Dear Mr. Trump


Jared Taylor is right: in many cases, our ideas are now more popular and “mainstream” in White America than what calls itself the “mainstream,” and the only reason Trump has gotten as far as he has is because he understands this disconnect on an instinctual level.

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      • To be fair to you, you are replying to an adherant of a regional separatist. The Great a White North West. North West Front.

        He’s aiming for a very particular outcome. Lol.

        • Who is “we”? Also, the US Constitution and sane people aren’t going to let you loons ethnically cleanse any place. Sorry, Cletus.

          • So you stinky anti-White progs are gonna save us all like you did with Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis, Flint, Oakland, and parts of Chicago?

            You didn’t really do a good job there with the “Kill Whitey” memes, so how I can I be sure you won’t screw everything else up again? I guess what I’m trying to say is, how could “dim, racist, whack jobs” do any worse of a job with society than you people have?

    • When two groups of people see the world so differently that the see each other as “nuts”, the sane thing to do is a planned, peaceful separation.

      History is not full of such wisdom, and ours is not an especially wise age.

        • Which part of the integrated present do you like best? The now commonplace shootings? ISIS? The ethnic cleansing called street gang violence? Openly queer sex? Which exhibit of this worldwide three ring circus do you most identify with? Or are you simply going to go on and on and talk about love and freedom, like most of your type do and like someone on the beach at Normady going on and on about the water and how nice the sand was on that day, not mentioning the obvious?

          • Um, crime is at historic lows in the US. Try again, Bubba.

            Also, what the fuck does ISIS have to do with integration?

          • Crime is not at an historic low. It is lower at times from all time highs. Care to cite your case and crime statistics to back up your claim of an “all time low?” You can’t. you will get exactly what I describe, record highs followed by brief declines which is then cited by some media as “crime rate falling.”

            Also, answer my question, Tyrell.

          • Like a lot of people, you cannot or do not even bother to read your own sources. That report does NOT show a decrease, it shows violent crime in fact up an order of magnitude from 1960. Nor does it show an historic low. Moreover, as everyone but you knows, crime has been on the increase the last year or so, even New Yorkers are back alarmed. Your source data stops at 2014, two years ago.

            Try again, Bubba.

          • Yes, I do. Obviously you don’t. What part of violent crime rate being 160.9 per 100,000 people in 1960 vs 375.7 per 100,000 people in 2014 do you not understand?

            Tell us. Show us how you are calculating the data on that page. You haven’t because you can’t. I asked you and you won’t because you can’t because the numbers are overwhelmingly against your claim.

            You are the rube. LOL. As soon as I clicked on your link I immediately thought wtf, lol, Leroy here doesn’t know how to read.

            You should calculate the percentage, too. I did. Hint, it’s higher in 2014 than 1960 (and many other years, too). I bet you do not even know how to calculate a percentage. Show us.

          • Crime is NOT at an historic low, HughManatee. Honest reporting of crimes committed, usually by so-called “people of color” is at an historic low both by the media and the authorities. Law enforcement is at an historic low. There is even a term for it, google “de-policing.” Prosecution is at an historic low, because just because Whites don’t commit crimes at the same high levels of people of color doesn’t mean that it isn’t unfair and mean and racist not to prosecute everyone equally.

            By citing fake crime statistics from sources which have been proven to be unreliable because they are more interested in “framing the Cultural Marxist narrative” rather than telling the truth you are either stuck on stupid or being disingenuous. Which is it?

          • Your marketing skills suck. That’s a horrible label that will never gain any traction.

            Cultural Marxist Narrative is perfectly succinct and invokes a sense of urgency and contempt in people that makes them want to pick up a gun and defend their nation and family.

          • Who are you nuts planning on shooting to defend against this magical “cultural marxism” phantom?

          • “makes them want to pick up a gun and defend their nation and family.”
            What imaginary threat are you rubes planning on waving your external phalluses at?

          • Do guns scare you? Does the thought or the very mention of people with guns willing to defend their families and nations cause your blood pressure to rise?

            But I guess your imaginary threats cause you to see imaginary threats everywhere pro-White people congregate:

            Also, the US Constitution and sane people aren’t going to let you loons…….

            Kind of hard to use the Constitution as a defense when you and your invader hordes have no real regard for it or the laws that were established by the very men who’ve made this country what it is.

            What do we have to look forward to in your little utopia, Chicago, Baltimore, Oakland, Memphis, Flint…? No thanks. I’d rather fight.

          • OK, Cletus. You sit around stroking your gun while being on the look out for whatever it is you think is coming to git ya

          • Another Jewish debate trick. Endeavor to promote your side as SANE by using invectives to paint your opponents as INSANE

          • The Jew lies, of course he will never tell you about the Frankfurt School who INVENTED cultural marxism

          • Jewish Ad Nauseum attack straight of of Trotsky you must always attack your opponent with a slur but if he does the same he must be destroyed.

        • You SJWs aren’t going to impose upon our speech, thoughts, gun rights, property rights, freedom of association, and what our kids get taught in school much longer. Payback is gonna be a bitch for you.

          • Pointing out that you’re an asshole when you say assholish things is not imposing on your speech, Cletus.

            Also, payback for what? What is it you door knobs want?

          • Payback for crimes against white race. West desperately needs best Eastern European style witchhunt for leftist hatemongers and I and lot of people more feel great pleasure to launch one. We have 100 years of experience dealing with commies down here and we are more that happy to introduce it in all white countries. There will no McCarthy style silk cloves this time…:D

          • Yes, commies, yes. You can call yourself whatever, but for us you are commies. And we are coming. This time there will no Hitler troops to stop us to do the job.
            For general education. In 1941 we wanted to finish off our genetical mutants once and for all and cut the bloodline but evil nazi Hitler gave the order to quit people justice. He and all Germany paid a high price for that.

          • You do realize that there are almost no commies left, right? You also seem far too dumb to be able to exterminate everyone you hate.

  1. Good video. Jared speaks well and presents the truth.

    Unfortunately, far too many huwhites are SJW’s or extreme cucks.

    Every major religious denomination would not approve of his message.

    The feminists, commies, dykes, fags, educators, celebrities, and political analysts would skewer him for the fun of it.

    My wife is on Facebook now. An eye opener, even for me. I hate it.

    Sickening to realize how many adults are totally brainwashed retards who dislike Trump.

    The teens and young adults excepting a few are whiggers, mudsharks, fags and druggies who love hip-hop and niggers.

    What happens 10 years from now?

    Trump, if he wins will slow down the process but that’s about all.

    • Yes, I’ve been saying Facebook is an eye opener for seeing just how bad people you know and have known all your life really are. And the sheer mediocrity of their mental level is stunning. The truth is there is little there in American people. Mundane and banal do not even adequately describe them.

      No, a Trump win is not going to accomplish much, I’m afraid. At this point, even actually expelling the Jews would not do much. The damage is done. Finally taking away his cigarettes means little when the patient is in the final stages of cancer and hospice has already been called.

        • I’m talking about people I know personally, what they say. My feed is all the people who I friend and actually know.

          • I’ve actually found it to be a very useful tool for establishing a triage type of approach to “friends” and family. I now know which people are more likely to be persuaded by facts, statistics and evidence and which ones just don’t care about hearing any kind of Truth if it means they might have to look “racist” in the process of acknowledging it and digging for it. Saves me from wasting time on people that will never be persuaded by rational dialogue.

          • Yes, it is indeed useful. That is for certain. So are discussions about it! Tells me much about a lot of fellow readers of the websites I read.

          • Hey, I just now found your reply when I checked my spam folder. I had heard that google was sending some Trump emails to spam, but this one was just a Disqus comment with the word Trump in the title and it’s the only Disqus notification ever to go to my spam folder. Looks like the google censorship rumor is probably true.

          • They can still manipulate which posts from your friends you get to see and which ones get suppressed, ie your friends probably aren’t as bad off as they look in your facebook feed.

      • Do not rely on Facebook to gauge public sentiment. Everyone whose Facebook account that I have looked at seems aware that these pages are monitored by SJW (Stasi Jerk Wads) and only post jokes, birthday/anniversary greetings, and family/pet pictures. Nothing political or controversial at all.

        • Not around here. Again, I am not talking about ananomous people, but people who live around me and people I personally know. Not “robots” or such. People talk about politics a lot on Facebook. They talk about everything. And it is mostly just what me and Sam say.

          It is obvious that far too many people in WN and such are out of touch. Bad. Nowhere near enough interaction with actual people of this population. Not to say I blame anyone, but the more actual interaction you have, the worse it gets.

      • I found Facebook not only to be full of liberal weirdos, but also was inane beyond belief, nothing much but pictures of people’s dogs, ugly kids/grandkids, what people had for breakfast, ah shit.

  2. Why does Mr. Taylor always or usually have a skull in the background? Is it a Masonic symbol?

    Some think that Trump owes much of his support so far to the support of a faction of the Freemasons.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would vote for Jared Taylor for president, and I am planning to vote for Trump. I am just exploring some possibilities.

    • It is a symbol of mortality. Our time on Earth is limited, so we had better use it for something worthwhile, like promoting our race.

      • You replied like a freemason. Giving BS fodder for the profane to chew on, and keep the symbol’s meanings secret.

        • That was a knee-Jerk reaction, comment wise. Why do you think monasteries often have skulls lined up of the myriad people who have died in their precincts? To remind us that ‘dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return’… the very words used with the imposition of Ashes on Ash Wednesday in Lent.

          What of the holding of the skull by Hamlet, in his ‘To be, or not to be’ monologue? Is that, too, somehow, “Masonic”?

          (It’s also a backdrop, that is projected on a blank screen. It’s not real. It’s cinema, and nothing more…)

    • That’s funny, I believe it’s the Freemasons who have helped us get into this predicament.

      • I am reading Sion’s Army by Jeff Wilkerson. It seems clear that a large secret society with many levels of secrecy and control could easily be exploited by anti-whites (mainly Jews) for subversive purposes. How do you know whose side they are really on if their leadership and inner workings are cloaked in secrecy?

    • We have gotten to this point by being too lenient. China, India, Africa for instances are not exhibiting pan-racial consciousness and also are not under threat of racial extinction. Only we are.

        • Neither of those populations have been trained not to value themselves and open themselves to destruction and genocide. I think they are still intact. I agree that the ZOG government of US is manipulating many puppets throughout the world though.

  3. We love it that Trump is driving the progs crazy, but I don’t think most of us expect too much from him even if he does win. He is a superb cage-rattler, however, and I wish him well.

  4. If I were writing an open letter to Trump, I wouldn’t say that you can’t make America great again like Mr. Taylor did. Instead, I would talk about the need for explicit white identity politics. Of course, if he wants to win in November he won’t start speaking up for whites as whites until after the election.

  5. People…

    There is ADL or Anti-Defamation League that tracks every case of ‘antisemitic’ deeds against Jews.

    But, we also need AEL or Anti-Exploitation League, an organization that tracks & exposes every case of Jewish exploitation or abuse of Gentiles.

  6. Great talk! There is precedent of sorts for Mr. Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim Immigrants. It was the Immigration Act of 1924, which barred Arabs, Asians, and Southern Europeans (i.e. Italians). I’d like to see this discussed more. I think it was a great idea — and I’m of Italian-American descent. If an ethnic group proves itself troublesome, why shouldn’t they be banned? The U.S. is under no obligation to have an open door policy and take in everyone. Who came up with this flawed, self-destructive idea? We need an updated Immigration Act of 1924, and the country’s ethnic groups need to stop pledging allegiance to their group and start pledging allegiance to the country as a whole.

  7. Caligula was IMHO a very good very Antisemitic Emperor. He planned to desecrated the Temple but was assassinated before the statue of himself was placed in the Holy of Holies.

    Don’t portmanteau his name and hers.

  8. When Trump loses and he pivots to leading the Partition movement, then we’ll be onto something.

    It is a battle we can win, especially when we are no longer trying to “take back America”, but rather defend land where we are dominant. We just need a plausible leader.

    The 60% of men who support Trump vs the 40% of men who don’t. Do you think the SJW men will march on fortified positions? They signed up for free living at our expense, not sacrifice.

    The Guardian has a decent article on “Texit”

    If Texas goes, all the Red States and counties will follow.

  9. People…

    Powerful Jews use their gentile puppets to ban a boycott of Zionist oppression of Palestinians. Jews say you must comply with Zionist imperialism and oppression, or you will be destroyed. Jews who made a big deal of their role in the boycott to end Southern Segregation and South African apartheid(even though Israel was then South Africa’s #1 ally) are now saying that if you boycott Israel for its human right violations and imperialism, YOU will be destroyed.

    That is how power works. So, powerful Jews can say and do anything. Truth and Justice are whatever Jews say it is. Jews can even fool morons into believing ‘gay marriage’ is real marriage and that those who boycott homo degeneracy will be destroyed.

    That is globalism in action. If you boycott homo decadence and Zionist oppression, YOU will be targeted and destroyed. You must comply with Homo Imperialism. You must comply with Zionist oppression and terror against Palestinians.

    Jewish-and-Homo imperialists destroyed Middle East and North Africa and set off a massive refugee crisis, but these a**holes say that EUROPE must take in all these ‘refugees’.

    If they don’t, they are labeled as ‘Nazis’ or the ‘far right’.

    So, surrender to the Jewish flag and the homo flag, the proxy flag of Jewish Globalist Imperialism. Jews fund the homo agenda all over the world.

    Incidentally, Cuomo’s collaborationist outfit will punish businesses with $250,000 if they refer to man-in-dress-and-wig as ‘he’ than ‘she’. That is America under Jewish and Homo power. A clown show.


    We are all Palestinians living under Zio-Globalist Occupation.

    EU, US, Australia, and Canada are NOT free nations. They are Occupied Territories just like ‘Israel'(once Palestine) and West Bank.

    Since Jews don’t have the numbers to demographically take over US, Canada, Australia, and EU nations(like they did with Palestine), Jews use masses of Third World hordes as proxy so that whites will lose the electoral power to potentially unite against Jewish power.

    Jews plan to use browns, blacks, yellows, and Muslims against whites. Of course, white cuck-collaborators like Merkel, Hillary, Blair, Cameron, Hollande, and Trudeau are handsomely rewarded materially, and so they betray their own people and serve the Jews and Homos. And plenty of white millennials have been raised from cradle to be SJW-types.


    Democracy can be a form of Imperialism.

    Why and how?

    Democracy is about rule of majority. So, if you change the majority, the nature of power in democracy changes.

    What would happen if Palestinians were to become the electoral majority in Israel? Say goodbye to Israel as a Jewish state(just like South Africa is no longer a Boer Republic but a Bongo Wasteland — but things are still so awful in other black African nations that blacks still mill into South Africa). For Israel to continue as a Jewish state even after Arabs constitute the majority, democracy would have to be ended, and there must be something like Apartheid(which is the case in West Bank). Democracy empowers and ensures Jews in Israel ONLY AS LONG AS Jews are the majority. With a Jewish majority, democracy is a great blessing to the Jews. With an Arab majority, democracy would be the worst enemy to the Jews.

    Of course, you don’t necessarily need majority power to have power if your people are smart enough to gain control of all media, most of academia, law, politicians, and etc. Jews are only 2% of the US, but they have elite control of key institutions and industries. Also, as Holocaust has been made the faith of the West, it is taboo to say anything negative about Jews. It’d be like anyone badmouthing God or Jesus in the Middle Ages. Jews made it so that Jews, Homos, and blacks are quasi-deified. They are godly. Any criticism of Jews is ‘antisemitism’. Any criticism of blacks is ‘racism’. Any criticism of homo is ‘homophobia’. Only those three groups have special words to denounce any criticism of them.

    Because Jews have special smarts and talents, they can gain tremendous power in a democracy without majority power. Since they control media, finance, academia, and politicians, they can sway, manipulate, and control the hearts, minds, eyes, and ears of the majority.

    In contrast, white people need demographic majority power to maintain dominance in Western nations. So, when even their majority status slips from them, they are Palestinianized and finished.

    Look what happened to Palestinians once they were made the minority in what became Israel. We like to think that democracy empowers a people, but it can disempower a people if they become the minority and are out-voted by the new majority.

    Look what happened to white conservatives in California. They once used to dominate the state. Today, they are nothing no matter how much they vote for conservative policies.

    Same democracy but different results because brown-yellow-black votes came to vastly outnumber the white vote. Also, Jewish power and money bought up all the cuck-collaborators among the remaining whites.

    So, the idea of spreading ‘freedom through democracy’ isn’t necessarily true if you change the demographic balance of a nation.

    Suppose there is a nation that is dictatorial and repressive.

    Suppose US invades and brings democracy to that nation. Sounds good, right?

    If the US doesn’t mess with the demographic balance of the nation, things might turn out good for the native people via democracy. Democracy did good for Japanese and Germans after WWII since their nations were all Japanese or all German.

    But suppose US not only brings democracy but demographic changes whereby the native majority soon becomes a minority to masses of new arrivals.

    In that case, democracy will not empower but enslave the natives since democracy will favor the majority of new arrivals.

    Whites not only conquered Hawaii but invited in tons of yellows. With whites and yellows vastly outnumbering native Hawaiians, democracy doesn’t do any good for the native Hawaiians. Whites and yellows will always out-vote them if the natives want national independence and want to take Hawaii back.

    So, democracy is two-edged sword. It will free and empower your people if they constitute the solid majority. But it will disadvantage and enslave your people if they become the minority who are outvoted by the new majority.

    Jews gained control of the West. As globo-imperialist rulers, they decided to bring in masses of non-whites, turn them against whites, and use them as the new majority against whites.

    When whites were the solid majority, democracy was on their side. It was their great weapon.

    But now as whites become minorities, democracy is becoming their mortal enemy, their gloom-and-doom oppressor. Look at London, the English capital, that is now run by some dotkin mayor.

    It’s not about Left vs Right. It is about whites under Jewish globo-imperialist rule. Jews seek to weaken white power by bringing in tons of non-whites.

    As whites increasingly become smaller in number, they can only win by voting as a unified bloc(like whites do in the American South), but white vote remains divided because Jews run media & academia and have poisoned so many white minds with ‘white guilt’, ‘diversity mania’, ‘jungle fever’, ‘bamboo fever’, ‘exotica’, and shallowness all around.

  10. Andrea Ostrov Letania

    ‘There is ADL or Anti-Defamation League that tracks every case of ‘antisemitic’ deeds against Jews.

    But, we also need AEL or Anti-Exploitation League, an organization that tracks & exposes every case of Jewish exploitation or abuse of Gentiles.’

    Christians are treated like sh*t in Israel. One more example. Media and Cucktians will support Israel none the less.

    Lehava disrupts Christian conversion ceremony

    Activists, including leader Bentzi Gopstein, disrupt baptisms in Rishon Leziyon, saving six Jews.

    Hundreds of people came out to protest a Christian conversion ceremony in Rishon Leziyon on Saturday morning.

    Activists from Lehava, including its head Bentzi Gosptein, broke into the cultural center where the event was taking place and blocked the entrances.

    Police at the location were unable to control the activists, who entered the hall again and again. As a result, the district commander decided to close the event and stopped further missionaries from arriving.

    During the course of the protest, Lehava activists managed to rescue six Jews who were expected to undergo a baptism and conversion. Two of the six were Holocaust survivors who had been brought by their carers, the group says. During the struggle, three Lehava members were arrested, though they were later released.

    Gopstein says that “Dozens of activists who were with us in difficult conditions in Rishon Leziyon over Shabbat fought bravely and managed to prevent the Christian baptism. We hope that the local authorities will draw the appropriate conclusions and will no longer permit such ceremonies in the future. In any case, we will go anywhere there is an attempt to convert Jews. Rishon Leziyon residents deserve praise for their mobilization in defense of mitzvot.”

  11. I think Trump is the beginning, not he end. If he wins, great, but if he doesn’t; and he is facing one of the worst criminal enterprises in U.S history, i.e. the Clinton Crime Family, he has helped to create a national movement. And I would say focus on this, not just winning this election, or all is lost. And it just may be that the country is so far gone that it is becoming impossible to change things by traditional political means, meaning national elections. And we’re one crisis away from God knows what. Obana is capable of anything bad, he thinks he has to power to rule by decree now, and the liberal wackos are going to tolerate anything he wants to do.

    • We only have 142 days to “know”, but the writing is already on the wall.

      How do I know this? I hear the same “don’t trust the polls” that we heard in 2012 with Romney from the main stream people.

      It would be best if the nomination was stolen from Trump, but our enemies will not be that merciful. He may drop out though. He doesn’t want a Goldwater style defeat.

      In any event, on to Partition, an amazingly difficult road. We are trying to alter the inertia of history; a geopolitical earthquake on par with the fall of the Roman Empire, the French Revolution, the campaigns of Cyrus and Alexander, and the rise of Islam.

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