Trump Slams Crooked Hillary In Major Speech

I thought it was a great speech.

Among other things, I noticed Trump explicitly mentioned the abandonment of America’s “protective” trade policy, reached out to the non-SJW Bernie Sanders supporters, and slammed the “rigged economy” that has devastated the working class. He also brought up all the myriad Clinton Foundation scandals from the Clinton Cash book which Sanders refused to use in the Democratic primary:

Note: Michelle Goldberg at Slate is calling the speech “terrifyingly effective.”

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    Gun Control is about Jewish power.

    It makes total sense why Jews push it.

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    • As of this moment, “gun control” is a diversion that scared as fudge Democrats are using to keep Trump from driving a ten ton wedge between gay money and Democrat coffers.

      • The gays aren’t going to vote for Trump, other than a few rural white lesbians. The gun control is part serious and part diversion to keep rust belt white women from thinking Trump is better to keep them safe from the Orcs. I do think the left had the whole “take away the confederate flag” thing all planned out just waiting desperately for the next James Byrd incident, that Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike idiot who shot up those black middle class church goers gave them exactly what they had probably been waiting for a long time. This gun control thing is also out there dusted off after every shooting. Think about what this one lunatic did. With millions of these ARs in the hands of ordinary red state Americans you bet the left is scarred. Only the full strength of the US Army could counter this, and the left knows if they had to call the army in to brutally put these people down, they might not have it’s full loyalty. Take away whites guns and you don’t need the military, little girls with red arm bands can then terrorize at will. Next step for the left: legalized pedophilia, anyone who objects on some pervert picking your kid up at the park for an afternoon “date” is a hater in need of punishment from the left. Yep, better take peoples guns away before pushing that one through.

    • It’s pretty damn obvious that the Jews are getting plenty of help from the Roman Catholics in Congress. The damn Senate gun filibuster was almost exclusively a Jew and Roman Catholic effort.

      I’ve gotten to the point where I wouldn’t vote for a Roman Catholic for anything—no matter what he or she said or promised. They lie, and then they think we are going to take some lame excuse about the Catholic Church being kidnapped by the infallible Pope or some nonsense.

      It should be obvious by now that all of the Jews and Roman Catholics in Congress want to overthrow the 2nd Amendment, and disarm the American people.

  2. The electorate are a bunch of communists, they don’t care about Hillary’s scandals and will vote for her anyway because the media and school system told them too. Democracy is the main enemy of American Greatness, political leadership got worse and worse as the franchise was expanded and by 1920 it was all over, the little ladies have absolutely no business in politics. Heck they probably didn’t even need to import all these 3rd worlders, after 50 years of counterculture and bastardy the normal form of family in this day of age, McGovern wins in a landslide.

  3. Notice how the media is so biased they never even put any decent pictures of Trump up during the primaries? All the other Republicans and Hilary and Bernie had nice photogenic smiling shots, but the one they chose for Trump next to the percentage on primary nights was all prune faced. I haven’t seen this crap since the tabloid smear job on Amanda Knox where they’d flash hundreds of photos of her going in and out of court and choose the one taken at the split second of her facial muscles transitioning between various expressions that looked the very worst. The exact opposite of what professional photographers do with a pretty girl model shoot.

    • I have noticed the same thing. Every picture of Trump posted under the headlines always has him looking as angry and unhinged as possible. This is obviously done to reinforce the narrative that he is too unstable to be President. If you actually watch the speech his demeanor was just the opposite.

  4. I find it really interesting when the media “fact checks” Trump because it demonstrates just how biased they are against him. Immediately after today’s speech both CNN and Politico criticized him for classifying jobs lost to Mexico as jobs sent overseas because Mexico is connected by land to the US. I guess if you ever described your trip to Central America as going overseas then you are a liar. The Army should immediately rescind any overseas service ribbons it has awarded to Soldiers for service in Central America. They have fooled the American public for too long.

  5. He just needs to work on his negatives and build a ground game.

    Weren’t we saying that in the primary? We said it for a reason.

  6. Mrs. Clinton has made 21 million in ‘speaking fees’ the last several year, much of it from too big to fail banks. Why? the obvious assumption they are buying influence. If she gets to be president, then they won’t be punished for fraud or insider trading or any of the other crimes they committed that caused the mortgage meltdown in 2008.

  7. Trump supporters must get the word out on this great speech. The MSM plays clips from the speech which exclude Trump’s most persuasive arguments against Hillary. Forward the link to the speech to everyone you know.

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