Why Bernie Sanders Lost

As Harry Enten of FiveThirtyEight explains on Twitter, Bernie Sanders lost because blacks and Hispanics overwhelmingly voted against him:

I tried to tell our SJW friends:

Identity politics was much more important than the super delegates, the debate schedule, the big donors, the media’s thumb on the scales and other aspects of the rigged nomination process. Hillary’s campaign message about “breaking down all the barriers” successfully channelled resentment against Whites.

Oh, and it didn’t matter that those Whites were largely anti-racist, progressive Bernie Bros who are committed to social justice and think Trump is a racist. They just weren’t responding to Sanders’ class-based message.

Note: Hillary only got 2/3rds of the black vote in Michigan.

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    • A single term of Clinton will essentially wipe out any chance of a White Republican Presidential nominee ever winning again.

      From day one she will copy what Merkel is doing in Germany. Her regional targets will be Red States that she does not win in this election.

      The South will be a major target of population replacement.

      • Personally I think one year of Hillary Clinton would see such overreach the Rebellion would be on. Still supporting Trump though

        • The positive side of massive immigration is Whites will understand 1) the true face of immigration 2) that it is purposely being done to make our votes meaninglessness and because they want Whites in the minority.

          It might be enough to shake things up when our backs are truly against the wall.

          Hillary means business, she will go for the throat if she is elected.

          • I definately support Trump but I also know this if Hillary does win, her authority over the Whites in this nation will quickly crumble and of course the anarchists and others who don’t like her Goldman Sachs loving Jewish plutocracy will destablize the left as well. I see full on anarchy coming our way by 2020 if not before

          • I think any effort toward that end will set off the rebellion. At some point US Army and US Marines throw down their weapons and side with their co-ethnics as the case may be and whala Civil War II. Just as Thomas Chittum wrote about in 1995

          • Oh, that is a great idea. Almost as good as recruiting Muslims to work in airports as baggage handlers and security.

        • Not too sure about that.

          Look what happened throughout Europe.

          People had been saying at different points, “Surely this will be the straw that breaks the camels back. The people will rise up and put a stop to this.’ but it never happened.

          • I believe it will happen when law enforcement no longer works. Right now we are seeing the breakdown here and in Europe, literally when laws can no longer be enforced, the state has ceased to work. Eventually they will be forced to do one of two things to shut us down, mass arrests and roundups at which I see people won’t stand for it, or they will be forced to watch the protests grow. A confrontation will happen at some point, somewhere. I pick Texas to kick it off.

          • You need to look. Nationalists are surging in every European country. They are rising up right now. You seem to think we can reverse course instantaneously.

      • This a real possibility.

        I wonder just how many Muslims, Latinos, Indians and various other darkies have been repopulated here right under our noses already.

        We can’t allow the floodgates to be totally opened.

  1. Still clueless.

    ((( I. Basterds ))) @TheLibertyLamp
    @occdissent I would not assume Hillary has the black vote. She got racist in her run against Obama if you remember?
    10:52 PM – 3 Feb 2016

  2. The deal was struck in 2008: Obama for 8, Clinton for 8, a Hispanic for 8.

    A white male? Never again.


    It looks like someone, or a few someones, just took Trump to the woodshed – and the long awaited “pivot” is here.

    If Trump runs a solid campaign, and we get a black swan (indictment, Clinton illness, terror attack, economic turmoil, earth shattering gaffe by Clinton or her VP) he could grab Ohio, Florida, and a few others to get 270.

    A solid campaign means discipline and reducing the “negatives”. Staying out of tar pits rather than diving right in. He has the “shitlord” vote locked, up, now he needs some normal people who don’t like conflict and “unpredictability”.

    I just don’t see Donald holding up well in a one-on-one debate format. He lacks the agility of mind and the knowledge base (despite going to Wharton!!!!)

    Leave it all on the field of battle and if we lose, we transition straight into Partition come November 9th, a mere 155 days away.

    • Either way, I think the breakup is coming. Hillary would NOT be able to hold the USA Together no way no how she is the queen of over-reach. We are on the cusp of victory ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

    • Trump doesn’t have to accept the standard format of the debate nor the moderators they want to use. Candy Crowley will be a big issue when choosing moderators. There should be 1 pro Clinton moderator and 1 pro Trump. Make it honest, for once.

  3. I lived in California for 13 years, 1992-2005, and am very familiar with the political blocs there.

    Essentially, the backbone of the Democrat Party in the state is the California Teacher’s Association, with Unions, and other groups behind them. Nothing gets done in the CA Democrat Party without the CTA being involved.

    Naturally, the preponderance of CTA members are women, while I don’t know the percentage, it’s likely higher than 80%.

    That is, in a nutshell, why Hillary won and Bernie did not. If there had been two men running, a moderate and Bernie, the Bern would have swamped his opponent.

  4. I wonder though how black turnout in the primaries this year compared to the Obama elections in 2008 and 2012. I assume it was down. I’m still hoping Trump can make a horse race of this, as Obama won the general in part with historic turnout among blacks and the youth. I’m hoping neither turn out in the same numbers for her as they did for Obama.

    • But in the places where there are almost no blacks – practically all of New England – they vote Democrat. I kinda think they are the real enemy.

      Immigration might affect them though because crime will follow where you get migrants from Central America. In my all white town in western NJ, the big crime problem is 3 garden apartment complexes that went hispanic in a short time, maybe 5 or 6 years. Local police say they are responsible for the majority of calls. And the complexes are packed with kids who will become teenagers.

  5. The demographic and psychographic breakdown among Democrats in 2016 was almost exactly the same as that in 2008, with one YUGE exception. That being the blacks. Who were with Hillary’s opponent in 2008 but with Hillary in 2016. And that made the entire difference. The lesson is that Democrat Presidential politics necessarily go through old black church ladies.

    As far as Bern, he had potential with anti-elitist liberal populism, but as it always the case on the left, he let the f’n social justice warriorism get in the way and get the better of him.

  6. That minority stack is cracking up now. All of them hate each other more than they hate YT. The D-Party cannot please them all. They’ve gone way overboard with gay, and the niggers are getting antsy cause they didn’t get their Black Christmas from Obama. That DNC Convention is going to be a madhouse. Those Marxist Colonel Sanders supporters are gonna have an army of Marxist agitators there like the 1960s. The niggers are pissed and itching for a fight. Hilldog is gonna pack that place with Mexicans and La Raza, and a huge group of QWERTY weirdos are gonna bore the fuck out of the others with Tranny Lovin’. That’s a big powderkeg that’ll blow up for sure.
    I expect riot police, tear gas, armored vehicles and water cannons. That stack is falling down.

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