Trump Supporters Mobbed, Spit On, Cornered, Assaulted In San Jose

So this is going down tonight at the Trump rally in San Jose, California:

The dude getting knocked out by a mob carrying the Mexican flag – while the American flag is being burned in the background, and women are being spit on – really says it all. Hell, even pregnant women are being attacked and knocked to the ground!

I love this video of “Make California Mexico Again.” It really shows you where these people are coming from.

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  1. Mexicans are nuts. There is no other explanation. They should be sent back. What gives them the right to come to the #USA and protest and riot?

  2. Notice that the GOPe has remained silent on the assaults committed by orcs against whites?

    They could have gleaned a lot of support and publicity from the situation but chose to to remain mute because it would have helped Trump.

    However, they are in a tizzy over Trump’s criticism of the La Raza beaner judge.


    • It should be noted that the 1 extra dark and 2 not-so-White anti-Whites were charged with the more violent crime of assault with a deadly weapon. The White looking, blue-haired, anti-White queer was charged with failure to comply with police orders.

      Mirrors society perfectly, I think.

  3. The usual shtick with these protest protests (no typo), is that photos are taken that show next to nothing, are put online with photos that show nothing at all, and then the tweets start, claiming that they “show” whatevertheheck the tweet says they show… which (again) is nothing at all.

    It is WHO YOU LISTEN TO that “determines” (in your mind) who did what to whom.

    So, right here and right now, you have NOTHING AT ALL to tell US what YOU are “seeing” in those photos. For instance, no pictures of flags being burned. No spitting. No one being “beaten up.” Next to no blood, and for sure no reason to think that one party or the other did bloody things.

    And that is strange in itself, isn’t it? HOW many phones-with-cameras are being used in these protests, by both sides? And HOW many times are those eager shutter-clickers somehow “missing” what they say they saw?

    FAR too many. To me, that indicates that any photos that might actually prove those accusation, were in fact never taken, and considering the wall-to-wall cameras on the scene, THAT indicates that those events NEVER HAPPENED.

    If they HAD, there WOULD be photos to prove it.

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