The White Entitlement of Bernie Bros

Over at The Daily Beast, we see once again that for blacks everything boils down to race, even within the progressive movement itself:

“Killary Clinton is stealing the nomination and the system is rigged against Bernie Sanders,” said the two young white guys standing behind me in line. They rambled incessantly about how she was cheating and could not be trusted. Superdelegates were their greatest frustration. Unelected delegates who could “decide” the nomination proved that the process was a sham that was intentionally set up to prevent Sanders from winning. …

Essentially, we disagreed on what America supposedly promised or owed us. They felt success was promised to them. The entitlement to believe that you should always win allowed them to overlook how the system in many ways has always been unjustly rigged in their favor because they’re white. I brought up race during our conversation and how I’m very aware of how a system can be rigged against you. These guys acknowledged my point, but it was obvious that this reality did not factor much into their thinking. They felt aggrieved and cheated, and that was all that mattered.

They could not understand the perspectives of blacks, Latinos and other minorities in America who are regularly treated as threats to society before their voices can be heard. We are often silenced before we even have the chance to win. And as a result, we know that losing is a reality we will confront and that success can be a difficult and long process that may only show its face in the lives of our children or grandchildren who have more opportunities because we’ve spent a lifetime fighting for positive change. …

Sanders’s message has resonated mostly with a younger, predominantly white electorate like those two guys. Their message and frustrations have been heard loud and clear, but their electoral defeats have resulted in an intensified pack or tribalist mentality that unfortunately has similarities to the white tribalism that has guided Trump’s campaign. Sanders and Trump are mining similar disaffections amongst the white electorate.
On Face the Nation, Sanders recently attempted to pour cold water on some of the rage and rhetoric of his supporters, “I wouldn’t use the word rigged…I think it’s just a dumb process which has certainly disadvantaged our campaign.”

The black writer for The Daily Beast sees everything through the prism of race and automatically assumes that the two disgruntled Sanders supporters are suffering from “White entitlement” because of their racial background. Tellingly, he doesn’t see two individuals standing in line in front of him.

As for the superdelegate system on the Democratic side, it was created in the 1980s to strengthen the Democratic establishment by giving them the power to block insurgent candidates like George McGovern from ever winning the Democratic nomination. At the time, the Democratic elite felt that “the pendulum had swung too far in the direction of primary elections over insider decision-making.” The superdelegate system has nothing to do with race. Its purpose is to protect the party establishment from voters.

“The commenter is a Midwestern, working-class white male in his late 30s who intends to vote for Trump if Sanders does not win the nomination because “if it is all going to be tribal politics, then well, I guess you have to go with your own tribe—if not for your sake, then for the sake of your kids.”

Sanders has broadened the Democratic electorate to include voters who may not normally participate in the primaries and caucuses, but now they need to combat the tribalism that could negatively impact Clinton and other Democrats in the general election. Sanders, unfortunately, has said that he has no obligation to convince his supporters to throw in with Clinton.

A beguiling component of Sanders’s campaign is how the unintentional white tribalism that has been forged on shared economic hardships has boosted his campaign, while at the same time rendering him unappealing to the minorities he needed to win the nomination.”

The Midwestern commenter learned something from the Democratic primary.

In state after state, blacks overwhelmingly voted along tribal lines for Clinton. By doing so, Hillary won nearly the entire South – Oklahoma and West Virginia were too White – which gave her an insurmountable lead in pledged delegates. She carried less racially diverse states like Nevada, Missouri, and Kentucky solely because the black block vote tipped the election away from Sanders. The only real surprise in the Democratic race was Michigan which went for Sanders because Hillary only carried 2/3rds of the black vote there.

The black population chose the Democratic nominee by voting as a block along tribal lines. Now that Hillary is on the cusp of winning the nomination, the problem is the White tribalism and White entitlement of Bernie Sanders supporters. The moral of the story here is that Whites are expected to vote as guilt-ridden, deracinated individualists. Blacks, however, reserve the right to proudly vote along tribal lines for their perceived racial interests and to browbeat Whites as entitled racists for even grumbling about their defeat.

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  1. The White people that have very little experience with the black and brown hive mentalities are completely caught off guard when all that rage and irrational animosity that they thought they were directing toward White-Straight-Conservative-Christians is suddenly being used against them with the exact same rhetoric and intensity. Your average White Leftist has very, very little experience with black people outside of their safe and sterile environments. Your average Cuck has even less experience than that; but that’s another story.

    White Leftists are just way to naive, ignorant, possibly suicidal, and/or too self-centered to comprehend that a “victim of White oppression” ALWAYS needs a White oppressor to continue receiving the societal benefits of being a consummate and eternal victim. Once the black and brown people run out of the other White guy oppressors, your only function in their world is take on the role of White guy oppressor. The first people they will blame will be White people. The last people they blame will be black and brown people.

    • As long as these people can continue to avoid diversity themselves while imposing it on us they will keep virtue signaling and the enemy for them will be the “racist” Whites. Only a heavy dose of the reality that non-Whites see all Whites as the enemy and are only using the virtue signaling Whites to advance their own group agenda could possibly change their behaviour. Even then I suspect some of these people will never learn no matter what cost they have to pay themselves.

    • We see that in urban politics. White liberals may vote liberal/Democrat in Federal and state races, but when it comes to their own localities, they might as well be conservative Republicans, the way they’re hated by the local blacks. It’s just that the political center in national politics and urban politics is in a way different position. It’s why I’m okay with Rahm Emanuel being the Mayor of Chicago but not okay with him being in Congress or the Senate or the Presidency or being the White House Chief-of-Staff. (From what I hear, you’d best not be in the same locker room as him at the same time, as well.) Because he’s to the right of Chicago’s political center, but to the left of the country’s.

    • They are young. They have not been raped and robbed at gunpoint to know any better. Life experience teaches all to avoid and hate blacks. Give it time.

    • These useful white idiots fail to comprehend that it’s your race, not your ideology, that’s your uniform.

  2. Everything does boil down to race. That’s why anti-Whites say ours doesn’t exist, even as they ceaselessly justify our Genocide for being White.

  3. The hypocritical Jews News “narrative” kvetching about Glorious Leader’s citation of the La RAZA Judge’s racial bias against him is especially egregious.

  4. Folks…

    Instead of clearing the mind-mines for free thought, PC plants mines all over to hinder free thought. Step on the wrong one and KABAAM!!!


    PC is the mining of the minds with ‘sensitive’ explosives so that you will have to tread very carefully when you think. Otherwise, you might step on the ‘racist’ mine and your mind might go BOOM!!

    Clear the mind-mines and think freely.The rise of homomania makes me skeptical about human reason.

    The rise of homomania makes me skeptical about human reason.

    First, the most educated and intelligent people came up with ideas like ‘gay marriage’. Decadence and deviance used to be something to tolerate. Now, it is the foundation of new morality and spirituality.

    And then, just because TV ads and celebrities in music and fashion pushed that nonsense on the public, the great majority of young people are for stuff like ‘gay marriage’ too. And then, we are told Bruce Jenner is a woman because he feels like it and goes around in a dress.

    Are people really this easy to dupe?

    Liberal elites used to be more rational and skeptical in the past as the forces of conservatism were religion and tribalism. Reason was useful against those mindsets.

    But now that the Liberal elites hog all the power, they find reason and skepticism to be problematic because rational conservatives find so many holes in PC and other such nonsense. So, Liberalism is now all about turning young kids into mindless drones from young age with heavy does of PC and Pop Culture.

    PC plants land mines in the brain. The mind has to think cautiously lest it step on the mines of ‘racism’, ‘sexism’, ‘homophobia’, ‘Islamophobia’, ‘antisemitism’, and etc.

    Jonathan Haidt and Steven Pinker are right about the decline of true liberal culture in American life.

  5. The demographic and psychographic factors of Democrat 2016 are pretty much exactly like they were in Democrat 2008, with one big big big exception: The blacks were with Hillary’s opponent in 2008, while they were with Hillary this year. And that has made the entire difference.

    Why do you think Bill Clinton is going to speak at Muhammad Ali’s funeral?

    • When you realize that Issac and Rebekah had two sons, Esau and Jacob/Israel and that those who call themselves Jews today are in fact Esau’s descendants, which can be proven many different ways and you realize that many whites are which is proven by Archeology descendants of Israelites taken into slavery by Assyria who migrated into the Caucases and intermarried and conquered white tribes already living there on their way to Western Europe, you truly understand why the “Jew” hates Whites. The Bible states that ESAU would always be at war with JACOB it is instinctual. Even the traits match up. Esau was a bandit and a scavenger, Jacob was a farmer and shepherd. Jews of today are criminals and scavengers. Whites of today are people of the land.

      The more I read it the more it makes sense to me

  6. Brothers and Sisters.

    The whole homo stuff that is a threat to the Left. The so-called ‘left’ today is dominated by rich folks. There are two reasons for this. The Jewish children of Leftist or Liberal parents succeeded in business and careers, and many of them are well-off. Many are tremendously rich.

    So, even if they were born to left-leaning parents, they grew up to be successful and gained a lot of privilege and power.

    Another reason why the ‘left’ today is ultra-elitist and pro-privilege is because of the Clinton Pact of the 90s whereby the Democratic Party made common cause with the Globalist Elites calling for deregulation of banks, ‘free trade’, and gentrification.

    So, the moneyed class moved to the ‘left'(and were happy to do so since the Democrats hogged the themes of Civil Rights & MLK cult and were associated with Pop Culture and the Art/Culture scene).

    The understanding was that rich folks would provide ‘progressives’ with a lot of money if the PROGS didn’t rock the boat of elite privilege too much. So, leftist themes went from Labor Unions and black underclass to all this homo stuff. Since homos are fancy-pants and allied with rich folks, the new ‘leftism’ was gonna be neo-aristocratic. It was gonna be about homos gentrifying city blocks and making fancy things for the successful yuppie class and elites. The main expression of new ‘leftism’ was gonna be homo ‘pride’ parades funded by Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Silicon Valley.

    So, the elite moneyed class dropped their former alliance with social conservatives while the professional ‘progressives’ came to favor lifestyle issues(of decadence and hedonism) over issues of labor and underclass. And even though Diversity was pushed as ‘anti-white-privilege’, it had the effect of making blacks less important because the Democrats could rely on immigrants. New Democrats favor US as a ‘nation of immigrants’ than ‘nation of slaves’ and ‘nation of native americans’ that used to be dominant in the 60s and early 70s when counterculture tried to correct the white-centric view of America as land of heroic white conquerors and settlers. Traditional Westerns favored cowboys over Indians. But many 60s westerns favored Indians over Cowboys. And then, westerns fell out of favor altogether(though there were revivals like Dances with Wolves). ROOTS was a about America as a ‘nation of slaves’, and Jews love to play up blackness to bait ‘white guilt’. But Jews still prefer the narrative of THE GODFATHER where immigrants rise to the top and win. Indeed, Ivy League schools now often favor African Immigrants over black Americans. Obama whose father is black-African is an interesting case in this regard. Though he makes all the right noises about blackness, he has been more eager to favor the image of America as ‘nation of immigrants’ than ‘nation of descendants of slaves’. Even as Michelle Obama be yapping, “every day I’s wake up, I be realizin’ slavess done built dis here white house, sheeeeeeiiiiit!!!”, Obama be working to increase immigration so that US will be more brown and yellow than black.

    Anyway, the Jewish-favored narrative is ‘US is a nation of immigrants(who came to usurp power from the conqueror-settler race of Anglos and Northern Europeans).

    So, homos were part of the problem. I’m for freedom of homos to be homo, but promoting homomania as religion of the land turned leftism from a Cause to a Cause Celebre. From Mayday to Gayday. From Workers to Whoopsy-doo.

    One must admit vanity, narcissism, triviality, bitchiness, and self-aggrandizement run rampant among the tooters.

    Just think about it. Homo stuff is about men porking each other in the bungy. Okay, I think we should tolerate that stuff since homos are born tooty fruity.

    But homos are so into themselves that they demand HUGE PRIDE PARADES that celebrate the fact that other men cum inside their bungies. I mean WTF is that? Do you see Incest-sexuals demanding Incest Pride Parade?

    Leftism in the truest sense is about having a larger sense of humanity. But homos(especially homo males) think they are the center of the world.

    But even more narcissistic than homos are trannies. One wonders about a man who puts on a dress and says he is a woman and wants to use the girl’s toilet. I mean WTF.

    Today’s so-called ‘leftism’ would be Karl Marx with a wig and brassiere being rammed in the ass by Mao with women’s makeup and rainbow colors while taking a blowjob from Che Guevara in high-heels and stockings. I mean WTF is that?

    In a way, this tranny thing is part of the GLOB agenda to weaken and confuse identities. If a man can become a woman by saying he is, it means anyone can become anyone. A black African is German, a Pakistani cousin-banger is an Englishman, an Algerian tard is a Frenchman, a Nigerian is Japanese, a Turk is a Pole, a Cameroonian is Chinese, a dotter Hindu is a Scotsman, a Jamaican Negro is Irish, and etc.

    Identity has been severed from its roots(with the exception of Jews who must be Jewish by blood to be truly Jewish in Israel), and once that happens, nations no longer have any meaningful sense of pride, heritage, history, and fortitude.

    They become defenseless since the sense of us-in-contrast-to-them goes out the window.

    If the Irish are no longer the true Irish because New Irishness is just a matter of the law, it means that any number of peoples around the world should have the right to go to Ireland, settle, and declare themselves Irish. And when native Irish mix with fake ‘new Irish’, then the meaning of Irishness is gone for good. Ireland has been made defenseless, and it can be invaded by the world by globo-immigration.

    Jewish elites know that mixed-identities lead to confusion and weakness.

    After all, why are Latin American nations still ruled by whites? The massive race-mixing confused the identities by creating the mestizo race(and mulatto race in Brazil). Mestizos don’t know if they’re white or native or what. They have no clear identity. So, even as they live under white rule, they don’t necessarily side with native Indios. They serve as a hazy confused buffer race. I mean what is Mexico? Is it white? Is it Indian? Is it mestizo, and what is that? Had there been race-mixing, native Mexicans would have joined together to push out the white imperialists has happened in Vietnam and Algeria. And blacks took back power in South Africa because the natives were mostly black. So, powerful sense of black identity was the force that challenged and toppled white power.

    Jews hope that gender confusion will lead to something like Sextizos, or sexual mestizos. If most people are men or women, then men will marry women and together they will constitute a confident moral society.

    But if society is made up of gradations of people who belong to 5o or more ‘gender’ identities, then even a racially homogeneous people will fragment into all sorts of ‘fluid’ confusions and delusions, leading to much division and dissipatin (Funny that Liberals denounce race as a ‘social construct’ but claim there is biological basis to 5o or more gender identities.) In truth, most men are men, and most women are women. True, not all men are manly like Hulk Hogan or Muhammad Ali. And not all women are feminine like Grace Kelly or Doris Day. But most men are always men, and most women are always men. And most homos are always homo. And bi’s are bi.

    The only people who are ‘gender fluid’ are the trannies who make up what? Something like 0.3% of the population?

    But young ones are now encouraged to split hairs about their ‘gender identity’. It is especially bogus since most so-called 50 identities overlap one another and are synonyms. Also, even if there were indeed 50 gender identities, most people belong to one of the two: straight or homo. And even among the two, most are straight whereas 2% at most is homo.

    But you can mess with young people’s minds, especially with pop culture that encourages women to act trashy like male louts and encourages men to act like girly-whirly(at least if white). The effect of this is that 50% of British men now reject that they are straight. They think they belong to one of gradations of genders.

    Thus sextizo-ized, they don’t see themselves as part of common brotherhood of fellow men whose role is to find the right woman and have family and pass down culture and heritage.

    But this whole mess got out of control only because tolerance wasn’t good enough for homos. With the backing of powerful Jews who control media, academia, and government, homos began to demand that all of society praise, celebrate, and cheer them like royalty. Once society bends over to such lunacy, the logic of ‘leftist’ politics means that any ally of the homos can throw tantrums to get the attention of media and academia could have a field day with another Cause Celebre.

    Also, ‘progressives’ are addicted to the fetishistic cult of being ‘more evolved’ and being ‘cutting edge’. Just like European explorers had to find newer and newer lands, the Progs have this need to find new causes. But now, it’s just turned into a farce.

    From Civil Rights to Trivial Privileges.

  7. The Negro largely never thought of himself as a collective until the Jews aka Edomites began organizing the Negroes after WWI. Before WWI Negroes were divided up into all the little groups like Black, Mulatto, Quadroon, Octoroon, Creole, you name it. The Communists pushed the Collectivization of the Negro People and it largely worked.

    The Latinos it is a much different issue as these Latinos have foreign governments and defined origin points where they identify with. Just like a White man from Ireland who sees himself as Irish, a Mexican identifies with Mexico, a Cuban with Cuba, a Colombian with Colombia. There isn’t alot of cross-cultural identity with one another, the National Council of La Raza includes all Hispanics but ask any Chicano LA RAZA is MEXICANS ONLY. You will never hear a Puerto Rican call themselves Raza because among Latins that’s a Mexican thing. Thus the Communists can successfully organize some of the Mexicans, but they will fall short with the rest. A Cubano won’t take orders from a Mexican and a Mexican won’t take orders from a Puerto Rican. See the issue?

    Latino competition between the ethnic groups and national groups will make an overall coalition downright impossible.

  8. When these white socialists realize the tricks and traps set for them the fury will make for quite a bloody spectacle.

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