TruCons Lament The Rise of White Identity Politics

Matt Lewis unwittingly sums up my take on mainstream conservatism:

“Count me among those conservatives who sincerely hope for a colorblind society — who believe that people should, as Dr. King said, “not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

The problem is, at some point, mainstream conservatives started believing this — and liberals stopped.”

Mainstream conservatism is nothing more than yesterday’s recycled liberalism. Robert Lewis Dabney saw it clearly 119 years ago:

“It may be inferred again that the present movement for women’s rights will certainly prevail from the history of its only opponent, Northern conservatism. This [Northern conservatism] is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution; to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader. This pretended salt hath utterly lost its savor: wherewith shall it be salted? Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It intends to risk nothing serious for the sake of the truth, and has no idea of being guilty of the folly of martyrdom. It always when about to enter a protest very blandly informs the wild beast whose path it essays to stop, that its “bark is worse than its bite,” and that it only means to save its manners by enacting its decent role of resistance: The only practical purpose which it now subserves in American politics is to give enough exercise to Radicalism to keep it “in wind,” and to prevent its becoming pursy and lazy ,from having nothing to whip.”

After the TruCons lose on the transgender issue, the Left will move on to normalizing the next type of insanity, maybe something like grown men who enjoy LARPing as dogs in rubber suits. A few years after that, TruCons will start insisting they were always for gay marriage and that the liberals are the real homophobes.

David Marcus (@BlueBoxDave on Twitter) is crying about the rise of White Nationalism over at The Federalist:

“I opened Twitter recently and saw 20+ notifications. Most of the time that means the new generation of white nationalist Twitter trolls are filling my feed with racist and anti-Semitic cartoons. It was the trolls, but this was different. They were celebrating my use of the word “anti-white” in a tweet. They saw it as a victory that a “mainstream conservative” was using this term that for so long has been their calling card. …

One can teach against white supremacy by encouraging students to treat everyone as equal, or at least as individuals not defined in important ways by their race. Privilege theory does not allow for this approach. It demands that differences be front and center and that we always consider a person’s race in considering him. This focus on “valuing differences” over “the colorblind model” unlocked the door to the white supremacist revival that today’s anti-white rhetoric has kicked open.”

After toying with “the colorblind model” at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, the radical Left rejected it several years before Martin Luther King, Jr. was in his grave. We are now in our fifth decade of New Left identity politics.

As for the black population, it never accepted White America’s delusions about Martin Luther King, Jr. and “the colorblind model.” Blacks responded to the Voting Rights Act with the Watts Riot and other race riots in the late 1960s. Gradually, the Civil Rights Movement faded into blacks organizing as blacks to take power in major cities and the rural South. The colorblind model had never been anything more than a ruse to advance black interests and once it had served its purpose it was tossed aside.

Rod Dreher (@roddreher on Twitter) is predicting the ultimate triumph of the Alt-Right:

“The answer to this racist SJW garbage is not to embrace white supremacy! But without a forceful, effective, unambivalent response to the unhinged militant left, sooner or later the forces of white supremacy are going to organize the dispossessed, demoralized, chaotic white rabble, and the SJWs, as well as the Washington elites, aren’t going to know what hit them. God knows I’m not saying I want this to happen, but I think it probably will happen if we continue on this current trajectory. Slouching rough beasts and all that. It’s Weimar America.”

A moment of truth?

“White liberal middle-class society and many bourgeois conservatives have demonized within themselves, collectively and individually, the instinct that would have given them the strength to fight civilization’s enemies on the Left and on the Right.”

All they will do is whine about Trump and White identity politics and invoke Martin Luther King, Jr. and his “Dream” while sitting next to Van Jones on a CNN panel.

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  1. We still have a long hard road, for that slouching bit. WE are not Rough Beasts – we are fighting AGAINST Rough Beasts.
    I really, REALLY HATE Kikes.

  2. From Dreary’s blog:

    “The Anti-Gnostic says:

    May 25, 2016 at 11:13 pm

    Being committed to a universal intellectual tradition: Classical Liberalism, Communism, or Catholicism, is usually an antidote to that sort of thing.

    Where the rubber meets the road is who your kids marry. Rod talks about welcoming anybody to his high-g Benedictine redoubt, but I don’t foresee his kids marrying Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox. Any sufficiently strong creed is going to become an ethnicity over time.

    I like to ask the universalists where they think “diversity” comes from.”
    NOW check out the Dreary One’s reply:

    [NFR: Well, I would much rather my kids marry Ethiopians who were believing Orthodox Christians than marry fellow white people who aren’t. I really mean that. — RD]
    All ya need to know, right there.

    • [NFR: Well, I would much rather my kids marry Ethiopians who were believing Orthodox Christians than marry fellow white people who aren’t. I really mean that. — RD]

      ‘All ya need to know, right there.’

      Yes, it is.

      That is why so many of us prefer to call them cucktians.

    • Right there-

      “Being committed to a universal intellectual tradition: Classical Liberalism, Communism, or Catholicism, is usually an antidote to that sort of thing.”

      Dreher shows his utter CUCKTHOLICISM. True Catholicism (e.g., ‘according to the whole’ – from GREEK – kata holos) is an ethnic solidarity term, of like minded EUROPEANS and their ANCESTRAL FAITH. As Belloc (a REAL Catholic, back in the days when Catholicism MEANT something) stated as recently as a hundred years ago, ‘EUROPE is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.” And by Europe, this Englishman meant WHITE PEOPLE. And ONLY white people!

      Communism is an INTERNATIONAL counterfeit of biblical/ethnic Judaism, MINUS THE MORAL LAW, invented by an IMPOSTER RACE, RELIGION, and REALITY… Known as the AshkeNAZI/Khazarian JEWS.

      Classical Liberalism was an English Enlightenment philosophy, that (again) came about ONLY in one nation, by one WHITE people, for one ETHNOS (English) alone.

      NONE of these ‘universal’ traditions are, Q.E.D., therefore, ‘universal.’
      And Dreher is an ASS.

  3. “After toying with “the colorblind model” at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, the radical Left rejected it several years before Martin Luther King, Jr. was in his grave. We are now in our fifth decade of New Left identity politics.”

    It was not truly embraced until the mid 90’s. Until that time it was still rejected by most Americans.

  4. They lament not only white identity politics but also their future complete irrelevance.

    Their colorblind society (which ignored race, traditions, language and culture) of the Proposition Nation was always doomed to failure. Human nature and history alike argue against it.

    This country’s future politics will be blocs of voters united by race fighting over money, power and position. People already vote according to who, not what. (Alabama and Mississippi in presidential elections see whites vote ~90% Republican and blacks vote 95%+ Democrat, countrywide Jews and Hispanics vote 70-80% Democrat and blacks and Muslims over 90% Democrat.) Sooner or later the country will either split up or experience a civil war, or the State will become ultra-powerful and repressive just to keep it together.

  5. That is all they have become – the bitch boys and girls of the left appearing on MSNBC with Lawrence O’Donnell to attack Whites and Trump.

    They want us to listen to them and they want to be our intellectual leaders while they embarrass themselves all over the networks and everywhere else. They have no honor and certainly no respect. With Trump, he has shown how vapid and pathetic they really are.

  6. Pardon my vulgarity, but F*CK the ‘colorblind society’! I was a child of about 10 when I saw my first darkie, strutting down the street, smoking a cigar… In 1966 or so. It was such a shock to see a ‘person of color,’ I remember it to this day. Every time I see a savage on TV, my gut fills with such visceral disgust over their bestial ugliness, their presumptive attitude, and their utter stupidity, I can barely keep the gorge from rising in my throat. Eating at sports bars, therefore, is an act of anti-anorexia on my part.

    HW, I applaud you for quoting Dabney, one of the great minds the South produced. What was true then, is even more true, now. But the genie has been let out of the bottle, and the only solution – the FINAL SOLUTION- is to deport the entire lot of them, AT WHATEVER COST, by WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY, off this soil, this land, this America.

    Dreher (isn’t he Jewish?) telling people NOT to embrace our own heritage? Since when has ANY cognizant, self-aware White Man (or woman) NOT known that ours was, is, and ever shall be (per secula secula rum, Amen) THE preeminent culture, race, and arbiter of taste in the world? And, coming from a Jew (an imposter race, religion, and moral arbiter), such a sentiment is rich! Read the Talmud lately, Rod?

    I am so thankful the ENTIRE HOUSE OF CARDS is falling down around them, and all it took was one little WASP named Donald Trump. To paraphrase Shakespeare, ‘best beware our sting!’ Because this game is OVER.

      • DO you want to deal with the reality of the vulgar world, and the utter perversity of it, or do you wish to be held up by a valid Anglo-Saxon word? I can ask forgiveness by my Bishop, and do, on a regular basis. But he has agreed with me, that the world today is like NOTHING before seen, and that pious sensibilities often are smokescreens for avoiding the real issues.

        • You’re wrong Friar, I have seen this beast before. In a World now gone, a place called Babylon was just like this but worse. Trust me, I know where this is going because I have seen it all before. The New World Order is the New Babylon. Its no surprise and no mistake. Our enemies book is called the Babylonian Talmud. A heresy that died has risen again. The Antediluvian World has risen like Cthulhu from the deep blue sea. Babylon died, but again rises. The Same Satanic Heresy. I killed them before, and trust me I shall do it again. When they go Full Babylon I shall slaughter this beast and all her followers. Satan I hope shall be there so I can finish him off as well. That coward can’t hide forever.

          • You’re just a sad little fucker monkey boy. Go live at the monkey house with your Darwinian Family if you want to, cause real men acknowledge God. I’m more man than you’ll ever be boy. I’m not Alpha, I’m Sigma. You don’t get more man than me. Atheism is not rational or scientific. There is no proof animals transmogrify into anything. They haven’t found any missing link and there are literally no transitional forms of any creature in the fossil record. The Darwin nuts are just Satanists pretending to be scientists. People who don’t believe in God, don’t have a problem with people praying. If they’re just praying to an empty sky, its not harming you. When these “scientists” freak out about people praying, they MUST BE AFRAID SOMEONE IS LISTENING.

          • Multiculturalism is the satanic counterfeit of Christian brotherhood. It seeks to homogenize people groups , like Babylon, rather tolerate and accept God made ethnic diversity. God created the nations at Babel and nations continue as separate people groups into Revelation. Anti God Mystery Babylon wants a one world globalist society.

      • Nah, he’s not an Orthodox priest in any recognized synod. He claims to be from Minneapolis/St. Paul, but I could never find anyone like him in that area. He’s probably a member of some radical schismatic sect that broke off from a established synod. His holding of Christian Idenity beliefs would earn him swift dismissal from the priesthood if he was a member of a regular Orthodox Communion.

        • Ah, yes, Mr. Dalton, the erstwhile member of a Godless, Graceless, defunct communion- or are you ‘one’ with Bergoglio and his cult of sodomites? Pot calling kettle, and your LIES again I will refute.

          I have stated that I do not hold to CI beliefs, but find them (and the honest analysis of minds far greater than you… or I… from the early days of the 20th Century, amassing evidences from archeology, linguistics, royal genealogies (when they actually meant something) as well as the Patristic Witnesses, show that one cannot, DARE NOT, dismiss the reality that ‘those who say they are Jews, and are not’ (as per St. John- an author perhaps you know?) means that SOMEONE ELSE has to be the ‘Israel of God.’ Now, that very phrase is used of St. Paul, and the undivided Church… so, where is your accusation now? “Absolutely null, and utterly void.” As for my Bishop, I don’t consider direct succession from the Russian Church a ‘vagante’ sect, sir.

          • You may not hold to Christian Identity beliefs the same way as a Protestant would, but the bottom line is that British-Israelism, Christian Identity have a common origin. The BI/CI origin theory of British and European origins can’t be proven by historical records, archeology, or genetics. The people of Europe aren’t from the Middle East, they’re basically from Caucasian Mountain area. That’s why whites are called Caucasians, because they migrated out of that area. BTW, I was a believer in this foolishness years ago, so I know all of the rationalizations used to prop up this balderdash.

          • Not so! Read Oppenheimer on the genetic origins of the British. Most haplotypes of western Europe originated there after the last glacial maximum when they emerged from the refuges of the Iberian peninsula.

          • Most British Isle YDNA originated on the Iberian peninsula some 12,000 years ago. Only about 25% is from eastern sources like the Caucus mountains. Before Iberia, the British Isle haplotypes were from the Balkans, about 20,000 years ago – again, not the Caucus mountains. Going further back, both the haplotypes of the Balkans and the Caucasians came from Anatolia.

  7. What is far worse for the Jew cons is in identity politics they are now aligned with blacks in opposition to whites and white interests. Their fraud has disintegrated and they are now seen clearly as enemies of whites.

  8. Rod Dreher misses the point. There can’t be any effective, “forceful, effective, unambivalent response to the unhinged militant left” without at least some semblance of “white supremacy” in tow. That goes back to the point I made about Matt Lewis’s screeching in AR yesterday — The white American right of center political space has tried it Matt Lewis’s way for going on two generations now, and what do we have to show for it? Somewhere between nothing and crud.

  9. “White liberal middle-class society and many bourgeois conservatives have demonized within themselves, collectively and individually, the instinct that would have given them the strength to fight civilization’s enemies on the Left and on the Right.”

    Ironically, this applies to Rod himself. Read Rod’s blog and notice that he never advocates directly fighting the Left. He’s very timid when dealing with them. Rod has no problem denouncing racism and openly showing his disgust with racist. But he never shows any real anger towards the Left. From his perspective, so called racists and race realist have no right to exist in US society but Leftist of all stripes do have a legitimate right to exist. LGBTs hate Christianity and yet he kvetched about NC HB2 going too far to infringe on LGBT “rights.” How cucked is that? After Obergefell, he was adamant that conservatives not pursue overturning the ruling. His words were any attempts to overturn the ruling is “a waste of time and resources.” Instead, he advocated pursuing religious liberty laws. I think this is a part of The Grand Peace he was trying to forge with LGBTs; LGBTs get gay “marriage” and trads get religious liberty. The problem is that LGBTs weren’t freely giving religious liberty and the ability for trads to discriminate against LGBTs is now considered to be beyond the pale. He has no real solutions. All he can do is throw his hands up complain. I submitted numerous comments to his blog imploring for him and other trad cons to learn to hate the Left. There is a biblical justification for hate, which I pointed out to him. Furthermore, hatred is one natural survival technique. No civilization has ever been maintained by loving their enemies. Obviously hating the Left is far too edgy for Rod’s delicate sensibilities. Of note, in my advocacy for hating the Left, I never expressed or implied that any violence be directed towards them. He still blocked (not just deleted) all of my comments.

    Maybe deep down inside he now knows only a radical opposition can defeat the Left. To keep his respectability he, of course, has to signal that he opposes the Alt Right for our racism but it wouldn’t surprise me if he were privately rooting for us.

  10. Cuckservatism has been exposed for the traitorous , anti-White fraud it is. TruCons are becoming dimly aware, although still in denial, that they’ve lost any power and influence they once had.

  11. We could disposses the Cucks if we point out that they did nothing as the Left pushed identity politics, that is the Cucks’ weak spot

  12. New code word for blacks: Dolphins.

    Something to do with special needs teacher pupil individualized attention. All Dolphins appear to black.

  13. That is why I despise Glen Beck. He always places MLK front and center and even invites his relatives on the show and to various events he sponsors! I trust we have all read “The Beast as Saint” an expose on what MLK really was and believed, and not the media depiction.

  14. Let me explain it to you in plain English. Niggers are the garbage, and jews are the rats that love living in and on garbage. Sane people hate filth and know it causes disease and destruction. But filth is all the jew knows. The jew cannot live in a healthy society. Their crimes will never be allowed in a healthy society of law and order. Only in a dump full of garbage and crime can the criminally insane jew thrive.

  15. The answer to the problem is Edomite Jewry has decided to seize Jacob’s children by the neck and slice our throats one by one. Brother vs Brother that began in Southern Caanan 4000 yrs ago never ceased, it is with us today just more sophisticated. The problem is White People don’t really want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes nor do they wish to educate themselves. Christianity has largely been neutered on the subject of Jewish degeneracy mostly because it refuses to really research the subject or in worse cases it takes money from them.

    The Negro is just another one of Esau’s heathen allies, as Esau was allied with Ethiopia and Yemen against our ancestors thousands of years ago. What is old is new again.Until you wake up you will always be a slave.

  16. If Dreher insists on calling the most basic elements of white identitarianism – say, like the preference to racially live on rather than die off – “white supremacy,” he himself is complicit in creating the gathering storm of white discontent. Fucking fool.

  17. Their definition of “diversity” is when everyone is brown, except for jews. Just like the Babylonian Talmud that wants a world of brown slaves that lives only to serve jews. You are goyim or cattle, a beast of burden and source of food. Behold the power of delusion. What do you get when you add insanity to stupid and evil? Why look, its the recipe for a jew.

  18. The whole problem with mainstream conservatism, going back to the time of Robert Lewis Dabney, apparently, is that it is bounded from the right. Perhaps it was ultimately Jews and Freemasons who were responsible for this, but I don’t know. The point is, if certain types of thought are declared off-limits in the mainstream, the discourse will keep sliding in the opposite direction of the bound you have set. I think that some people knew this would happen. They knew that if they kept setting a boundary somewhere to the right of center, that things would keep drifting to the left. These types of ideas were discussed a hundred years ago. It is the polarity principle. The idea is that things can always be slowly shifted in one direction or another. In our case, the political spectrum has slowly shifted towards the anti-white direction because clever and determined people have always drawn a line that excludes pro-whiteness.

    The correct response to the anti-whiteness of the left is explicit pro-whiteness, but explicit pro-whiteness has been excluded. Instead, mainstream conservatives have quibbled over details. I hope this is changing now. If enough people publicly declare themselves to be pro-white, then a critical mass will be reached.

  19. Maybe not entirely off topic: Photo linked at Trump’s “Celebrating 1237!” tweet, today (May 26) …

  20. Volks

    Blacks kick white butt in sports & turn white girls to jungle fever.

    White race is getting cucked.

    White girls also grow up to porny Rap music. White boys worship black athletes.

    Jews spew interracial porn everywhere. Millions of black African men flood into Europe to steal white wombs of white women raised on PC and Negrophilia.

    This video shows how it is true that the negro is the better warrior. Sports is about warrior abilities.

    Alt Right must spell this out and call for safe white racial space from black thuggery. White freedom and white male pride cannot coexist with blacks.

    Whites have a choice: Jim Crow or Willie Horton. Necessary Evil vs Total Evil.

    Submitting whites to the dominance of black savagery is evil to the core. It is the Detroitization of the West. west will be turned into one big South Africa. via @YouTube

    • Didn’t watch. Not interested in anti-White propaganda. If negroes are better warriors, show me the White army that they have defeated. Not just one battle like Islandlwana, but a war. Nobody does war better than White men.

      Who’s going to make your “safe white spaces” safe? Are you begging for protection? White people need to stand on their own feet, and take their own space. Nobody’s going to give it to them.

  21. Homosexist Imperialists are waging War on Moral Freedom

    Homosexist Supremacism is crime against Moral Freedom, the freedom to be moral & decent and not aid & abet what is gross, foul, wicked, and evil.

    The state says you MUST bake the Gay Wedding Cake that associates marriage with the fecal penetration of narcissistic sexual deviants who have the support of Jewish globalist imperialists who use the homo agenda as their proxy. Jews are the ruling minority elite in gentile nations. /this makes Jews nervous, so they try to normalize minority elite supremacism by promoting homosexuality as the New Normal and Homomania as the new religion(that must even invade and take over churches).

    Russians must never surrender their Moral Freedom to Homosexist imperialism.

    Homosexist Supremacists are not content to have the freedom to indulge in gross, deviant, and foul acts of fecal penetration and mutilating sexual organs for purposes of ‘changing’ sexes.

    They want to take away your MORAL FREEDOM to not involve yourself in their degenerate behavior.

    So, marriage has been turned into a decadent institution to serve the vanity of homos, women’s restrooms & showers have been turned into place for men with wigs & dresses, and decent bakers must be fined and driven out of business because they refuse to believe that a homo’s fart/poop hole is the equivalent of a woman’s vagina that births life.

    Homosexist narcissism isn’t about the freedom to be homo and do homo things. It is about the homos taking away the right of Moral Freedom from those who refuse to see homomania and transmania as healthy moral/cultural developments.

    Homosexist narcissists say a man’s fart-hole is no less a sex organ as a vagina.

    If that is so, this must be sweet music and shit must be equal to a baby.

    ‘Gay marriage’ is anti-true marriage since it equates perverted ‘sex’ among homos with real sex between men and women that makes natural sense and produces life. ‘Gay marriage’ also argues that a homo’s fecal anus is the ‘sexual’ equivalent of a woman’s vagina that produces life. It’s an insult to womanhood, esp considering the pain a woman goes thriugh in child birth.

    Equating homosexuality and real sexuality is like equating evolution with creationism in the name of ‘science equality’. In fact, creationism is bogus. Pro-creationists might argue that they are for the equal teaching of both instead being against evolution, but when falsehood is made equal with truth, it is anti-truth. The idea that homosexuality has equal value with real sexuality between men and women is like saying a lie is worth the same as truth. Why is a penis being smeared with fecal matter of equal value with a penis fertilizing the egg in the female organ?

    EQUALITY doesn’t mean that perversion is equal to decency. It doesn’t mean that two guys indulging in fecal penetration are doing something of equal biological and moral value as man and woman having real sex. As marriage has biological and moral value, it makes no sense to pretend that homosexuality and trans-genderism have equal value with true sexuality.

    If everything should be hailed as ‘equal’, then teach Creationism in schools in the name of SCIENCE EQUALITY. Don’t ‘discriminate’ against Creationists.


    Promote voodoo medicine in the name of ‘medical equality’. Don’t use ‘Euro-centicism’ to ‘privilege’ Western empirical medicine over non-white supernatural medicine. That’s ‘racist’.


    There are so many circles of lies here.

    It goes to show that the search for truth can slide into a cesspool of lies.

    There used to be a time of undue panic about homos. People sought all sorts of ‘scientific’ reasons to treat it as a mental sickness.

    But then, it was realized that homos are just born that way, and there was nothing that can be done about it.

    So, the idea was that homos should be allowed to do their homo things.

    Still, it was understood that homo stuff was biologically useless, gross, and/or ridiculous because factually it is. Fecal penetration among men indeed.

    There was truth all around: homos are born that way AND homo-ness is a natural abnormality that turns off most people for obvious reasons. So, let homos be homo, but let’s not pretend that it makes biological or moral sense..

    But then the lies began, and one lie began to snowball into other lies.

    1. We were told that homosexuality is ‘rational’ and ‘natural’–meaning naturally normal than naturally abnormal–, and if you find it gross or weird, you are a ‘homophobe’ suffering from an ‘irrational’ and ‘unnatural’ extreme aversion to something healthy.

    In fact, ‘homophobia’ doesn’t exist. People’s aversion to homosexuality is natural. What are unnatural is homomania and homophilia. Indeed, the fact that 24/7 homo propaganda costing billions has to promoted constantly to make us support the agenda is proof of how unnatural homomania is. It’s like North Korea has to push the cult of great leader day in and day out to perpetuate the myth that the fat Kim is a great man. End the propaganda and indoctrination, and people will see him for the pig he is. Turn off the lie machine and people will quickly revert to the truth on the true nature of homosexuality.

    2. We were told that homos were pure-as-snow victims of AIDS only because of Reagan’s ‘indifference’ and that the spread of AIDS had nothing to do with wanton homo behavior.

    3. We were shown so many homos on TV and in movies that American public began to think that 25% of Americans are homo even though homos are only 2% of the population.

    4. We were only shown clean-cut idealized images of homos while anyone who opposed the homo agenda was portrayed as a degenerate pervert. Audiences are shielded for the most part from the gross physical side of homosexuality.

    5. We were told that homo agenda is about choice and freedom, but then anyone who uttered anything critical about homosexuality or the homo agenda was shot down, reviled, and attacked.

    6. We were told that homo agenda would simply allow homos to their own thing without interfering with our values or institutions. Clinton signed marriage act and Obama voted for religious freedom act. They were both lies and tricks.

    7. Homo agenda went from a matter of free choice among homos to mandatory requirement among straight people to not only tolerate homos but to mute their own criticism of homos, then to praise homos, then to celebrate homos, then to worship homos, and then to attack anyone who doesn’t do likewise. In big cities, politicians don’t have a chance unless they attend homo ‘pride’ rallies. It is a mandatory requirement.

    Why must straight people grovel and worship homos? What is so great about men porking each other in the fecal hole, or women having ‘sex’ by humping a hole with a hole, or men/women undergoing genital mutilation to become the opposite sex?

    8. Then, the homo agenda said that homo should get ‘married’ on the basis that homosexuality is just as ‘naturally’ normal and rational and moral as real sexuality. This led to the crazy notion that ‘two mommies’ or ‘two daddies’ can have kids. We were supposed to pretend that if a lesbian has a man impregnate her, she had the kid with her lesbian lover/wife than with the man.

    Lies and lies, but in a corrupt society made up of cowards(who shudder at the feet of Jews who chose homos as their favored allies), even conservatives have kept their mouths shut. While hysterically howling about Israel and Iran, they don’t dare take a strong stand against the homomaniacal policies favored by Liberal Jews and Neocon Jews as well.

    9. Then, homos began to infiltrate the churches and turn church after church into swallowing the nonsense that Christianity is compatible with the homo agenda and ‘gay marriage’.

    10. People were told the lie that the homo agenda is ‘leftist’ and about helping poor helpless victims when, in fact, it’s been the favored agenda of the oligarchic class that has long appreciated the loyal service of vain and power-hungry homos.


    This brings us to a problem. All these lies began with the truth. The truth was homos are born that way, and they can’t do anything about it, so they should be allowed to do their homo things on their own.

    So, why couldn’t homos be content with the truth? We accepted that they are born fruity and tolerated their homo stuff among themselves. Why couldn’t it end there?

    It’s because we overlooked the homo psychology. By nature vain, narcissistic, hissy, sneering, ooh-lala, whoopity-doo, bitchy, queenie-ish, and snotty, it was never enough for homos to just be tolerated. They have a pagan-god complex and wanna be worshiped as royalty and Adonises. They have personalities of ‘radical will’ that wants to be center of the world.

    I mean, just think about it. They are so pushy and deluded that some of them put on women’s dress and makeup and really believe that they look like hot stuff. Indeed, they are so demanding that they insist that WE find them ‘beautiful’ too. Now, it’s become bad form according to PC for us to laugh at and mock trannies who look ridiculous.

    We want to accept the truth, but sometimes there’s more to the truth than we may have originally assumed. Even as we accepted the truth of homosexuality, there was a hidden truth that we ignored: that homos have a problem with the truth. i.e. even as we accepted the truth about them(they were born homo and have a tendency to indulge in gross and weird ‘sexual’ behavior), they could not handle the truth about themselves. They wanted to believe the lie that their ‘sexuality’ is biologically the equal of ours, that their ‘morality’ founded on biological lies is not only as good as our morality but even better, indeed to the point where we should get on our knees and bow down before them.

    Indeed, the very nature of homosexuality is deceitful. It is a natural lie. Nature produces sexually dysfunctional people such as homos who believe that the male anus is a ‘sex’ organ. It produces men who want their penis removed and fitted with fake vaginas that they believe to be just as good as real vaginas.

    Homosexuality produces feelings and mind-sets in homos that prefer the lies about biology.

    Homosexuality produces lesbians who rub pooters together and produce no life but then hire a man to become pregnant and then lie to themselves that THEY had the child together.

    But then, lies + power = forcing everyone else to swallow the lie as well or else.

    As Jews have the power over media and government, they can force or brainwash us all to swallow the lie pushed by homos.

    So, what is to be done? I’m not a religious nut who wants to say “God hates fa*s.”

    I accept the biological reality/truth about homosexuality, BUT, homos, being vain and egotistical and queenie-meanie, cannot accept the truth of their biology. They not only say that they were born that way(truth) but insist that their ‘sexuality’ is just as normal, valid, and rational as real sexuality is(lie) and that a homo’s anus(that excretes feces) is just as much a ‘sex organ’ as a woman’s vagina that produces life. A tranny’s fake vagina is just as real as a real vagina. And ‘two daddies’ can have kids together. And anyone who disagrees is a ‘homophobe’ with mental problems and is a moral degenerate to boot.

    I can accept the truth about homos but homos can’t.

    This is the nature of the conundrum:

    Suppose someone is a compulsive liar, and we try to make him stop lying. But suppose it turns out that he can’t help it. He was born with the compulsive lying gene. He feels this powerful compulsion to lie and simply can’t stop.

    So, we accept the truth and allow him to be a compulsive liar.

    Good for everyone, right? He gets to compulsively lie, which he can’t help. And we tolerate the fact that he loves to lie.

    No, it doesn’t end there. Being a compulsive liar, he not only lies but insists that he is telling the truth. He then says his lies or ‘truths’ are just as valid as our truths. Then, he accuses us of telling lies and says his ‘truths'(lies) must be favored over our ‘lies'(which is actually the truth).

    Now, what would happen if such compulsive liars were to be favored by the rich and powerful(esp the untouchable Jews) who use all their financial, governmental, legal, cultural, and media power to promote the compulsive liars as ‘the greatest truth tellers’ whom we all must all obey? Sheeple can be made to believe in anything through media manipulation and mass education/indoctrination, especially if they’ve been cut off from deeper truths of biology, morality, and culture.

    But Cons are to blame too because their ideology has become a big lie. It is based on the false premise that Jews are totally wonderful, the best friends of conservatism and Christianity, and that serving Jews is what conservatism is all about. In truth, Jews have been at the forefront of pushing the homo agenda.

    As for the religious right, they can’t accept the truth of evolution and biology, such as that homos are born that way.

    Anyway, it’s not enough for us to accept the physical truth. We need to understand the psychological truth. Physical truth is that homos are born that way and that their ‘sexuality’ is biologically worthless and morally dubious(as it is a natural lie).

    But there is also the psychological truth that says homos are vain, pushy, bitchy, and can’t accept the truth that their ‘sexuality’ is not equally valid as ours.

    For this reason, the acceptance of the truth about homos can lead to a slippery slope of lies because, once homos are given even the slightest bit of legitimacy, they work obsessively to force all of us into believing that EVERYTHING about them is just as good or even better than our sexuality.

    So, fecal penetration among men become the equivalent of real sex between men and women.

    So, a tranny with fake vagina is as much a real woman as a real woman.

    And such stuff are like the ‘rainbow’.

    An empire of lies.

  22. Matt Walsh ?@MattWalshBlog

    ‘I would kill every ape in the world to save one human, because humans are more important. This is a very simple concept, folks.’

    Bout time he wised up.

      • Walsh is an anti. I wrote, ‘Bout time he wised up.’ Now read his quote and consider the word ‘ape’ from that perspective.

  23. I used to believe the MLK dream. As a white male that has been demonized and discriminated against (Affirmative Action) my entire life, I have had that ideal ruthlessly beaten from my consciousness stroke by cruel stroke. The “White privilege” meme was the breaking point for me. It is the antithesis of my life experience and repugnant to the truth I have lived. Far from privilege, being a white male has been the fount of official discrimination my entire life! (Not to mention the public pillorying perpetrated by the media! ) Gone is the idealism of my youth; replaced by the stark realism of race identity politics being practiced by every other ethnic group. Whites have been played for fools, told we don’t even exist on one hand yet held responsible for every perceived social injustice on the other, and then imputed with some mythical privileged status, our last resort is regain a sense of our own racial identity and begin to fight politically for our own self interests or to simply accept the death of our race. I will not go quietly into the night! I will rage against the darkness, light candles and torches and bonfires! I will find my yawp and raise the warning cry! White and unashamed!

    • Welcome Home! And do NOT EVER forget 2 things:
      1)Jews are NOT White.
      2) Jews are the authors of White Genocide

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