Becoming Alt-Right

Rod Dreher has written a blog post in which he speculates about what causes an individual to choose the Alt-Right over mainstream conservatism:

“So, with that background, let’s return to the reader comment that inspired all this: the claim that the difference between a “conservative” and a member of the “alt-right” has primarily to do with whether or not one is a rightist who lives in a world (state, county, neighborhood, family) that has not fallen apart, or not.

True? False? Discuss.”

I’ve spent years considering this and my theory is that it boils down to money and status.

If you are motivated by money and status and want to pursue a career in political journalism, the choices you make in life will take you somewhere like mainstream conservatism. On the other hand, if you are motivated by what you perceive to be the truth and attach much less value to money and status, you are more likely to end up on the Alt-Right.

In a sense, I suppose you can say that upbringing matters. If I had been born and raised in a place like Iowa, my racial views would probably be different. At the same time, there are plenty of people who are born and raised in highly diverse cities like Chicago or New York City who turn out to be raging liberals. There are also Alt-Rightists in lily-White Iowa and Utah and respectable mainstream conservatives in the Deep South.

I was born and raised in one of the blackest parts of the United States. It was very easy for me to grasp the existence and significance of racial differences because I was repeatedly exposed to it on a daily basis. I never believed in racial equality, not because of any particular animus that I developed against black people, but because the theory ran so contrary to my own daily observation and experience. It just isn’t true.

Years later, I began to think more about the question. In college, I became more aware that our social order is based on racial equality and the mythology of the Civil Rights Movement, and that being a “racist” is the worst thing you can be in our society. I asked myself: is there any reason a rational person would believe in racial equality? Is there any evidence that all races have exactly the same capabilities and accomplishments? Is there any evidence that there are no racial differences in intelligence and behavior?

I concluded that it must be extremely difficult to be an anti-racist. In order to be an anti-racist, you have to ignore the evidence of your own senses. You have to ignore the relative accomplishments of the various races in science and technology. You have to ignore history. You have to find creative ways to dismiss the results of IQ tests and the persistence of racial differences in test scores in every school district in the country. You have to ignore facts like that being reproduced on an international scale.

First and foremost, you have to convince yourself that the existence or non-existence of racial equality is a moral issue, and that your opinion on the matter makes you a good person or a bad person. You have to believe that pattern recognition is evil and condition yourself to consciously ignore patterns. It is exactly like saying that the impact of the moon’s gravity on tidal forces in the ocean is a moral question and that you are a wicked, immoral person for believing there is any relationship between the two.

At this point, there will be many people who defer to authority. There will be many, many more others who will assess the risk of challenging the dominant racial orthodoxy, navigate around it, and conform to the status quo to get on with their lives. Yet there will still be a small minority of non-materialistic, non-conformists which will never be able to get past the fact that our entire social order is built on a lie.

The gnawing perception of the lie inexorably leads to other questions:

1.) Who maintains this lie?

2.) Why is it necessary to maintain this lie?

3.) How did this lie come about?

In short, that is how you become Alt-Right. It is easy to see why those questions don’t lead to mainstream conservatism which enforces taboos against “racism” and “anti-Semitism” and perpetually recycles outdated versions of liberalism into the “timeless principles” of American conservatism. The fact that mainstream American conservatism represses dissent, enforces conformity, and is a major obstacle to the airing of these issues explains the Alt-Right’s hostility to mainstream conservatism.

Geography might play a role at the outset when an individual begins to develop an interest in racial questions. The primary factor in the course that individual eventually takes and their level of interest and commitment is personality type.

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  1. Good analysis and introspection, Hunter.

    Personally, I don’t care much for the Alt-Right label. I don’t use it for myself or to describe my views. I’m a Nationalist. I’m a Racialist. My views have never fully been aligned with a strictly Right or Left position. I care about honesty, truth and real/natural diversity. That’s probably why I never fit in completely with either Right or Left crowds.

    Regardless of my personal self-labeling and what I see as a future rallying point, I do think Alt-Right has been a great catalyst for injecting a racial narrative into the national spotlight and showing millions of White people how mainstream Conservatism has been just as deadly as rabid Liberalism. Sometimes it is easier for someone who’s always considered themselves to be on the Right to make a slight shift in direction rather than a hard turn.

      • It seems their ideology is much like ours, but one thing that comes to my mind is that we differ on identity. They seem to believe in a generic white American identity. I often point out to them that the various white races are different in Europe, and nobody expects them to blend, so why should we believe in a generic white identity in the US? I guess the magic dirt theory strikes again.

        Despite the logical flaw, they have a movement going on (see chart) and we should probably try to ride the coattails of it (or perhaps influence it) as best we can. As it stands now, if they get the deportations and other things they want, that will make it harder for our movement to gain steam since many Southerners will remain “comfy and complacent.”

        I think one of the biggest things that could help our movement would be for another region of the country to want to secede just like we do. It will simply be harder to stop two secessions in two corners of the empire than one secession in one corner.

      • We could probably describe it in a thousand different ways, giving it a hundred different labels; but if it’s not a society where Race is the foundation where everything else branches off, I’ll always be working against it and toward something else.

  2. “Conservatives” always respect the Left. The latter fervently believes in “racial equality” ( or at least they claim to) and everything else that’s anti-White. So must “conservatives” accept as well. “Conservatives” let the Left set their agenda. Little wonder they’ve been totally ineffective in halting the Leftward, anti-White advance.

    “Alt Right” despises the Left and exposes their lies, all the lies “conservatives” cling to.

    Little wonder “conservatives” despise the “Alt Right”.

  3. Essays like this one are the source of my devotion to this blog. Thank you, Hunter, for your lucid, beautifully written, and very thoughtful piece. You BELONG in the History/Philosophy Chair of a top flight University, and would be in such a position, were we in a sane and healthy Nation.

  4. Truth is, none of these fuckers believe this nonsense. Their quick shock and immediate attempts to shut you up show they know its all bullshit all of it. Its all about Race. The jew is the one who started this and it won’t end until they do. They won’t leave. They can’t. Vampires cannot feed on each other. There is ONE and ONLY ONE WAY TO DEAL WITH VAMPIRES. Make no mistake, they are in fact dark soulless inhuman monsters. Their affinity for niggers is due to their common inhuman characteristics of hating US and having only parasitism and crime for survival mechanisms. They are not friends, they hate each other. They are like Goblins and Orcs united against their common enemies, The Men of the West.

      • I am a Christian Cleric, and I witness to the historic Church’s honest appraisal of the situation to be roughly the same.

        Blacks as predestined Evildoers = Jer. 13:23
        Jews as Crucifiers of God, covenant breakers, and now ostracized from the covenant, AS LONG AS THEY RETAIN/REMAIN JEWS – the ENTIRE New Testament.

          • Vulgar dog. Clearly, the point that even a Muslim can find reality in a Jew’s own DNA research on his website, was missed by you. But then, an IQ-deficient blowhard whose vocabulary is comprised of gutter filth terms, would miss that point….

    • I disagree. Most of them believe the nonsense they preach. The late Lawrence Auster used to make this point repeatedly: You cannot understand your political and/or ideological opponent if you always assume bad faith when they describe their motivations.

      • Yeah there are some true believers, but there are some people who believe Pro Wrestling is full contact. However, that shock and horror, isn’t one of disbelief, its more you can’t say it out loud. These people are being dishonest because its a rule of their Marxist Clique. Its not really a true belief its a taboo subject. Badthink isn’t really brainwashing its a form of intimidation. When it doesn’t work, its like standing up to a bully, they’re shocked you stood up to them.

        • Rank and file liberals are true believers. There is a grey area. It is obvious that there are racial differences, but most liberals and mainstream conservatives believe that these differences are caused by culture and “racism.”

        • Pro wrestling is choreographed That hardly prevents it from being what you call “full contact.” Pro wrestlers have experienced injuries, concussions, and ,in a few tragic cases, even death. Professional wrestling is ,arguably, the most physically demanding profession in our country today.

          In pro wrestling there is a saying: You can fake a lot of things, but you can’t fake gravity.

      • If they are Gentile you assume that they are true believers or brainwashed. If they are an EDOMITE ie so-called Jew know this they are using them as Soldiers to exterminate Whites exterminate Christianity. After this is done the Mud races will die too. The planet of which the Jews quoted in the Catholic Gazette speak is Satans kingdom upon the earth, A place where Robotics gives them eternal life and robot slaves do their bidding. Transhumanist Hell. Ray Kurizwell a Jew is the Messiah of Transhumanism'nai-b'rith.pdf

          • The thing is you must call it by its right name it is not Judaism it is Babylonian Idolatry and they are not Israel for that matter they are the children of wicked Esau, Jacobs evil twin. We are the heirs of Jacob not them, which is why they are so hellbent on exterminating whites from the earth. Of course many of them have white skin from years of living amongst us true, Esau was Jacobs fraternal twin. The thing is until the White Man realizes whats up, he is dead meat. The Kingdom is the Church of Christ, Israel is in the Church.

          • Jacob was a trickster. I don’t think Esau was depicted as evil in the Bible. He was depicted as foolish. He allowed Jacob to trick him into giving up his birthright. This is Jewish mythology. As Europeans, it is best if we don’t concern ourselves with it, except to understand what makes Jews tick.

    • The Edomites aka so-called Jews have been driving it all along. Though Fr, John may disagree, I suggest everyone read this and make up their own minds. Catholic Gazette February 1936 THE JEWISH PERIL AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. It clearly deliniates that the entire Reformation was a Jewish plot to institute false religion.'nai-b'rith.pdf

  5. Having grown up in the South definitely made it impossible for me to buy into the equality propaganda Hollywood and the schools were pushing. Every day I was surrounded by evidence to the contrary. I was pretty blind to the Jewish problem until later since I didn’t grow up around Jews and this was before the Holocaust propaganda went into full gear. In fact, I don’t really remember hearing much about it back then. Boy have times changed.

    • I hear you. Up until the 8th grade where I changed schools the school I attended 1-7 was majority black. Even in the first grade I knew this was not going to work out. Blacks had a fascination with white hair and would always try to run their fingers through the hair of Caucasian females in elementary school. Also noticed black males seem to reach sexual awareness and maturity about two years before white males.

    • The closer one is to NEGROES the quicker one realizes it. I didnt grow up with any directly bc I am rural but our County Seat is about 20% Negro and probably 4% half-breeds. When I grew up 1980s IR couples were never if ever seen in the daylight hours that behavior went on once the sun went down if at all and halfbreeds were as uncommon as meteorites in the backyard. That changed after 1993, that year was when IR coupling suddenly became okay in public. The shift came after Rodney King and the Rap explosion of 1992. Then as now it is largely a behavior of White Trash whores and dope addicts.

  6. I’ll never forget the National Review piece in March which suggested that white working class communities are “morally indefensible” and “deserve to die.” Could you imagine a similar column about black communities with all their massive and well-known pathologies? Of course not.

    Then there is the Proposition Nation garbage. (Putting ideology over real human beings, history, culture, ethnicity reminds me of the “New Soviet Man.”) Of course, Israel is special and MUST have its national character retained even as ours is wrecked.

    I hate the word “conservative.”

  7. At the time I was gaining an interest in politics, Republicans were seen as the war on terror party and Democrats were seen as the affirmative action party (in actuality they’re both imperialist parties, but that’s another topic). I had conversed with people in both parties and realized that they were inflexible.

    The alt right seemed like a way to be with people who were against the wars and against people who want to marginalize White Males at the same time.

    However, I have since reasoned that the alt right is too simple minded and considers everything socialist/marxist/jewish. I’ve also struck a balance between believing race is real but still working with people regardless of ethnicity.

  8. I noticed thru out the decades that the Contard essayists never ask questions, this essay by HW you will notice that it asks questions and the reader is pulled in to think.
    You can read a million conservative essays and it might be a struggle to understand the abstract gibber, but you are never tasked to think outside of the box, “here is the box, understand what is in the box, not what is outside of the box.”

  9. I was born Fascist. I had a white-privileged upbringing, Roman Catholic training, years spent living in SoCal/London/NYC/South Africa, lots of international travel, a suspicion of authority and contempt for modern people, and a propensity to shoot my mouth off and provoke others. So, pretty much destined for the Alt-Right.

    • Come to think of it, I have a similar disposition, being the glorious Spaniard that I am. I never provoked anyone for no reason, but I always stood up for myself and never took it for granted than an authority figure was superior to me or infallible. The truth mattered more to me than fitting in, though my inability to live peacefully with liars or hypocrites has caused me much trouble in life.

  10. My feeling is the difference between conservative and alt. right is: conservative is mostly about ideas, concepts, alt. right is about people. For example conservatives are always obsessing over liberty and ‘freedom’, or some arcane idea about markets. And it matters not a bit if their ideas turn out to be right. A day trip to Detroit will show anybody all they need to know about open markets. Will the free traders admit they were wrong, hell no. Alt. right is concerned about their town, their family, not some bullshit concept that sounded really good in economics class. A lot of conservatives seem to not care at all about their own race or own country, just looking like they ‘care’. Al. right cares about their own people.

    • This may be true of what is derisively called Conservatism, Inc, and this is certainly true of many libertarians. However, there is another form of conservatism that I think does place people and place above abstract ideas. I think of Russel Kirk, the Southern Agrarians, or ,in a more contemporary context, some of the writings found in The American Conservative.

    • Yeah, who cares about being able to buy marginally cheaper stuff made in China or choose between 30 different yoghurt brands when your nation loses its social cohesion because of it.

      I gladly concede Austrian/Libertarian talking points because they are simply irrelevant when you look at the bigger picture.

      • I think we are also seeing an unholy marriage between propeller head geeks and bean counters, you know the people giving us robotics and driverless cars. All this is going to do, if implemented, is put a lot of people out of work. And what makes these people think there will never be a glitch or mall function, how many cars have been recalled in the last ten years? How many times have computers systems crashed?

        • Sure, and also we need to take into account that not everybody has the brains required for the “new economy”… the Industrial Revolution did away with a previous arragement but also opened a way in which former peasants would be reabsorbed… I don’t see that happening now, to be honest. There is a lot of talk about start-ups and entrepreneurship but it is equally delusional to pretend that your average joe can launch a high-tech business.

          I think that some sort of universal basic income will have to be instituted to keep unemployable people from revolting. The Germans have already their Hartz IV system, in which after being unemployed for a long time and having almost no assets you are entitled to a permanent government allowance. Here in Spain, with 20% unemployment, we still don’t have such thing but several “extraordinary” benefits have been created to deal with it, which become a de facto basic income.

      • There are a few very formidable thinkers associated with Austrian economics who are on the same page as the alt right on a number of issues. They include Hans Hermann Hoppe, the late Murray Rothbard, and ,to some extent, Lew Rockwell.

  11. Here is a classic. Lindsey Graham, Republican Senator from South Carolina, on the basis of the Trump campaign:

    “…economic populism, xenophobia, race-baiting and religious bigotry.”

    These charges are all over Conservatism, Inc as well as the Left. How is one to choose between R and D? Both are for open borders, both are for perpetual war.

    • “Xenophobia” simply means wanting to enforce immigration law and sensibly saying that we must be very careful to know what sort of Muslims we are bringing in before we let any more in. Lindsey Graham is happy to see innocent Muslims killed in the Syrian civil war he favors and then accuses Trump of religious bigotry. Lindsey Graham cannot defeat ISIS because he is allied with ISIS in wanting to take out Assad at all costs. Russia has shown that if you work with Assad and the Syrian army it is entirely possible to defeat ISIS.

  12. The only dividing line between mainstream conservatism and the alt-right that matters is whether someone is consciously pro-white. Some could argue that race-realism without pro-whiteness should also be included, but I don’t think race-realism alone helps our cause, except to the extent that it wakes up white people to the need to advocate for their group interests as whites.

    Rod Dreher’s interpretation is too condescending. He assumes that pro-whiteness is just a mistake, and that people stumble into this mistake as a result of their own particular unfortunate circumstances. Pro-whiteness is not a mistake. We want our race to survive. If this is going to happen, radical changes are needed.

  13. Hunter, so it’s your position that choosing the alt right over cuckservatism is a matter of adhering to race-realism? I don’t believe that for a second. The races could indeed be just as equal as “anti-racists” claim, and yet it’d still make more sense to be alt right than cuckservative.

    I also disagree with this:

    I concluded that it must be extremely difficult to be an anti-racist. In order to be an anti-racist, you have to ignore the evidence of your own senses. You have to ignore the relative accomplishments of the various races in science and technology. You have to ignore history. You have to find creative ways to dismiss the results of IQ tests and the persistence of racial differences in test scores in every school district in the country. You have to ignore facts like that being reproduced on an international scale.

    You don’t have to do all that. You just have to refuse to place any social or political significance on these differences. You could even allow that this refusal complicates life, but hold that it’s necessary to prevent race-realism being used as a weapon against blacks.

    • I am new to the term Alt-Right, but I also think it’s far more than race realism.

      Race realism is a mortal danger to the Democracy-Equality-Diversity state religion.

    • 1.) I’m describing the process by which someone typically becomes Alt-Right.

      2.) I have lots of objections to conservatism which really have nothing to do with race. For example, I don’t believe freedom and equality are THE measuring stick of what makes a good society. I also believe that we are sacrificing other goods – stability, community, two name two examples – by taking freedom and equality to greater and greater extremes.

      • I am reminded of something I read on the Internet (I don’t remember where.) It goes something like this:

        Want weak central government and local control? Want gun rights? Want to live in a society with strong religious values? What no abortion or gay marriage? Want low taxes?

        You’d love living in Afghanistan or the Northwest territory of

        You’d hate living in Scandinavia.

        No. Race or ethnicity, history, traditions, language and culture are the most important.

        • One only has to compare the GNP of the former West Germany and East Germany to see that economics and ideology does matter. A textbook case of two societies with the same racial matrix having tow widely divergent economies.One successful, one not.

          • Errr not so fast. This is one of my favourite examples to normies. East Germany was completely destroyed by the war and had to pay reparations to the Soviets, which promptly dismantled what little of value had remained. It never benefited from anything like the Marshall Plan as the West did, while losing plenty of qualified workers. And yet, a couple of decades after being created, it was by far the most advanced country in the Soviet bloc.

            I agree that economics matter, but you still sense the ethnic background.

            On a side note, from what I have read, Eastern European countries under Communism were quite fashy on racial and ethnic issues. From Wikipedia:

            “In addition, contact between guest-workers and East German citizens was extremely limited; guest-workers were usually restricted to their dormitory or an area of the city which Germans were not allowed to enter. Sexual relations with a German led to deportation.[18][19][20] Female Vertragsarbeiter were not allowed to become pregnant during their stay. If they did, they were forced to have an abortion.[21]”

            Coincidentally, today the former East Germany is also the most nationalistic part of the country.

            I say all of this because although it is clear that it sucks waiting lines for food and having little choice in general, we may end up arriving to a point where the supposed dreariness of communist life becomes preferable to the multicultural dystopia.

            If you are interested I recommend you this post about Belarus, which seems to be the closest thing to that in Europe today:


      • 1.) I’m describing the process by which someone typically becomes Alt-Right.

        Fair enough.

      • For example, I don’t believe freedom and equality are THE measuring stick of what makes a good society.

        Yes, you’re very keen to emphasize this. Imo, not only do you not place the highest importance on those values, I don’t think you attach any importance to them at all. They’re your bete noire. You have an unseemly enthusiasm for completely riding roughshod over them. I think this will lose you more support than it gains, in the long run.

  14. My proposed definition of Alt-Right:

    One is Alt-Right if one’s rightist politics are chiefly motivated by some form of anti-egalitarianism, AND one is at least less than comfortable with identifying one’s self with the incumbent categories of rightist politics.

    Meaning it’s an umbrella term that covers a lot of people, groups and ways of thinking; the umbrella is big enough such that not everyone underneath it agree with each other on everything. For instance, RooshV is Alt-Right, (gender and sex issues), Jared Taylor is Alt-Right, (race issues), under this definition, but this has not precluded the former from taking swipes at the latter. Also meaning that one should avoid the temptation to analyze the Alt-Right in terms of one of its constituent parts; don’t make any one a bigger deal within the Alt-Right than it is. As an example, #NRx is not a perfect drop-in synonym for Alt-Right, because while all #NRx is Alt-Right, not all Alt-Righters are #NRx, as not all Alt-Righters have totally given up on democratic republicanism. That’s an inward admonition as much as it is an outward; if you’re part of one of the Alt-Right’s many constituent parts, don’t think the Alt-Right is all about you and that anyone who is not part of your niche ideology isn’t Alt-Right.

    It also means that people who might have anti-egalitarian sympathies and propensities but whose rightist politics aren’t chiefly motivated by them, they are chiefly motivated by something else, do not fit into my definition of Alt-Right.

    • If the common thread isn’t pro-White, anti-White Genocide Alt Right is all for naught.

    • You don’t mention race. I don’t like it.

      I agree with BobWhittakerisokay, it’s got to be at least based on opposition to the anti-white status quo, and ideally rooted in concern for one’s own racial group (without necessarily opposing other races on principle, rather unlike traditional natioanlism), ie pro-white.

      Anti-egalitarianism should only derive from reality-acceptance – people are not and never will be ‘equal’ – rather than from a gleeful desire to cement other people beneath you, which is too often how anti-egalitarianism sounds to my ears when invoked by alt-righters.

      • Many issues we discuss are not of interest to youngsters (the average youngster in the West anyways). But the manosphere and its badboy/niceguy memes is something they can immediately relate to. Therein lies its potential as a gateway.

        Roosh sells a lot of oil sometimes, and plenty of articles at RoK are mediocre clickbait, but there are good pieces as well. He himself is no dummy either. I lamented the ruckus some months ago when the racial purists went berserk because some tongue-in-cheek message in Twitter.

        Don’t know, maybe I am biased. My first approach to the Alt-Right was a dude at The American Conservative who recommended “Sexual Utopia in Power” to me. It blew my mind and soon thereafter I started checking Radix,, etc

        • Being red-pilled on sexual matters; HBD; ‘Dark Enlightenment’, all these could be classified as Alt Right, I agree with that. On the other hand, precisely what the label designates is still up for grabs, and I think as racialists/pro-whites we’d fools not to take advantage of the moment and attempt to make opposition to anti-whitism a core Alt Right concept. There’s no intrinsic reason a non-white couldn’t oppose anti-whitism. I think the more a non-white agrees with the rest of the Alt Right value system (as outlined above) the more likely he is to reject the anti-white narrative. Such people can undoubtedly be allies. The tricky part will be to translate that support into support for racial separatist polices, which in the final estimate are the sine qua non of long-term racial existence. But I suppose we can always cross that bridge when we get to it.

      • Okay, let me back up.

        I don’t mention race not because I don’t want the Alt-Right to be a race-based or racialist movement. I don’t mention it because the way it is currently constituted and presents itself, it actually is not. My definition isn’t me wishing with my heart, it’s me observing and concluding with my brain.

        That the Alt-Right isn’t explicitly racial and isn’t such that the lack of white racialism isn’t a blocking bug…yes, it’s definitely an issue.

  15. My dear minions…

    The power of Jews derives from the bonding of their ethnicity, history, & territoriality with higher spirituality and sacredness.

    Just consider…

    Suppose there is an Irish Catholic. Suppose you were to ask him… “Are you Irishman first or Christian first?”

    If he is a patriot, he would be in a bind. If he says he is Irishman before Christian, he would be saying that his tribal/national loyalty trumps his loyalty to God. He would be saying his nation is more important than God, the Lord of all that is, as revealed by Jesus.

    But then, if he were to say his primary loyalty is to God of Christianity, it’d mean he would have to favor fellow Christians from all over the world over Irishmen who are atheist or agnostic. If he is Christian first, he should feel closer to an African Christian or Chinese Christian or Mexican Christian than with fellow Irishmen(especially if they are not Christian).

    Thus, there is a divide between one’s ethnic self and spiritual self for a Christian. To be a good Christian, one must favor foreign Christians over one’s own kinsmen, especially if they are not Christian.

    This problem simply doesn’t exist with Jews. To ask the question, “Are you Israeli first or Jew first?” is almost pointless. According to Jewish culture, God has a special covenant with the Jewish people. So, Jewish loyalty to God is inseparable from the idea of God’s loyalty to the Jews. Jews believe that God favors Jews above all other people or that God has a special mission for Jews.

    So, there is no divide between ethnic loyalty and spiritual loyalty among Jews. As an ethnic Jew, he identifies most with fellow Jew on the basis of blood and soil. As a spiritual Jew, he identifies with fellow Jews on the basis that God has a special love and destiny for Jews.

    This is why white folks must formulate a new religion that arrives at a special covenant between God(or some higher being) and the white race. White folks think the choices are only Christianity, atheism, neo-paganism, or converting to Reform Judaism.

    But there is another way. There can be a Covenantism for the white race. All it requires is the prophet who will make it happen. The seeker on the quest who receives the covenant between God and the white race.

    And then, whites will no longer face the Christian dilemma of choosing between ethnicity and spirituality. To be a good Christian, one has to favor universal love over ethnic loyalty.

    In contrast, to be a good Jew, one must favor Jews over gentiles since God Himself said Jews have a special destiny and must survive and carry on AS JEWS in accordance with the Covenant.

    White folks must find a way to bind ethnicity and spirituality into a single formula. It can be a blend of European paganism and monotheism. After all, even if there is only one God, who is to say He has a special mission and destiny ONLY for Jews. Jews came to believe such because they had the vision and imagination to make it so.

    Well then… it only takes vision and imagination to forge a similar covenant for white European folks. Who will play the role of prophet in this time when the white race is screaming for a new spiritual vision?

  16. “I grew up in one of the blackest parts of the country”

    Me and you must be neighbors, you from Louisiana bro?

  17. There is no Alt-Right. There is just American and Anti-American. When Motel Six Bush says he loves Mexicans and hates Americans because they are lazy, that’s Cuckservatism all over. Treason is the Reason Reagan didn’t get what we wanted. Its not left and right. Its right vs wrong, sane vs. insane, working society vs jew sewer. Lincoln’s Party doesn’t care about America, its as Anti-American pro-globulist garbage like the Jackasses. Its not Race vs Culture, its Nation vs. bullshit fantasy world that only exists in the deluded paranoid minds of the jews, the enemies of God and all that is Good. We have a Nation. We are God and Country. They are anything for a quick buck. They are souled out to Satan. We are right, and they are the trashheap of history. Our Lord is the Almighty God, and they bow to the almighty dollar. How much is it worth now? Is it even two cents?

  18. Face it, face up to it. Truth is racism is just White people taking their own side. There is no “xenophobia”, its a fake jew word like racism, anti-semitic or “White Privilege”. There is no such thing as xenophobia, it doesn’t exist. Keeping out foreigners and aliens is a necessary component of survival. Only Whites can be “xenophobic”. Like only Whites can be racist. The jew doesn’t want you to defend your interests because he is a chickenshit diseased greedy gollum you could kill easily.

  19. “If you are motivated by money and status and want to pursue a career in political journalism, the choices you make in life will take you somewhere like mainstream conservatism. On the other hand, if you are motivated by what you perceive to be the truth and attach much less value to money and status, you are more likely to end up on the Alt-Right.”
    Damn straight Hunter! I used to be a leftist but I just couldn’t stand their anti-White racism or their anti-American treason. But I could never bring myself to become conservative because of their money-grubbing and status-seeking. I shudder at what “choices” I would have had if Trump hadn’t emerged.

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