Cuckservatives: French/Searcy 2016

Bill Kristol was talking up David French of National Review running as his possible independent cuckservative candidate on Friday. I thought it was a big joke, but apparently he was serious about this trial balloon:

“Washington (CNN)Bill Kristol’s white knight independent presidential candidate is a fellow conservative writer with no national name recognition: David French.

Kristol, the editor of The Weekly Standard magazine and a leader of the conservative movement to find an alternative to likely major-party nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, confirmed to CNN Special Correspondent Jamie Gangel on Tuesday that the search has zeroed in on French.

Kristol’s focus on French was first reported by Bloomberg Politics. …”

There was a swift reaction on Twitter to Cuck French’s candidacy:

All the #NeverTrump cuckservative pundits will now be honor bound to drink and pass around the #FrenchRevolution Kool-Aid. It is extremely unlikely that David French will qualify for the debates or garner even 1 percent of the vote in November. And so, #TruConservatism will die with a whimper.

Note: The only way this can possibly get any better is David French tapping Nick Searcy for VP.

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  1. Well, hopefully he will only siphon 1% or so from Trump, but there’s a danger he could siphon enough votes to give it to Hillary, or they could at some point get Hillary out and the cuck would get all her votes plus the cuck votes. Time will tell. I can’t help but root for Trump bc he’s a huge step in the right direction, but a Hillary presidency sure would make secession a lot easier.

    Remember parties united to beat FN, and they would probably do the same here.

    • Oh, come on! Look, I’m not predicting a Trump win. Due to demographics and too many people wanting free crap, I think a Trump win is very unlikely. I hope I’m wrong. That being said, if Trump loses, it won’t be because of cuckservative French.

    • I tend to think a Trump presidency will make secession more likely and perhaps even unnecessary. Look at how unhinged the establishment media and political elites are becoming at the possibility of Trump being elected. In some cases they are actively encouraging protesters and leftist groups to engage in civil disobedience and conflict with Trump supporters. Can you imagine a scenario where leftist groups engage the authorities in violence when the border wall begins to be built or when INS deports illegals? Trump seems to make them emotionally unstable and prone to rash actions.

      • It would take a miracle for secession to occur in our lifetime. What Trump will do is at least keep the South White.

        If the commie Dems get their way you can bet on the South being majority Mexican within a generation. Don’t believe me, look at Southern California that was a White area just 30 years ago. There is a demographic tipping point and another Presidency that favors open borders will create massive damage in the South.

        The South is already filled to the rim with niggers, throw some Mexicans in there and Whites are outnumbered. Probably easier to turn the South than it would be to turn the Mid West and North West as their populations are more White – much less niggers.

        • Future events have a way of surprising us. I’m not holding my breath for it but it is very possible for South to secede in our lifetimes. Look how fast the Soviet Union collapsed! If Hillary wins, our military will get a lot weaker fast, the US will go further in debt faster, and many ppl will be mobilized to secede with no additional effort from us. Plus Hillary would be a much weaker president than Lincoln.

          • “… possible for the South to secede…”

            And then what? How many millions and millions of blacks in the South will be very, very unhappy about that and will show their displeasure in very unpleasant ways…
            It won’t happen.

          • The tagline for Occidental Dissent is “Pro-White, Pro-South, Pro-Independence.” My sentiments and my posts fall squarely in line with that standard. Are you sure you’re on the right blog?

        • When Gorbatchev took the office in 1985, we thought too that we don,t see the end in our lifetime. Young and powerful leader, reforms….6 years later came the end of USSR and there were lot of seccessions.
          And demograpics can turned back. Too much fatalism in western nationalism. Probably because of west don,t have invasion history. East Europe kicked out invaders numerous time. Are those blacks and mexicans some kind of superhumans so no army can,t fight with them ?

      • I suspect most who self ID as Libertarian actually come from the kooky left. Many would probably better be described as libertines, but just jump on libertarian wagon bc it sounds cool and it’s an organized party.

          • I’d consider legalizing/licensing some drugs, prostitution in exchange for sterilization. It would stop a lot of hoodlums from reproducing. Not something I believe in as a core value though, just something that may or may not prove feasible.
            Free trade has it’s good and bad points. Incompatible with high min wage, which I don’t believe in.

    • ‘Well, hopefully he will only siphon 1% or so from Trump, but there’s a danger he could siphon enough votes to give it to Hillary’

      George Bush barely won the election that was hanging by a few chads.

      A 3rd party candidate could easily derail Trump if he doesn’t get a high percentage of whites to vote for him.

      • Yep. But I think the greatest danger is a 3 way with Hillary, cuckservative, Trump where Hillary drops out thus giving the election to establishment cuck.

  2. Trump landslide 2016.

    Never thought I’d live to see the Jews upended in US politics. This French ain’t gonna make a dent anywhere and HC is gonna go down in a sort of reverse Goldwater. Trump is that popular. And it increases with his every swipe at the regime.

    What do you do with a country that’s unraveled? Why, separate.

  3. Kristol is hoping to subtract a point or two from Trump in this or that toss-up state…say, Florida. And so slip fellow Zionist warmonger Clinton into the WH. Might work. And might not even be necessary. Unless the Sanders thing really explodes @ the Demoncrat convention, I’d expect Mrs. Clinton to bump back up to a 5-7 point national lead over Trump once she gets the nomination

  4. What better proof that you are not a racist than adopting a nigger baby? Has Trump adopted a nigger baby?? French is in the fight to prove to the weak minded Trump is a racist. This kind of tactic can only come from a filthy disgusting Jew like Kristol.

    • You wouldn’t even need the token-in-tow accessory to come to the conclusion that he is Super Cuck. There’s no mistaking that face. He’s a Cuck, a bisexual Cuck beyond any shadow of doubt.

    • Raising someone else’s non White child and defending someone else’s non White borders.

  5. As of June 1, 2016, I am still sticking with my prediction that Trump will win the nomination, but narrowly lose the general election to Hillary because of the 1/3 to 1/2 of White Northerners who sunk Romney last time.

    The fate of the country will hinge on a sliver of the White population in the Rust Belt.

    • There’s still a very large percentage of people that either won’t vote out of contempt for all candidates involved or don’t vote simply because they’ve never been persuaded to use their microscopic, fractional leverage to affect the political process. Many of those people can still be persuaded.

    • Romney proved that a cuckservative can’t win. IMO, Trump will do what Reagan did and the “Renegades” (if it even comes to pass) will do worse than John Anderson did against Reagan.

      • Trump lost Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio and Minnesota. That’s not a good sign. If he can win Ohio and Pennsylvania, Michigan, or New Jersey, he could pull it off.

    • The AFLCIO will not be able to stop the building trades, and what’s left of the industrial unions from voting for Trump. The Judeo-communist-socialist unions like the SEIU and AFSCME will actively support Hillary.

      People like Richie Trumka have no cred with anyone except the radical left of the union movement.

  6. Concern trolling would be far more effective then the usual moronic “nigger” this or “kike” that but that is the price of a democratic egalitarian system.
    It must be a sad pathetic life to be nothing but a shrieker as the world closes in on you and the intellectuals you rely upon have simply no idea on how to delegitimize the authority doing the crushing.
    And that is why we end up with David French for president and stuck in the backwaters of the internet.
    David French & Company need to come out 110% against White Identity Politics, that will teach us.

  7. Violent thrashing, uncontrollable convulsions, gasping with theatrical expression and grasping at anything that will keep it afloat, all while pulling everything down around it that it touches. This is what happens when you slowly drown a Cuck and deplete its oxygen supply.

    I find the sights and sounds strangely soothing and reassuring. If it was a song, I could dance to it and fall asleep to it.

  8. David French said that White middle class Americans deserve to disappear.
    Betraying ones own race and culture for greed and power – disgusting. In WW II many Jews worked for the Third Reich and betrayed their own. The fake conservatives who really are globalist communists betray their own race, and their countries.

  9. This graph is illustrative of the race:

    It orders the states by the margin of victory of Obama in 2012, and shows how much the gap narrowed from 2008.

    Trump will almost certainly narrow the 5 million vote gap from Romney, as Romney narrowed the 10 million gap from McCain. But will it be enough?

    Which states on the border line can we give to Trump?
    0. 2012 Baseline 332 – 206
    1. Florida 303 – 235
    2. Ohio 285-253
    I feel good about those two. Now do we dare give him Virginia? That’s a tough sell, but maybe.
    3. Virginia 272-266
    Can Trump win Pennsylvania? If he does, it’s all over.
    4. 252-286
    We can even give back Virginia, which is essentially a dormitory for Federal workers.

    I’m not counting Trump out just yet, but this is why it is hard to predict: since Trump and Hillary are both so polarizing, either one (or both) could collapse before November. We could have an economic or foreign policy Black Swan.

    If Islamic Fundamentalists wanted to put Trump in the White House, they certainly could.

  10. Folks…

    There is a strange puritanism at the core of Libertarianism. Some of its biggest adherents are actually uptight and sober men & women who aren’t given to self-indulgence and wild hedonism. Indeed, they seem more enthralled with the Stick aspect than the Carrot aspect of Libertarianism. They figure that vice and self-indulgence will be balanced out by the hard lessons of experience.

    So, Libertarianism is paradoxical in championing total freedom and total pleasure in the conviction that those who indulge in such excesses will get a good spanking from reality and be sobered into responsibility. Young people have shown support for Ron Paul as a champion of fun and pleasure, but Paul’s defense of Libertarianism has always been more about the stick that controls the penchant for fun and pleasure. Personally, he hasn’t been a self-indulgent reveler in drugs and sex.

    So, why does he champion the freedom to indulge in such things? Because he feels that total freedom will correct and balance itself out AS LONG AS the government doesn’t step in to bail out the crazy loons.

    In this sense, the Rightist Libertarians or Stick-Libertarians are more responsible and consistent than Leftist Libertarians or Carrot-Libertarians. The former values the Stick aspect of Libertarianism. It champions individual freedom to indulge in all sorts of behavior on the premise that individuals will be sobered into sanity when excess leads to loss and pain.

    In contrast, Leftist Libertarians want to have the cake and eat it too. They demand the freedom of excessive indulgence — the carrots of life — , but they don’t think individuals should ever be held accountable or shoulder the burden for the problems they cause. This Woodstock Libertarianism or Carrot-Libertarianism[of Bernie Sanders supporters who demand that Society pay for everything they indulge in and fix the problems that they cause] says individuals have the right to wallow in pleasure and excess, but if things go wrong as the result of such trashy behavior, it is up to Society and Government to repair things, clean up the mess, and fix problems. So, let people use all kinds of drugs and then have the government offer treatment. Let hippies mess up Woodstock and then have OTHER people clean up the mess. Let young women have wild sex, get pregnant, and then demand government to pay for their welfare and well-being. Let black kids sing rap, run around crazy, and act like louts… but have government fix the mess of urban degeneracy.

    Needless to say, Stick-Libertarianism, with roots in hard Cowboy ethos, makes more sense than Carrot-Libertarianism. It’s like the ants vs grasshoppers. But even Stick-Libertarianism fails to understand that certain addictions rob people of their freedom and power of reason. Once people become addicted to something like meth or gambling, they cannot control themselves even when they know it is destroying them. Humans are rational beings but also sensual beings, and certain vices are so pleasurable and addictive than once people revel in them, many individuals cannot wrest themselves from the addiction.

    Libertarians make such a big fuss about individuality and reason, but what good is reason when so many people are turned into sensual addicts to wanton pleasure that make them surrender the power of reason? Reason is about restraint and critique. How can reason prevail among some people who are prone to addiction to wanton pleasure that tells them to ABANDON EVERYTHING FOR MAMMON?

  11. It’s going to be quite a wild ride.

    Trump should quietly fund a socialist firebrand who will attack and savage Clinton from the left. Gore was smoked because Nader ran for example. 8 years of HNIC should provoke a classical Marxist candidacy where single payer and peace are paramount.

    Nader, Bradley etc.

    • Third parties will play no role in this election: this is a Manichaean light against darkness election.

      The only question is whether the white base of the GOP is motivated to come out for a credible candidate, and whether the single mother – non-white base of the Democrats is motivated to come out for Clinton.

      If the white base has been activated enough by the boldness and swiftness of white genocide, Trump will win. Then the browns riot provoking a war which could end decisively in our favor.

      If Trump cannot win, then we use the electoral results as the Partition boundary of the United States, as we will forever more be an electoral and an actual minority in this land. We aren’t going down without a fight, that’s for damn sure.

  12. I’m not an expert political strategist but isn’t name recognition a key element for running for office? Do you think Trump could have won if he were a no name? I’m willing to bet that 99% of the people in this country haven’t even heard of David French.

  13. Cucks of a feather.

    Russell Moore ?@drmoore May 31

    Whatever the politics, I’m grateful for the courageous religious freedom and pro-adoption work of @DavidAFrench and @NancyAFrench.

  14. These people cannot be serious can they? The sick thing is I think they actually are

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