Muslim Democrat Lauches Devastating Jihad Against Homosexual Democrats In Orlando Gay Nightclub

Durka, Durka, Durka, Mohammad, Jihad.

Not much is known about Omar Mir Seddique Mateen at this hour, but OD has confirmed the shooter is a registered Democrat and that this was an act of terrorism on Ramadan.

Update: He called 9/11 to pledge allegiance to ISIS.

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  1. FYI – for those of you whining about chortling over dead bodies – I can GUARANTEE that any of the dead or wounded Brown and Black sodomites would blame ANY of us White Advocate Pro White Christian OR Pagan for this attack, defend the Dune Coon who shot them, and would GLADLY see us dead, in a ditch.

    • Agreed. I am indifferent about this shooting. I can honestly say I don’t care or feel sorry for any of them, not a scintilla of compassion for the victims.

      The lines have been drawn and sodomites are clearly with the enemy.

        • Taken straight from the Linder School of Logic. Why would “The JOOOOS” have to lie about you and misrepresent your views and rhetoric when you so graciously pigeonhole yourself and freely give everyone an Academy Award performance of a character straight out of the SPLC handbook?

          • You’re not very good with question marks. Again, why would anyone need to lie or exaggerate about your views when you readily give them the performance of a lifetime and reinforce the accusations already made against you?

          • Run along precious. I’m certain a Candle Light Vigil for the Victims of White Supremacism is being organized for Nashville. Is Time Wise still there? Ring him up. You can ride with him….

          • You rarely answer direct questions. It’s like you’re a little robot with preprogrammed messages and sent on a direct path. Deviate from the path or script, your fat ass doesn’t know how to react and shorts out.

          • Lol! Keep up the excellent Pro White work! You make SUCH a difference in the Pro White Community. How much do YOU pay Nigs to bang your “wife”.

          • How much do you pay them? You can’t answer a question, can you? You default to preprogrammed Jew “psychiatric” terminology. That’s not even salient.

          • Again, Projection. DeniseoftheJihad has a serious hankering for the black cock. You should get together with Milo over at Breitbart and see if you can pick up some pointers.

          • You really are one stupid bitch. Frankly, “bitch” in this case is a bit of a euphemism for what I would really like to say. Here’s a good song with pretty pictures to help you think beyond your Stormfront/VNN/DS education about Jew “psychiatric” terminology:

            Yeah, Jung the Jew.

          • You really ARE a really stupid bitch, and is that song about your enema fetish? LOL! Milo will LOVE you! Lulz!

          • Lulz! You will feel so much better when you admit to yourself what you ARE. Go to a vigil. You’ll make lots of “friends”. Your Community awaits.

          • CT: we don’t care what the Jew lawyers @ SPLC think. Eventually, we will speak to them all

          • Linder is a jew with a bleeding bunghole eating chronic-wasting diseased deer in Adair County, which is “ground zero” for CWD, and Linder’s bleeding jew bunghole is “Patient Zero”. What do you get when you coonbine Chronic Wasting Disease with Crohns / jew ass-GAIDS?


            Good thang TraitorGlenn Miller is in prison right now as “Peaches” Jenkins is a probable casualty.

            By the way, where is Stephen Dalton and Wile E. Hibersheenie amongst the gay jew crew right now?

            Nothing but gloating from the usual non-jewsual sources, i.e. Denise, Chris313, myself. Can’t find a downside to ragheads gunning down nigger and beaner and jew faggots, but I’m sure that the OD jew crew will kvetch and oy vey.

            Hail Victory!!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

      • I’m with Ronnie on this one. I reflexively see this in political terms: does this help me, or does this help my enemies? I’ve long held that if Jihadis wanted to, they could put Trump in the Oval Office, despite an uphill electorate.

    • Denise you are 100% right. The Edomite Jew trash must be destroyed they caused both problems. The nice thing is seeing their soldiers shoot one another. GAME SET MATCH

  2. Sally Kohn ? @sallykohn
    EVERY religion has sub-groups of intolerant extremism. You can’t tell me the problem is religion. The problem is intolerant extremism!
    12 Jun 2016

  3. I tuned in to WGN in Chicago and listened to a talk show host taking calls. A man called in and made a very good case for profiling Muslims because of the threat they pose.

    He was immediately ridiculed for his bigotry by the host who said he apologized for allowing Donald Trump to call in to the show.

    Nope, no more tears from me for these a-holes who are the same oned who cheer when Trump rally attendees get beaten.

    I’m not chortling. I’m laughing out loud. Full force belly laughs.

    • There ya go. That man just decided, ridiculed by the “host” just cast his vote for Trump. I’ll bet some of his family members and friends did, too.

  4. The “official narrative”/correct analysis is taking shape– this was NOT a Muslim terror attack but an anti-LGBT attack. And guns.

    • But if you listen to some of the “pro-White” voices here and elsewhere, that’s kind of how they’re angling it as well. If this is a Muslim problem first and foremost, then that needs to be forcefully pushed and spotlighted before anything else.

      • And some “pro-white” losers refuse to deal with the reasons dune coons are here in the first place.

        • Correct, Denise.

          Just about every jewish group whether religious or not has been pushing for repeugee resettlement into Western countries and calling those in opposition, Nazis, fascists, bigots, haters etc.

    • They’re even downplaying the “anti-gay” aspect of this thing since the shooter wasn’t white. The whole angle is “anti-gun” and comparisons are to “Virginia Tech, Columbine, and Sandyhook” instead of Paris and Brussels.

      • make it simple for ‘ya: when Judeo-globalist entitlement groups – here, invasive Muslims and sodomites – slaughter each other…it’s good for WN’s. Ditto when urban Blacks and Latinos have at it. Now, imagine how it’ll be when the debt pie disappears…

  5. Would radical Islam prefer a candidate who would ostensibly stay out of the Middle East? Or Clinton, who has a long track record of intervention?

    I see this happening a few more times in the next 148 days.

    My current electoral forecast: cautiously optimistic. I await post-Orlando polls.

  6. Cucks refuse to deal with causation. You can fix rot unless you deal with the source of the rot. Let’s review the planks of Jewish Marxism, shall we?

    1. The creation of racism offences.

    2. Continual change to create confusion

    3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children

    4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority

    5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.

    6. The promotion of excessive drinking

    7. Emptying of churches

    8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime

    9. Creating dependency on the state or state benefits

    10. Control and dumbing down of media

    11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family
    Anything sound familiar?

  7. I’ve been on Milo’s Twitter feed. I got likes from a Homosexual Negro. I requested he vote for Trump. Hopefully intelligent people will appreciate the ought to be obvious fact that Islam is not a Good Thing.

  8. Here We Go – Orlando Jihadist Was Radicalized By Prison Trained Black Panther Marcus Dwayne Robertson…

    Oh boy, all the dots are connecting quickly now…. We suspected this would happen. This is going to make the White House very uncomfortable because it connects the Muslim/Islamist elements of the •Black Lives Matter, •Fuck The Police, and •New Black Panthers… connections we have been outlining for five years.

    Orlando Jihadist Omar Matten was radicalized by New Back Panther Party Member, Marcus Dwayne Robertson (below left), who is a known advocate of radical Islam in Florida and was formerly famous for being a bodyguard for the Blind Sheik.

    Marcus Robertson (above left) is a severely anti-gay Muslim activist, and has an on-line radicalization class known as “Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary.” CTH readers will also know the names of other participants in his studies such as Eric Sheppard Jr and the “F**k The Flag” movement.

  9. [WA]Ricky Vaughn[LL] Retweeted
    They Have To Go Back ?@TrumpHat

    white kid kills 9 blacks: the entire south must atone & bury its history

    muslim kills 50 gays: “muslims dindu nuffin”

    liberals are garbage

  10. John Cardillo ?@johncardillo Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Sickened by all the GOPe cucks hiding behind conservatism who were silent today but popped up periodically to bash #Trump. Pussies.

    This week on air I’ll be calling out the GOPe cucks who remained silent on this terror attack.

    Pussy cuck of the day award goes to Lyin’ @LeonHWolf at @RedState. Not a negative word about radical Muslims. Beta Leon is terrified.

    • Note that this woman has an irrefutable history of crisis acting, and claims to have spontaneously woken up at 3am only to see her son’s friend’s post on FB about Pulse. She wears sunglasses, and instead of FIGHTING TO THE DEATH for her son like a normal mother, she regales us with paeans to GUN CONTROL!

      Did Alex Teves’ father do that while awaiting confirmation of his son’s death or survival? NO. He was the desperate father of one of the victims of Aurora, which was probably a black op but real in some dimension.

      Oh and her son ‘started the Gay Straight Alliance’ winning some ‘humanitarian award’ to ‘bring gays and straights together.’

      Let’s all try to get along! Get rid of the hatred and the violence!

      • Not everyone reacts the way you think they should react to horrible tragedy, how often do we witness the real thing vs. hollywood movies? The idea this thing is a hoax is ludicrous.

        • Did you watch the video?

          Another point for the non-ostrich types is that truthers have historically made major hay out of the lack of tears in victims’ family members’ eyes. This woman conveniently wears eyeglasses during the night and then switches to sunglasses in the early morning hours. Some say this is also to hide her eyes as they look down to check a script…

          This could be a black op, more evidence suggests that. There are many possible permutations to it.

  11. Ann Coulter Retweet
    Hillary Clinton ?@HillaryClinton 19 Nov 2015

    “Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”

  12. Forward:

    Central Florida’s Jewish community started laying the groundwork for interfaith cooperation with Muslims Monday as the nation reeled in grief and anger after an anti-gay gunman killed 50 people in the worst-ever mass killing in recent U.S. history.

    Rabbi Steven Engel of the Congregation for Reform Judaism, the largest synagogue in Orlando, and Imam Muhammad Masri, president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, spoke by phone to plan a joint memorial service for the victims at the Pulse nightclub attack, which was carried out by an American Muslim with roots in Afghanistan.

    “(We want) to support each other, to support the whole community,” Masri said outside the bullet-scarred club on a busy Orlando artery.’

    In their default mode of operations, the Jews will always side with subversive and dangerous minorities against the interests of the majority. They do this because they feel threatened by a strong, cohesive society. They think if Americans begin to hate Moslems and kick them out, the Jews will be next.

    • OMG!!!! Jews aligning WITH Muslims? No WAY! That’s just something that I would write, just to pick on poor innocent persecuted Jewishes. who just want pray to Gee Hyphen Dee. and attend schul oy vey….

  13. A lot to like in the Trump speech. What I dislike: if you are going to claim to be a truth-talker by saying “radical Islamic terrorists” then why not say “Saudi cat’s paw ISIS”?

    Are we going to “destroy ISIS” or just watch them melt back across the Saudi (and Turkish) border?

    As the old saying goes, not all truths are fit to be told at all times.

  14. Michael Hill Retweeted
    )))Hunter Wallace((( ?@occdissent Jun 12

    I didn’t hear anything from Obama about Muslims, Islam, jihad, ISIS, etc. He has no problem blaming the Confederate flag though

  15. The liberals will hijack this tragedy to impose gun control, but gun control will not make us safer. The neo-conservatives will hijack this tragedy to justify more wars, but more intervention in the Middle East will not make us safer. Our immigration policy is what puts us at risk for terror attacks, yet it has the support of the establishment of both political parties.

      • Obviously banning Muslims from immigrating to the US will contribute to the safety of Americans. We will find out this November if the American electorate is capable of putting the interests of Americans first.

        • Sadly – I am not optimistic. The local Cat Ladies I know, and who HATE me ’cause I’m a Racist Nazi, were babbling about “It’s the guns”. They did not appreciate my replies.

    • If they couldn’t get their way after Sandyhook I doubt this obvious case of Islamic Terrorism will.

  16. The piranhas are beginning to eat one another. Buckle up it is going to be a bumpy ride.

  17. Caitlin Huey-Burns @CHueyBurnsRCP
    Ryan on Trump’s Muslim ban: ‘Not in our country’s best interest, not reflective of our principles.’

    [WA]Ricky Vaughn[LL] Retweeted Caitlin Huey-Burns
    This fucking cuck…his principles are open-borders globalism — cheap labor and open markets for billionaires.

  18. Folks…

    Did you see Ann Coulter reaching out to homo community?

    Some Conservatives seem to be suggesting that homo-supremacism is what the West is about.

    Should we hate on Muslims or the Moos because they hate homos?

    Now, I don’t condone the violent attack on the fruitkin dance club. But it is a form of resistance against homo imperialism that has been promoted by Jewish supremacism.

    The idea of Trump/Coulter opposing Moo immigration on the basis that homo decadence is what the ‘West’ is all about is too funny.

    No, homo decadence and homomania(the new religion of the West) have been pushed by Jewish Semites who seek to normalize elite-minority-domination. Jews are the 2% that rules over us, and so they naturally side with the 2% that is homo. Jews seek to consolidate their own power by making homo power the New Normal. Jews figure that an overwhelmingly straight population that worships homos will buttress an overwhelmingly gentile population that worships Jews.

    The West is no longer in control by true Western values. It is under mental-political-cultural-and-economic colonization of the Jewish-Homo-centric Power Complex. The Jomo Cabal. Jews effected this silent revolution through pop culture, political power, financial power, and blackmailing of prominent figures.

    While we should reject, even denounce, the terrorist way of Omar, we need to stand with the Moos on the matter of Jewish-Homo power because it is Jomo power that is destroying both the Moo world and West.

    We need to consider both the Invade and Invite aspect of Invade/Invite foreign policy.

    The INVADE part of the Jomo agenda has led to total chaos in the Middle East. Look at Afghanistan after US backed religious nuts to overthrow secular regime backed by Soviets. Look at Iraq after Bush took down Hussein and created a vacuum to be filled by terrorists.

    Look at Libya. Look at Syria, the result of Jomo aiding of radical Muslim nuts.

    If anything, Jomos have been working with Saudis and other Sunni nuts to set entire nations — Libya, Syria, and Yemen — aflame.

    If anything, Jew-run US has been destroying modern secular Arab regimes and creating vacuums for Jihadis in order to make Arabs fight Arabs. US has been doing this in cahoots with Saudis. So, the very West that promotes homomania works with arch-theocratic Saudis to destroy every secular and modern Arab nation, especially if it is allied with Shia Iran.

    And look at what Jewish control of Palestine led to. Massive homo ‘pride’ parades in Israel. If Israel had never been created, such degeneracy would not be taking place in the holy land. If anything, Moos have more respect for the holy land than Jews do. Jews have turned the holy land in Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Such is what the Jewish takeover of the Holy Land led to. Should decent Christians in America still be supporting Jews and Israel when Jews have desecrated the Holy Land?

    Of course, one could argue that Israel does it as publicity stunt to fool the West that Israel is ‘progressive’ and into homomania, thereby making the West ‘progressives’ — who worship homomania — favor Zionists over Palestinians who are ‘less evolved’ on matters of fecal penetration and cutting off dicks to get fake vaginas. After all, even though Tel Aviv have massive homo parades, West Bank Occupation is dominated by arch-religious Jewish zealots who have no tolerance for homo degeneracy. So, Israel is playing a dirty game. It shows its homo-friendly face to the West in order to justify its arch-religious Occupation of West Bank.

    I used to be ambivalent about the creation of Israel, but upon looking at the hideous homo parades in the holy land, I must say the creation of the Jewish state was a great tragedy. If Arabs and Muslims ruled the holy land, such degeneracy would not be allowed to take place. Holy Land would be holy than assholey.

    I don’t like Islam, but we have give it some credit. Moos are better fighters than Christians. Consider all the Christian nations that fell to communism and then to Jewish-promoted homomania. In contrast, no Muslim nation surrendered to communism or to homomania. Muslims always fought back and won.

    And Muslims are among the few people standing up to the homo-imperialist agenda pushed by Globalist Jews.

    In the US, white Americans have surrendered to homomania and denounce the MORAL DISOBEDIENCE of those who refuse to bake ‘gay wedding cakes’. Even the GOP, a total cuck-operation that sucks Jewish cock, will not come to aid of Morally Decent Bakers.

    Though I don’t like the violence of the kind carried out by Omar, what is more disgraceful? Surrender to Homo degenerates funded by vile globalist Jews or having the reckless courage to fight back?

    Homos are no longer asking for tolerance. They are pushing coercion to make all of us praise and celebrate their sexual deviancy and lifestyle degeneracy. Homos don’t even take responsibility for the AIDS disaster and just blame it all on “Reagan’s indifference”. These are the kinds of people promoted by venal Jews who run the West.

    Christians need not resort to violence but they can surely come together with moral secular folks(such as myself), and we can stand up to homo supremacism. But where are such voices and movements? Where is the march for Moral Pride?

    Where is the power of MORAL DISOBEDIENCE against the homo agenda?

    Where is the power of WHITE RESISTANCE against Zio-globalist supremacism?

    Moos are pretty dumb and resist in a stupid way, but they are at least resisting than bending over to the homo agenda.

    We should see Moos as fellow victims of globalism. Their world was smashed by the INVADE part of Jomo globalism, and the EU is being destroyed by the INVITE part of Jomo globalism.

    But so many white Conservatives overlook the role of Jomo power in all this and just blame it all on Muslims.

    They overlook the fact that homo-imperialists have been working in cahoots with Jewish supremacists to mess up Middle East, North Africa, and Ukraine.

    They hope to score points with holy homos since homos are supposed to be worshiped in the West.

    I believe the West should be about tolerance for homos. But we’ve gone way past that. We now have coercive worship of homos. People in the West must now worship Jews and homos in the way that Cubans must praise Castro and the Norks must praise the Kims.

    We live under homotarianism.

    Also, what is a terrorist?

    If we are honest, we must admit US is a terrorist state that has illegally invaded nations that didn’t attack the US. Who can deny that US attacks on Iraq and Libya were worse than Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor? Japan wasn’t even trying to invade the US, not even Hawaii. Japan was just trying to buy time to gain dominance in Asia.

    In contrast, US invaded Iraq and Libya to totally change them as if US has some godgiven right to invade and remake any society.

    But Bush II, Obama, and Hillary pretend to be humanitarians by welcoming all these ‘refugees’ when, in fact, the ONLY reason such ‘refugees’ exist in the first place is because US terrorist wars on the Middle East and North Africa have uprooted so many people.

    It’s like US supports the Zionist invasion/occupation of Palestinian lands but then pretends to care about Palestinians by allowing Pallie immigration to America.



    • Andrea, are you aware that sodomy and pedophilia are rampant in Islam? You need to take that into consideration when you talk or write about Islam’s hatred of queers.

      • Look, in practice, sodomy can be found in any culture. It even existed among Nazis in the closet.

        The DIFFERENCE is the West has now turned it into open worship. Homos have been sacralized into a holy people.

        So, yes, homo behavior does exist among Muslims like it did among English Boarding school students. But it is not promoted as what Islam or Arab culture is all about. It is tolerated as a vice.

        • You need to read more about Islamic culture. Sodomy is wide spread in those cultures.Go to and read the articles they got posted there about Islamic sodomy. You will find that any prohibition of sodomy is basically honored in the breach. In reality, the sodomites who ended up getting killed were killed for other reasons than that.

          • Sodomy is not the same thing as worship of homosexism.

            It’s like sodomy is common in US prisons, but that doesn’t mean it’s a celebration of homosexuality.

            Muslim world is pretty brutal and nasty. Also, there are closet-homos who abuse their powers, just like in Catholic Church.

            But officially speaking, Muslim cultures disdain ‘gay’ culture and lifestyle.

  19. We need to face the truth about the buggots.

    The real problem is BUGGOTRY or bugger-bigotry. The buggerites are forcing all of us to bend over to homomania.

    Homos are the bigots or buggots because they cannot tolerate anyone who criticizes or condemns what they do. Homos, like Stalin, demand that all people should have just one choice: to worship homos.

    If homoness is all about secular tolerance, why do homos try to take over churches and cover them with homo flags? Why don’t they respect religious dogma?

    Why are homos so eager to ‘spiritualize’ homosexuality if indeed the homo agenda is entirely secular and ‘rational’?

    If homoness is about tolerance, why do homos seek to control education and brainwash all kids that homo fecal penetration is the healthiest and most wonderful thing? We know kids will believe anything and lack critical faculty. So, why do homos try to work on kids? It’s because homos want to brainwash kids at the earliest stage possible so that kids will come to worship homos BEFORE they develop critical rational faculties.

    This is not about tolerance. It is about homomania as the new religion and ideology.

    Such is buggotry. Forcing people to praise and worship your kind is like white slave-masters forcing blacks to ho-de-do and call white folks ‘massuh’ and grovel.

    In a free society, blacks should have right to like, dislike, or hate white folks.

    Only in an unfree society would all blacks be forced to praise and obey whites.

    We now have a Jewish-Homo supremacist nation where we must praise homos or else must be destroyed if we criticize the homo way(EVEN IF YOU SUPPORT THE FREEDOM OF HOMOS TO DO HOMO THING).

    In Hollywood, there is Homocarthyism or Buttfuc*arthyism that blackmails anyone who opposed the sickening idea of ‘gay marriage’.

    This ‘gay marriage’ garbage is not about ‘gay rights’. It’s about ‘gay MIGHT’. This ”gay marriage’ stuff is not about rights at all. If indeed individuals should determine what marriage should be, why isn’t there ‘incest marriage’? Incest marriage doesn’t exist because incest-sexuals don’t have the POWER or the backing of Jews.

    It’s about Power, not Principles. Homos got great power cuz they’re favored by the Jewish rulers of America. Even Conservatives didn’t oppose the homo agenda cuz they fear Jewish power behind it.

    The idea that homos should marry is ridiculous. I can understand the banning of discrimination against homos in areas that have nothing to do with sexual morality. If a homo is a good engineer or accountant, he should be judged on his ability.

    But marriage isn’t about ability but about sexuality attraction and sexual functions. For marriage to be sane and decent, it must be associated with natural normality and moral decency. Fairies doing fecal penetration on each other is not decent. It is an natural abnormality at best.

    Homos had much to do with the financial collapse. Homos are well-represented in Wall Street and work closely with Jews. Furthermore, Homos worked with Jews to remake political leftism from a class-based economic ideology to a lifestyle-based cultural ideology that favors ultra-privileged urban elites. Look how Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Silicon Valley fund massive homo parades and control the ‘new leftism’ that turns a blind eye to capitalist abuses since the new ‘progressivism’ is more about worshiping fancy pants elite homo celebrities than about caring for workers and poor folks.

    And homos are all over US state department. 10% of Washington DC is homo. Homos have played a huge role in US foreign policy imperialism. Homo agenda has been used as proxy of Jewish-Zionist imperialism. Notice that wherever US spreads its military and financial influence, it pressures the nation to put on massive homo parades.

    Homos bless the Zionist oppression of Palestinians because Tel Aviv has massive homo parades.

    The price of Vietnam gaining favorite relations with US was having to put on massive homo parades. This is a nation that fought hard and lost millions to push out American Imperialism… but now it is bending over to US imperialism in the form of homomania.

    Also, the New Cold War was engineered by Jews and homos against Russia. Why? Jews are angry with Russia because Russians won’t put out totally to Jewish power. Jews seek to control Russia like they control the US.

    And Homos work with Jews because they are angry that Russia will not allow massive homo parades.

    Both Jews and homos aren’t content with tolerance and freedom. They want total power to force all straights and gentiles to get on their knees and sing hosannas to Jews and homos.

    And when it comes to the cult of Diversity, homos have been working with Jews to increase immigration on the basis that they will have more asses to sodomize.

    Homo Imperialism is real.

    This is blowback.

  20. Brothers and sisters…

    There is no such thing as ‘homophobia’. Sure, some people hate homosexuality. But hate is not phobic. Such people are anti-homo but not ‘homophobic’.

    Concept of ‘homophobia’ would have us believe that homosexuality is so normal, natural, and harmless, therefore anyone who is turned off by it is suffering from some kind of mental illness or clinical malady. Nonsense. Homosexuality is a deviancy, a natural ABnormality at best. It involves gross acts among men where penises enter fecal holes of other men. Among women, it is silly, the idea of hole having ‘sex’ with a hole.

    Phobia is not mere dislike, aversion, or hostility. It is a panicked freak-out reaction of intense fear of something that is harmless. It is like a man screaming and panicking upon seeing a white mouse or a harmless spider.

    No one reacts to homos that way. Thus, ‘homophobia’ is a bogus term.

    It is a means to clinical-ize anti-homo positions as a form of mental illness.

    It’s like the Soviet Union used to treat anti-Marxist ideas as mental illnesses or communophobia or collectophobia. As Foucault said, one way to de-legitimize your enemies is to say that their views are not only wrong or misguided but clinically ill.

    Jews run the media and together with homos, they seek to discredit certain views as not only wrong but mentally ill. Thus, any opposition to homo agenda is called ‘homophobia’. ‘Antisemitism’ is used the same way. If you notice the reality of Jewish power and its detrimental effects on whites, you must be sick in the head and fantasizing stuff. Thus, you’re not only wrong but mentally ill and in need of institutionalization and re-education.

    Being a secular atheist, I accept homos are born that way and should be left alone.

    The problem is homos are homocentric, homo-chauvinist, and normophobic. They denounce as ‘homophobic’ even the slightest whiff of criticism or derision of the homo community. Even ‘gay jokes’ are ‘homophobic’. Are ‘Polack jokes’ then ‘Polophobic’? Are fat jokes ‘fatophobic’?

    Is being turned off by incest ‘incestophobic’?

    Homos call for the firing and blacklisting of anyone who believes in True Marriage between man and woman. They call for blacklisting of any actor or singer or athlete who won’t cave to the homo agenda. Consider what Perez Hilton and Homo-run media did to Carrie Prejean for supporting True Marriage.

    So, while I agree that Islamic medievalism on sexual matters is nuts in the modern age, no less nutty is the homo-worship as the new religion of the West. We are even forbidden to crack jokes about Bruce Jenner going around as a ‘woman’.

    So, this is a religious war between Allah-worshipers and homo-worshipers.

    It’s not about Islam vs Liberal West. Liberal West is lost forever with the rise of PC. Canada is on the cusp of its own Homoria Law which is like Sharia Law in favor of homos and trannies.

    Also, keep in mind that homo-pushers are now part of an aggressive globalist agenda to spread garbage like ‘gay pride’ parades into EVERY country.

    It’s not just Muslims but Christians who’ve had enough of this garbage and are beginning to push back.

    I mean do we need a new cold war with Russia because it won’t allow homo parades on Red Square? Fruisade or Fruit Crusade is the new crusade.

    Homos and trannies are so vain and narcissistic that they think all of us should worship penises in poopholes and penises-cut-off-to-be-replaced-with-fake-vaginas.

    Omar the Muslim was a sicko killer, but at least Muslims push back against the normophobic Fruisade more than anyone else.

  21. Every so often, I wonder if we’re closer to the end than I figured. this kind of random violence doesn’t do anything good for my confidence. I live in Illinois, and the state is bankrupt but won’t admit it. The legislature can’t or won’t pass a budget, I heard on local media that the venders for the prisons haven’t been paid in over a year. They owe hospitals all over the state millions, and some of the schools are so short of money do to lack of state funding that they won’t be able to stay open but about a month or so in the fall.

  22. The establishment media doesn’t even pretend to be objective anymore. As I read the articles of the major news outlets, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between a news piece and an opinion piece. One of their favorite tactics has become to “fact check” Trump. Yet when I read about all of the things he supposedly said wrong, it is obvious that the facts are up to interpretation. For instance, the media is now harping on the fact that his immigration ban would not have prevented the most recent attack. Yet obviously if the ban had been in place 30 years ago the attack would have been prevented.

  23. I watch videos and read articles written by religious jews. Here is one posted today.

    Keep in mind that Esau( Eisav) to them equates with the West and Christianity in general. Yishmael represents the Arabs.

    Stop Taking Sides: It’s Not Our Fight
    8 Sivan 5776

    In the case of West versus East – Eisav vs Yishmael – the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Jews need to just shut-up and stop trying to curry favor with Eisav (and seek his protection) by endlessly pointing out how both Jews and Christians are targets of Islam.

    Let them fight it out until they’re both down and neither of them is a threat to us any longer.

    Search your mind and heart and root out any sympathy for or attachment to Eisav as he is embodied in Western civilization and culture. His lifestyle is completely opposed to the paths of Torah that we are under covenant to guard and protect.

    And if you are a Jew living in the tents of Eisav, you are in bed with the enemy – a rebel against your King. You are sitting on the wrong side of this battle. Best take shelter in neutral territory – in your Father’s house.
    Posted by Devash at 11:24 AM

  24. It must be said…

    Many Jews are just ordinary people with no corridors of power.

    But most of them do seem to support the Jewish elites who pull all sorts of vile and nasty stuff. Most Jews don’t oppose corrupt Jewish power like white gentiles(especially of Northern European origin) stand up against white abuses and corruption.

    As for guys like Noam Chomsky, he is an intellectual and moral narcissist who seems to think he is right and righteous about everything. Karl Marx and Ayn Rand were the same way.

    Now, you can find narcissism among all groups. I just see more of it among Jews, Negroes, and Homos. And I think it has something to do with culture and genetics.

    Jews have 1000s of culture that saw themselves as the Chosen of God, therefore superior to other peoples spiritually.

    Also, Jews have higher IQ, and this makes them arrogant toward dumb goyim(and I can’t blame them entirely as goyim are indeed pretty dumb and easily hoodwinked by Jews. If I were Jewish, I would despise dumbass goyim too.)

    And then, there is the Jewish personality that developed through haggling and waggling. As Jews came to excel in business, the kind of trait favored was the pushy and cunning middlemen. So, Jews love to win deals and get the upperhand, like in David Mamet movies.

    And then, there is the Jewish suffering narrative. According to the Jewish narrative, no people suffered through the ages as much as the Jews. Yes, oppressed by all peoples even though Jews were always pure as snow. And Holocaust made Jews totally arrogant and morally narcissistic even though most of the world had nothing to do with it.

    I mean what did Palestinians have to do with WWII?

    As for Negroes, their arrogance and narcissism owes to superior speed and strength. Blacks feel beastly and powerful and feel that they are the master race of rappers whose ass should be kissed by fa**oty-ass white boys. They believe white women exist to put out to negroes and have negro babies. It’s like Ali screaming “I’m the greatest” or Mike Tyson talking about how he wanted to smash people’s face in.

    Also, blacks can holler louder and dance wilder, and this makes blacks feel superior to all others.

    But there is also the combination of lower IQ and aggression. If Jewish arrogance owes to higher IQ, blacks arrogance owes to lower IQ plus wildass aggression. Having lower IQ, blacks be thinking like angry spoiled chillun and fail to understand complexity, ambiguity, and shit. They be throwing tantrums like kids. They be bitching ‘black lives mattuh’ and shit even though blacks be killing one another.

    Also, blacks have more Thug Gene aka the Mao-warrior gene. This makes blacks more aggressive and uninhibited. This makes them less reflective, skeptical, self-examining. Whatever Negroes feel, they believes they is right, and there be no other truth. It’s like black preachers and rappers be hollering and thinking their volume and noise be da only troof they need. Blacks are naturally like this.

    Just look what the Milo the fruitkin had to deal with at Depaul. Blacks are natural thugs and jungle tyrants.

    Because blacks are so wildish and childish, their use of Slave Narrative is ridiculous. Sure, blacks have a right to remember the tragedy of slavery and see it as an injustice. But they fail to see that blacks practiced slavery forever themselves and that the black experience in America wasn’t only about oppression but liberation from jungle savagery. As Ali said, “Sheeeeeeeeiiiiit, I’s glad my granddaddy gots on dat boat.”

    Also, blacks fail to understand that whites have some legit gripes about blacks who commit too much crime and too often act like thugs.

    And then you got homos. True, some homos are nice people. But proportionally speaking, homos are among the most narcissistic people on Earth. It’s due to the homo/tranny combination of female narcissism(as women are more narcissistic than men) and male aggression(as men are more aggressive than women). Homos got the combo of Queen complex in SNOW WHITE(mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fruitiest of them all) and King-of-the-hill complex.

    Men like power but aren’t so narcissistic. Women are narcissistic but not so obsessed with power — women are content to latch onto men of power.

    But homos are both narcissistic like girls and power-obsessed like the boys.

    A lot of homos are like the tooter-psycho in NO WAY OUT aka NO GAY OUT.

    This is why US is so messed up. It’s under the personality disorder terrorism of three very extreme peoples: Jews, Negroes, and Homos.

    I mean just think about it. It takes supreme amount of narcissism on the part of homos to believe that a homo man’s fecal hole is the sexual equivalent of a woman’s vagina that gives birth to life. It takes supreme arrogance to believe that what homos do is worthy of being associated with and blessed by the institution of marriage.

    It takes supreme arrogance for homos to destroy businesses that won’t cave to homo demands for ‘gay wedding cakes’ and other degeneracies.

    It takes supreme narcissism to associate homo deviancy of fecal penetration with the rainbow. It takes supreme narcissism for homos to shut down entire cities for massive homo ‘pride’ parades that celebrate degeneracy. Not only that but homo imperialists call for exporting this sickness to all five continents. They work as the proxy of Zio-Globalist maniacs.

    It takes supreme amount of narcissism among homos to claim that Jesus died on the Cross so that fecal penetrating fruitkins can get ‘married’ and play at ‘two daddies’. Homos now claim the churches and hang homo flags in churches. I’ve seen it.

    This is NOT ordinary behavior. It is pathologically narcissistic behavior. It is narcissism of pathology, in fact.

    It’s not about Tolerance of sexual deviance. It is about celebration of homo perversion as something as good or even better than real sex between men and women that produce life.

    And homos demand that anyone who opposes this fruisade(the fruit crusade) be destroyed, fired, blacklisted, and etc. They are 1000x worse than Joe McCarthy.

    And the fact is the majority of homo community supports this lunacy.

    In the 80s and 90s, so many homos died of AIDS cuz they were boofing each other like crazy. But homos take NO BLAME for any of that. They were pure as snow and ALL BLAME must go to “Reagan’s indifference”.

    Trannies are no better. They cut off their natural dicks and get fake pussies and tell the world that their fake pooters(or cooters) are just as good as real vaginas. I mean what’s up with that?

    Trannies say they have the ‘right’ to use women’s rooms. Bruce Jenner, having turned into Kim-Kardashian-wanna-be, thinks he is the center of the universe and even thinks he deserves to be anointed as ‘woman of the year’.

    You can’t honestly deal with people like that, no more than you can bargain with the Terminator. Homonator will not stop until we get tough with it. Really tough with it.

    The only people who might cause problem for those Three Monster Narcissistic groups is the Muslims. Muslims have their own kind of extremist outlook. They don’t play wussy like white Europeans, Latino Gomezers, and East Asians.

    White Europeans are mostly bland and altruistic. Latino Gomzers are hopeless. They’ve been under Conquitador rule for centuries but still live under it like peons. They are a bunch of Guillermos.

    And East Asians are drones and followers. They just go along with the Powers-that-be.

    In contrast, Muslims have the Angry Prophetic Outlook and don’t like to take shit from anyone.


    “Obama warns terrorists would win if Trump becomes President.”

    That is true. And that is why we are likely to see a “blow off top” of terror attacks in the next 147 days.

    I’ve been scanning Trump’s language for signs that he knows that this is the case, and there are some preliminary hints that he does. Trump is a famously conspiratorial thinker and suggested that Obama may secretly back the terrorists. Is that projection on Trump’s part? The Establishment media was quick to label Trump crazy, but I see him as more crazy-like-a-fox.

    Recall that Reagan officials (specifically George HW Bush) had back channel negotiations with Iran during the Hostage Crisis, the so-called “October Surprise”, and the hostages were released moments after Reagan was inaugurated. (see also Iran-Contra)

  26. Amazing how weird this country is. Now that Trump has become the ‘great defender of persecuted fags’ some of the media shills who claimed he was literally Hitler are having a change of heart.

    • Donald has has a history of supporting homosexuality, transvestitism, and sex changes (see also Rudy Giuliani), to say nothing of his adultery, divorces, casino business and smut peddling.

      Trump is a undisciplined buffoon, antithetical to Hitler.

      Pre-Orlando polling showed that Trump hurt hem self badly with his unprovoked attack on the Trump University judge. He should be working to reduce his negatives, not reinforcing them.

      We’ll see what happens with the polls after Orlando, but if it didn’t move the needle, even a black swan can’t help him.

  27. Trump linked to this story at his twitter.

    Hillary Clinton Received Secret Memo Stating Obama Admin ‘Support’ for ISIS

    The memo made clear that Al Qaeda in Iraq was speaking through Muhammad Al Adnani, who is now the senior spokesman for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Western and Gulf states were supporting the terrorist group to try to overthrow Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad, who was being propped up by the Russians, Iranians, and Chinese.

  28. I read that quite a few Muslims have been placed in high positions by Obama.

    Jeh Johnson for example.

    Wiki: Jeh Charles Johnson (born September 11, 1957)[1] is a Muslim American civil and criminal trial lawyer, and the current United States Secretary of Homeland Security.

    • What would Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Jackson et al think of a USA dominated by Mideastern desert tribes? A disgrace.

  29. Volks…

    What is legal or illegal anymore?

    Everything is trans. So, even nations are trans-nations.

    Even history is trans-history and culture is trans-culture.

    Even though Alexander Hamilton was a quasi-aristocratic white male elitist who disdained the vulgar Mob, he’s been turned into a rapping Negro rebel hero who stands for Da People against the privileged.

    And look at this tomfoolery:

    Some clown-nazis on the internet have remade Taylor Swift into some kind of ‘Aryan Idol’.

    So, if some Latino rapper says Hamilton is a negro rebel, he is.

    So, if clown-nazis say Taylor Swift is Hitler Youth, she is.

    Nothing is real anymore. It’s all wish fulfillment and fantasy. Reality is what you wish it to be. It’s like David in A.I. wishing to be a ‘real boy’.

    But then, if Bruce Jenner insists he is a ‘woman’ and if NY will fine you $250,00o for referring to him as a ‘he’.

    What a dumb world.


    A Muslim leader in Orlando went on camera and demanded that the MSM not sensationalize the attack, as if the images of 103 bullet-riddled bodies and first responders slogging through corpses and blood is not already sensational. But the maddening thing is, the MSM will comply with the imam’s demand. Look at what CNN did:

    On CNN, anchor Jake Tapper said the network would no longer identify Mateen during news coverage of the shooting aftermath: “We are now learning more about the suspect, learning more about him, let us use the information that I’m about to share with you sparingly, his name was Omar Mateen, that is a name I will not mention again for the rest of the show. And that is his photograph, we know he was training as a private security guard . . . let us take that graphic down.”

    Had the terrorist been White and found with a “Make America Great Again” hat or a Confederate flag, then we know how Jake Tapper, CNN, and the rest of the Leftist MSM would have reacted: They would constantly show the hat or flag, they would constantly show the attacker, they would constantly associate the attacker with Donald Trump, they would constantly associate the attacker with The Political Cesspool and James Edwards, they would constantly associate the attacker with Christian conservatives, they would constantly associate the attacker with the NRA, and on and on and on. How do I know the MSM would have reacted that way? Because it’s exactly how they reacted after one mixed up kid wearing a Confederate flag shot some blacks in a church. Good thing the Orlando Muslim terrorist was also a registered Democrat, otherwise all we’d be hearing and reading about his conservative politics 24 / 7 for the next six months.’

  31. Volks…

    If Open Borders is so good, what did it do for Libya and Syria and Iraq?

    Once Hussein was taken down, Iraqi borders imploded and neighboring nations were able to send in all sorts of trouble-makers, subversives, radicals, and Jihadis. Iraq turned into hellhole.

    Once Gaddafi’s regime came under fire by NATO, Libyan borders were flung open. Tons of terrorists and troublemakers poured in and turned that country to hell.

    Look at that hellhole now. Not only is Libya being invaded by African nations but the Africans are using Libya as passage to Europe.

    US and its allies(Israel, Turkey, Saudis, etc) aided terrorists and troublemakers to move into Syria and blow things up. Ah, Open Borders in action. Assad was no longer able to control the borders. Look at the country now. Total disaster.

    THAT is Open Borders.

    Open Borders is like going to sleep with your door wide open in a dangerous neighborhood.

    Israel doesn’t believe in it.

    Wasn’t the Middle East much nicer when nations there had stricter border controls?

    Breakdown of border controls led to Jihadis, criminals, thugs, mercenaries, smugglers, and etc.

    Jews call for Gun Control–even as they arm terrorists to take down Gaddafi and Assad–but Border Control is denounced.

    But Open Borders is like Open Guns.

    Guns should be regulated(though not banned) by the law, and likewise, Borders need to be guarded and enforced by the Law.

    Borders allow for national security and safe passage for tourists and workers and would-be legal immigrants.

    Globalism is crazy because, on the one hand, it calls for a world governed by laws than by culture and tradition but, on the other, it encourages law-breaking migrants and invaders. Globalism is a madhouse that calls for universal enforcement of laws but then encourages all manner of abuse of laws by globalist sharks like George Soros and all manner of aggression by marauding hordes from the Third World.

    Of course, by directing our focus on the ‘refugee crisis’, Zionist-supremacists and their Homo-Imperialist allies distract us from the MORE IMPORTANT issue of why the Muslim world is aflame and filled with uprooted desperate people.

    It is because of Western Invasion and Intervention in Middle East and North Africa whereby millions have been either killed or displaced.

    For every person killed by ‘muzzie’ in the West, US Globalist policies have killed a 1000. Since Jews control US foreign policy, they have something to answer for.

    But Jews who should be on the moral defensive go on the moral offensive by accusing the West of not doing enough for the ‘refugees’ who were displaced by Jewish-controlled globalist-imperialist policy.

    By pretending to care about Muslims, Jews mask the true nature of their agenda that was to (1) destroy the Muslim World and (2) use Muslim hordes to destroy the West.

    Kill two birds with one stone.

    Very sneaky, these Jews.

  32. ‘Look at that hellhole now. Not only is Libya being invaded by African nations but the Africans are using Libya as passage to Europe.’

    Gaddafi: NATO people, you ruined the wall (Libya) that stopped a migration stream to Europe!

  33. Liz Robbins ?@nytlizrobbins
    Orlando killings dim Ramadan’s joy for some New York Muslim teens who feel the strain of Islamophobia.

    Jew immigration writer for NY Times. Par for the course.

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