Huffington Post Calls For Violence Against Trump Supporters

A few days after a Vox editor was suspended for endorsing mob violence against Trump supporters, The Huffington Post has published another call for violence:

“The rise of Donald Trump has exposed the frightening underbelly of America’s foulest tendencies. Our racism, nativism, xenophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, ableism, and propensity toward authoritarianism have been laid bare. Reactions from those who stand opposed to these manifestations of oppression have varied from calm condemnation and routine peaceful protests, to blockades of roads and borderline riotous outbursts, including sporadic violence in various cities.

This isn’t a coincidence. …

Yet, a lot of people seem shocked and appalled at this perfectly logical reaction. In the face of media, politicians, and GOP primary voters normalizing Trump as a presidential candidate—whatever your personal beliefs regarding violent resistance—there’s an inherent value in forestalling Trump’s normalization. Violent resistance accomplishes this. …

Last, I want to briefly note the problematic nature of people with privilege condemning violent resistance to Trump as an absolute moral failing, or denying its logic. Whether you would personally engage in violent conduct matters little to your ability to understand where it comes from. Some people have the privilege to consider the implications of Trump’s rise in the abstract and negotiate which means are necessary. That’s not true for everyone. And when those who hold that privilege dismiss the potential validity or logic of violent resistance, it’s effectively an effort to dictate the rules under which oppressed peoples respond to existential threats, and to silence forms of resistance disagreeable to privileged sensibilities. Don’t be that liberal.”

Jesse Benn, a Jewish leftist, has been churning out these anti-White articles at The Huffington Post for about a year now.

As Ben Shapiro notes this morning, these hasn’t been any mob violence from Trump supporters. There have been a few isolated incidents of Trump supporters lashing out on their own – usually at leftist provocateurs trying disrupt his rallies – but nothing like violent “no-platform” leftist mobs we saw in Chicago or San Jose.

It is going to be a long, hot summer. Trump has already announced he plans to target states like California, New York and New Jersey in the general election. It is reasonable to assume we can look forward to more Chicagos and San Joses now that the Sanders campaign has imploded. With this sort of violent, hysterical rhetoric emanating from the Left portraying Trump as a Nazi and a fascist, it is easy to see it all ending in violence. And once the cycle of violence starts, it might be hard to stop.

Note: Just the other day, I appeared on The Sonny Thomas Show with a panel of pro-White leaders. We discussed how amazed we were at the events of the past year. What was unthinkable a year ago has either come to pass or has crossed over into the mainstream thanks largely to the reaction to the Trump campaign.

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  1. I’m a White European and I’m privileged! Why am I privileged? Because my ancestors fought and toiled and bled and died to form a nation that I would inherit. It’s MY birthright! I’m entitled to any privilege I can extract. The media, the cucks, and the mud people all want to shame me for having said privilege. That said, any ‘privilege’ I have is exceedingly small. I also have the ‘privilege’ of being forced to care for complete strangers who choose not the care for themselves. Paying taxes is, in large part, a ‘White thing’, a ‘privilege’.

  2. Wow! Political violence is justified! Third World here we already are. What’s next? Imprison Trump if he loses? Confiscate his estate?

    “It’s not who we are.” In a multicultural zoo, “we” means what? Who we are is the developed country with the lowest test scores, highest crime, highest obesity and drug abuse and out-of-wedlock births. “Well, we’re talking about our values.” Whose values? There is no common “we” now.

    • What a perfect justification for secession. Do you really want to stay in this evil country and be oppressed? It’s time for a homeland of our own.

  3. Our racism, nativism, xenophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, ableism,

    They forgot homophobia.

  4. Another Jew attacking Whites while pretending to be White. This is almost a caricature of the famous saying about Jews crying out in pain while striking you, only using blacks and mestizos as proxies to do the actual violence.

    • Esau/Edom will not attack us directly until he views us as weak enough to do so, for now he is better suited to send his auxilleries against us. Remember his goal is nothing short of 99.9% Human Elimination from this earth. He wants a transhumanist earth denuded of human beings where he and his robot slaves can live in eternity and he can eventually become a robot himself. The Transhumanist Hell of Ray Kurizweil an Edomite “jew” and Issac Asimov another of the same tribe

  5. But once the cycle starts we win. All those middle-class Midwesterners who are still on the fence would turn into Trump supporters once leftist violence and hysteria starts to weigh heavier on their minds than Trump’s “crudeness”.

  6. The Charge of “Racism, Xenophobia blah blah blah” is to deny Whites the vocabulary to advocate for their people.

  7. The Charge of Anti-semitism is just jews granting themselves immunity for their behavior. Like how jews will call the WHites standing up for themselves against attacks by people like ((((Jesse Benn)))

  8. Jews aka Esau calling for the extermination of White Christians ie Jacob. Nothing to see here folks

  9. The GOP has been beholden to big business for so long that it has made it easy for these scum to do this; they think they can do it with impunity and get away with it because nothing concrete will be done to stop them. Conservatives should uncuck this association and strike back by adopting policies to reduce and eliminate left-wing power and influence:

    1. Change media ownership laws back to what they were previously (prevented a single company from owning too much in a single market).

    2. Alter copyright laws to make it much more difficult for content thieves like the Huffington post to operate.

    3. Use the government to break up companies that have threatened us.

    4. Require cable and satellite companies to offer channels individually to customers. This would quickly put MSNBC and ESPN out of business and make these leftist scum susceptible to market forces. Offend your audience and consumers have the power to unsubscribe from that channel.

    5. Use the Department of Justice under a future GOP president to massively fine and humiliate (later breaking up) left wing companies such as Facebook for not hiring large numbers of black and Hispanic programmers and high-level managers (impossible, of course, because there are so few of them — but that wouldn’t matter because these regressives were never really motivated by logic to begin with).

    6. Use the Department of Justice under a future GOP president to massively relocate poor blacks and immigrants to upscale, democrat-voting areas — imaging filling all of San Fransisco with the old Ninth Ward and half of Detroit. When they white-flight out of those areas, use our own media to humiliate and discredit them as the hypocrite racists that they are.

    These are just a very few suggestions; however, they illustrate how easy it should have been for conservatives and the Southern people to fight back against these scum.

    By the way, the first time someone takes a crack at Trump, we should be prepared to sue these people into oblivion. If Hogan can take down Gawker, I’m sure that Trump could take down this rag under the right circumstances.

  10. I wonder how far I’d get if I attacked Jewish privilege while pretending to be a Jew. It’s true I don’t look like a Jew, but if Bruce Jenner can wear a dress and call himself Caitlyn I could wear a kippah and talk with a nasally voice. Oy vey!

  11. That shabby, cowardly little jew Jesse Ben is blocking all tweets from accts he doesn’t recognize. He’s typical of his “race”, getting the coloreds all worked up and then using them to fight Aryans for him.

  12. Edom wants Jacob destroyed its just that simple. Never give up your guns Jacob, stand and fight. Time to destroy him once and for all.

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