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  1. I hear that the state GOP has favored Cruz because he’s the True Conservative– for endless Middle Eastern military follies (like Hillary), for trade deals (like Hillary), and for massive increases in H1B and Muslim immigration (like Hillary).

  2. The caucus systems need to be abandoned. Party officials have corrupted the processes.


    ‘The delegates were chosen over the weekend at the state Republican convention, but they won’t know who they’re representing until the primary results. Of the 41 elected delegates, 40 were Cruz supporters. However, under party rules, each delegate is bound to the primary results for the first round of voting at the national convention.’

    ‘Sanders overwhelmingly won the district caucuses March 26. Following the congressional district caucuses over the weekend, a spokesman for the state Democratic Party said 74 delegates will go to Sanders and 27 to Clinton.

    Washington Democrats also will send 17 superdelegates to the national convention. Superdelegates are technically unpledged party and elected leaders, but a majority of them — including Gov. Jay Inslee and the state’s congressional delegation — say they support Clinton.’

  3. Big story of the night is the anti-Trump violence in New Mexico. Trump going to California where the liberal collective enables Mexican lawlessness. Remember, starts as an election, ends as a war.

      • Yeah, I think we’ve reached peak SJW and White fatigue is setting in. These idiots think it’s still the Sixties when this stuff worked. Our enemies are not always as smart as they think they are.

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