though veganism sees animal life as equal to human life, they believe humans must be judged by higher/superior standards. You see, animals can’t help themselves since they live by beastly instinct. They are not intellectually, morally, or spiritually capable of rising above their instinct. But humans do have such ability. So, humans must rise above instinct for meat-eating and be vegans.

    So, vegan view of animals as equal to humans is contradicted by vegan view that humans must be judged by higher standards since humans are SUPERIOR in intellect and soul.

    Same logic applies to Progs. They see non-whites as equal to whites in worth. Therefore, non-whites should be allowed to come and live in white lands without restriction. Non-whites should use white wombs to produce non-white babies.

    But Progs don’t judge non-whites for their tribalism, militarism, violence, machismo, anti-gay attitudes, infantile behavior, and etc. Even though non-whites are seen as equal to whites, they are also seen as beastly folks trapped in tradition and/or instinct and cannot break out of their natural/cultural shells. So, the moral criteria that apply to whites cannot be applied to non-whites, especially savage Negroes and reactionary Muslims.

    So, Progs say whites must see non-whites as equal but only whites must be judged by higher moral standards since only whites are intellectually, morally, and spiritually capable of higher ideas and values.

    It’s like Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    Well, Jesus died in a bad way. If whites wanna go that way, they can play the Prog game and forgive non-whites who destroy white civilization for ‘not knowing what they do.’

    Christian Westerns rose in power and wealth because they chose to be Forgiven than to be the Forgivers. They did badass stuff to gain power and wealth and then asked forgiveness from God and Jesus.

    Now, each Prog wants to play Jesus and forgive non-whites who are invading and raping the West.

  17. Comrades…

    Fascism is the greatest ideology, and I’m the only true fascist.

    One good thing about communism is molding all people into one. It creates a sense of comradeship. Instead of a society of poor folks, common folks, middle class folks, rich folks, and super-rich folks, there is only one people united as comrades. This is good for a sense of national bond.

    The problem of communism is in ignoring that some people are naturally better than others at doing stuff. Some people are smarter, some are more imaginative, some are more creative, some are more innovative, some are more industrious, and etc. Communism fails to reward such people for their skills and efforts. Communism says such people should work only for good of the whole, but when statism rules everything, it’s hard for individuals to do their stuff. Also, there is no incentive for individuals since all the profits are swallowed by the state. So, communism failed.

    The great thing about capitalism is it rewards hard work, innovation, creativity, smarts, cleverness, and etc. Capitalism understands that people are not equal. Some have better ideas. Some are more invested in effort and investment. Capitalism favors the doers, adventurers, and inventors.

    So, it leads to great advances in productivity and change.

    The bad side of capitalism is that those who reach the top become self-interested and come to identify more with rich-and-successful of OTHER societies than with their own people. So, the rich/successful whites in US, Canada, UK, France, and etc would rather hobnob with rich Saudis, rich Chinese, rich Africans, rich Hindus, and etc than care about fellow whites who aren’t so rich and high in status. (Of course, the globalist elites mask their neo-aristocratic highfalutinness with much empty noise about ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ when, in fact, ‘diversity’ amounts to elites looking for cheaper labor and/or Jews using divide-and-conquer among goyim to keep the power. Also, so much of ‘progressive’ thought is now devoted to useless and fantastical homomania. Since homos are close allies of the globalist empire, they pose no threat to the elites in the way that working class and labor unions once used to genuinely challenge elite power. Jews love globalist-capitalism since they feel no affinity with the masses of gentiles who are middle class or working class. They feel no sense of noblesse oblige.)

    This is why capitalism will fail in the long run. It allows for freedom and rise of the talented, but the talented will ‘come apart'(like Charles Murray said) and no longer feel any sense of comradeship with their racial brethren and sistren who keep falling more and more behind. (Marx said capitalism will fall because of inequality between haves and have-nots. More likely, capitalism will fall because the haves will identify more with haves of other nations. John Kerry is already talking about a borderless world, but that will lead to more chaos and downfall.)

    We see this all over. White elites in US and Canada no longer identify with or represent the white masses. Japanese and Korean elites snub their own kind and just suck up to their Jewish-homo-American masters. European elites like Merkel are closer to Jews and Muslims than with her own German kinfolk. Italian government is working with their Jewish masters to colonize Sicily with African invaders. Only the mafia is working to save Sicily from black colonization. Italian government ‘rescues’ black invaders from the seas but do nothing to protect Italian women from African thugs.

    This is why we need fascism. Fascism, unlike communism, understands and appreciates the fact that people are not equal and that some individuals are better suited to succeed at business, creativity, innovation, and etc. Fascism allows hierarchy which is natural since humans are not all the same. Communism was good to emphasize camaraderie of all men and women, but it was too repressive of the natural fact that humans are different as individuals. Communism repressed too much individual talent.

    Unlike communism, fascism allows and encourages people with superior talents and will to rise high and achieve great things as individuals.

    But there is another side to fascism that makes it the best ideology.

    If capitalism just allows individuals to grow rich and ‘come apart’ from their own kind in favor of globalist elites, fascism is a cultural, political, and spiritual system that reminds the successful elites that they belong to a race, a culture, a tradition, a common bond, a destiny. Fascism allows individual success but it also obligates successful individuals to care about their own people, represent their own people. Fascism says white elites should care about white masses.

    White elites and white masses must COME TOGETHER. In contrast, Jewish-controlled globo-capitalism says white elites must COME APART from white masses and cuck out to Jewish globalist masters and favor fellow globalist elites of other gentile nations who also snub and sneer at their own peoples.

    Today, white elites, Asian elites, African elites, and Latin elites who attend Harvard and Yale feel closer to one another than to their own peoples. Jews prize gentile elites like Justin Trudeau, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Fareed Zakaria, Carlos Slim, George Clooney, and Bill Gates. All these people belong to a globo-Elysium in the sky and hobnob with one another and don’t care one bit about their own racial/cultural kinfolks.

    Of course, the one great exception is Israel where Jewish leaders are expected to serve the interests of the Jewish masses there. Indeed, even Liberal Zionist Israeli elites favor conservative Jews over Liberal Palestinians. That is why Israel is a fascist-democracy, the only kind that works in the long run. Israel allows the rise of individuals of superior talent but ALL MUST SERVE THE JEWISH NATION AND PEOPLE. A rich Israeli Jew who says, “I prefer rich Chinese over working class Jews” would be kicked out of Israel, and rightfully so. It’d be like a high IQ father saying, “I love the smart kid of the other family more than regular IQ son of my family.” A father must love his sons over other sons. The national elite must love their own people more than elites of other nations.

    Israel was founded on ethno-leftism. The founders were socialists but also nationalists. And as Jewish nationalist-socialists, they avoided hardline communism that suppressed individual success. In other words, Israel as an ethno-leftist state was founded as a fascist-democracy.

    And what Israel has proven is that fascist-democracy is superior to fascist-dictatorship. A fascist democracy has all the fascist themes and premises of race, culture, history, and power(and these are written into the Founding Law). But it allows individual liberty and democratic process AS LONG AS people adhere to unity of race, culture, territory, and history. Kemal Ataturk also created a fascist-democracy in Turkey. And fascist-democracies were better in the long run than fascist-dictatorships of Italy and Germany where the masses were turned into obedient cattle doing whatever the Duce or Fuhrer ordered them to do. This is why neo-fascism must be a humanism and a democracy. If the German peoples could have said NO when Hitler called on ridiculous wars, National Socialist Germany would have been a successful.

    In yrs to come, Alt Right must be for White Power against White Privilege.

    Power unites, Privilege divides. White Power means all whites—rich, middle, working class, poor—all have something in common and must unite and share in power. POWER is a COMING TOGETHER.

    In contrast, PRIVILEGE is a COMING APART. White privilege means that, under globo-capitalism, some whites will do fabulously well, become super-rich, hobnob with the glamorous crowd, prefer non-white fellow elites over whites, cuck out to fiendish Jews, embrace homomania as the primary spiritual value, indulge in vanity and narcissism, and abandon all sense of roots, racial bond, cultural tradition, or destiny for their race.

    Even as Jews bitch about ‘white privilege'(to mask Jewish privilege), they prefer it to white power. Why? Because the idea of White Power means that white people of all classes will raise their fists high, come together, and march together.

    In contrast, white privilege means that the smarter whites will rise high, snub and sneer less fortunate whites, and prefer the company of Jews, Asians, mulattos, and homo neo-aristos. In other words, they’ll act like Bill Gates or Justin Trudeau who favor Jews, blacks, and homos over fellow whites.

    The West must move toward European-American Power and work at coming together. It must challenge and oppose the phenomenon of White Privilege that is so prevalent in Liberal cities where the fancy whites who attended Harvard and Princeton curtly snub and viciously defame working class whites, worship homos, suck up to Jews, and have kids with Negroes or with Asians than with their own kind.

    Jews act on the principle of Jewish Power. Even Liberal Jews care about religious/conservative Jews. Even billionaire Jews like Adelson care about poorer Jews in Israel. Adelson prefers a poor Jews over a rich white guy.

    In the conflict between Jewish POWER and White PRIVILEGE, Jewish Power will win because Power unites whereas Privilege divides. Jewish Power unites the Jews all over the world. White privilege divides successful urban whites from the white masses who are left feeling rootless, leaderless, soulless, and meaningless.

    Let White Liberals and Cuckservatives stand for White Privilege that says “Successful whites should care more about Jews, Negros, homos, and non-white immigrants than about their own white racial kind in order to prove that they are not ‘racist’, therefore worthy of their fancy status in the globalist Elysium jetset.”

    Cuckservatives got their fancy positions because they serve Jewish globalism than their own people. They hate Trumpism because it has aroused the feeling of White Power as opposed to White Privilege. Cuckservatives want to maintain their own privilege by virtue-signaling to rich Jews and Libs that they are the ‘good white conservatives’ who hate the Southern Flag, adopt and raise black kids(who will grow up to have sex with white women), disdain white identity, and are committed to ‘universal and abstract’ principles. Cuckservative privilege depends on total separation from rest of white race. They offer nothing for the white masses.

    This is where Alt Right must be different. It must stand for White Power, the unity of white elites and white masses. Even as Alt Right understands that some individuals are superior, it must reiterate that individual superiority must ultimately serve the good of the race and culture on holy territory. After all, one doesn’t search for the Holy Grail just to keep it for oneself. One seeks it to serve and save his own people. A true king doesn’t serve himself. He serves his people, his lineage past and future.

  18. People…

    Before we formulate our plan, we need to ask…. what do our enemies hate and fear most about our side. Surely, what our enemy hates and fears most is likely our greatest asset.

    After all, if you were faced with an enemy, what would you fear more? His hat or his gun? His gun, of course. His hat cannot kill you. But his gun can. So, if you’re clever, you will try to convince him that his gun is bad for him when, in fact, you are trying to make him give up the gun because YOU fear it. The gun empowers him and disempowers you.

    So, we need to first identity the #1 enemy of the white race. It is the Jews.

    Now, what do Jews hate and fear most about the white race? Unity. Unity binds a people together. Unity of white men and white women, for instance.

    So, Jews use feminism to make white women see white men as rapists and tyrants(while making non-white men seem like saviors of white women from evil white men or liberators of white women in the pleasure of jungle fever).

    Jews hate white unity. And this means unity between white classes from rich whites to poor whites. Even if economically divided, a people can be united racially, culturally, politically. Jews hate and fear such unity among whites.

    So, Jews used communism to inspire white masses to overthrow the white elites, as happened in Russia. But communism failed in the long run for Jews because it brought the Russian gentiles together into one mass power that overthrew the Jewish elites. (And then communism failed due to lack of productivity and innovation.)

    Jews also use capitalism because capitalism leads to COMING APART of the classes. So, rich whites into libertarianism(like the Koch Brothers) favor class privilege over racial unity. Rich libertarian whites favor rich Jews, rich Asians, rich mulattos, rich Arabs, and etc over other white folks who have less. Rich capitalist whites identify most with privilege and status, not with blood and soil.

    Whites used to be united morally and spiritually. But now, homomania is the new religion. White elites worship the ‘gay’ anus than Western Faith that binds all white folks together.

    Also, white elites no longer feel moral unity with white masses but with blacks(due to slavery and ‘white guilt’), Jews(due to Holocaust ‘guilt’), homos(due to homo promotion or homotion), and immigrants(cuz we are told ‘diversity is our strength’ and ‘America is a nation of immigrants or invasive displacers of whites). Jews control media and academia. Via PC, they made white elites worship ‘diversity’ and ‘white guilt’ that can only be partially redeemed through MLK-worship and philosemitism.

    This has cause disunity among whites, and Jews love it.

    Jews saw the value in communism for making white masses hate white elites.

    Jews saw the value in capitalism for making white elites sneer at white masses and just favor their own privilege.

    Jews even saw the value in old imperial aristocratism since aristocrats preferred to work with Jewish bankers and throw fancy parties while throwing their own people under the bus. A french aristocrat favored aristocrats of other nations than his own people. And as he was vain, he borrowed money from Jews to throw parties even as his own people suffered. Jews came to financially own them, like Jews came to own the likes of Winston Churchill.

    But then came fascism. Fascism allowed the economic freedom of capitalism to grow the economy and run businesses, but it also provided basic necessities for the people. It bound the white elites and masses into one holistic racial unity. This closely bound unity was harder for Jews to penetrate, subvert, and manipulate.

    The fact that Jews(the main enemy of whites) hate fascism the most means that it is the most potent weapon of whites against Jews.

    When I say we need fascism, I mean neo-fascism, a reformed democratic fascism along humanist principles, not god-man chauvinism of Hitler or Mussolini that led to hubris, imperialism, war, and destruction.

    Anyway, your enemy will always hate and fear most the thing that makes your kind the strongest. Your enemy will urge upon you what harms you most and benefits him most. Of course, your enemy will lie and tell you that he’s offering good advice for YOUR benefit when he’s working on you to destroy you. It’s like Jews ‘advising’ American Conservatives that immigrants make ‘natural conservatives’ and will vote for GOP if conservatives embrace them. Believing this is like accepting a three dollar bill from a Jew.

    So, my advice is this: What Jews hate and fear most about you is what is best for you and your people.

    Jews say nukes are bad for Iran. But if nukes are bad, why does Israel have them?

    You see how Jews play the game? Nukes for Jews, none for Iranians. It’s good for Jews but bad for Iranians? Hmm.

    Heads I win, tails you lose.

    Identity, territoriality, history, and unity are good for Jews… but Jews say they are bad for whites. Hmmmm.

    In fact, Jews give such bogus advice because they hate and fear white power, and Jews know that rise of identity, territoriality, history, and unity will be a great boon to whites.

    When times get hard, people naturally turn both ‘right’ and ‘left’. They become less trusting, more tribal, and more us-versus-them. They become more nationalist and pro-security. This is ‘rightist’.

    But people, with their economic anxiety, also grow more resentful of the rich and privileged. They want the state to play a bigger role to fix and regulate the economy and provide basic services to the people so that they won’t starve.

    The genius of National Socialism is it understood that hard times bring out both ‘rightist’ and ‘leftist’ instincts in people. So, NS fused nationalism with socialism. Indeed, Mussolini who came up with Fascism was a once-leftist who fused statism with capitalism and nationalism. (Some degree of socialism will work in a nationalist setting if the people are disciplined, moral, and responsible. Germanic socialism worked better than Latin socialism cuz Germans like to work hard, pay taxes, and receive benefits whereas Latins avoid taxes as much as possible while mooching off as much as possible. Latins have low ethical character.)

    The fusion of ‘left’ and ‘right’ for nationalist and race-ist purposes is what white people need the most. It is the best formula. Jews want to divide and conquer. They want white futurism to be cut off from white past-ism.

    But the power of Jews derives from a profound unity of deep history with visionary futurism. Jews look forward to new possibilities but also remember Moses and David.

    In Israel, secular Jews and spiritual Jews work together. Jewish socialists and Jewish capitalists work together. There is unity, and this is the source of Jewish power.

    But when it comes to whites, Jews urge disunity and intra-white hatred. Jews tell working class whites to hate rich whites. Jews tell rich whites to look down on working class whites. Jews tell white women to hate white men. Jews tell white men to turn cucky or go with Asian or Mexican women while white women are taken by Negroes and Jews. Jews tell white kids to hate white ancestors.

    • ‘In Israel, secular Jews and spiritual Jews work together. Jewish socialists and Jewish capitalists work together. There is unity, and this is the source of Jewish power.

      But when it comes to whites, Jews urge disunity and intra-white hatred. Jews tell working class whites to hate rich whites. Jews tell rich whites to look down on working class whites. Jews tell white women to hate white men. Jews tell white men to turn cucky or go with Asian or Mexican women while white women are taken by Negroes and Jews. Jews tell white kids to hate white ancestors.’

      Spot on.

    • Re: Israel, Iran and nukes.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but a nuclear-armed Iran which also has the means to deliver them immunizes that country from suffering the fate of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Ghaddafy’s Libya and (in progress still, despite Russia’s help) Bashar al-Assad’s Syria. Reportedly, Jorge W Bush intended to “take care of” more countries than just Iraq on the neocon hit list before reality sank in.

  19. Switzerland should annex Austria.

    The fraud in Election today… Jesus.

    • Since women under 30 voted 67% for the pro-migrant candidate, I guess that they’re okay with rapes and sexual assault. No need to waste any more sympathy on them.

      • The Swiss should invade pronto. A near 50/50 split between Fascist and Communist is a coup prelude.

        • I am more interested in the welfare of Hungary and the other members of the Visegrad group. The West is a lost cause.

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