Thomas Mair, Vantardist

Here we go again:

“BIRSTALL, England — The suspect in the killing of a member of Parliament on a street in northern England on Thursday has a history of ties with a neo-Nazi organization in the United States, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, and may have suffered from mental illness, according to an account he gave a local newspaper in 2010. …

Both sides in that debate have suspended campaigning out of respect for Ms. Cox. Issues of immigration and national identity have been central to the sometimes bitter clashes over membership in the bloc, and they have driven the campaign at times toward what critics say is racism and xenophobia. …

On Thursday night, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is based in Alabama and tracks extremist groups, released receipts showing that Mr. Mair had paid $620 for materials from National Vanguard Books, the publishing imprint of a neo-Nazi organization called the National Alliance. In 1999, he purchased materials that included publications on how to make a gun and improvised explosives.”

Yesterday, I said this was either the definition of a ‘false flag’ attack, or it was another example of a crazed lone wolf vanguardist lashing out on his own initiative. He’s alive and we now know it was door number two.

Picture a socially isolated, mentally ill loner nursing a morbid fascination with apocalyptic violence stewing in rage behind his computer all day. He almost certainly subscribes to the “worse is better” theory. The polls have shown that Britain is on the cusp of seceding from the European Union. By this twisted logic, victory is defeat.

Something had to be done to stop the imminent nationalist victory. Britain needs to be punished with more uncontrolled immigration in order to … wake up, or something. Maybe killing a random pro-Remain Labour MP while screaming “Britain First” will do the trick. It will scare off enough normal people to sink Brexit in the polls.

Meanwhile, I can imagine the reaction going on within the real Britain First. Just as we had never heard of Dylann Roof, they have probably never heard of Thomas Mair, and certainly had no foreknowledge of his planned attack. They are stunned that any British nationalist could lash out in such a destructive way so contrary to their interests. Speculation is rife that this has to be a ‘false flag’ attack due to the timing of the Brexit vote.

Even if they don’t know Thomas Mair, they know the type. They have seen the “vantard” manifest on the internet for years behind anonymous pseudonyms. They have no way of knowing who these people are or what their intentions are, but know they will be blamed whenever one of them “self-detonates” to dominate a few news cycles.

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  1. Some truth:


    If we call for GIVE CALIFORNIA BACK TO MEXICO, the Gomezers, yellows, blacks, and white progs would be morally and ideologically helpless to reject the proposal.


    Mexican-Americans act so proud and make big noise about how California was stolen from Mexico. Mexicans have the right to come live in Ca because Ca is really part of Mexico. They talk of reconquista.

    So, if given a chance to take it back, they have to take it back. If Mexicans and Mexican-Americans said, “No, senor, we want California to remain in gringo hands”, they would sound like traitors or would be admitting that gringos are better at managing a territory than Mexicans are. It would hurt Mexican pride. It’d be like China refusing to take back Taiwan when offered a chance to do so.

    Because of all the La Raza rage over the yrs about how California is really part of Mexico, Mexicans cannot say NO to the proposal.

    As for yellows, browns, and other pocs(people of color) upon mankind, they are into anti-white PC and spew anti-white hatred 24/7. Yellows are 80% Democrat and call for open borders and laugh about white demise. They say whites suck. Blacks blame everything on whites and this never lets up. And Jewish Democrats love to bash white privilege. Even Jewish privilege is masked behind ‘white privilege’. And cucky white gentiles progs go along with this.

    In other words, whites suck and white privilege must end.

    So, even if they privately want to stay in a California that is part of US(that still has white majority), they would have no moral or ideological defenses against the proposal of returning Ca back to Mexico(like returning Hong Kong back to the Chiners). Given all that they’ve publicly spewed over the years, they MUST support returning Ca back to Mexico.

    If they reject the idea, it would mean they prefer gringos over Gomezers. It would mean they’d rather be ruled by Washington than by Mexico City. They would rather pay taxes to DC than to MC.

    So, you see, the proposition puts them in a bind.

    And it’d be funny as hell to listen to their tortured logic as to… uh… ah… well… why California should remain with US and not rejoin with Mexico.

    It’d be hilarious.

    California is a great beautiful state, but white people lost it already. Jews and homos run it. And it is now majority non-white, and non-whites use its massive electoral votes to help Democrat politicians who push for massive immigration for ALL OF AMERICA to turn every state into a neo-California.

    California is now the cancer of White America.. Return it to Mexico.

    Have California join Mexit.

  2. Anyone can masquerade as a vantard. That’s the problem. This dude could easily be a communist sleeper taking one for the team. I have as much evidence for this theory as anyone has for the “Thomas Mair: Worse is Better” theory.

    Britain is carpeted in closed circuit TV cameras. Let’s see the video.

    On a side note: Trump’s muslim ban continues to bleed. Paul Ryan continues to challenge it en route to a bossed 2020 GOP nomination. They will make damn sure there will be no more Trumps in the future. Trumps defeat doesn’t trouble as much as the defective political compass of the alt right. Trump’s most ardent supporters should have forced him to walk it back instantly, instead they started orgiastically chanting “ban kebab!”.

    We do want to survive, right?

      • The muslim ban is never going to happen. Trump might temporarily keep them out, but there will never be a ban. We will most likely get tighter restrictions on who comes over until Trump leaves but it’ll be the same problems. Shootings and what not and the islamification of as much of the US (primarily in the north because they catch heat from us down here) as the Jews can make arab zombie will continue. What we must do is secede. That is very easy and has always only required us to start taking county seats and force a referendum. Texas came two votes short of forcing one in the span of a good year of pushing.

    • The Muslim ban is VERY popular. Don’t listen to TalmudVision, on this issue. Every real American hates Dune Coons.

          • Calling legislators does nothing and is a waste of time. The Government is owned by the Jewish Royal Family (Rothschildes) along with every country with a Jewish owned Central Bank. Everything is unfolding according to their design.

          • Lighten up a bit Jay. You are correct that our legislators are mostly useless, but every once in a while our voices are heard. The talk radio driven call in campaigns actually stopped immigration amnesty a couple of times back when George W. was president.

          • I disagree. I think passively allowing them to proceed is a signal that you don’t care.

          • I called Ryan’s office a few days ago and unloaded on the call taker … again.

            So what happens?

            The weasel doubles down on attacking Trump and his proposals.

            No hope for that maggot.

  3. Why do you consistently “apologize” for the actions of someone you don’t even remotely know who does something associated by our racial enemies in the name of something you vaguely write? Last year it was Dylann Storm Roof — Lone Tard — whom none of us knew anything about and who was friends with all manner of niggers and mongrels.

    Either you believe in what you write — so much so that when someone you don’t know or much like acts upon it — or you don’t. I’m not asking you to claim Roof or this other British Lone Tard (who is even more remote to us in the US-ZOG), but if you are uncomfortable with our racial enemies taking you to task through guilt by association then you should do as they do — disclaim any knowledge of the Manchurian Lone-Tard — and turn it on them like they did with the self-loathing raghead faggot gunning down a 100 beaner faggots onto White People with Guns.

    Britain is done with regardless. Nothing left to do but let them implode with or without the EU. If some Lone-Tard guns down some whiggress skank who voted to drown England in a River of Mud then what of it? What does that have to do with you?

    I was no friend of TraitorGlenn Miller. The drunken Lumbee melungeon ZOGbot gunned down three other mongrels just outside the jew nursing home two years ago and then was tried as a “White Supremacist” and the jew with a colostomy bag of a sewer forum was trotted out as a “Vantard.” Fine. The good thing is now I won’t be blamed for skragging the dirty old rat. Neither you nor I have anything to do with TraitorGlenn Miller’s didoes. The lying drunken Lumbee melungeon rat ran out of my office back in July 2000 for fear that I was toying with it and about to kill it for mentioning Louis Beam and Katja Lane, David Lane’s wife. And it was with their permission I pretended to be TraitorGlenn Miller’s friend for four years until TraitorGlenn Miller refujsed to run for U.S. Senator in 2004. Then TraitorGlenn Miller becum the paymaster for a certain re-conditioned jewboy from California and the District of Corruption working for Fearless Leader who runs a Virtual (Colostomy-Bag) Noose Nutwerk Forum (VNNF). I’d have gladly skinned out either or both if they were stupid enough to cum to my door.

    In our bowel Movement we all know of each other and our past histories. Like at the Ft. Smith Sedition Trial of 1987-88 it is understood that we all claim to haet ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final. What keeps us relatively safe from “conspiracy trials” is that everyone knows that no “conspiracy” is possible because three of us cannot get together for anything without three groups of two plotting to screw over the other one.

    So why should we act as if we are responsible for the actions of others in or out of the bowel Movement? You ain’t a White Nationalist “leader” Brad. You are a blogger and a Tard-Corral Referee/Refugee. You don’t even have a whip and a chair to deal with Lie-ins even if you think you are the Ringmaster for this Circus.

    Things are falling apart all over. Billions will die in the economic collapse just before or after the 2016 [S]Elections. Conditions holding together “carrying capacity” for 8 billion is fraying right now. And you want to “disassociate” yourself from those you know nothing about? Believing in the claims of the judenpresse as to the origins of Lone-Tards?

    What is the point of that? What slop does it put in your trough?

    You do annoy both sides though. I wish you would quit doing this stupid shit.

    Thanks to Dylan Storm Roof, niggers fear even you, Brad Griffin, because they never really really know when Dat Whyte Boy will turn whigger-feral and gun down a passel of nog with a nine-millimeter or AR-15.

    Same with whiggress Brit-traitor Members of Parliament. Where there is a nut there is a knife.

    You would do better when tasked with Lone-Tard to just grin knowingly.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Disqualified LibberToon Candidate for Governor of Missouri 2016


    • I haven’t apologized for anything anywhere.

      I’m just saying there are people like 313Chris out there who believe in killing random people. They will tell you over and over again that’s what they believe on the internet. We shouldn’t be surprised when it happens.

      • If you are not apologizing for the behavior of Lone Tards then why mention it at all unless you are “virtue-signalling” to those of the left and moderate right of our bowel Movement?

        Agreed, 313Chris is an asshole. You banned him for assholery. You ought to ban Wile E. Hibersheenie / Jack Lyin’ Ryan for being too much of an obvious suck-up, reinstate 313Chris as “counter-point” and bring back a bit of “life” back to this virtual morgue.

        And yes, I know that 313Chris called me a child molester back in itz VNNF daze. But it takes an asshole to make a good Lone Tard. And I’m putting the Survival of YHWH’s Servant Nation of Christian Israel in the paws of Lone-Tards and Warlords. 313Chris is a Lone Tard with the makings of a Warlord, and I’m ever ready as ArchBishop of Missouri for the CJCC/AN of Mo to overlook the zealous excesses of those who bring forth the Chaos which will dissolve ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final.

        A multi-racial Mighty Evil Empire isn’t brought down by meticulous planning on the part of Itz remaining Founding Stock who is on the chopping block. A Mighty Evil Empire is brought to destruction by the chaotic strivings of itz babylon of parasitic and quarrelling ethnicities all hating and wanting to kill each other. When 80 percent of the 100 million relatively pure whigger population dies in the chaos and famine and pestilence which is at the door, how will the parasitic nigger and beaner and gook and jew survive as they die in even greater numbers than the host population?

        You couldn’t have a Renaissance without having a Black Death to clear out Europe two generations previously. The Black Death was YHWH’s way of clearing out those who weren’t pure of seedline. This pestilence came into being and left with the future lesser plagues being of a lesser magnitude. Nuremburg was altogether spared. Was it because Nuremburg didn’t have rats and those rats no fleas?

        It is the folly of the Alt-Right as roosters in this Year of Trump to “think” that their crowing brought forth the necessary collapse of the Republicucks. The seeds of this are nearly forty years old and 2016 also saw the death of Reaganism, with the death of Nancy and the notions of “trickle-down” corporate jewism. Trump will not make Amurrikwa great agin, but rather polarize ZOG/Babylon from what few Whites keep the Empire working from the Obongo-Swillery Coalition of judenpress. Whenever there is saying that “Worse is Better” it is a sure sign that the speaker is letting his hatred overcome his fear of the unknown consequences.

        And there is nothing but HAET in Amurrikwa/ZOG-Babylon the Third and Final. This HAET will bring Chaos which will tear ZOG apart. And thus we as a People need this Chaos, which will act as a Tribulation to cull the whigger and mamzer herd, just as the Black Death was necessary for the Renaissance and the Re-Conquest and the Discovery of an entire New World.

        Kevin McDonald and Jared Taylor and you, Brad, in your current coondition cannot tear apart the Old World because you are addicted to the New World DisOrder. Your temper is distemper. You need to re-assess the Condition your Condition is In.

        Over a year ago, you suffered, like Captn’ Kike on the Yentaprise, an unfortunate transporter “accident” with Wile E. Hibersheenie / Jackie Lying-Ryan Ellis at the cunt-trols. We need to get you back on the transporter pads along with 313Chris and have me at the controls and get you back to where 313Chris won’t be such a dick and you won’t be such a pussy. Then we can put Wile E. Hibersheenie / Jackqueboy and Steven Dalton on the transporter and get a “Sheniqua Glory” or something to the effect of having them both be quivering kike quims and then set up the Amon Goeth Memorial Swindler’s List Shooting Range for the effective teaching of “One Shot – One Beaner Faggot kill”.

        Together we can make Lone Tards into Warlords.

        Hail Victory!!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
        Disqualified LibberToon Candidate for Governor of Missouri 2016

        • A few reasons:

          1.) Exactly a year ago, I saw firsthand the damage that a single violent moron can inflict on an organization, even one we had never heard of and who was not a member of our group.

          2.) There is an ongoing internal debate about violence and this incident is relevant to that debate.

          3.) Above all else, there is no point in investing countless hours, your money, and years of your life in building up an organization only to have some tard come along and wreck it.

          I have nothing to apologize for. I’m not apologizing. I’m not responsible for the actions of this idiot. I just understand the enemy is capable of damaging us and these people have long been their most effective weapon.

          It matters a great deal if Britain remains in the EU. That has massive consequences and this one idiot could end up derailing the Brexit vote and will be responsible for everything that follows.

          • If the Limey’s are STUPID and CRAVEN enough to allow this idiocy to vote to remain in the EJEW dungeon/slaughterhouse – then they are lost already. There Will Never Be An England.

          • There has always been disagreements within the bowel Movement as to the need for violence and the flawed tools which spring to hand under no control of anyone on what is viewed as “our” bowel Movement by ourselves and the ZOGling organs who watch us. Are they ZOG agents provocateur or ZOGbots? Or are they “Lone Tards” (which is a lot better term for them than “Lone Wolves” per Louis Beam)?

            And what is this particular portion of the bowel Movement trying to accomplish? I can agree that those of you in the Movement like Jared Taylor, Kevin McDonald, and yourself Brad, are put out a lot more than myself as a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity pastor who views pretty much everything through the Book of Revelation propounding a Great Tribulation of seven years ending in the Second Coming of Christ, The Millennium, and the Great Judgment and who view jews as the literal Spawn of Satan, the non-whites as the Sixth Day Beasts of the Field, and mamzer abominations. For us it doesn’t matter what you and Jared Taylor think you are going to accomplish through blogs and rallies. Rather what will work is the utter collapse of ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final and the extermination of all of the muds and jews and over 90% of the whiggers. So we can’t get exerted overmuch by the working of Lone Tards who act upon the voices in theyz’ heads, be it MK Ultra or simply Peter Dunkin’.

            I sometimes wonder if you and Jared Taylor need a Pastor Lindstedt far more than I need a Brad Griffin or Jared Taylor. I do know that after wading through 27 pages of the 495-page “Culture of Critique” in which Dr. Kevin MacDonald goes through why jews are different than whiggers, and not simply summing it up in six words: “jews are the Spawn of Satan” and that explains why they are born evil, I don’t think I’d bother to invent such a fuktarded intellectjewall fuktard upon not having one already.

            “The Ballad of Pastor Lindstedt::

            Having a far greater faith in the power of Chaos to bring about the Great Tribulation — which is what I want — than in your limited power of trying to impose order upon a decaying and degenerate Mighty Evil Empire, I am serene and more than a little bit happy when Lone Tards do Lone-Tard Shit. Your pretty little plans seem mightily disrupted by mere Lone Tards in addition to the normal overwhelming shit of a Mighty Evil Empire collapsing. If one little Lone Tard can turn your best-laid plans to naught, then perhaps you should simply relabel Lone Tards as ZOG-Tards and have done with it.

            But unlike last year, when you banned me for admiring Dylan Roof, let’s agree that this debate gives you cover to denounce Lone Tards while understanding that neither of us are going to change the other’s minds, at least not through mere words. I think you will eventually come around to my way of thinking because you will have no other choice due to events as they happen. You will have no choice — not if you want to live.

            Thirty-five years ago I was serving as a Spec-Four in a tactical nuclear missile (Lance) battery in fire direction and control. Today, ZOG probably wouldn’t let me remotely near nuclear weapons.

            What changed? Life changes you, but only if you have wit to see it.

            Thanks you for letting me debate this matter, Brad.

            Hail Victory!!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
            Disqualified LibberToon Candidate for Governor of Missouri 2016

          • Hunter is a young father. He’s raising his family. I understand why he wants the Center to Hold. I know loads of folks who desperately want things to hold together – even though they KNOW the Center is breaking apart. They want things to last….just a little bit….longer….It’s whistling past the maelstrom.
            Well it’s the Age of Kali Yuga. The Center’s gone. You have to be ready for the maelstrom. I am. So are you. I don’t welcome it. I actually like my life to be orderly. I have a very predicable daily routine. I LOVE my orderly predictable daily routine – because I know Chaos. and I know Chaos is at hand… have to be ready to deal with whatever Chaos throws at you.
            I think Hunter will ultimately do just fine. He’s got excellent self-preservation instincts. It’s just that right now, his lovely little boy is so young.

          • Their weapon of choice once again?

            The official narrative on anything should be dismissed outright by all. You cannot defeat an enemy who doesn’t follow rules, morality, ethics, or conscience. It has none. We make it legitimate.

            Our controllers will do anything to stay in power including destroy the planet.


            I wonder who took the place of Dr. Louis Jolyon West aka “Jolly.” There are probably dozens of Jollies on the Fed payroll.

            I’m betting Mair is another patsy or mind-control victim.


          • the “Brexit” vote is inconsequential. If positive, the Judeo-oligarchy will effectively ignore it

          • Perhaps you are right. 313Chris can be quite a handful, and if you want him outside pissing in rather than inside pissing out then so be it.

            I was wondering if you would consider setting up a combination work & death camp for your jews to huddle in as 666th-class shitizens. Set Wile E. Hibersheenie / Jacquiboy as Koonmandante and pen in Steven Dalton and the rest of the jews in theyz’ own little ghetto. Then upon whim invite me, as Amon Goeth Swindler’s List Fellow to enter and chastise those of the Tuatha De Heeb every so often.

            Hail Victory!!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
            Disqualified LibberToon Candidate for Governor of Missouri 2016

          • I don’t know Chris personally. We have never spoken. I don’t even know if his real name is Chris, I don’t think he’s gonna kill any-one.

          • Maybe not.

            He could be running his mouth. Then again, when a lunatic starts celebrating killing random people and endorses killing random people, he could be serious. Either way, that kind of stuff is nothing but a massive liability.

          • I’m just taking him at his word. When the turd explodes like JT Ready or Curt Maynard or Glenn Miller, I am not going to get splashed with his stench.

            The problem here is that you inadvertently do get splashed. Look how much time you spend having to justify what should seem like common sense and smart strategy to people who’ve had just as much time to learn as you have, and seen the atrophy, stagnation and complete self-destructiveness of the examples you’ve had to point to ad nauseam.

            At some point doesn’t it seem like at least some of this is choreographed diversion?

            Imagine if all of this time and energy was diverted into something tangible and directed toward people who don’t need to be constantly reminded of their impotence and ineffectiveness.

          • I understand your belief in taking people at their word. It’s usually a good policy. I think he’s just venting in at a very…ahhh….”vivid” way. Underneath all his fantastically obscene and rude commentary, little moments of sanity and lucidity bubble up. ……..I think his mode of expression is simply that…his mode of expression. He’s a BRAT, and he likes to BE a brat. I certainly understand that!
            Every-one plays a part. This is YOUR sandbox, and every-one must play by your rules. I whole-heartedly support your rules, and the part you play. I understand your point.
            Just do NOT apologize for the actions of others. The (((sharks))) smell weakness, like blood in the water, when you do.

          • Maybe so.

            Quite honestly, I don’t take him seriously. He comes across as a blowhard. Then again, that’s exactly what I thought about Glenn Miller too. I dismissed things he said that were obvious in hindsight because I didn’t take him seriously.

          • I never met Chris, or Miller either. I understand your POV. I could be wrong about Chris. Miller came off as a much bigger douchebag than Chris ever did, to me. When Chris “calms down” he has always been very civil and lucid to be, even when we were sparring over his support for Bernie the Jew. I was horrified by that, as I know Trump is anything but a flawless Aryan White Knights of the Klan Hero. (FYI – I think Trump is smarter than Hitler, as far as gamesmanship ). Chris was always civil to me, because I am civil to him.
            He like to wind people up, albeit in a very “earthy” way. He seems to sensible, underneath it all, to go LoneTard Nutter. I could be wrong. I dunno.

        • No one was addressing YOU at all. Run along. You should be at synagogue, worshipping some homo rabbi.

          • I notice that the jewboys Celestial Slime and Stephen Dalton have a Genesis 3:15 enmity against my Aryan manly look.

            The hottt pink Halloween wig is my favorite. I got it the day after Halloween at Walmart for 75% off, or a $1.75 or so. It is my “Flush Rimblow Shoah” wig, behind the black dumb-flip-phone microphone of the EIB — Erysipheles In Broadcasting — Nutwerk.

            I have a Princess Leila wig, but them kikesses have really really small heads, even if they have big tits. Can’t make the Princess Leila wig fit. Must be because them kikesses like Carrie Fisher and Momma Celestial Slime and Stephen Dalton only have to pass the kikeling snout out of theyz’ kikess coosh when hatching baby-kikes like Celestial Slime and Stephen Dalton. After the snout cums out, the pea-brain is a cinch. Besides, nobody would believe that momma kike has long hottt pink polyester hair. nigger pubic hair because Celestial Slime and Stephen Dalton have 5-15% nigger marker genes from back when Satan disguised itzself as a nigger in seducing Eve, thus spawning Cain, the First jew. When Celestial Slime and Stephen Dalton want to go psuedo-tranny they prefer a Princess Leila or Rasta-Afro polyester wig, with small heads and room in the front for kike snout.

            Genesis 3:15 ALWAYS wins out.

            Hail Victory!!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
            Disqualified LibberToon Candidate for Governor of Missouri 2016

        • Well, as both Celestial Slime and 313Chris have pointed out, both Brad Griffin and myself were involuntarily placed into NutHouses for a period of time. Myself for over two and a half years, Brad for an equal number of weeks. I was locked up with murderers, perverts, nigger dope dealers, faggots, chomos, and all manner of nutty and not-so-nutty criminals and some who were actually innocent. I found their company preferable to that of politicians.

          Now this fat English pig who was the Head of the Staph of Whitecoats told me four days into my extended stay that they knew that I was not insane but as long as I refused to accept a pub[l]ic pretender to railroad me on the bogus child molestation charges I could sit and rot for 20 years in the NutHouse and then I’d be insane. And my pervert roommate who pled guilty to molesting a six year old girl claimed that I was another Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler and that he’d snitch me out to the psychiatrists. I told him not to bother as I never bothered to hide my political and racial views from anyone, including the nigger psychiatrists who ordered my doping up in order to keep me in Biggs.

          I was assaulted by niggers only twice and then I could see it cumming by their baboon stares for three daze previous. As a Klansman and Aryan Nations type them niggers were scared shitless of me and I was thus assaulted only a tenth as much as normal typpycull whiggers. Celestial Slime reminds me of this whigger named Steve who was butt-raped by niggers and whose little whigger mind snapped. One evening in June 2006 “Steve” was assaulted twice by niggers within 5 minutes while waiting in line for forced medications.

          Everyone in the bowel Movement will tell you that Pastor Martin Lindstedt was someone who would do whatever it takes to destroy the enemies of YHWH’s Servant Nation of Christian Israel even before the NutHouse years.After the drugging and torture and Fulton Fight Club, I’m probably an even bigger sociopath against jews and niggers and beaners and addlepated herd whiggers. I really don’t have any moral problem with the killing of those diseased herd animals who really need to die that the rest of the herd may live, any more than did Elijah. So that makes me a particularly effective Dual-Seedline Christian Identity fighting pastor.

          Anyways, with Wile E. Hibersheenie / Jackqui-boy and Stephen Dalton and Celestial Slime I detect a lot of Genesis 3:15 mutual enmity. So when Da Whigger Whimperer Edgar Steele called me “barking mad” back before he was set up and railroaded and murdered in prison, I told Edgar that as a whigger he was typpicull and as a racist nazi maniac I didn’t mind being viewed as psychotic by “typpicull whiggers.” Didn’t like Edgar Da Whigger-Whimperer for putting on airs that he was smart and shit, but still found it necessary to fight with Jim Roid-Rage-Retard Giles over him shitting all over Da Whigger Whimperer. It doesn’t matter whether you like another Resistance fighter or agree with them, someone who is fighting to destroy this Mighty Evil Empire is always right, someone who works with the jew spawn of Satan to destroy our People is always wrong and there are no innocents — only Sides.

          Dylann Storm Roof has a friend and supporter in me for as long as ZOG lets him live. I’d rather that ZOG/Babylon croak off first, though.

          So I find Brad Griffin useful, and as long as I behave I can advocate for Dylann Storm Roof. You I find to be a useless piece of kikeshit, Celestial Slime, but Brad for some reason likes you. I don’t know why, as I’d skin you out in a second. But I wouldn’t mind in the least you calling me a psycho.

          I think we understand each other as Genesis 3:15 explains everything, Celestial Slime.

          Hail Victory!!!

          Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
          Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
          Disqualified LibberToon Candidate for Governor of Missouri 2016

          • You have suffered greatly, yet are an astonishingly insightful, creative, and genuinely GIFTED an original writer and you are funny! You have a molecular deep sense of humour. This makes you an honest to God ARTIST.
            I am a total sucker for people who express themselves beautifully, and make me laugh, and are RAAAAYCISSS! It’s the total a package!
            PS – Jaqui Boi is the DS Forum, trying to convince the Hardline KNAAAZEEZ that it’s wickedly witty and clever and “sexy” that Gavin McCucktard deep throated the Jew Homo Milo Gayoppoulis, for the TalmudVision cameras. No one’s buying the swill he’s trying to peddle. WTF?

    • The Pastor is correct. One should NO EVER apologize for any-one has no connection with, nor responsibility FOR, including White Killer Tards.
      I don’t believe all the hype about the Roof shooting. This Limey Tard? I couldn’t care LESS. I certainly won’t “apologize” for anything ANY White does, unless I am directly involved with a transgression. A will NOT apologize for, nor accept ANY blame for ANYTHING an alleged “White Supremacist” does, as a matter of principle, and for Real Politik. I will immediately BLAME The Other for some “political act” that some White commits against ZOG/Orcdom, as a matter of political expediency. Must I detail the reasons “why”?
      There is NO need to “dis-associate” yourself, this blog, or the CoCC for Roof, or this Limey LonerTard – BECAUSE its not your or OUR problem. “apologizing”, or issuing disclaimers vindicates accusations of guilt.
      Study fencing. The BEST swordsmen are always always ALWAYS on the attack.

  4. Folks…

    Amy Chua talks about the GLUE. Or GLOB and GLUE.

    Jews and Glues. That what it comes down to. The KKKrazy Glue.

    It’s like what Amy Chua said of hyper-powers throughout history. They weren’t into equality but they used ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ as imperialist tools to make talents and peoples from all over to serve their institutions and armies.

    So, even as the imperialist overlords kept the power to themselves, they were more-than-willing to hire talent from anywhere and to use different ethnic groups in their armies. The US has become such a hyper-power. Jews and Homos dominate the upper-echelons as Globo-neo-imperialists, but they hire people from around the world in middle-management positions. They replace white workers with Mexican workers.

    They see Asians and ‘Hispanics’ as ideal since both groups have the servile Mongoid gene of ‘model minority’ personality. Mongoids, Asiatic or MesoAmerican, are more likely to serve their masters than seek to gain dominance themselves. Jews and Homos naturally want to lead and rule.

    Mongoids from Asia and Mexico ideally want to serve and follow. PC Asians bitch about being labeled as a ‘model minority’, but their MM personality is really the product of Asian history & culture that stressed harmony, obedience, order, politeness, & cooperation while castigating trouble-making, defiance, assertiveness, and dissent. MM-ism began in Asia before Americans took notice of it among the East Asians.

    Hyper-powerism is essentially imperialist since Diversity is the product of constant migration, invasion, conquest, and uprooting of peoples and cultures. For US to turn into a Hyper-Power, the Jewish and Homo elites had to override the wishes of the white majority and make them submit to the Jew World Order where GLOB or globalist elites recruit and exploit talents and men from all over the world while keeping the real power to themselves.

  5. It does look that way.

    This is why we must be vigilant to keep away kooks, loners, losers, paranoid, dysfunctional conspiracy mongering nut cases from our groups, comments sections.

    It’s like they are acting, reading from a bad, anti White Hollywood script.

  6. Should have just sponsored some Sikhs to dress as worst Muslims move next door to this idiot Guardian Newspaper “Save the (Rapists) Children” idiot and played loud Muslim prayers every morning at 5 in the morning.

  7. Aside from the debate between Pastor Lindstedt and Hunter and without interfering, good piece again, HW. You just described the numerous Internet recluse secretly waiting for ”RAHOWA”. I don’t believe that a racial holy war will occur. America and soon Europe will have passed the Rubicon. There’s still hope in Russia and eastern Europe yet take a look at their fertility, maybe DT is a glimmer of hope for America regarding his tough politics on immigration and his excellent views on foreign wars (intervene in America, not in the ME and rebuild the country). Personally I DON’T advocate the murder of random people, like Dylann Roof did. Or that nutty limey. Or Glenn Miller who killed white anyway. How does this benefit us? People like Brad/Hunter raising a family and investing in rural properties while creating a social circles inside the movement he believes in is the way to go. We want to be taken seriously and I think Brad has acknowledged that.

  8. I completely agree with Hunter that violence is counterproductive; however, the situation in UK is a bit different than it is in the USA. In the US there is still a lot to lose. In the US there are glimmers of hope. There is hope in UK as well, but people in the UK are much closer to the point where there is nothing left to lose. After all what more can be done to you that has not been done? Lost the right to arms/ self defense. Lost all freedom of speech , and rapidly losing one’s entire country. This is where it sits in the UK. It is no coincidence that those who act out in mindless violent ways tend to be losers like Mr. Roof. Mr. Roof, and the man who killed Jo Cox had nothing to lose, and they were too stupid to consider the larger consequences. What happens when 25% or more of white men feel like they have nothing more to lose? I don’t want to find out.

    • Violence is not counter productive. That’s a kindergarten view of the world. Violence forces the survivors to leave. Violence shuts up the anti-Whites really quick. It wipes the smirk off their face instantly. All of their (((mantras))) lose their power.

      We’ve been stripped of our voice in our own country. When we cannot speak the time for talk is over.

      • 1.) Are there any historians who agree with this?

        The JFK assassination, the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, and the violent spectacle in Birmingham gave us the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The violence in Selma gave us the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The MLK assassination gave us the Civil Rights Act of 1968.

        2.) Violence in the 1960s didn’t “shut up the anti-Whites really quick.” On the contrary, it created sympathy for them, which led to disastrous legislation we are still dealing with today.

        3.) Really? Is that so? Because of Dylann Roof, the anti-Whites lost power?

        4.) Nationalism is gaining ground in spite of self-detonating vantards because the current system has lost so much of its legitimacy.

  9. ‘ Above all else, there is no point in investing countless hours, your money, and years of your life in building up an organization only to have some tard come along and wreck it.’

    Whatever damage a ‘tard’ inflicts is absolutely microscopic in comparison to these TARDS!

    Unbelievably stupid. If these a-holes aren’t enemies what are they?

    Jason G. Duesing ?@JGDuesing Jun 16
    Southern Baptists Split With Donald Trump On Refugee Resettlement |

    Jason G. Duesing ?@JGDuesing Jun 16
    Southern Baptist Convention urges churches to welcome refugees | @washingtonpost

  10. They egg one another on its a sickness as their opposites on the left egg people on to violence, both sides bore me, they’re morons

      • Yes, one step is to work to discredit our oppressors, and neither the vantards or the essayists have done that. But that is being fixed, slowly but headed in the right direction

          • Trump’s main weapon against his enemies is discrediting them.

            “Our” side either slips into mad dog eyes rolling into the back of the head name calling or trying to hold detailed tedious debates with those scum that inadvertently bestows authority upon them. Either tactic never discredits the enemy

  11. Folks…

    What I find is so sickening is the White Conservative outpouring of sympathy for homos and trannies who got mowed down in Orlando.

    I say BRAVO, you go Muslim Omar.

    The Right’s attitude toward Homos is so much like that toward Jews.

    Even though Jews are at the forefront of using blacks and immigrant/Muslim rage & hatred against whites, white rightists are the first ones to shower sympathy on Jews when blacks and Muslims turn on Jews instead of whites.

    Imagine this picture. A Jew gets a pitbull to maul you and your family, and this dog attacks you and your wife and kids… but it suddenly turns around and bites the Jew.

    Shouldn’t you be rejoicing that the Jew has gotten a taste of his own medicine?

    Or would you rush to help the Jew and offer him medicine and protection from the pitbull that he is using against you.

    Jews pushed open borders. Jews promoted PC. Jews spread anti-white hatred. Jews produce stuff like new ROOTS, 12 Yrs A Slave, DJango Unchained, and new Birth of Nation movie calling for anti-white slaughter.

    Jews demand that EU take in more refugees. Even Netanyahu of Israel says EU and US should take in more Muslims. Jews mess up Middle East and North Africa, and then they say white nations must take in Muslims.

    But whenever Muslims act badly in EU or US toward Jews or homos, white rightist shits are the first ones to snuggle up to Jews and Homos and bleat, “ohhhhh, we love you Jews/homos and wanna do everything to protect you from Muslims.”

    If a CUCKSERVATIVE is a so-called Conservative who serves non-whites, a Cock-Servative or Cock-Suckative is a Conservative or Rightist who goes out of his way to express sympathy for homos, the very people who desecrated marriage, who spread homo/tranny propaganda in American schools, who spread decadent/degenerate homo filth all over in ‘gay pride’ parades, who associate rainbow with fecal penetration and genital-mutilation, and call for firing/blacklisting of anyone who won’t kneel at the altar of buggery and degeneracy.

    It is Axiomatic of Western Politics that Jews, Homos, and Negroes are holy & deserve special worship UNCONDITIONALLY. Even in EU, there is some talk of ‘Muslims are bad’, but NOTHING about Jews or blacks or homos. But it’s Jews who changed immigration policy. It is blacks who are worse thugs and criminals than Muslims. It is Homos who worked with Jews to castrate white males and turn Western Culture into ugly kitschy celebration of decadence.

    The True Right must destroy this pseudo-holy-trinity of Jews, homos, and negroes.

    But judging by Rightest, even Alt Rightist, rhetoric following the Orlando shooting, it’s like the Right is hoping for some way to get in touch with the homo community and win their blessing as being homo-friendly. So, even though the Homo community has been working to destroy White America, the Right is hoping to win benediction from homos.

    Homos worked to get Obama elected. Homos pushed PC into every corner of society. Homos served Jews who messed up the Muslim world and displaced all those wandering Muslim men. Homos got so many careers destroyed for not bending over to the “pride” agenda. NY has a law that slaps you with $250,000 fine is you call Bruce Jenner a ‘he’. Homos and trannies even call for men with wigs to use girl’s washroom.

    But when a Muslim attacked homos, the Right acts as if homos are the ultimate red, white, & blue AND that stopping mass immigration is mainly to protect holy homos from Muslims.

    No, the Orlando massacre was fantastic in this sense: Homos got a taste of their own medicine. Homos supported Jews and Obama’s open borders policies to use Muslims against white conservatives, but it blew up in their face. We should be laughing and celebrating, not pandering and groveling to homos whose Gayria is worse than Sharia.

    The truth is Jews, blacks, and Homos do far more damage to white Americans than Muslims do. Muslims don’t control media and academia. They didn’t spread anti-white culture. Jews did. Muslims don’t control Wall Street and Hollywood and fund homo agenda to tune of billions. Muslims don’t control rap industry or porn industry or sports industry. Muslims don’t make TV commercials that denigrate white men. No, Jews and homos do. And Jews and homos have been bringing Muslims to the West in order to use the hammer of Diversity against whites. But when Muslims strike out at Jews and homos, white Rightists can be counted on to express sympathy for the poor poor Jews and homos.

    Imagine if someone takes a knife and starts to stab your family. But suppose he cuts himself in the frenzy. Would you then show him sympathy and offer first aid to help him and heal him? Orlando is a case of homo agenda’s anti-white policy blowing up in homo’s face. We should be laughing and celebrating.

    It is Jews who are hellbent on taking away your guns and making your daughters act like whores and have babies with black men. Muslims aren’t promoting Miley-Cyrus-ism. Jews and Homos are doing that.

    And we should seek a smart alliance with Muslims. No, I’m not calling for Muslim immigration. We should object to it totally and absolutely.

    But white Americans/Europeans and Muslims/Arabs have one thing in common: Their national domains are being smashed by the Jewish-Homo or Jomo Globalist policy.

    This policy has turned Middle East and North Africa into chaos and hellhole.

    And the resultant ‘refugee’ crisis is remaking Europe and even some American communities that are forced to take in all these ‘refugees’.

    Before whites complain about refugees, they need to focus on WHO created them in the first place and who are bringing them to the West. No, it’s not Obama or Hillary or Merkel. They are mere puppets. It is the Jewish Globo-Supremacists and their allies, the homo-imperialists.

    So, just as white nations should be protected from Jomo globo agenda, Muslim/Arab nations should be protected too. No more INVADE and no more INVITE.

    Jomo Policy calls for INVADE into Muslim lands and INVITE into white lands.

    Jomos are making whites hate/fight Muslims when both groups should understand each other and fight the Jomo Globalist scum who are messing up both the Muslim world and White world.

    So, no more of this Gavin McGinnes Cock-servative or Cock-suckative BS.

    Cock-suckatives are more embarrassing that Cuckservatives. Look at McInnes kissing Milo, the fruit ‘conservative’ who takes black homo cocks up his fruitkin arse.

    • Truth of the matter is that those brown perverted fags would be the first to burn the Confederate flag and run y’all over with tanks if they could.

      • By the looks of them, I don’t think they deserved to be in the US to begin with. Not just because they are filthy sodomites, but because they were niggers and foreigners.

      • diabolical narcissists deserve exactly what they get. They are a prime element of the Kosher Culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, feminism – that the Jews have used to kill White reproduction

  12. Hunter is scared. He has a wife and a kid. He knows the government can swoop in and make him disappear and take everything from him because he’s a known dissident. Out of that fear he has to distance himself from violence.

    The truth is it will take some type of organized violence to change things and I don’t see that coming about while the system can keep people fat and endlessly entertained. Real hardship is needed and it might take an act of God to bring it about.

    • Basically, I think …

      1.) I think our views on a number of subjects are quite popular.

      2.) I think random acts of violence are extremely unpopular and counterproductive.

      3.) I want to network with normal, likeminded people in the real world to spread our message and grow our movement.

      4.) I know from experience how damaging this crap can be and don’t want to be left holding a bag of shit.

      5.) I want to spend years building and don’t want to be associated with violent, unstable people.

      • The nation, including the South as a separate one from the North, you stand on was founded by ‘violent unstable’ people.

        To everyone –

        Who believes that this man became threatened by the successful Brexit campaign, such that he had to sabotage it so that he’d still have grist for his crank?


        Common sense – the basic common sense you, Brad Griffin, purport to be invoking here – would suggest otherwise. ‘Loners’ and particularly those who devolve into hardcore cranks or maybe nutters is a more apt term, don’t *care* whether some political fruition ruins their malcontent-fest since they were never plugged into a dense (or in hardcore cranks’ cases any) network of political groups anyway. Why would such a person give that shit you’re so afraid of to begin with?

        They wouldn’t. They’re too loner and nutter to draw any real social support from such engagement in the first place. THEY DON’T NEED IT. THAT’s WHY THEY’RE CALLED LONERS.

        You are believing the jew disninfo here, that mixes archetypes and paradigms.

        People need to consult their own sense of people. Most of us have the ability to, and to see through this smoke and mirrors.

        Malcolm X’s murderer was threatened by Malcolm’s shifting into a less militant mode, but then, he was very intensely dependent on the Nation of Islam’s very dense social/emotional network. Same for the guy who supposedly assassinated Sadat.

        Loners don’t really do this shit.

        Sort out your shit, dude.

          • Let’s hope Cameron “invents” ten-thousand more. There will be no more Labour MPs left, or any other elite traitors. Would that be a loss for the English people?

        • No, it wasn’t.

          I’m not sure why you think this, but the punishment for murder was always the death penalty. The only exception was dueling in some states which was a form of honorable combat.

          • You’ve never heard of the American Revolution I take it, an insurrection led b ‘military grade’ weapons-armed men against their government?

            They were ‘violent and unstable.’

      • in little more than a decade, Whites will be a minority in North America. We no longer have time for incremental strategies

        • Incremental strategies would have worked 50 years ago. That time has long passed.

          America is going through the same phases of change as South Africa with the same ethnic groups at the helm. This is a Cohencidence. SA’s unwillingness to take out the (((ANC))) leaders and their (((families))) lost them their country forever. There will never be another South Africa. It will always look like Zimbabwe.

          George Soros
          Francis Fox Piven
          Rahm Emanuel
          Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
          Cass Sunstein
          Tim Wise
          Noel Ignatiev

          They’ve been plying their trade in America for decades.

      • 1.) We have no voice.

        2.) There is nothing “random” about assassinating elite directly responsible.

        3.) And I want to live in a world that isn’t anti-White. Talk is cheap.

        4.) Everything is a lie. We’re going to be blamed anyway. George Zimmerman is a Peruvian-Jewish Octaroon but he was magically turned into a “White Hispanic”.

        5.) And I want to live in a world that isn’t anti-White. There’s nothing you can build that cannot be taken away by force.

        • 1.) Sure we do.

          If we didn’t have a voice, then our views wouldn’t be gaining ground. In the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, and even the United States, nationalism is gaining ground at the expense of “conservatives.”

          2.) In the vast majority of cases, the targets of vantard violence are either random people like we saw in Charleston and Kansas City, or family members in murder-suicides.

          3.) Norway is still anti-White after Anders Breivik and his attack was the highwater mark of lone wolf attacks.

          4.) George Zimmerman was acquitted when the media narrative and the legal case against him collapsed. White America didn’t buy into the media’s sob story about Trayvon Martin.

          5.) Dylann Roof, Anders Breivik, Thomas Mair, and Glenn Miller are all proof that random and even highly successful targeted acts of violence by individuals aren’t going to make the world any less anti-White.

  13. Folks…

    Watch this video:

    The crazy German bitch says Germany must take in all these darkies to turn Germany into a ‘super-cultural’ state.

    Super-cultural? What in the hell is that?

    Sweden talks of becoming a Moral Superpower.

    Germany talks of becoming a ‘Supercultural nation.

    Is repressed Swedish Viking aggression seeking outlet through Moral Crusade(though this is more about having the world invade Sweden than vice versa.)

    Is repressed German chauvinism finding an outlet through this idea of Super-Culturalism or Uber-Culturalism? If they can’t invade other nations and build the city of Germania, maybe they can build a Super-Cultural Germany that is a World unto itself.

    Now, just what is a ‘super-cultural state?

    Does diversity lead to super-culturalism? Didn’t USSR try that already? What happened to USSR?

    How did diversity work out for Yugoslavia?

    And how come diverse nations in Latin America, North Africa, and Central Asia are no great shakes?

    I would hardly call them super-anything.

    When Germany was homogeneous, it produced Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Goethe, Brahms, Wagner, Nietzsche, and etc. Those were superb cultural figures.

    What did Peru or Venezuela produce with their supercultural diversity?

  14. Meanwhile, both parties want infinity brown people from everywhere to invade our country. Honestly, what’s this country going to look like in 10-15 years if DJT is not elected?

    I’ve been to every state in the continental US. In ND there’s Chinese running businesses. In Lewiston, ID there’s blacks. In SD there’s Indians(dot) running motels. In Burlington, VT there’s burka clad Muslims.

    I haven’t been to Maine in 14 years but I’ve read about the burgeoning refugee population. The last time I was there I didn’t see one non-White my entire two week trip.

    Our rulers want to destroy us under the guise of tolerance and diversity, but everyone here already knows that.

  15. hello

    See the bright side of Muslims in the West.

    So far, most Muslim violence has been against Zionists, Urban Liberals, Homos, and Feminists.

    9/11 killed a bunch of NY globalists spreading PC, toxic derivatives, homo propaganda, and anti-white hatred. NY is the city that wants to ban Chick Fil-A.

    Muslims attack slut feminists who hate, hate, and hate white males.

    Muslims attack homos who hate, hate, and hate white conservatives.

    Muslims attack Zionists who hate, hate, and hate white Gentiles.

    Tsarnaevs attacked Boston that was totally for Obama.

    Omar attacked fruity Orlando.

    Muslim migration isn’t necessarily bad if the Muslims are encouraged to settle in Democratic areas.

    Now, why should white Conservatives care and worry about Zionists, homos, feminists, and urban Libs when they are the very people who are importing Muslims to hurt white conservatives?

    White conservatives should love the spectacle of the Muslim pitbull turning on its own masters.

    Look at all the Muslim targets in Paris, NY, Orlando, Boston, Cologne, and etc.

    They are all on the ‘left’.


  16. All sides denounce violence but all sides resort to it.

    Even in the US, order is held together by VIITS or Violence Inherent In the System.

    If you don’t pay taxes, what happens? Men will guns will come to your house and make you pay.

    If you refuse to bake a ‘gay wedding’ cake, what happens? Your business is destroyed and you are penalized with a heavy fine.

    What if you refuse to pay the fine? Men with guns will come and make you pay or drag you to jail.


    As Mao said, Political Power Grows Out of the Barrel of a Gun.

    And the threat of violence is enough to make us comply.

    So, even though we live under Rule of Law, the Law is only as good as those who get to write it and manipulate it.

    Illegal aliens broke the law, but the Powers-that-be don’t go after them. But if you try to stop an illegal at the border, the Powers-that-be will send Men with guns to arrest you. If you resist, they will shoot you.

    Rule of Law is determined by Rulers of the Law.

    Since Jews control the Law, Jewish Wall Street robber barons are left alone.

    But if you refuse to bake a ‘gay wedding’ cake? You better pay a fine. If you don’t pay> Men with guns will take you way.


    Violence Inherent in the System.

    What happens if you say something on facebook that is disdainful of homos. Suppose your co-worker reports you, and you are fired. Suppose you say your private life and views have nothing to do with work, but suppose your boss says you’re fired anyway.

    Suppose you call out the foulness and refuse to leave the premise.

    The company will call the men with guns to drag you away.

    That’s how PC works. Through VIITS, it even robs you of your free speech rights.

    PC is essentially Legal Terrorism whereby the Rulers of the Law bend the law anyway they want and use the threat of the eventual men with guns to force you to comply. That is one reason why Jews want all the guns to be controlled by the government that they control.

      • That is obvious enough. But government can be just and apply the rules fairly. Or, the power can be wielded arbitrarily as we see more and more in the US.

  17. ===============

    Not long ago, Jared Taylor had a debate with some black guy at some college,

    and the black dude defended ‘Diversity’.

    In doing so, he is defending imperialism and the slave trade.

    The New World came into being by European imperialist conquest of native peoples and destruction of their cultures.

    And the only reason blacks ended up in the New World is because whites bought them from black Africans to work as slaves.

    So, Diversity is the product of conquest, imperialism, genocide, and slavery.

    Defending Diversity is defending imperialism and slavery.

    Also, the black guy says it would be good to see whites disappear through race mixing.

    But blacks will also disappear.

    Look at Venezuela. A lot of people there don’t know what they are. White, indio, black, etc? They are all mixed up.

    Mexico used to be 5% black, but blacks disappeared through race mixing.

    Blacks survived as a distinct race and culture in the US because of the color barrier.

    It helped preserve and define blackness.

    Suppose US had practiced serious race mixing from the beginning.

    There would be no specific black race in the US. There would just be a bunch of mulattos and darker-hued whites. Sense of black identity would be much weaker than it is today.

    Does the black professor wish that had been the case?

  18. My view..

    Muhammad said Be a proud and courageous warrior.

    Jesus said Give away all your wealth and turn the other cheek.

    Muhammad became a great warrior, conqueror, warrior, and prophet.

    He died with great honor.

    Jesus was whupped and tortured real bad. He was stripped and humiliated. He died naked & nailed.

    As a white man, do you want to live the life of Muhammad, prophet, warrior, winner, and ruler… OR … do you want to die the death of Jesus, wanderer, victim, defeated, humiliated, and lynched?

    South African whites have chosen the way of Jesus. Since the end of Apartheid, 90,000 have been murdered in the most horrible way and so many women have been raped. Sure, those white victims can believe themselves to be redeeming their ‘racist’ sins and blah blah, but no one cares. They are suckers and losers. The Jew-run media ignores all their suffering and deaths.

    Now, I’m not saying you should convert to Islam. And I know there are lots of dumb things in Islam.

    But isn’t a warrior creed more honorable for a man than a pacifist creed?

    Of course, there is the third model, the Moses way. Moses was a prophet, warrior, law-giver, and a proud leader of his Tribe.

    Even today, such is the model for the Jewish way. Jews don’t believe in pacifism and all this ‘turn the other cheek’ and ‘forgive your enemy’ and ‘love thy enemy’ baloney.

    They are aggressive and tough like Muslims.

    But they are smarter and savvier than Muslims and Arabs who lack imagination and individuality.

    So, if white men should choose a model, they should choose Moses over Muhammad and Muhammad over Jesus.

    Of course, the myth says that Jesus was resurrected and revealed Himself as ‘king of kings’ and all that stuff, but that’s just supernatural stuff.

    We live in the real world. We are stuck in the real world.

    In the real world, Jesus died like the hapless whites being lynched right and left in South Africa.

    In the real world, Muhammad achieved great things and died a great winner.

    In the real world, Moses led his people to greatness and glory.

    What happened in the real world is more reliable as a guide for human behavior.

    And we must keep in mind that even though West was Christian for 1500 yrs, it didn’t achieve greatness by practicing the pacifist creed of Christianity and hoping for miracles.

    And even the peaceful monks who lived quiet lives in monasteries could only do so because the larger domain was defended by powerful aggressive knights and warriors.

    And Nazism and Communism weren’t defeated by prayers but by huge armies, factories, bombs, and threat of counter-strike.

    Christianity gained great power only with the support and protection of the military caste of noblemen.

    Now that Jews and homos have taken power over US institutions and industries, Christianity has no protection or support.

    And its pacifism renders it weak and wimpy in face of its enemies.

    If anything, the American Military establishment(modern counterpart of traditional nobility) serves Zionists, homos, and even trannies(and white-male-hating feminists) than Christianity. Until Jews took over the US, the US military had been a Christian Army. Now, it’s a Zionist-Homo-controlled outfit in which homos order men around and Negroes hump white women turned mudshark.

    Christianity without worldly support and protection is nothing.

    It is now a dead faith incapable of even resisting the power of homos who redecorate churches with homo flags.

    White men need not become Muslim, but they are better off with the Way of Muhammad.

    They don’t have to accept Islam but they can distill elements of Islam that can revive the manful warrior soul.

    • WHITE People made Christianity GREAT. Not the other ay around. We need our own White Warrior creed. We don’t NEED these twisted demonic Semitic desert demons. We need to get RID of them. Finally. THAT is THE Solution.

  19. Gubbler Chech something writes:

    “As a white man, do you want to live the life of Muhammad, prophet, warrior, winner, and ruler… OR … do you want to die the death of Jesus, wanderer, victim, defeated, humiliated, and lynched?”


    But understand Jesus didn’t have sexual intercourse with an 8 year old girl.

    I bet Jesus looked better than Osama Bin Ladin.

    We’re White Indo European – good looking folks. We don’t do nasty sexual things.

  20. Schlomo is scraping the bottom of the barrel lately. That guy looks less dangerous than the nut in Connecticut. Everyone smells false flag. Violence is what War is all about. All you Southrons can talk all you want about seceding but Uncle Sham won’t let your wallet get away. Someone has to pay for those welfare sows to breed his fake votes. You fight or get out of the way. When they dump Trump its War, whether you like it or not. If you’re too squeamish, then stay with the women.

  21. Mair destroyed an Angela-Merkel-to-be and thus showed more concern for the future of her now-motherless children than she herself was showing.

    • I have a sense that Mair probably had to deal with a black stepfather and a brother he had to walk around on eggshells, based on what I’ve gathered together from the English press.

      None of this will see the light of day until the bloody vote.

      • Not having given the story close attention, I hadn’t heard any of this at all–about his family life, that is. Extremely interesting.

      • Yes, I know that’s the thesis of your post, Mr. W.–but I don’t buy it. I think he thought the vote was going to be close, i.e., that Britain might well stay in the EU, and that thus it was time for him to act.

        • Going forward my worry about the US election is not that Trump gets assassinated, more so a nutter kills Leftie congressmen a few days before the ballot. If an attempt were made on Trump it would mean he is better placed to win (and then seek revenge).

    • He should’ve waited until after the referendum. She’s wasn’t about to turn into the next Merkel in a week.

      • I don’t know about that. Maybe, as I just said below, in my comment to Mr. W., he thought the vote might go for Britain’s staying in the EU and that if it were to go that way, Cox’s availability as a target would vanish (because she’d become prominent nationally and thus less accessible locally). Having decided Cox had to be destroyed, he can’t have weighed heavily the possible counter-effects, as he would have deemed them, of his killing her. He’d decided she had to go, he knew he still had an opportunity to get her, and any possible bad result of his killing her, of his making her a martyr, was only a secondary concern.

        • I do not advocate violence and assassination, because I a not and evil twisted Jew. but the {{{Ruling Elite}}} of England IS THEY created race Traitor GARBAGE like Cox. They promote the sickest, greediest among the Goyim vermin, to do their evil deeds.
          I shed NO tears over Cox’s death. Not one teeny weeny itsy bitsy salt tear.

          • I think a case could be made that members of an organization that promotes invasion, race replacement, and mass rape are fair game.

          • I don’t think so

            If violence could accomplish that, then Breivik would have scared the politicians in Norway into backing off their agenda of national suicide. Instead, they doubled down on it.

          • You’re 100% correct. They have no magical “right” to live among us. They want every single White country to turn into Zimbabwe and every White city to turn into Detroit. When their goal is genocide then the solution is total war.

          • Is Cox a piece of shit?

            Absolutely. Is killing her necessary to get that point across?across. No, all that accomplishes is creating sympathy for her, and putting the Exit forces on defense.

          • Having just finished reading Dr. Patrick Johnston’s third book in his Trilogy, (the last book is called ‘The Uncivil War of 2020,’) I realized that it will take MASSIVE amounts of PERSECUTION to bring ANY white American to a position of advocating the most fundamental elements in a cleansing of society:

            1). Armed conflict against those whom we ALREADY see as ‘Enemies’ – and, even then, there will be the traitors willing to be ruled by the UN, NATO, CHINA, or the satanic state of Israel, rather than ‘choose ye this day whom ye shall serve,’ and

            2). The restoration of biblical Law (Theonomy) and Common Law rule, derived therefrom.

            We cannot have a Magna Carta society, when we don’t even have a) the State Church that oversaw such a society- and Rome is NOT that Church, for the record.
            3) We cannot have a Magna Carta society, when we can’t even begin to have a pure society- let alone purging EVERY non-White, and the ‘mixed multitudes’ of miscegenated hominidity from our midst, to EVEN get us to an even playing field with the Anglo-Norman English of the 13th Century!

            We are in the wastelands, as Elliot noted.

            ” What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow
            Out of this stony rubbish?Son of man, 20
            You cannot say, or guess, for you know only
            A heap of broken images, where the sun beats,
            And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief, 23
            And the dry stone no sound of water. Only
            There is shadow under this red rock,
            (Come in under the shadow of this red rock),
            And I will show you something different from either
            Your shadow at morning striding behind you
            Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;
            I will show you fear in a handful of dust.”

            And, even if Trump wins, we are going to remain here for some centuries to come.

            This is our “Fall of Rome” era… but Trump is the one great light, that is as feeble as a candle in the darkness to the True Great Light.

            But better to light a candle……etc.

        • I didn’t think the Brits were gonna vote to leave either but there was still a chance. That chance is gone now and a remain victory is guaranteed.

        • Unlikely.

          Exit had surged to a massive lead in the polls. He wanted to affect the outcome of the vote. He wanted to sabotage it and make himself the story. He knew what he was doing.

          • I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. Whatever lead the exit might have had in the polls, he might have thought–and not unreasonably, in my view–that the vote might go the wrong way; moreover, he might simply have thought that this woman was a prominent politician against the exit and that thus she should be silenced. In other words, he might not have been thinking about secondary political effects at all; he might simply have been concerned with a primary political effect, namely, the finishing of her.

        • It was a 19 point lead.

          Brexit was winning in a landslide in the polls. If he is willing to kill someone because of his political beliefs, then he certainly knew that. This is someone who doesn’t have a job, doesn’t have any children, who spent all his time online.

          I disagree. He lashed out in order to make himself the center of attention. He did it because he wanted secession to lose. After all, if Britain could secede from the EU simply by voting Leave, it would discredit his “worse is better” vantardist racial apocalypse worldview.

          • Really Brad?

            Your own motivations are hard for the rest of us to decode, yet you know the motivations of a foreigner who is a full generation older than you?

            Perhaps this middle-aged loser with no future simply decided to finish off a whiggress traitor who enhanced the paki invasion and rape of small white children as at Rotherham in Northern England.

            What would you do if some raghead or beaner molested your children or grandchildren after being taken away and sold by say, the local korts and law enforcement acting upon the legistreason enacted by Republicuck legistraitors in the state capital?

            Your problem is that you don’t hate enough. You have lived a life which has been soft. Myself, after having my grandchildren bought and sold like cattle to who knows where — I have not seen them since April 9, 2004 — when in lieu of taking direct action I swore to YHWH that I would send screaming to hell every single pig, politician, lawyer, judge and their spawn.

            Today I’m writing a reply brief for The Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri, et. al., vs Newton County Missouri, et. al. 16-1489 before the 8th Circus Kort of Appeals for the Newton County Sheriff’s Department, and the judges Selby and Perigo who sold my grandchildren and sent me to the Nuthouse for telling my brother to go ahead and loot my mother’s estate and to kill my mother for $2.3 million. The Missouri Attorney General’s Office and other regime-criminal defense lawyers argue that they have “absolute immunity” to do whatever they please. I totally agree. Law is nothing more than what those in power say it is. The CONstipation and Bill of Goods are toilet paper. The only legitimate form of government is a military dictatorship by warlords. Thus it is just and moral to skin out regime criminals and their families and to use a civil war to become the new regime, which will rule with a rod of iron over the whigger survivors. When their pelts are dripping outside the burnt out ruins of their kort-houses and jails, they will have no further use for their property gained through treason and corruption.

            So yes, I’ll never denounce Dylan Storm Roof or Robert Lewis Dear or this Thomas Mair for what they took a mind to do as their part, even as Lone Tards. In fact, I feel a lot more affinity for those closer to my age like Robert Lewis Dear and this Thomas Mair than Dylan Roof, because they are the very few Baby Boomers worth a shit. James vonn Brunn, an acquaintance of mine, decided to pay back what he had done in killing his cousin Germans as a hero at Anzio by going to be killed at the Holohoax kikeshow.

            Nor do I have any problem with 313Chris, even though he is an asshole, for what he might or might not do. The only bowel Movement Tard I despise is TraitorGlenn Miller, who gunned down three mongrels outside a jew center as arranged by ZOG. Our bowel Movement is nothing other than jews and mamzers and whiggers, most of them paid off by ZOG/Babylon anyway.

            Let it be understood my Resistance motivations: Religious and racial civil war in which 80% or more of the 100 million pure-blooded whiggers are dead, 99% of the muds and jews, and those who betray their kind are rewarded for their racial treason by being put on reservations, and theocratic military dictatorships by Ten Thousand Warlords over the remainder of the 10-20 million surviving ex-whiggers. THAT is my bottom line — which is inevitable. It really doesn’t matter whether or not I am heard, and it really doesn’t matter what others say. What will happen will happen.

            So what is it you are trying to accomplish in the eleven years or so of running forums and blogs anyways, Brad? The 100 beaner faggots gunned down by a raghead or the traitor Brit-skank MP gunned down by Lone-Tard, regardless, will soon enough be overshadowed by the economic collapse in which the carrying capacity of the world is reduced by 90% and thus the critters upon it are reduced by 95-99 percent. What will bitching about whether some Lone Tard might have gotten the Engli-whiggers or Engli-pakis to vote to stay in the EU when neither Brussels collectively nor WhiteHall nationally can save Brit-ZOG or itz pisspul?

            Does it really matter who is “oafishully” in charge of the collapse? Whether it is some Licensed Clinical Social Worker bitching about how the Collapse was caused by not enough free post-birth abortions of baby whiggers or Mufti Muhammed claiming that there were not enough Brit-skanks in burkas with cliterodectomies or Rabbi Linder claiming that it was caused by not enough tards naming the jew other than it?

            As was the case during the Peloppenesian War 2400 years ago, the Strong do what they can, the Weak endure what they must. Whining about how the bowel Movement weak want to get in one last peck while they are on the kill line and thus scare to death the regime criminal traitors isn’t a workable plan, Brad. In fact, when deranged jewboys like Jared Lochner guns down kikess kongress-kritters and a federal judge, just like this Lone Tard shot and knifed a Member of Parliament shows that no one is safe from violence, not even our [d]rulers.

            You are on the wrong side of History, Brad. Collapse is inevitable, ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final is futile.

            Hail Victory!!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
            Disqualified LibberToon Candidate for Governor of Missouri 2016

          • Even if I were inclined to do something like this, I would have waited until after the vote. The only reason someone would strike out like this is to stop secession. My guess is that he did it because he believes “worse is better.”

    • There are at last 1,000 ways to fight such a terrible, traitorous Guarding Newspaper pro Muslim rapist Lib Labour MP that do not involve murdering her with guns.

      People need to learn how to fight, not with guns and bombs but with fists and with intelligence.

      Learn to box and more importantly….

      Learn to Dox.

  22. Hey Hunter,

    Don’t expect this to feature in the media until after the Brexit vote.

    Tommy Mair’s brother Duane St Louis is a black guy.

    Mair’s mother eloped with a smooth talking Grenedan after she busted up with the shooter’s dad.

    This is extremely interesting because Mair is the product of a multiracial family!

  23. In this world you fight or die. Jesus was a martyr but even though I’m a Christian, I’m no martyr. I am more than willing to sacrifice my enemies. All of them. No price is too small to take them out of the gene pool. Your talk is cheap. Obama and the UN are closing down the web with Net Neutrality. They have lost the argument. They don’t have the troops for Martial Law. That nigger would have called it already if he could do it. Gun grabbing is a sign they are WEAK. War is coming. If you do not want to fight then stay out of the way. I have no use or care for cowards.

  24. Public support for leaving the EU has increased in the wake of Ms. Cox’s assassination.

      • See? There ya go! OBVIOUSLY Mair’s mud-sharking and whorish race-treason, DUE to malevolent and DEMONIC Jew Nation Wrecking of beautiful thriving White Aryan Nation Wrecking, because Der ewig JUDE is Der ewige Teufel, made Mair go NUTS.
        See? Easy peasy!

  25. the Judeo-globalists and their shabbatz-goy, open-borders political class are LITERALLY KILLING US. Good on Mair for liquidating the shabbatz goy, and I do not care what the Jew lawyers at the $PLC think. And, BTW, the Judeo-Banksters and their puppet political class have already served notice that they will disregard a positive BREXIT vote (“it will be a long process, requiring many years…”), just as many similar EU fake-referenda have already been disregarded by the globalist bandits. Here’s the juice: either we kill the anti-White (((eskimos))) and their servants, or they will kill us. This is a zero-sum conflict, and voting will not resolve it

  26. If or until our anti-White masters allow an open, free discussion about White Genocide expect more of these atrocities.

  27. Heard any public figure mocking Islam lately?

    The Democrats have been boasting since the 1990s that they are going to impose one party rule on America by importing countless foreign ringers to vote for them … Why wouldn’t Americans resent this? – Steve Sailer

    One moves swiftly and imperceptibly from a world in which affirmative action can’t be ended because its beneficiaries are too weak to a world in which it can’t be ended because its beneficiaries are too strong. – Christopher Caldwell

    What’s the plan, Stan? You’e been effectively disenfranchised by open borders, you quite literally have less voice in the system than slaves had in the 1850s.

    Vanguardism doesn’t necessarily mean violence but it certainly doesn’t rule it out, because it can’t, the violence is driven by oppression, specifically lack of a voice in the system. It means aggressively attacking that oppressive system on principle and disregarding public opinion. It’s what winners do, it’s what the left does. Cuckservative losers are forever playing nice in a vain hope of appealing to some (increasingly) non-existent “Silent Majority” or fence-sitters. They are afraid. What is important is demanding to be heard by whatever means are necessary and not putting your Master’s rules for order that benefits him ahead of your rights. Terrorism is armed propaganda, sometimes it’s justified and sometimes it isn’t. The Founding Fathers were terrorists to the British. Violent resistance can’t be dismissed out of hand.

    To get back where I started, have you heard any public figure mocking Islam lately? Mindless violence for unrealistic goals will accomplish nothing. Violence unsupported by the followers, where the propaganda hasn’t properly laid out the reasons it is justified to those followers and should be sustained, will fail. Ending the public mocking of Islam with violence is a realizable goal, supported by a large percentage of Muslims who are willing to make sure it is sustained.

    Where the right falls down is their reluctance to embrace their victim-hood. This is a positive mania on the right, worse among the alt-right than even among the cuckservatives, in part driven by the internalization of white-hating racism, of the concept of “white privilege”, in part an avoidance of conflict. You are the ultimate victims, the victims of world-wide, coordinated genocide. The left plays the victim card and wins, the right tells the ultimate victims to walk it off, and loses. Hate and rage are the appropriate moral response to some situations. Neither violence or political activism will work for people who refuse to confront their own victimization. The goal should be to eliminate the middle ground and force them to, and if they pick the other side, well that was going to happen anyway and you’ve really lost nothing.

    • ‘To get back where I started, have you heard any public figure mocking Islam lately?’

      Other than a few bloggers the media and politicians are terrified at the thought.

      They are afraid of being Charlie Hebdoed.

        • He does address the problems with Muslim immigration and points to atrocities committed by ISIS, but I wouldn’t consider that mocking, do you?

          Actually, if we listen to the lyrics of ‘The Snake’ it is the West, personified by the foolish woman that is being admonished for stupidity.

    • I’ve been around long enough to see how this plays out.

      1.) It will dominate the news cycles for a few days or weeks at most. Then the public will lose interest.

      2.) It will create sympathy for whoever was the target of the violence and a backlash against those who are blamed for it.

      3.) The nut who murdered someone will get his 15 minutes of fame. Then he will either be dead or arrested and sent to prison. He might get a Wikipedia page though.

      4.) If it is someone associated with the pro-White community, it will make our public image more toxic. It will make it easier to get us kicked out of hotels or to fire people from their jobs. It will make it harder to recruit people to join our organizations.

      5.) Violence is unpopular. It makes it harder to discuss our ideas which are more and more popular. We can’t discuss all the things people care about when some nut is dominating the news cycle because he has acted out a violent fantasy.

      Finally, all the things that vantards predict will happen NEVER COME TRUE. Dylann Roof thought he would spark a race war. Instead, he sparked a successful crusade to cleanse the South of Confederate symbols. The Klansmen who blew up that stupid church in Birmingham gave us the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

      What did killing MLK accomplish? It made him a martyr and gave us federal civil rights laws that extend over the housing market. It doesn’t matter how many times it happens. Vantards never learn from experience that their actions aren’t going to spark the RAHOWA.

    • This is due to structural factors. Support for nationalism will grow in spite of these periodic meltdowns because more people are exposed to the problem as “diversity” increases.

    • Faulty logic when you consider the fact that anti-immigration had already been on the rise before his meltdown, and was on the rise in countries that had no “Breivik Action” to point to before or after the event in Norway.

    • If the man in England was prepared to face the consequences of killing a woman whom betrayed her nation and people, then I don’t have any problem with what he did.

      The woman was filth. It is people like her that allow the West to be destroyed.

      • She was a filthy traitor.

        I agree with him on that. I suppose it is better that at least in this case the target was a filthy traitor rather than a random person. Either way, there is no benefit from it and his actions were reckless and counterproductive.

        • Agreed and well said.

          We must base all our actions on this:

          Does it work?

          Does it help or hurt our legitimate positions.

          I believe that Adolph Hitler himself came out strongly against using guns to assassinate enemies, rivals.

          Once in power there was a settling of scores in the Night of the Long Knives.

          Until then, other ways of fighting, fighting fair are the way to go.

  28. Everyone’s ignoring both the contradictions in Brad’s interpretation of events, and also, the fact that Cox was militarizing behind a very pro-Palestine position that made her extremely inconvenient for the jews to have around.

  29. Interesting viewpoint from the link.

    Hunter Wallace Retweeted ?@haaretzcom Jun 17
    Voting to leave Europe is the most un-Jewish thing you can do #Brexit

    ‘I find it hard to contain the shame that next Thursday, in the referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union, many Jews will vote to leave. For all the talk of sovereignty and democracy being used to justify the escape from the grasp of the venal, nonelected bureaucrats in Brussels, the real motive of those voting to leave will be a fear of immigrants.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re black-hatted frum or a bacon-eater who hasn’t seen the inside of a shul for decades, and it’s got nothing to do with your politics or how supportive or critical you are of Israel. There can be no more complete betrayal of the fortunate legacy of British Jews than to leave Europe in the hope that this will deny other refugees of war and dictatorship the sanctuary our great-grandparents received. Any attempt to justify it is rank hypocrisy bordering on racism.’

    • So they have just admitted that the EU is the EJew. I’ve been saying that all along. It’s the JEW.

  30. Hunter,

    I would like to make a post starting clearly OD’s opposition to illegal, counter productive acts of Vanguard violence. Also restating comment guidelines and a legal disclaimer that the views expressed in comments section do not necessarily reflect the views of Hunter Wallace, Jack Ryan or Occidental Dissent.

      • Yes, you’ve done a great job of that. Can I still make a post, kind of a legal disclaimer that the views and opinions expressed in the comment section do not necessarily reflect the views of OD, Hunter Wallace, Jack Ryan. Protection of the 1st amendment yes, but any comments promoting violence, illegal acts should be flagged and deleted and then the comment guidelines? I would feel better about things if I posted this. The page is good and comments are better. I am supposed to do an event with the Brimelows in Chicago mid Julyl

          • Hello Brad:

            I’ve been on the other side of yourself regarding Dylann Storm Roof and now Thomas Mair. While they are what I’d call “Lone Tards”, I think that what they do is to keep functioning the necessary fear of White Men which naturally exists in jews and niggers until stupid whiggers fuck it up by showing feared fucked-up whiggtitude. jews and niggers don’t fear your kind, Brad, and neither does ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final. But then again, I’d like to thank you for allowing some debate on this matter and I’ll try to stay on the right side of the line.

            However, Jack “Ryan” and itz sockpuppet “sane whiggergoy” and your collection of jews also should have their own little ghetto where no “discouraging words” or maniac macro-aggressions to theyz’ little sensibilities or a blow-torch of reason applied to these kosher little “special matzo-snowflakes.” You should bring back one of your special blogs and allow the kosher blatherings of Jackqueboy and Stephen Dalton and other jews their own little ghetto in the Occidental Dissent world, where Jackqueboi could stifle all real goy dissent.

            You know, when my Ten Thousand Warlords Program goes into effect, there should be a place for “good jews” to run around and where mean evil racist nutzis of the See-Eye Dentist Persuasion could go on safari, sorta like Amon Goeth in Swindler’s List. My favorite part is where Amon shoots some malingering jews. Some place like Long Island where Kurt Russell could diddle Goldie Hawn in a remake of “No Escape From jew Yawk.”

            As a Fourth Generation Swede from South Dakota — See I’m a Southron too — I can relate to keeping Injuns on a reservation and not letting them have likker and guns. Why not try “racial federalism” with jews and niggers, both on OD and In Real Life? Yes the kosher tranny-whiggress manginas of Jackieboi & the OD jew crew will bleed regardless, but at least we will be upwind of the newly ghettoized kosher stink.

            Hail Victory!!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
            Disqualified LibberToon Candidate for Governor of Missouri 2016

            P.S. I know that there is 313Chris’ Occidental Dysentery but Chrissy is beginning to sound a lot like one of Rabbi Linder’s VNNF colostomy-bag likkin’ meercats.

        • Yes, yes, Brad, PUH–LEEZE let the little critter make up itz own little pile of droppings. And don’t allow us unwashed maniacs — especially some of whom have spent serious time in a ZOG Nuthouse — to waller in and fling the juden-poop.

          Maybe when the V-Dare piss-pul cum to the Toddling-dangerous-nigger-town Jackqueboi can dry hump another leg of the chattering lumpen whiggertariate and maybe we can all watch & laugh.

          Jackqueboi / Sane whiggergoy is a hoot.

          Hail Victory!!!

          Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
          Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
          Disqualified LibberToon Candidate for Governor of Missouri 2016

  31. Just a short statement about comments policy here.

    The comments on Occidental Dissent posts do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Hunter Wallace, Jack Ryan or Occidental Dissent. Though the comment section on OD is protected by the American 1st Amendment guaranteeing free speech, OD has comment guileless strongly discouraging negative, hateful or disingenuous comments. Any comment advocating violent, illegal and especially counter productive Vanguard type violence such as the assassination of the British woman MP should be noted and flagged for deletion and such commenters will be banned.

    Occidental Dissent is a positive, lawful, intelligent blog advocating the legitimate rights and culture of Southern White Americans and kindred people. We wish other people,other cultures the rights of self determination and respect. We ask the same for our people.

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