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In such terrible, depressing times it’s important to stay positive. Also, understand that one of our best weapons is a good sense of humor. Our enemies – 7th century Islamic nut cases, PC Leftists, cultural marxists, social justice warriors, BlackLiesMatter, the Lugenpresse/Lying Press – they do not have a sense of humor. Good humor, particularly successful sarcasm and ridicule tends to reduce them to babbling idiots.

Here’s an OD classic comic that just, well just promotes a healthy say “yes to life” world view.

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  1. Yes, it’s important to smile and laugh–as we have our hands around their neck squeezing the life out of them.

  2. Stop Commenting on this thread. We don’t want to bump up comments. Go to Twitter, and the brilliant Daily Stormer article .We are really having FUN. My laundry is not going to get done today….

    • thanks for posting that hideous, lying Charlotte Observer editorial. Please stop by and make some comments.

      The spin job is that somehow White Conservative Southerners are to blame for this slaughter because they somehow created a “Climate of hatred and intolerance” against Gays, LGBT and Muslims.

  3. Folks…

    Omar did a bloody thing, but can we really blame him?

    Homos are now the fervent globalist activists of Zio-US imperialism.

    Homos push homomania, the worship of homos, all over the world.

    In order for nations to do business with US, they must have ‘gay pride’ parades that celebrate fecal penetration and mutilation of private parts. Such is now associated with the rainbow.

    And this thing called ‘gay rights’ is anything but. It’s about ‘gay might’. It is about Power. After all, it’s not enough for homos to have the freedom to be homo and do their homo thing. They demand that ALL OF US agree that homosexuality is wonderful. They demand that kids in schools be taught that fecal penetration among men is just as meaningful as real sex between men and women.

    They say that a man who says he is a woman is a woman.

    Kids are now so confused that so many declare themselves to be ‘gender this or that’ instead of male or female.

    So, calling Omar a ‘homophobe’ is totally bogus. ‘Homophobia’ doesn’t exist. He was angry because homo imperialists have been defiling America and working with Zionist globalist-imperialists to destroy the Middle East and his own country.

    He went overboard and I don’t condone what he did, but his rage was totally understandable. (Besides, US had no right to judge other nations. After all, Iraq and Libya did NOTHING against the US, but Bush II and Obama cooked up some bogus excuse to attack and destroy those nations. Those actions were far more criminal than Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. If Japan deserved firebombing and two nukes and deaths of millions over Pearl Harbor, then US has no right to bitch about 50 dead homos after all the horrors visited on the Middle East by Zionists and their homo allies.)

    Besides, Jews and their homo allies have been working with the Saudis to topple and undermine just about every secular modernizing Arab nation in the Middle East. And it was US that aided the Muslim radicals in Afghanistan against the secular government backed by the USSR.

    Also, Jews and homos work together to justify the ongoing occupation of West Bank on the premise that Israel is soooooo great because it has ‘gay pride’ parades. Homos give blessing to the Occupation to the West Bank cuz Jews fund them. Homos are sick and corrupt.

    And ISIS would not be rampaging around if not for the Jew-homo foreign policy under Obama that made a total mess of Libya and Syria. Oh yeah, ‘moderate rebels’!! Let’s aid the ‘moderate rebels’ to undermine Assad, the sanest and most modern leader in the Middle East.

    And consider the New Cold War with Russia just because Russians won’t bend over to homomania pushed on just about every nation by the Jewish-controlled US and EU.

    Jews and homos say Putin is new Hitler because Moscow doesn’t allow massive homo parades on Red Square.

    So, this attack at the homo club is all just blowback for all the horrible things homos have done all around the world.

    Homos are not powerless innocents. They are now major players in the globalist game.

    In the US, homos are normphobic and anti-freedom. If you say anything negative about homos and their lifestyle, homos call for your dismissal and blacklisting.

    Canada had a bill that would ban any comment that mocks or demeans trans-gender freaks.

    So much for the homo respect for freedom, liberty, and rights.

    Homos, like Jews, bitched about freedom and liberty when they didn’t have full equality. They said they were only for more freedom and liberty for all.

    But once they got all the rights to be homo, that wasn’t enough. They wanted supremacist power. They demanded that we praise them and never ever say anything negative about them. They called for speech controls and ruination of those who dare to criticize or condemn homo degeneracy.

    Homos are so decrepit that they don’t take responsibility for the AIDS epidemic that killed so many of them. Even though HIV spread mainly through excessive debauchery among homo men, homos act like perfect angels and saints who were victims of ‘Reagan’s indifference’. What a bunch of sick lowlifes.

    Just like Jews defame any criticism of Jews as ‘antisemitic’, homos mock anything critical of homos as ‘homophobic’.

    Omar was a out-of-control killer, but he had every right to be angry as hell with the homos.

    And something like this was bound to happen.

    We now have in the West morons like Trudeau and Obama who would have people celebrate both Ramadan and Homodan. We are all supposed to respect Allah & Muhammad and Bruce Jenner as a ‘woman’ with the right to use the ladies’ room.

    I mean something’s gotta give when the logic becomes this gumbic.

    • I would say …


      And that’s a very definite NO.

      There have always been gay people in White Western societies.

      Oscar Wilde
      EM Forster
      Elton John

      Freddie Mercury of Queen was apparently gay.


      Sexuality is a private matter.

      If patriotic White gays don’t make public nuisances of themselves and work/fight for our people – then they are….

      Our people…

      If they cross over certain lines…

      Then there is always the

      Night of the long Knives.

  4. This is absolutely brilliant. My only problem with ISLAM is that I am a CHRISTIAN and it has proclaimed itself the enemy of Christ. On the other hand THE JEW aka EDOMITE is the enemy within the gate aiding the Moslem. Who is my greater problem? THE ENEMY INSIDE THE GATE

  5. People..

    Actually, the West is controlled by Jews, and Jews favor homos over all others.

    So, why is there muted criticism of Islam?

    It’s not because the Jews or Democrats are afraid of Muslims or have hardon for them.

    It is because they are committed to destroying the Muslim world.

    US, as the military arm of Jewish power, has been working to destroy the Middle East with all these Wars for Israel.

    Just look at the mess in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen.

    Actually, what Jews/Zionists fear most is modernizing Arab regimes with technology. So, Jews use US military to destroy secular leaders like Hussein, Gadaffi, and Assad.

    In the political vacuum created by the chaos, ragtag Muslim nuts move in and wreak havoc and turn Middle East into Road Warrior scenario. But Zionists love this because they want the Arab/Muslim world to slip back to chaos and medievalism. Such medievalism will never produce a modern military or engineers who can run nuclear reactors. Israel fears modern Arab states with tanks, jets, and nuclear reactors, not Arab states run amok by machete wielding morons who can’t even manufacture handguns.

    Now, in order to Jew-run US to keep destroying the Arab/Muslim world, it must pretend that it is friendly with Muslims.

    It’s like US used to say they loved the Vietnamese. THAT was why they were trying to save Vietnam by killing millions of Vietnamese.

    Imperialists always claim to love the people they are conquering and colonizing. Thus, they can rationalize their aggression.

    So, all this seemingly pro-Muslim position of the Western elites is just smoke-and-mirrors.

    As the West is ruled by Jews, the US is engaged in Wars for Israel. As a result, millions of Muslims/Arabs have been killed or displaced in the Middle East and North Africa.

    And the US has been able to get away with it by pretending to be pro-Muslim. So, US works with Saudis and other Sunni sheiks to send arms to terrorists fighting secular

    Arab governments and Iran.

    Suppose US officially said that it has a problem with Islam. Then, it would rile up ALL Muslims in the Middle East against the US, and then Wars for Israel couldn’t continue.

    In order for Wars for Israel to continue, the US must appear friendly to Islam. It is the ONLY way US can work with Saudis, Turks, and others to wreak havoc on Shia regimes allied with Iran or modern secular Arab states.

    If US officially denounced Islam, then even the Muslims in American allies like Saudi Arabia would call for DEATH TO AMERICA, and then US wouldn’t be able to wage Wars for Israel anymore.

    In order for US to destroy the Muslim world, it has to find allies among the Muslims.

    It’s like, in order for US to destroy Asian nations, it had to find allies among Asians.

    Today, US is allying with Japan and Vietnam against China.

    Likewise, in order for US to wage new cold war on Russia, it has to find allies among Slavic nations like Poland and Czechoslovakia.

    So, there is a certain paradox here. US pretends to be friendly with Muslims because its policy is to destroy the Muslim World. It is by feigning friendliness that the US can keep meddling in the Arab/Muslim world as a ‘friend’.

    It’s like Japan invaded China in WWII with the official propaganda that Japanese were protecting fellow Asians from Western Imperialism.

    And when the Soviet tanks rolled into Czechoslovkia in 1968, it was in the name of friendship and camaraderie. You see, the Russians were there as friends to help the Czech comrade defend wonderful socialism.

    The fact is homo-imperialists have been working hand-in-hand with Jewish supremacists in the destruction of the Middle East(and Ukraine and Georgia).

    The whole stuff about Obama as secret Muslim is totally bogus. He is a total puppet of Jews and homos. His policies have been totally pro-homo and have destroyed millions of Arab/Muslim lives in Libya, Yemen, and Syria. Obama is merely putting on a pro-Muslim act in order to work with US whore-allies like Saudi Arabia to destroy pro-Iran regimes like that of Assad in Syria.

    By allowing Muslim refugees into the US, it gives the false impression that US cares about Muslims. But why are there ‘refugees’ in the first place? Because Jew-run US messed up the Middle East and North Africa.

    Even in Afghanistan, why did Muslim nuts take over? Because US backed them against the secular Soviet-regime in the 80s.

    US destroys other nations but then pretends to be benign friend by taking in refugees. Recall that US destroyed Vietnam and killed millions but put on a humanitarian face by taking in all those Viet refugees who never would have existed in the first place if not for US intervention that divided Vietnam in the first place and precipitated the war.

    Also, as the Middle East is drained of its Muslim population, it gives Israel a chance to drive all Palestinians into the emptied lands in the dream of a Greater Israel.

  6. Comrades..

    Jews are a very sneaky people.

    They promote Wars for Israel in the Middle East and North Africa that have destroyed millions of lives.

    But Jews take no blame for their horrors. Instead, they play humanitarian and do-gooders by sponsoring massive migration of ‘refugees’ into the West.

    And if people(esp whites) in the West oppose the the migration-invasion, Jews excoriate them as ‘racists’, ‘xenophobes’, and ‘far rightists’. Even though Jewish foreign policy created the regional mess that led to the ‘refugee’ crisis and even though Israel takes in no refugees(not even into Golan Heights stolen from Syria), Jews dump all the responsibility on OTHER nations and point fingers of blame at them if some nations, like Hungary, are adamant about protecting their borders.

    But but but… once the Muslims enter the West, some are bound to commit acts of terror against whites and homos. That makes whites more sympathetic to Israel on the basis that both Israel and the West are faced with the ‘Muslim problem’.

    Because Jews control the media and narrative, they blind Westerners to the fact that (1) refugee crisis was set off by Wars for Israel and (2) Jews promoted mass invasion of Muslims/Africans into the West.

    Because most Americans and Europeans fail to see the Jewish Link between the Wars for Israel, the refugee crisis, and Jewish role in mass immigration/migration, they just blame the Muslims for the invasion and terror.

    And so, as whites become more anti-Muslim, they become more pro-Israel. And Jews love this. Jews love to make gentile fight gentile. Make Muslims fight Whites while pretending to be friends to both sides.

    Jews go to Muslims and say, “those white Christian crusaders hate you and don’t want you. But we Jews champion your rights to move to the West and to build mosques in every town.”

    And then Jews go to whites and say, “those muzzies are anti-Christian and blow stuff up. They are terrorists. Now that YOU have suffered from Muslim terror, you know what Israelis have to go through on a daily basis. So, please love and support poor beleaguered Israel. And since Muslims are anti-homo, support homos as your fellow patriots and what Western Values are all about.”

    Jews play a dirty game. And homo-imperialists worked hand-in-hand with Jews to blow up the Middle East and Muslim world.

    • Think Gavin is just being “edgy”.

      Rupert Murdoch got to be the #1 non Jewish media mogul by featuring topless Page 3 gals in the UK Sun tabloid.

      Sex sells.

      Gavin McInnes isn’t queer, he’s a straight family man on our side.

      • What normal man would do that and have the photo broadcast all over the world?

        It’s a promotion for homosexuality.

        Both are degenerates.

        • Gavin is just being “edgy” and really pissing off Muslim migrant immigrants. We do need to get responsible Gays on our side.

          • I agree.

            I also strongly believe Southern nationalists, immigration restrictionist, race realists need to be


            Have a sense of humor, enjoy life.

            The Left ALWAYS wants to depict our side as angry, humorless HATERS and sadly this is too often the truth.

            Gavin McInnes is very very funny and he’s successful – that’s why he has happy marriage with beautiful children.

            Loners, losers, haters – they are not happy about much of anything.

    • I don’t like it. But I understand it.

      It’s a publicity stunt.

      Gavin is edgy and is really doing this to piss off Muslim migrants, piss off the PC cultural marxist, Liberal Left media elite who insist that they and only they are on the side of the oppressed, gays etc.

      So I don’t like it, but I understand it. But this is as far as this #*$&# should go.

      At least they are both fully dressed.

      After the day is done, Gavin’s going home to have real sex with his wife and enjoy the company of YES his very White, very healthy children.

      I working on something similar in my own life.

      I hope that clarifies my position.

    • “There is only one thing worse than being talked about – being NOT talked about”

      Oscar Wilde (brilliant Gay English writer who never the less had a wife and children)

      • “There is only one thing worse than being talked about – being NOT talked about”

        Do you really believe that?

        If so, why do you wish to ban posters who speak derisively of you.

  7. An idea…

    Hey, I have a meme idea. A parody comic strip called JEW IS.

    It would be modeled on LOVE IS.


    A whole series of “Jew is…” comics that expose the Jew for what he is.

    For example,

    Jew is… someone who demands Muslim migration into European nations but never to Israel.

    Jew is… someone who hisses about the privilege of white gentiles but insists on silence about Jewish privilege.

    Maybe the Happy Merchant can be used for the comic strip.


    • This cartoon is Ok – maybe the characters are too young looks like young naked boys and girls are “loving” each other.

      I’m OK with this, but think maybe something age older is better.

  8. Consider the Left and Right in Austria. Left wants ‘diversity’, Right wants homogeneity.

    There is a way Both Sides Can Win.

    If the Left wants ‘diversity’, just leave and go live in North Africa.

    They can enjoy INSTANT DIVERSITY. They don’t have to wait for the future when whites are the minority.

    And let the Right have Austria, which will be homogeneously Austrian.

    The Left get diversity in North Africa. The Right get homogeneity in Austria.

    Both sides win.

    PS. Since Jews kvetch so much about white people, I suggest all Jews in the West just pack up things and go live in Africa, Muslim world, Asia, or Latin America.

    White people are NOT forcing Jews to remain in the West. Jews can take all their belongings and wealth with them. Just leave. Whoever said white people need Jews? If Jews hate whites so much and love blacks/Muslims/Asians/Mexicans so much, they should just leave white lands as soon as possible.

    Whites are not Ramses II who won’t let the Jews go. Whites will gladly let the Jews go. So, please go, Jews.

  9. By the way have you read the original Buck Rogers story by Philip Francis Nolan that appeared in Amazing Stories the August 1928 issue? I think you can download it from free at gutenberg.org It is very anti-PC.

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