Hillary’s Foreign Policy Speech Electrifies Neocons

Hillary is throwing out hunks of red meat for disaffected neocons in her foreign policy speech. She is telling them come on in, join the Democratic Party, the water is warm. The pundits are already on television saying her foreign policy speech is indistinguishable from a ¡Jeb! speech or Rubio’s stump speech.

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  1. They don’t call John Podhoretz “John Normanson” for no reason. Jews and more Jews, the core of neoconservatism. I laughed really hard at the “honor of John McCain” tweet.

    • NeoConservatism or NeoCohenism was born out of the Trotskyite Movement. When Trotksy’s followers realized that Stalin had expelled them from power they fled to the USA and there they posed as Conservatives to direct Conservatism toward the Communist direction that they desired. This is all based in Communism.

      • Communism is simply Judaism without a Central State to flee to. The Zionists can flood and destroy our nations in the manner that they are because they have Nuclear Israel to fall back on. The Bolsheviks followed Karl Marx and the Zionists Theodore Hertzl.

        • Thats basically the long and the short of it. The Zionists dont particularly like the Bolsheviks funding Arabs which they did but a few dead Jews is nothing in the game of world domination. Of course when you realize that the Jews are imposters and are really EDOMITES it all makes sense.

  2. Good. Now maybe all the neocons will return to the leftist party where they belong and let us be.

    On foreign policy it is the Uniparty/War Party vs Trump.

  3. Now I know what finally happened to the wicked witch of the east, she went into hiding, had plastic surgery, and finally married an ambitious degenerate peckerwood from Arkansas.

  4. It should be obvious to all by now that the Neocohens and Cuckservatives really care more about Israel and it’s security than the USA.

    • It’s not he USA it’s the JewSA. Owned, Operated and controlled by the Jews with their Gentile front for the masses. The Centralized Progressive system set up by the Northern Wasps was hijacked by the Jews fully after WWII. The Democratic party now pushes the Jewish agenda as fast as possible (White Genocide) with the Republicans keeping the White masses at bay, slowly transitioning Whites living in the US to our own extinction. That was what our fathers and Grandfathers fought for in WWII. Trump is challenging our White Genocide and looks like he will tear this whole system down and that is what has them all so scared that they’re running to the Democratic Party. Jews are a paranoid and Xenophobic people. They’re afraid and paranoid about the next revolt against them that they cause.

  5. Ragnarok is here. At least we have a fall back position if Trump falls short: Partition.

  6. It’s odd to see how a 68 year old woman is able to moisten the panties of a bunch of neocon men.

  7. And the Neo-Cohens prove (once again, forever) that blood is thicker than water. Just like some on this forum have proved, time and again, by THEIR posts.

  8. If your heart is in Israel your butt should be in Israel. Kristol’s “Renegade” party may well take more votes away from Hildebeast than Trump.

  9. Being the ‘Warmonger for Jews’ candidate is obviously the way to get elected in Israel’s poodle state, the pathetic crippled and all-but-finished USA. The American people have been sucked dry by their resident occupying parasite.

  10. “Hillary’s Foreign Policy Speech Electrifies Neocons”

    Which is hysterically funny because she didn’t really lay out a foreign policy platform. She just ranted about Trump!

    “If you don’t think this is a good speech, you’re coming at it with predetermined views.”
    😮 AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WTF! My GOD I didn’t realize the perfidy of the neocons until now! Thank God for Trump!

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