Gary Johnson Libertarian Loon Says Trump is…. RACIST!

Libertarian True Believer - Rainbow Nation.... Plus Mass Muslim Immigration

We’ve introduced OD readers to Wilmot Robertson’s brilliant analysis of America’s political and cultural racial wars (the Dispossessed Majority) listing 5 types of White American traitors:

1) Pussyfooters (most common)
2) Gracchites (rich elitists championing the NW masses)
3) Trucklers (lower class Whites going with the NW flow for wealth and power)
4) Old Believers/True Believers (spreading THE TRUTH to bring peace and prosperity to the entire world!)
5) Proditors (violently obsessed with destroying their/our own people)

Today we will focus on #4 – the True Believer, in this case the Libertarian True Believer Gary Johnson. In case you haven’t heard, or like 98% of Americans – you just don’t care – former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is once again the Libertarian Party’s candidate for President of the United States.

Johnson’s strategy to defeat Donald Trump is to yes, smear Trump as a terrible…..


Source Alex Jones Info Wars (Link)

Occidental Dissent readers should suspect that a Libertarian true believer like Gary Johnson would have crazy, treasonous views on immigration – and his Playboy Magazine interview confirms – Johnson is an immigration loony!

Open the border; flood of Mexicans would become taxpayers

Q: What is your view of the immigration issue?
A: Hispanics who immigrate care about their families like other Americans care about their families. They’re living in poverty in Mexico and can come to the US and do a lot better.

Q: By–according to some–taking away jobs.
A: They work the lowest-paying jobs. And they are taking jobs that other Americans don’t necessarily want. They’re hardworking people who are taking jobs that others don’t want. That’s the reality.

Q: Would you open the borders and make it easier to immigrate legally?
A: My vision of the border with Mexico is that a truck from the United States going into Mexico and a truck coming from Mexico into the United States will pass each other at the border going 60 miles an hour. Yes, we should have open borders.

Q: Many Americans fear the flood of immigrants that would follow.
A: They would become taxpayers. They’re just pursuing dreams—the same dreams we all have. They work hard. What’s wrong with that?

Source: David Sheff interview in Playboy Magazine , Jan 1, 2001

What a $*&%*#(@#*!

Since True Believer Gary Johnson has renounced all cultural and racial loyalty to our White, Anglo American people, he assumes that the invading millions of low IQ, unskilled Mestizo Mexicans will do the same, instead of promoting the power of their group, LaRaza – block voting to elect a Mexican like Antonio Villaraigosa mayor of Los Angeles.

True Believers differ from Old Believers in that they aren’t trying to turn back the clock and restore some fallen White American world of the past. Most Libertarian True Believers are supportive of the cultural/social changes of the 1960s and they don’t want to restore the 1950s, bring back Christian patriarchy, much less racial segregation. How do we deal with Libertarian True Believers? Don’t waste your time trying to argue or use reason with these types – as they insist they have a monopoly on reason (Libertarian REASON Magazine). Instead, it’s just best to ignore them – DON’T FEED THE LIBERTARIANS, certainly don’t let them come in to your home or THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE. It’s best to let Nature take its course with these types – with some luck, they’ll get caught on the same airplane with some Islamic Jihadist, or die in an automobile crash with some DUI Mestizo immigrants.


    • There is a small coterie of libertarians who are immigration restrictionists and even race realists. The most prominent are Hans Hermann Hoppe, Lew Rockwell, and the late Murray Rothbard. Hubert Collins wrote a most interesting article about Rothbard for Radix a few months ago.

      • “There is a small coterie of libertarians who are immigration restrictionists and even race realists….the late Murray Rothbard. ”

        I respond:

        Yeah, but that sort of sums up the pathetic state of sane, Libertarian immigration restrictionists when you have to include a dead guy in your top 3 list.


      • Lew Rockwell was publishing pro immigration , anti nationalist screeds ten years ago. I haven’t been to LRC in a long time but I would be surprised if he had pulled a 180 on that issue. The whole Austrian crowd went way far left during the Bush Era which ,they incorrectly viewed as spooky nationalism making a comeback rather than the neocon promoted jingoism that it actually was.

        • Back in November, Rockwell authored an article titled “Open Borders are an Assault on Private Property”. The piece is available at

          i don’t think the entire Austrian community has gone left. That certainly isn’t true of Tom Woods, Jeff Deist,and Thomas Dilorenzo. And the group Libertarians for Trump was started by the Austrian Walter Block (I’ve heard there membership would be able to fit inside a phone booth, if only phone booths still existed).

          • The problem is that while everything you say is true, they are also exceptions which prove the rule.

            There’s nothing more officially libertarian than the Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees of the Libertarian Party, and as you can read here, one’s a lunatic and the other’s a bigger lunatic on immigration.

          • I probably should have qualified my statement by saying that libertarians who are skeptical towards immigration and sympathetic to race realism have all found places to hang their hats independent of the Libertarian Party. You might want to check out the Mises Institute and the Freedom and Property Society.

          • I take a lot of criticism for being soft and tolerant of certain Jewish people who I feel are decent solid folks. The reality is that the American Jewish media elite, financial elite and academic elite is overwhelmingly hostile to all things tradional White British/Southern American.

            It is reality that the Hollywoof Left is extremely Jewish and produces $&@&$ anti White hate porn like Inglorious Bastards and D Jango Unchained, the likes of the Weinstein Brothers enjoy rubbing our noses in dog &$&@ opening up these hate porn films on Christmas Day.

            I have been arguing for a long time that the small Libertarian, Constitutionalist cult is basically the same in regards to Black crime, Black dysfunctions and as bad as it can be on immigration.

            Libertarian Ron Paul and Rand Paul supporters, enablers simply lie or are in denial that their guys aren t flat out traitors on immigration, traitors on race realism particularly on realism regarding the worst Islam.

            My god, there was even a senior Stormfront moderator Jamie Kelso who insisted against overwhelming evidence that Ron Paul and Rand Paul were on our side even as Ron and Rand Paul was proclaiming the ugliest, nastiest Afro Arab Al Qaeda terrorist leader in Yemen was a full Us Citizen like us because of birth right citizenship and we had to be all paranoid about the US military assassinating us with drones like they did the terrorist leader in Yemen.

            My point is that American Libertarianism as morphed in to a race denying, culture denying cult with cult leaders who don t have to work and cult slaves who are not allowed to leave the cult or even question the cult.

            I m telling White Americans in the Libertarian cult to do just that, leave the cult. There is no way to reform this cult.

            We can think and live as lone individuals as our entire people, civilization is under attack threatened with genocide the same as what happened to Whites in Haiti, Algeria, Rhodesia, Memphis TN or the West side of Chicago.

            We must think and act as “we” not me, me, me.

            This will entail personally punishing these Libertarian traitors like Gary Jihnson and William Weld and the top folks at Reason Magazine. It must become reality that their treason causes them personal pain, their friends and family shun them.

            What are you doing to make this reality.

      • The people whom I referring getting red-pilled cease being libertarians. They are nationalists.

        • Are the two mutually exclusive? Presumably someone could believe in both innate group differences and strong borders, while not ceasing to favor free markets, social tolerance, and a non interventionist foreign policy.

          • Yeah, but “in theory” the Zimbabwe $ could be as solid as the Swiss Franc

            also “in theory” Mike Tyson might be a good manager of his finances.


            “In theory” National Public Radio, the Washington Post, the New York Daily News might tell the truth more than once a month.


            The reality is that we don’t live in theory, we live in the real world and have to try to make the best of things in this fallen world.

          • G.K. Chesterton once wrote that the Fall of Man is one of the only doctrines that can be proven on a daily basis just by reading a newspaper (or in our day and age, going online). So I certainly agree that we live in a fallen world.

            The point I was trying to make was that people can embrace race realism without giving up their previous political worldview. I don’t think there is anything within race realism that is inherently incompatible with conservatism, liberalism, libertarianism, or social democracy. And adherents of all these ideologies will find their wants and desires best full filled in a Eurocentric setting.

          • “The point I was trying to make was that people can embrace race realism without giving up their previous political worldview”

            I respond:

            I think they are going to have to give up a lot of their previous political/economic world view ~ 90% race realism/cultural realism and then the remaining 10% can be for things like more market economics within a stable, racial/cultural communities/nations.

            But #*$#*@ Libertarian loons/traitors like Gary Johnson, William Weld, Ron Paul and Rand Paul – these types need to be treated like puppies who poop in the family home, they need to have their noses rubbed in the poop.

          • We have to ‘reflect our diversity.’ After sixty years of federally mandated FORCED compliance to a totally ‘skewed’ demographic misrepresentation, perhaps with Trump we’ll actually have HONEST representation of the MAJORITY FOUNDING STOCK once more.

  1. I can see the fall campaign now.

    Clinton’s bunch has already announced that they will run on inequality and racism.

    Johnson has joined in on racism.

    French will certainly do the same, trotting out “his” kids.

    How pathetic.

    • Trump doesn’t care about black people. He’s not dogwhistled about them at all.

      He’d do well to ignore them.

  2. Sorry to say Gavin McInnes had the editor of Libertarian Reason Magazine on today promoting the viability of Libertarian Loon Garry Johnson making a big break through.

    Gavin is trying so hard to not get some mainstream traction, not be White nationalist that he bends over backwards to have talk to these idiots.

    • Mr McGinnis has brown sons. It is very unusual for a father to fight against his children’s interest.

    • Gavin McInnes is only useful as long as he pushes some of our viewpoints. White Nationalists need to cultivate the USEFUL IDIOTS. We will have them putting out our viewpoints while not knowing theyre doing it. Even Alex Jones has recently done so. Use the Useful idiot.

  3. Can some OD readers wade in there and share their opinion on which was a more pathetic crying performance?

    Libertarian Loon Gary Johnson crying that Donald Trump is RACIST

    Or the gay Britney Spears fan crying that no one understand the troubles Britney Speers has gone through

  4. Gary Johnson will get less votes and a lower percentage this year than in 2012.

    Many of his votes from the previous cycle were Ron Paul – Infowars types that had no incentive to vote for a globalist like Romney. En masse they have come over to white preservationism, dragging Alex Jones with them. See also Stefan Molyneaux, former Libertarian cum “western” preservationist.

    Liberty is a gift from white soldiers. There has NEVER been organic liberty in a non-white society.

    • OH THAT KID WHO FELL INTO THE GORILLA CAGE WAS A NIGLET! I didn’t know that, no wonder so many people are so upset, Gorillas are rare million dollar animals, Niglets are a dime a dozen and completely worthless. Subconsciously all those people complaining know this too. That also explains how parents could be so irresponsible to let this happen. Some big fat mammie was probably off munching on chips while messing with her prepaid crackphone. A real life version of the bimbo at Niagara Falls in Superman II who let’s her kid fall over the edge. Helicopter parents never would have let this happen.

    • Thanks QD.

      You always seem to have the best links, the best straight forward view of things.

      I wish we could meet.

      Why didn’t you come to Amren conference this May in TN?

  5. The Nation Wrecking HEEBS of the Renegade Party – open Jew subversion – are literally bragging that THEY will NOT allow Donald Trump to make American great again,





  6. “Racist” labeling is losing its sting. The day is coming when they can scream it until they’re blue in the face and no one is going to give a damn.

    • It IS already past. When someone says, ‘YOU’RE A RACIST!’ just look back at them, and say, either ‘And so are you!’ or ‘Yeah, so, everybody’s a racist’ and then list off the fact that 98% of Blacks voted for the Obamanation, including Sup. Just Clarence Thomas.

      It’s done. Put a fork in it.

      “I never owned slaves; you never picked cotton.”

  7. Afraid to say this huge PR push for Libertarians for President plays out of the script of the Protocols – all of the political options presented are false and against us:

    Which would you rather have…..

    Hilary – BlackLiesMatter, Laraza, mass Muslim migrations, Neo Con wars, Affirmative action, hard porn everywhere but Christmas carols banned or…..

    Libertarianism – anything goes, vouchers for the worst Black hood rats to attend White private schools, complete open borders immigration for the entire populations of Mexico, Central America, Haiti and Pakistan to move to the USA and it’s all supposedly good for us.

    Anybody who objects to these two choice and wants leaders like Donald Trump is A RACIST who wants to murder 6 million Jews and well a smaller number of Muslims and Mexicans.

  8. David Cole (Takimag one of my favorite writers) had a good article working on Conservative, GOP politics in West LA area Lib Left Democrat monopolized place.

    David Cole noted that the local GOP officials often weren’t trying to win, instead they were trying to lose for various other motives.

    In this case, the push for Libertarian Presidential candidates is also designed to lose so what are the motives:

    1) To promote their Libertarian – free market religion?

    2) To stop Donald Trump

    3) To stop the growth of the Alt Right, race realism movement

    4) To justify their own jobs, existence

    5) All of the above

    I have to go with #5 – all of the above.

    Race realism even in the well dressed, cleaned up, up town Amren version that doesn’t “Name the Jew”, is fair to decent non Whites like Asians, Mexican identitarians, Tibetans that want to remain Tibetans, Gays are ok

    – this pro White race realism is a religious heresy to these Libertarians, which include or were led by disproportionate numbers of ethnic Jewish people. In this world pro White, race realism in any format is the religion of the Devil, it’s Hitler.

    Forget about the Ayn Rand slogan “The Voice of Reason” – in this Libertarian cult reason is completely out the window when people like Donald Trump start noting racial/cultural realities, separating communities between

    Us and them

    So what do we do with these Libertarians?

    Best to ignore them – like Jehovah’s Witnesses ringing our doorbells.

    Best to ignore them – like global warming idiots doing a protest in Chicago in late January when it’s -20 F

    Best to ignore them – like it’s pretty blond CBS reporters gushing about how wonderful the Arab Spring protests are shortly before she gets raped.

    Best to ignore them – PC Gay Multi cult Antifa welcoming Muslim migrants shortly before the migrants throw gay people off the roof.

    Best to ignore them or better yet helped to position them so that the Eternal laws of nature happen a bit sooner than otherwise.

    Always remember to keep a good sense of humor and a stiff upper lip.

  9. If you want to make hay while the sun shines, push the story that the allegedly 6 ft tall white shooter at UCLA is Mainak Sarkar, a VERY brown Bengali, possibly Muslim. The victim is white appearing Dr. Klug, a professor and family man. It was a workplace dispute.

    They buried the story as quickly as possible, not even using it to talk about disarming whites, it is to our advantage to spread it with the added lesson of media mind control.

  10. Nationalism > Conservatism and its faux nostalgia, smug moral superiority, and tip-toeing, sycophantic complacency

    Nationalism > Liberalism and its incessant racial debasement and never-ending hollow platitudes and mantras

    Nationalism > Libertarianism and its insane devotion to “freedom” and borderless societies

    Now is the Time to forcefully push Nationalism as a remedy to the sickness and plague that these vermin represent. Territorial[Geographical] Nationalism is one small step away from Territorial[Racial] Nationalism.

  11. Isn’t there an inverse correlation in the amount of illegal drugs the supporters of a particular party consume and their support for building a wall and stopping illegal entry into this country?

    • Agreed and well said.

      I honestly believe the worst of the Libertarian Constitutionalist Ron Paul Cult WANTS to lose.

      They go out of their way to insult different groups of (White) voters like running in the Florida GOP primary promising to end Social Security for old people in Florida, using the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 Muslim terrorist slaughter of our people to lecture New York area people that we deserved it for our ME policy insulting Saudi Arabia, the Palestinians etc.

      Working class union works detest anything goes Capitalism, Libertarianism and these Libertarian true believers keep forcing down, down down, losing then adding the hated policy of open borders immigration from the third world.

      Yep – too many of these Libertarian loons like to lose.

  12. There is literally nothing sadder than a White guy playing the race card. The Paul Libertoons do it too. Old man and sad cuck son, both a hootin’ and a hollerin’ about Marchin’ Lootin’ Kang. There is a special place in Hell for traitors.
    Love your race. Outside of your family they are literally all you have behind you and on your side in this world. Jump into the Lake of Fire, traitors. Choke on your thirty pieces of silver.

  13. Johnson is a rank TRAITOR. The Libertarian platform wants to “eliminate all restrictions on immigration”.No rational White person can be a Libertarian.

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