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  1. Ive written off the UK for a number of years now, but I see this vote as a positive. If they vote to LEAVE, then great, maybe there is a small glimmer of hope for the true British people, but probably not. Still, it will weaken the EU, which is +++. If they REMAIN, then they are just the useless, gelded Euro weenie wannabes I thought they have been the last decade, or longer. Brexit=some hope!

    • I think the English Goy have been cucked for 5 centuries. Bowing before their Kosher Masters is all they know.

        • When the exit polling and actual polling are published, oi reckon the Scots will be demonstrated to have tipped it over to Remain.

          • Exit polling has been disallowed, according to Treehouse. So now the conspiracy realists are…getting real. Jo Cox wasn’t spontaneous, and the vote count won’t be either.

          • One thing that pisses me off about the “alt right” is their posturing re conspiracies.

            Conspiracies are real, conspiracies are commonplace, conspiracies shape the world.

            Just because we want Alex Jones and his supporters to become racially aware doesn’t mean that they are wrong about conspiracies.

            Just because Muslims shoot people and blow stuff up doesn’t mean that there aren’t higher order puppet masters.

            Not coincidentally, a lot of the people “counter-signalling” against conspiracies also want us to “take back America”. Do they really want victory? I question it.

          • There is a taboo against conspiracy realism in the pro-white movement. Recently Matt Heimbach came out as total shill, parroting the jews’ line about ‘mentallyilllonermassmurderers.’ I’ve always thought highly of him, but I don’t think the kid is *that* stupid. I honestly think he’s sold out.

          • Despite the conspiracy theories about Joe Cox and “pencils “, the UK votes to leave. Am not saying there’nt conspiracies but get real!

        • What few know Hunter is the whole concept of AMERICANISM pushed by LINCOLN and his ILK had its origin in the BRITISH Identity pushed after 1707 upon the United Kingdom. The English Commoner has been forced to ride the back of the bus for 300 odd years and watch as Scots Welsh and Irish were promoted ahead of them for everything. Even for civil service jobs dating back years, a Scot or Welshman got preferential placement over an Englishman. It was the Scots Irish and Welsh middle and upper class as a whole who bought into the BRITISH identity.

          Thus today in Great Britain what do we see? Well we see a nation which has had eleven non-English Prime Ministers, and plenty of English areas represented by non English MP’s. This pattern has held for 300 years and is about to get worse. You see if you look at London’s Paki Mayor he is BRITISH right but he isn’t English. The British aristocracy thinks this is a good thing as it is more BRITISH Inclusion and English Exclusion.

          Now in UK you have Scotland and Wales having their own Parliaments, but England’s Parliament must be for everyone. Who speaks for England? NO ONE. Thus the triumph of the British ideal over the English identity is almost complete. The English themselves have been demoralized for 300 years since they were expected to make room for the Scots Welsh and Irish and now add to that Blacks Pakis etc. Nowhere for a White Englishman to go.

          Not much different than a Southern White Man

          • Can I ask where is your evidence that no English were positively discriminated in favour for civil servant jobs? The no English, particularly the Scots, did well out of the Union ( of the UK) but this is solely because they took up and exploited the opportunities the Union provided.

          • I have read many stories about early uses of Affirmative Action by the “Aristocracy” in the government discriminating against English people in favor of others. In the past 150 years, nationalism for Scots Welsh and Irish peoples was encouraged by the intelligensia in London while the common Englishman was lampooned as a bigot and maligned. People can say today that London is no longer an English city but if you read back in the 1800s it was already being taken over by non-English as Jews and European Immigrants were pouring in driving poor English people out of their tradiitonal neighborhoods.

            The Elites have under Marxist theology created a Great Britain where the English are the brutish conqueror race who must give his land to the people he conquered for the sake of Social Justice. Social Justice reared its ugly head during WW1 when thousands of nonwhites were brought to England during the war and unleashed a nonwhite crime wave in 1919 that history has forgotten. It reared its head in 1921 in Ireland when the IRA and others were ALLOWED by the LONDON PARLIAMENT to murder Englishmen and for their murderous efforts, they were rewarded with the Irish Free State. It was again English who were forced to SHARE THEIR CITIES after WW2 with Commonwealth Immigrants against their wishes. It did affect Scotland and Wales also but less so.

            For the record my ancestors came from Scotland, I believe Scotland and Wales should be free as should Ireland, but I can also see the positive good the English did as well. I want to see the UK dissolved and the four peoples going their own way. In a perfect world. The English deserve to be preserved as do all of them and they should no longer be relegated to second and third place.

          • I see you claim to have evidence of “positive ” discrimination in favour of non English, but u do not provide. The idea of “postive” discrimination simply did not exist until the the 1950’s. You are making it up or delusional. I repeat that the non English of the UK ( especially Scots) did successfully exploit the opportunities that the Union and Empire provided. Postive discrimination did not exist and the opposite often applied. A few possible aristocrats who may or may not have favoured employing Jews, Scots or negros is not an argument. You are claim is nonsense.

          • Positive Discrimination? Wow that is a play on words, discrimination is always a negative. The fact is and any study of the history of the UK since 1707 will show that since that time, the English population has been slowly discriminated against in favor of others. To say I NEED EXACT PROOF is utterly ridiculous. The native English people were maligned, saw Parliament give away their cities first to Jews, Irish, and Europeans and then nonwhites and their culture was mocked. Talk to any reputable English Nationalist, they will clearly show this pattern of English discrimination to you better than I can. Englishmen were expected to become BRITISH but other groups could maintain their distinctiveness. Think about it this way. Irish Nationalism, Scottish Nationalism and Welsh Nationalism have always been seen as quaint and somewhat positive in the London media but English Nationalism means Englishmen wanting to mass murder Pakis and Blacks. Why is that?

            The same exact thing is repeated in America

        • “England would easily vote to leave the EU. It is Scotland that wants to stay in the EU.”

          It is England that wants to keep Scotland in the UK. At the time of the referendum, there was massive propaganda from Britain’s Jewish media to frighten the Scots into thinking that their independence wasn’t economically viable. (And it is the EU jews who tried to frighten the Scots into thinking they would be left out of the EU).

    • I’ve been watching this sorry age unfold longer than most here, and I understand your frustration. However, in the long journey of our folk there are no binary choices. Nothing is written.

      The British/Euro progs dearly hope that a Brexit defeat means the end of their problems, so they can get back to destroying their people and institutions, but, win or lose, this is just another skirmish. If Brexit wins, it is pretty clear that the Establishment is just going to dance around the issue anyway.

    • After the assassination and state funeral like attention given over to the MP and her husband it’s a Remain result.

      However it’s going to be relatively close. So we know that between 45-50% of the folks want to exit the EU. In France, Greece, Spain etc sentiment must be similar.

      The whole rotten structure is doomed.

    • The EU is far from perfect but only by uniting can Europe defend it’s self from Islam and others. Can u imagine a non United States with each state trying to defend itself and it’s interests?!

      • The problem is judaism, not islam. Judaism is the political ideology of replacing White people with third-worlders. That is the current ideology of the EU bureaucracy and the EU governments. They work together to destroy Europe.

        In order to survive, each EU country must do 3 things:
        1. get out of the EU
        2. get rid of the jews in its own government and media.
        3. militarily invade the neighboring countries and get rid of the jews there.

        I think White people may be happier living in several small countries with different identities rather than in a big unique country where the White population is completely mixed. And also, the division of a territory in several independent countries complicates the work of the jews. That’s why in Europe, the jews have been so centrally involved in the creation of the EU dictatorship.

        Today, under Jewish rule, the USA is a big country being invaded by the third world. But once the jews are finally kicked out, I think White Americans should try to rebuild the country in a more human scale, with separate independent states. I’m confident there won’t be a Mexican or Canadian invasion.

  2. Suppose there is a leave vote.

    Suppose they honestly and honorably enact the will of the people.

    Does that mean UKIP merges with a Boris Johnson lead Conservative Party?

    There would no longer be a parliamentary delegation to Brussels, what would Farage then do? I would have him export the revolution to other white nations trapped in the EU.

    Give Cameron credit for:

    1. Holding the Scottish referendum
    2. Holding the Brexit referendum
    3. Not going to war in Syria after the false flag gas attack
    4. Running a reasonable government considering the times

    I honestly hope Cameron is a secret Brexiter, as well as the Royal family.

    Imagine how all of this could be thwarted by

    1. Non white voters tipping the scales
    2. The MKUltra assassination of Jo Cox

    Consider how all of this is a reverberation of the war that should never have happened, WWI. What price wisdom?

    • Cameron and the “Royal Fambly” are blood Jews. This is about maintaining the Jew Privilege of the EJew.

      • The Prince of Wales father Prince Philip is an unreconstructed racist. His sisters all married Nazi affiliated German Princes. Edward VIII the queen’s uncle was a full blown National Socialist in temperament and chummy with Hitler.
        You can be so full of shit.

        • And Diana’s mother was a Rothschild. That made her a Hebe. That makes Diana a Hebe. That makes her sons Hebes, And Princess Kate – full blown Hebe. That makes Kate’s and William’s kids full blown Hebes. The Nazi faction is dying out. Follow the bloodlines, and stop being an ASSHOLE.

          • I’ve seen Diana’s mother genealogy. There’s no Rothschild listed in it. The closest thing to a Jew in that genealogy is an Armenian ancestor. Your eagerness to see Jews everywhere has tripped you up again.

          • Harry resembles his Daddy. And so what? Jews have been playing with that beautiful symbol forever.
            Diana and spawn are total Hebes. I noticed you aren’t denying Kate Goldsmith’s lineage….

          • Some say James Hewitt is Harry’s father. If you recall Diana was with Dodi Fayed at the time of her death. Some say the Royal family had her killed out of fear of a Diana birthing a Muslim bastard kid. I wonder how the Queen feels about Muslims??

          • There’s a lot of hoo ha about a LOT of the “European” Royals having ancient lines to King David Uber Jew. Elizabeth herself is supposed to be 100 gajillion part Hebe. And it’s possible, when you study the history of intermarriage.. Years ago I used to communicate with a fellow on JewTube. He was an encyclopedia of European history. He always referred to Elizabeth as “That Hessian Witch”…I always thought was interesting….
            I don’t doubt Diana was murdered because she was bearing a Dune Coon noglet. Charles loves the ragheads. The Ruling Jew Elite adores Islam, because Islam MAKES PEOPLE STUPID. It’s one thing to get the Goyim masses to take the burkha, but it’s quit another thing to have a swarthy Muslim bastard as half brother to heir of the English throne. Espcecially since the Tribe has worked so patiently, for so long, to get there.

          • Jews ARE everywhere. The JewK Government is rotten with them. Princess Margaret married a Kike. And Frances was a Roche. You know all about Cryptos, don’t you, Jude?

          • Have you actually read the bio of Dian’s mother? That’s not a Jewish life. And Diana is a Spencer. There’s no evidence that Goldsmith would have even met the mother, let alone got her knocked up.

            Really girl you sound like a ((((Tabloid)))) ((((journalist)))) or a loopy rabbi.

          • Frances Roche lived a very Jewish life. Her daughter Diana looked just like her brother and sister Goldsmith siblings. Especially pre-nose job.

            The Wedding of (((William))) and (((Kate))) – it’s all in the kosher family.

            Even the Hebes alluded to the Kosherness of it all, briefly. I know it’s hard to swallow the fact that aristocratic Limey’s sold themselves for shekels centuries ago. Why does it bother you so much?


          • You are certifiable. But you are right about Cameron.

            Btw Roche is the name of an Irish baron. The mother wasn’t born Roche (an old Anglo-Norman name)

    • But Jewish scholars now believe that the Tory leader could also be a direct descendant of the biblical Hebrew prophet, Moses.

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1198824/Cameron.html#ixzz4CPVRsms3
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      What of course is completely irrelevant. David got his post not because of impressive heritage but because white people refused to vote for nationalists for decades. White liberal is the root of all evil. Jewish power and other problems are only consequences.

  3. I do not hold any hope for the English Goyim slaves to break free of their Jew Tyrant masters.

      • The Scots are going to have some very interesting results. Areas that are SNP will vote remain. Tory areas will vote leave.

        Paradoxical really as a Brexit guarantees a new Scottish referendum.

        • Not sure that’s really paradoxical, Captain John. The Scot commies want to sever themselves from England so they can make Scotland even more commie, but they don’t want England itself to get free from the commie EU. (That would be my guess, anyway. As Ayn Rand once said–and I’m paraphrasing, from memory: There’s no such thing as paradox. If you think you’ve encountered a paradox, something is wrong with your premises.)

          • Lol. Maybe so, you’ve certainly reached an aha moment anyway when you encounter what you think is a paradox.

      • I never ever ever said that Whites do not shoot ourselves in the foot, all the time…………..

  4. people…


    People who say “We are at war with RADICAL ISLAM, not with ISLAM” are liars.

    No, the Zio-controlled US is at war with Secular Arab Modernizers. It’s not about Islam. Indeed, US has often used radical Muslims against secular Arab/Muslim modernizers.

    Consider the regimes destroyed or destabilized by the Zio-controlled US:

    Afghanistan ruled by secular Soviet-backed regime.

    Iraq ruled by secular modernizer Hussein.

    Libya ruled by secular modernizer Gaddafi.

    Syria ruled by secular western-educated Arab Assad.

    Also, PLO was a secular Arab outfit. If anything, Israel created the radical Islamic Hamas to counter it. Israel also had a hand in creating Hezbollah in Lebanon against secular Arabs.

    US has been working with theocratic Saudis, the main funders of radical Islam.

    US used radical Muslim warlords and terrorists to destroy Libya.

    US used radical Muslims to destroy Syria.

    US has been arming and funding Alqaeda in Syria.

    US has grown esp cozy with Turkey that is becoming less secular and more Islamic.

    So much for US being at war against radical Islam. US has been at war in cooperation with radical Muslims except on the occasion when it led to the blowback of 9/11.

    But notice how Bush II, the puppet of neocons, used that as pretext to wage war on SECULAR ARAB HUSSEIN who had been fighting the likes of Alqaeda and Osama forever.

    Americans are SO DUMB that they cannot tell the difference between secular Arabs and radical Muslims. They are all ‘muzzies’. Hussein was no Islamic fundie. If anything, US worked with Islamists to overthrow Hussein. And when Shia regime grew closer and closer to Iran, US turned a blind eye to Sunni radical Muslims to wreak havoc all over Iraq.

    So, US isn’t at war with Islam or radical Islam.

    US is at war with modern secular Arab nations hated by Israel.

    Jews prefer backward Muslims such as Saudis who cuck out to the US or Muslims such as ISIS that just create havoc & destroy the modern achievements of secular Arab nations.

    Just look at what radical Muslims did to Libya and Syria and parts of Iraq.

    Surely, Jews were secretly cackling with hideous glee.

    It was Russia that aided secular Syria against ISIS and Alqaeda, whereas US and/or its allies have been funding, arming, or aiding the radical Jihadis at war with Assad and the Christian Arab community.

    So, Islam, radical or moderate, is a secondary issue. It’s all smoke and mirrors. The real reason for the mess in the Middle East is that Jews fear and will not tolerated secular and modernizing Arab/Muslim nations.

    After all, the most effective and dogged challenge to Israel always came from secular Arab regimes.

    And in Pakistan, US backed right-wing Zia and radical Muslims against secular modernizers.

    Iran was an anomaly. Shah was a secular modernizer but protected by US and Israel. Why? Because he was such a total running dog of the US. He was such toady that a combination of Iranian Liberals and religious fundies united to overthrow him. But the fundies won cuz there were more of them and they were more impassioned & ruthless.

    Even so, Iranian regime didn’t reject science and technology. Much of secular society was left intact as long as it didn’t act too defiant of Muslim authority. Iran was a real case of Islam + Modernity in the Muslim world. And that is why Jews used US-led sanctions to utterly destroy its economy. This failed in the end because Iran had the backing of China and Russia. This makes Jews very angry with both great powers.

    The world is made up of so many peoples, but so much of International Crisis is the result of an extreme variation of “But, is it good for the Jews?” Jewish Power has turned psychotic.

    Look at Russia in the 90s. Look at Jewish War on Russia as the New Cold War. Look what Jews did to Ukraine. Look what Jews did to Iraq. Look at Libya and Syria. Look at the ‘refugee’ crisis triggered off by Jewish-led foreign policy in the Middle East.

    Look how the Iranian economy was hurt real bad by Jews even though Iran has no nukes(whereas Israel has 300 illegal nukes). And all this trouble over North Korea is also about Jews. Jews hate the fact that Norks did business with enemies with Israel. Jews don’t care about human rights. They are silent about Palestinians in West Bank and Saudi abuses. And US has become the biggest human rights abuser in its foreign policy, cooking up lies to destroy entire nations through war or sanctions.

    But then, Jews act the same way in the US. So much of US politics, economics, and laws are about “Is it good for the Jews?” Even the homo agenda was cooked up by Jews to serve Jews. Jews wanna end ‘hate speech’ to snuff all criticism of Jewish power. Jews want to take guns away so Jewish-run state will control all the firepower. Jews in Wall Street could rob us blind and not go to jail but be bailed out to rob some more.

    We need to ask, “Is Jewish Power good for humanity?”

    No, it’s been the single most disruptive and destructive force since the end of the Cold War.

    Lebovitzkrieg must end.

    • Andrea, your perspective is too narrow. The West and Christianity has been at war with Islam since it’s founding. Jews, in spite of he bad relationships they have had with the Muslims, have always sided with them, because they hated the Christians more. So, if you’re going to blame the Jews for everything, like far too many people on the alt-right do, you need to look at who they allied themselve

    • Iran isnt an anomaly. The sunni Arabs of saud are bulwarks of the new world order. They rule via force, handouts, and wahabbi ideology.

      The Saudis make sure all the right palms are greased in the west, see Clinton and bush for contemporary examples. Saudi never lays a glove on Israel, see Isis.

      Iran is a threat due to its promulgation of shia ideology
      Many poor Arabs and guest workers in Saudi Qatar etc have been attracted to shiaism. There were several rebellions that were put down, including one in mecca during the hajj.

      Iran has laid gloves on Israel, via Hezbollah, and generally resists the new world order en bloc with Russia and China.

      On my studies of Zoroastrianism, I came across numerous anti shia YouTube videos from the sunni, wahabbi, Isis perspective. They claim that shiaism is Zoroastrianism in disguise. That is definitely an over statement, but there is definitely some eternal aryan-semite battle between Iran and Arabs, as well as in Iran itself.

      The alleged anomaly disappears when you see that both secular Arab regimes and Iran resist the Jewish,wahabbi,masonic new world order.

      America has never laid a glove on Saudi through 15 years of a so called war on terror. That should tell you all you need to know, and has woken a lot of people up.

      By the way, isn’t it funny how these people willing to die and kill for Islam are often drug addicts, alcoholics, or gay? Look up Tim Osman, aka Osama bin laden, he was very westernized as a young man, was a friend of the bush family, which also has its share of phoney Christians who are drug and alcohol addicts, and possibly gay as well.

  5. One interesting wrinkle in the Brexodus is the role of the Scottish “Nationalists”. The SNP are totally opposed to Brexit, even though they want separation from Westminster.

    I suspect the fastest route to Scottish independence would be to encourage Brexit then promptly have another referendum to split with the English.
    Right? Makes total tactical sense. Not according to Nicola Sturgeon.

    The Welsh according to most polling btw are generally pro-Brexit. The Scots want England lashed to the rotting corpse that is the EU.


    • Nothing makes sense unless seen through the prism of a religious war.

      On one hand you have illuminati globalism which sees humans as carriers of ideas, the ideas having more value than the carriers, and wants to make man something better and other than what he is.

      On the other hand, you have the organicists / geneticists, which puts man ahead of his creations, and wants to preserve mankind, warts and all.

      Just as I don’t want whites to be browned out by non-whites, I also don’t want humanity replaced by robots, or by “trans humans”.

      The only reason the (((Scots))) want (((independence))) is to undermine England/Britain as a bulwark against global illuminati government. That’s why they aren’t all over Brexit, as you rightly point out they should be by their stated logic.

      • You appear to suggest the EU is composed of Muslim middle easterners. Whilst Muslim immigration is a serious problem, that the EU is Muslim or controlled by Muslims is not reality.

  6. Britain will vote to “remain.”

    It takes balls to revolt against the way things are. I fear they no longer have them. Not in sufficient numbers anyway.

  7. With a 4 to 4 split on the question of Executive Amnesty, this election is truly the last gasp of America. Should Trump lose, all efforts to “take back America” will be suicidal; the only way forward will be escape.

    • And escape for you means you won’t so much as raise a fist in the enemy’s direction. You are to bravery what Jack Hunter is to courage.

      • That’s quite a thing to say to some one you don’t know. Especially a blooded combat veteran.

        • I’m sick of the endless defeatism, the pissing and moaning, the infinite pessimism found in comment sections throughout the alt right. Fucking pussies as wide as the eye can read. This cowardess is alien to me and the people with whom I associate in meat world. You disrespect your forbears while simultaneously aiding those who aim to destroy you by whimpering like a whipped dog about escaping your own country.

          Stop it.

          Perhaps you should dig deep and rediscover your courage, if you ever had any, blooded combat vet. Presumably you care about your people and posterity, so if you’re man enough to fight in a state sponsored war as a soldier you should be man enough to think offensively as a civilian, or at minimum refrain from mensturating on comment boards where your heavy flow is liable to saturate a lesser mind.

  8. —-

    Diversitism or Diversupremacism will prove to be worse than communism.

    Communism only held Europe back.

    Diverisitism will wipe Europe off the map.


  9. JUNE 23, 2016


    Today’s 4-4 Supreme Court ruling has blocked one of the most unconstitutional actions ever undertaken by a President. The executive amnesty from President Obama wiped away the immigration rules written by Congress, giving work permits and entitlement benefits to people illegally in the country. This split decision also makes clear what is at stake in November. The election, and the Supreme Court appointments that come with it will decide whether or not we have a border and, hence, a country. Clinton has pledged to expand Obama’s executive amnesty, hurting poor African-American and Hispanic workers by giving away their jobs and federal resources to illegal immigrant labor – while making us all less safe. It is time to protect our country and Make America Safe Again and Great Again for everyone.

    • If Trump stops the US from being the Third World’s dumping ground I’ll be satisfied. Anything else is a bonus.

    • He gets it.


      Does he get that he can actually lead the move for Partition should he lose?

      Of course he shouldn’t say that now, but it wouldn’t be hard to plant the seed in his mind. He is a media addict after all.

  10. Having been watching the BBC stream that Sam linked, below, I decided just now to go to Google Maps, for the street view of “Broadcasting House.” What came up instantly before my view was this English lass …

  11. I saw this posted at Free Republic.

    ‘Watching BBC news on DirecTV, where the commentators are calling those in favor of the Brexit “Eurosceptics”, saying that they are basically white, uneducated, prejudiced, simpletons.
    It’s just like watching MSNBC hosts talk about conservatives !’

    More like how they describe Trump voters.

    • Nobody here or there would EVER talk about “black, uneducated, prejudiced simpletons” even though our cities are full of them.

  12. as of 8:22 PM PDT – results via Guardian – exit has about a 600,000 vote lead. But (shockingly) most of the urban boroughs (Jews, ethnic invasives) are anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours late in reporting. That is, results are being “adjusted” to overcome the Brexit lead…exactly as was done in the Austrian Prez election, where (astonishingly) the Globalist defeated the Nationalist by “the narrowest of margins”. The Judeo-globalists don’t really need to steal it, of course – because their pet political class will ignore the results anyway – but would no doubt prefer a Bremain majority, no matter how narrow, for PR purposes. We’ll see

    • 8:37 PDT – quicker, more up-to-date results @ BBC site: Brexit leads by c.900,000 votes w 83 boroughs still to report. Margin looks too big for the PTB to steal

        • Feral Reserve, other Judeo-globalist banksters now have only a few hours to prepare to monetize the “markets” like never before. I am very surprised they didn’t schedule the referendum for a Friday. Musta been overconfident of the result

  13. 11:41 P.M. here, on the East Coast. Just heard the BBC call it: “Leave” wins.

  14. People…

    There is an odd Jewish Paradox of Power.

    Jews will have more problem gaining power over a majority of inferior gentiles than over a majority of superior gentiles.

    History of the past several centuries have shown that Anglos and Northern Europeans are superior gentiles when compared to Southern Italians, Slavs, and Arabs/Turks/Muslims, the inferior gentiles.

    Anglos and Germanic did stuff better than Slavs, Latins, Greeks, Turks, Arabs, etc.

    So, you would think Jews would have easier time gaining power over inferior weaker gentiles than superior stronger gentiles.

    But in fact, Jews more effectively gained control over superior gentiles.


    Well, what made the Northern Europeans superior to other gentiles in the first place?

    They were more into Rule of Law, meritocracy, integrity, civic-mindedness, fair play, organization, diligence, and etc. Of course, they were often hypocrites and failed to live up to their professed principles. But they took them more seriously and sincerely than most people around the world. And they could be hard on themselves and be self-critical and redemptive.

    Such qualities led to immense progress and advancement for Northern European gentiles. They became a formidable, wealthy, and powerful people due to many positive qualities that prized trust, work ethic, sobriety, honor, fair play.

    In contrast, the other gentiles were lazy, slovenly, oily, greasy, crooked, shameless, infantile, sneaky, unscrupulous, deceitful, irresponsible, devious, clannish, pettily tribal, corrupt, low in integrity, polacky, grooky, gumbic, and/or etc.

    As such, their societies fell behind or turned into a mess. They became a sluggish, bankrupt, and dilapidated people.

    So, why would Jews have easier time gaining power over the formidable northern Europeans than over the pathetic southerners and easterners?

    Wouldn’t it be easier to beat up Peter McNeeley than Mike Tyson?

    What the Jews discovered is that the very qualities that made the Northern European gentiles so great could be used to advantage Jewish power.

    Take Rule of Law. It could be used by Jews to protect their properties and rights. Consider the sense of honor and culture of trust. It meant that Jews could count on the Word of Northern Europeans. Their sense of honor and their word meant something, so different from the worthless words and honors of a Greek/Grook or Southern Italian or Arab. As for Slavs, they were too drunk to even remember what they promised.

    Consider the culture of conscience. Jews could guilt-bait Northern European conscience and put whites on the moral defensive.

    Consider the ideal of meritocracy. It meant Jews could use their brains and outperform the gentiles and rise up.

    Consider the norms of diligence and organization. It meant that Jews could do business and make deals in a world where things actually got done. German post office worked whereas one in Greece might be filled with louts who filched through the mail to steal stuff.

    So, Jews could use all the things that made Northern European gentiles great for their own benefit. And since Fair Play, Honor, and Redemption were some of the hallmarks of northern European gentiles, Jews could manipulate white guilt conscience whenever they fell short of those self-professed ideals.

    In contrast, the southern and eastern gentiles(the Latins, Arabs, Slavs, Turks, Grooks, etc.) weren’t as good in running stuff. They were confused, messy, dishonest, disorderly, backward, dishonest, crooked, corrupt, shameless, dishonorable, and etc.

    As such, they were a relatively weak people. So, one would think Jews would easily trounce them and run circles around them. But since nothing worked well in those societies, Jews couldn’t do much either. Even if Jews did more than the natives, there was a limit to how far Jews could go since nothing worked well around them. Also, the southern/eastern gentiles didn’t give a shit about honor, fair play, rule of law, organization, and conscience. So, they didn’t mind cheating Jews and pulling all sorts of dirty tricks. Also, meritocracy wasn’t operative. Favors went to kinfolks or friends or allies, almost to no one else. So, Jews couldn’t squeeze in and rise to the top of institutions.

    So, the good-some powerful Northern European gentiles could more easily lose to Jews than the bad-some weak Southern/Eastern gentiles could. The former had grown powerful due to positive qualities of honor and fair play, which Jews could manipulate for their own advantage. The latter had grown weak due to negative qualities of dishonor, corruption, and favoritism/nepotism, the qualities that were obstacles to Jews gaining mastery over them. (If Anglos had acted like the sneaky devious Sicilians in THE GODFATHER, Jews would have ended up like Moe Green or Hyman Roth. If Jewish gangsters eventually won out over the Italian ones, it was due to Anglo Rule of Law instituted in the US that the brainier Jews could milk to their own advantage. THE GODFATHER is a fantasy of Italians being as smart as Jews to gain the respectability of the Wasps.)

    Jews did gain control over Russia for a time, but they lost it because the bandit Georgian Stalin played it as dirty and sneaky as the Jews. And later after Stalin’s death, Russians used all sorts of ethnic dirty tricks to keep Jews down. Russians were favored over Jews in the USSR, and that was that.

    Now, the question as to why Jews gained mastery and power over Northern European gentile types than mere parity with them.

    Why didn’t Jews just become social, economic, and political equals with Northern European gentile types? How did they become the overlords of the good-some northern goyim?

    Partly, one could argue Jews are SMARTER than goyim.

    But another reason is Jews have a strange combination of the qualities of superior gentiles and inferior gentiles. Jews mastered the Rule of Law but ultimately to serve the Power of Blood and Neurosis of Ego than universal principle of honor, trust, and fair play.

    Like superior gentiles, Jews are smart, driven, serious, disciplined, organized, sober, and serious about ideas and principles. So, they know how to master and work the system of the Superior Gentiles.

    BUT, and it’s a Big But, Jews also have all the negative qualities of the latins, grooks, turks, Arabs, and etc. They are petty, devious, shameless, clannish, tribal, cunning, sneaky, up-to-no-good, nefarious-like, hands-rubbing, haggly-waggly, ‘oriental’, beady-eyed, and such. Jews have the combination of a sober Englishman and a fiendishly grinning Greek(and you know you can never trust a Grook).

    Of course, it wasn’t easy to mount the Northern European Power at first. It was like a big sturdy and proud horse that throws off anyone who would get on its back. And Jews fell esp hard from the German horse in the 30s when Hitler came to power thanks to massive Depression. (Had there been no Depression and no rise of Nazi Germany, it’s possible that Germany would have been Jewish-run by the 50s).

    But once Jews found a way to get on the horse and stay on, they could tame it and make it obey. Like the War Horse of Spielberg’s movie.

    A horse is serious and honorable animal. Once you win its trust and make it used to you as its rightful master, it will serve you most loyally. The animal that had once been most resistant to you getting on its back can become most loyal to the person on its back. Northern European Gentiles were like that.

    In contrast, take Greeks. They are like warthogs. Smaller and weaker animal than a horse but wily and without honor. Since it’s smaller and weaker than a horse, you’d think you can gain easier mastery over it. But warthogs have no sense of honor or pride. They just squeal and run and hide and act nuts. If you try to ride one, they’ll just roll over and bump you with its tusks and run some more.

    Whoever heard of a War Hog? War Horse, yes.

    • Didn’t the Italians rule the world for quite awhile, and backed up by “Spanish” legions? Julius Caesar himself seems to have only been around 5’7 (but I could be horribly wrong on that factoid). Napoleon was 5’6. These are obviously Mediterranean whites, not gigantic Teutons, accomplishing great things.

        • Italians mixed heavily with the Semites, in fact DNA studies of Italy shows that Southern Italians share most of their DNA with the Jewish people both Sephardic and Ashkenazic. The Ashkenazic Jews originated in two strains. The western strain came from Italy, up to the Rhineland during the early Medieval Period. The eastern strain came from the Khazars and far eastern Jews. When the Holy Roman Empire, France and England largely expelled these German Jews, they fled into the Kingdom of Poland and into Tatar-controlled Russia., These groups eventually mixed into one.

          Today you will find many Sicilian/Italian actors and actresses play Jews and Jews play Italians yet it works. It works simply because THEY ARE ALL COUSINS. All of the Sicilian Mafia Families were once Jewish

          • There’s no proof that what you call the eastern strain of Ashkenazi Jews are Khazar descendants. All the genetic testing done so far shows no Turkic or Mongolian DNA in them. Go to David Duke’s website, and read his article on the Khazar theory.
            I’m interested in your claim about the Mafia Families. Where can I read information on the Jewish origin idea?

          • The Ashkenazic Jews came from 2 streams. The Eastern Stream which was in the far east ie Russian Steppes and the Western Stream which was originally in the German Rhineland, that branch came from Italy and branched off from the Italian Sephardic Jews. The two branches united in Russia after Western/Central Europe expelled the Jews in the late 1300s, and by the 1800s had become one people.

  15. Farage on the outcome:

    As I said before, Boris Johnson will be Prime Minister after Cameron, and Farage can carry the guidon to the other white nations of Europe.

    • The only way leaving the EU could be “xenophobic and racist” is if the EU stands for Islamization and Africanization. Which, apparently, it does.

    • Twit “celebrity” Lindsay Lohan was writing that the UK should “remain” with the EU to “HELP refugee children to have a brighter future.”

      Wow. Just wow.

      Destroy your country on behalf of “refugees.”

  16. You appear to not understand that Brexit is the first time in history that the English have ever voted on their destiny.

    This is a foundation shaker. This is it.

  17. Guess it would have been a good idea for the American states to have stayed independent and not for medium the USA?

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