Mohammad Ali 1942 – 2016

Mohammad Ali – the greatest boxer in history has passed away. Ali had great charisma, intelligence (though he didn’t learn to read until late in life) – he was the most widely recognized man in the world. My mother met him at a Nation of Islam outreach to the neighborhood party – Ali was very charming. Howard Cosell and my parents were the only White people at the party.

Like the great Donald Trump – Ali always shot from the lip and told things as he saw them and this often included very honest, politically incorrect views on race.

Here’s an interview Ali gave with a pompous PC Englishman at the BBC – “the Beeb”. Ali states the truth that racial miscegenation is wrong, completely violates the laws of nature and any White parent that says he wants his daughter or son to mate with Blacks to have kinky haired brown grandchildren is crazy or a liar.

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Mohammad Ali – Frank Views on Race (Link)

There will never be another like Mohammad Ali


    • Ali was the Greatest boxer, not the best.

      Plus he lost 3 to 4 years at his prime. And he was the best “boxer” not the best fighter (power puncher) Dempsy, Marciano, Foreman and Mike Tyson were obviously more powerful punchers – Ali’s KO rate is very low.

      But, as far as speed and boxing ability – Ali is the best Heavyweight and ranks well with lighter weight greats like Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard or our own Joe Calzaige.

      • I didn’t say he wasn’t a great boxer, I’m questioning the best of all-time designation. As I think you might agree it’s a subjective conclusion and therefore subject to disagreement.

        • I agree.

          But the reason Ali is called “The Greatest” isn’t a fair, impartial assessment of his boxing ranking, it’s all about Mohammad Ali – the person, his personality, his charisma, his style. Many considered him a near God and they were saddened when he proved to be just a man, aged, got Parkinson disease and now died.

          This is what we need to look for in our leaders – Greatness. Donald Trump has a lot of that Greatness…

          Bob Dole
          Dick Lugar
          Orin Hatch
          Ron Paul
          The Bush family

          No – no greatness – no charisma, very little personality, they are boring. It’s not all about economics and Conservative positions, regular people want heroes they want


          Ali had that greatness.

          And needless to say a certain Austrian painter, corporal had that greatness.

  1. Steve Sailer

    Ali’s biographer, Gerald Early, said Ali’s 78 IQ “score was an honest reflection of Ali’s mental abilities.”…
    6:04 PM – 5 Jun 2016

    But he was a great boxer and an interesting and bigger-than-life man.

    • One must remember that Negro IQ numbers don’t tell the entire story. The Negro has low intelligence because he has almost no self control. A man can increase his intelligence somewhat, but he has to have the ability to control himself to do so.

      Let us say for a second that the story of Noah and his children as it is understood by Christians is 100% correct what would this tell you? Well it would tell you that at some period in the past, human beings all had a similar level of intelligence but environmental factors and chemical factors in the body caused by lack of sunlight among other things created certain factors that caused the intelligence of our White Ancestors and the Ancestors of the North Asians (excluding Amer. Ind) to grow in intelligence. Obviously the reverse is true, the environmental factors in Africa actually would have caused a decrease in intelligence.

      The point is these changes took place over many years, they didn’t happen overnight. The fallacy in regards to the Negro is that you can give him modernity and turn him intelligence wise and personality wise into a white man, when his condition is the result of years of adaptation to his environment. Thus it is Inborn.

      Obviously the capacity for Self-Control came before the growth in intelligence and was likely caused by the pressures of the harsh environment of the steppes and the Caucases

  2. A fight between Clay and Marciano conducted by a computer had Marciano as the winner. The computer was fed data from the fighter’s fight records.

    • kind of like computer dating….

      fighting and love making should not be done via computer it should be up close and person in the flesh and blood.

  3. Jack, you’re an idiot. Try ‘Boxer Most Fawned Over By The Media’.

    Rope-a-dope indeed.

  4. Rocky Marciano is the only heavyweight champion to retire undefeated. This doesn’t ,in and of itself, mean he was the greatest heavyweight of all time, but it has to mean something.

    • Muhammad Ali obviously was hypocritical on the issue of Race-Mixing because the last woman he married Lonnie is by looking at her probably about 80% genetically White though she is for our purposes Colored. He had no genetic children with her, they adopted a son.

  5. I won’t even hold his “draft dodging” against him, mainly because, who wanted to go and die in that meat grinder? Even though someone of his status would have, like Elvis, who was also drafted, been given an easy risk-free job. Even though when Elvis was in the Army, we weren’t involved in anything that hot.

    What I do grind over is his reasoning for not wanting to be in the military:

    (1) Islam. He claimed that Islam is an anti-violence religion. Okay, but, everything — Why are Muslims so violent seemingly everywhere they are?

    (2) “Racism.” He complained about all the racism in America, how no Vietnamese ever called him a N. Except, well, everything: By the time he hit 1-A draft status in February 1966, the country had already legislatively passed a major civil rights act, a major voting rights act, and was enforcing both; kritarchialy, we had jettisoned school segregation by that time, and two different presidents had already enacted executive orders that got the ball rolling on affirmative action.

    No, the real reason he didn’t want to go is that he didn’t want to give up his prime athletic years. Which wound up happening anyway.

  6. Ali was the face of the Nation of Islam in his heyday. The black Muslim sect believes and preaches that white people are devils and evil.

    That means our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and relatives are all evil devils.

    How in the world can a white man honor, praise and give respect to that dumb ass simian and those moronic Black Muslim retards?

    Only a cuck would.

      • Very funny, Jaye.

        I wonder how many white people were robbed, beaten and killed by negros provoked and encouraged by the NOI and Ali’s rhetoric?

        • Yeah. I rooted for Frazier in the first fight fight of the century.

          My point is that Ali was indeed great, had personality and charism and was very racial for his people.

          That s what we need for our leaders , fighters – not boring old people like Ron Paul who seem to have no loyalty to our people none – it s always done race denying philosophy supposed to help all of mankind .

          We have had do have leaders, fighters for our side that do have personality , charisma

          The current heavy weight boxing champ Tyson Fury is one such White man.

          So were Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell.

    • From reading the comments on this website it seems that most (white) writers here think that blacks, muslims etc are also devils.
      So where is the difference ? I guess that you are right, because “god” is on your side ?


    ‘I didn’t understand, as a burgeoning teenager, the lavish praise heaped upon Ali then, and I understand the sainthood he’s somehow achieved even less now.

    But since the inception of SBPDL in 2009, some major black figures have died and it is in how their death is reported and how the news of their death is received by the American people that shows just how truly irredeemable America has become.

    Michael Jackson was a pedophile.

    Whitney Houston was a drug addict.

    Prince was a pervert, a degenerate unworthy of remembrance.

    Muhammad Ali was… a boxer?

    Why do any of these people matter? Why are forced to believe their contributions in life somehow furthered western civilization? It’s becoming increasingly obvious the baby boomer generation offered absolutely nothing of value save their slavish devotion to their own racial dispossession; it is in this devotion to worshiping people of the caliber of Jackson, Houston, Prince, and Ali that we truly understand America is irredeemable.

    Never, ever base social policy on individuals. That a Jackson, Houston, Prince or Ali existed does in no way offset what their racial comrades have done to the civilization white people built in cities like Gary, Indiana; Louisville, Kentucky; Minneapolis, Minnesota, or Newark, New Jersey (the various birthplaces of these black saints).

    What’s left in Gary and Newark is the indelible mark of Africans in America; Minneapolis is well on it’s way to being just another reminder of a formerly Nordic community overwhelmed by the African genome, and Louisville can thank its black population for virtually all the violent crime in the city.’

    • The Baby Boomers were brainwashed as young adults and bullied into submission. Most of them cannot free themselves of the abstractions they cling to and critically think. Many of those that can are in denial from being able to not emotionally handle it. People have to understand the baby boomers never grew up. If you look at how they dressed and many still do dress, it’s childish, going out in jeans and a T-Shirt. The music (this includes the beatles and rolling stones) was juvenile as well. The campaign waged by World Jewry was meant to prolong and expand their adolescence over their lifetime and a lot of them it has. Things were much more contained and minimized in our land but the Jewish onslaught on us still left a mark. Where the Beatles recorded was in the South and you still find an affinity for rock n roll, Kids Music, across Dixie as well as the pervasive abstractions that have halted our people from doing the right thing and exiting. Simply look at the Generation before the Baby Boomers and Their Generation. Whom I feel sorry for under this current system is those who will never know what is called the “Greatest Generation” or Prior. There are still a handful left to learn from as I type this for those that don’t have any family still alive from it for their time on Earth, but they’re fading fast.

  8. “My mother met him at a Nation of Islam outreach to the neighborhood party – Ali was very charming.”

    Jack Ryan’s mother was getting gang-banged by niggers at a Nation of Islam party! Jack, did she fuck niggers at your house too? No wonder you’re such a spineless CUCK.

  9. I can honestly say, I liked Ali’s straight shooting honesty and always did. And, he was right. That pathetic British chap, Parkinson, was a self-delusioning liar. I have noticed that all the white men that preach diversity and miscegenation do not appear to me to be very masculine or manly. There is just something about their appearance and mannerisms that scream estrogen. I refer to them as estromen. Parkinson was an estroman.

  10. A great loss to chimpanity.

    Mike Cernovich ?@Cernovich

    Celebrity deaths come in 3s, first Harambe, then Ali, now Kimbo Slice. RIP.

  11. Another black muslim has bit the dust. At least these evil white people are going to allow Clay to have a decent funeral.

    Not so for his black muslim brother Dylann Roof down in SC. He like other radical muslims went on a rampage and killed 9 almost as many as the couple in San Bernadino pulled off but the real difference here is that the media has stayed focused on Roof partly because he is still alive and mainly because they are fed up with these black muslims terrorizing and killing everyone else.

    So, guess what, they are going to attack all black muslims here in the South because of this one radicalized muslim. That’s unfair. Going after the muslim flag? You call that fair attacking the group for the actions of one. What’s America coming to? People ripping the flag off muslims’ personal property and shaming them and telling them that it belongs in a museum. Now they are going after memorials to their past great local prophets and trying to send them to the landfills — Mohammad Lee, Mohammad Davis and Mohammad Jackson.

    It is really tough being a black muslim these days down here in the first state that declared jihad against the United States of America 150 years ago but we shall endure and we shall overcome. Makes all of us black muslims wish we were all privileged like these evil whites, doesn’t it?

    • Please don’t post nonsense comments.

      Please respect OD’s comment guidelines.

      Please try to make intelligent comments that reference the subject of the particular blog post – in this case it’s the life and death of the boxer Mohammad Ali.

      • Three Commissioners from the CSA went to Washington to meet with Lincoln to establish peaceful relations between the CSA and the USA while Sumter was still being held by Anderson and Federal troops. They were assured by the Sec. of State that Sumter would be evacuated and there was delay after delay and even reassurances were made after the Sec of State knew of a secret mission to resupply the fort.

        No, the Confederacy is not a radical hate seeking group but were the ones invaded by a conquering North who lied and tried to destroy the South and today if the descendants realized how illegal the North’s actions were they would immediately secede and set up a nation under God.

        To glorify a black muslim which is not a peaceful group of people at all if you focus on their radicals as the world wants to focus on one Southerner who was out of his mind on drugs is total hypocrisy. Give muslims and their radicals the DYLANN ROOF treatment.

        Cassius Clay was an instrument of Satan the Devil to help destroy this nation.

  12. Anti-Whites will see to it that his sincere criticism of black/White “race mixing” remain forever lost down the Memory Hole. Ali will not be remembered for his most important contribution.

  13. Article by JB Cash written 10 years ago.

    Mohammad Ali from Trash Talker to Mush Mouth

    Every time you see a black athlete trash talk an opponent, do an end zone dance routine, mug for the camera, and say something outrageous in an interview you can thank that venerable icon of American sports: Mohammad Ali (slave name: Cassius Clay).

    Since Cassius Clay burst on the scene winning a gold medal in boxing at the 1960 Olympics, sports has not been the same. You can trace a straight line in the decline of sports (and our society) from his ascendancy. Previous to Clay, athletes behaved with a certain decorum. A little bravado was accepted, but by and large athletes behaved in the manner expected from members of decent society. Once Clay became popular and his style of bragging was backed up by victories (some of dubious quality-but what the heck-he was a lowlife in a lowlife business) his style of poisonous invective aimed at opponents caught on with the black athlete—big time.

    Originally he was amusing; sort of like a modern day minstrel show. He developed a collection of child like sing-song rhymes “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”; “if you don’t C sharp you will B flat”, that made him an amusing alternative to the typical black heavyweight champ: an ex prison con, who channeled his murderous ways into a paying job (i.e. Sonny Liston, now Mike Tyson). However Clay’s style became more bitter as his career progressed. He changed his religious affiliation becoming a Black Muslim. The Black Muslim religion can be summed up as follows,

    Black man in jail tries to think up a good way to con money out of other gullible blacks, so he creates a religion which believes that white people were created by an African scientist as a form of the devil. Black people are destined to rule again some day. (Presumably after they raise their average SAT scores above the level of illiteracy)

    Black Muslim’s are peace loving, except when they are killing their rivals, so Ali refused to enlist in the Army as a protest of the war in Vietnam (as good an excuse as any of the others used by noted 1960’s pussies like Bill Clinton and Howard Dean). Ali then goes on an anti-white crusade. Suddenly Ali is not amusing anymore except to the self loathing white upper class that held sway during the sixties/seventies like Howard Cosell.

    Ali continues to fight, wins most of the time, develops a strategy of defeating opponents by letting them tire themselves out by pounding on his head ceaselessly. A strategy that turns out not to have been very smart in the long run. Turned out he is the “dope” in “Rope-a-dope”. After his career ends Ali develops a form of Parkinson’s disease, caused by his many years of getting his head bashed. Ali turns into a mush mouthed, laconic, zombie, paraded around in an effort to remind people of his past glories but really all he has become is a symbol of poetic justice.

    Smart ass turned dimwit.

    Succeeding generations of black athletes are emboldened by Ali’s success in sports and his ability to make money even though he criticizes all the white people financing his fortune. So they realize that they too can be assholes and whitey will still pay, and pay well, for the poor treatment he gives them.

    That brings us to today where black athletes can say anything they want about white people and white people will cheer, cheer, cheer them on. The more they can rag on whitey the more we love it. Look at fat, stupid, Tom Arnold, host of the “Best Damn Sports Shoe Ever” reveling in the insults tossed his way by a succession of black athletes and hosts. Ha ha, whitey is so slooow! How slow is he? He’s so slow a black man can take his culture, woman, and money, and all he wants to know is what time is kickoff?

    Join if that pisses you off

    • Re: dubious quality victories

      Yeah, Ken Norton won all three bouts in reality.

      Joe Frazier’s corner should have let him go out one more round in Manilla– his face was swollen but Ali couldn’t walk.

      Rumors persist about the Liston fight being rigged by LCN.

      • Those were all quality opponents

        Yeah the Liston fights were fixed

        Liston was managed by the mafia mob

    • Nah that s too conservative and reactionary.

      Ali had style and charisma

      So does Donald Trump

      So did Hitler

  14. I am *shocked* to learn that Israel rounds up and deports black African illegal immigrants. Sometimes they even pay them (with your money) to leave. The horror!

  15. Michael Hill ?@MichaelHill51
    Trump condemned for “brashness;” Ali lauded for it. Can you spell liberal hypocrisy?

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