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  1. What happened to him? Feeding himself with junk food? Granted, he was never much of a stud.
    He should grow the beard back to compensate for the baldness.

  2. Outdoor Washington ?@PolarWashington
    @occdissent pics of in 13 look normal. It’s weird; how did he put on 100lbs in 3 years?

    DonaldTrumpChat ?@RealTrumpChat
    @occdissent hes not fat hes just full of shit

  3. I’m so glad the Republicans are purging these simpering ineffective effete’s out of the party.

  4. Someone should rent one of those U-Haul trucks that Kev. recommends for the white working class losers he hates, strap his corpulent azz to a heavy duty dolly then drop him off at Planet Fitness before he dies of fat slobness.

  5. Holy Cow! That fat cuck’s morbid obesity is “morally indefensible.” He “deserves to…” (You get the picture.)

  6. I’m still waiting for Williamson’s follow-up piece on how black
    (non-)working-class ghetto communities are “morally indefensible.”

    • He looks like the Chinese God of luck you see at many Chinese restraints. However, this God isn’t going to bring the GOP any luck in November!

  7. He is admitting the failure of his conservative ideology. He knows there is no longer a market for his bullshit and is planning on re-branding himself a “Libertarian”.

  8. He said right wing radicals are dangerous. Well, that’s it for me, I’m off to vote Hillary now.

  9. Interesting that conservatism small government ideology is based on the assumptions that people are capable of governing themselves. In this interview, Kevin Williamson states that conservatism (assuming the conservative intelligentsia that he is a part of) are the “grown ups” while the average voter is just a child.

    • An excellent point. We failed to take their advice and vote for some miserable cuck– we threw a temper tantrum and went Trump. We must be punished. We’re supposed to listen to the opinions of our “betters.” A fraud just like “limited government,” not to mention fealty to a foreign power and endless wars to impose on other countries governments to our (and that foreign power’s) liking.

  10. in Kev Williamson I see a c. $100/day food addiction. Selling yourself to the (((eskimos))) must pay well

  11. He looks just like the villain Wilson Fisk from Netflix’s Daredevil played by Vincent Donofrio of Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket fame.

  12. The Cucks are so predictable. What is sick and sad is that anyone alive is still listening to them. Glenn Beck is the KING OF THE CUCKS

  13. Note he still keeps photos on his Twitter and NR profiles of when he looked like a tall, thin hipster-fag. Then, when he started to gain weight, he grew a huge Viking beard. Now, he looks androgynous. Sad.

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