Foreign Policy: It’s Time For The Elites To Rise Up Against The Ignorant Masses

The globalists are used to getting their way:

“Mainstream parties of the left and right may increasingly combine forces to keep out the nationalists. This has already happened in Sweden, where a right-of-center party serves as the minority partner to the left-of-center government. If the Socialists in France do in fact lose the first round, they will almost certainly support the conservative Republicans against the far-right National Front.

Perhaps these informal coalitions can survive until the fever breaks. But the imperative of cohabitation could also lead to genuine realignment. That is, chunks of parties from the left and right of center could break away to form a different kind of center, defending pragmatism, meliorism, technical knowledge, and effective governance against the ideological forces gathering on both sides. It’s not hard to imagine the Republican Party in the United States — and perhaps the British Conservatives should Brexit go terribly wrong — losing control of the angry, nationalist rank and file and reconstituting themselves as the kind of Main Street, pro-business parties they were a generation ago, before their ideological zeal led them into a blind alley. That may be their only alternative to irrelevance. …

Perhaps politics will realign itself around the axis of globalization, with the fist-shakers on one side and the pragmatists on the other. The nationalists would win the loyalty of working-class and middle-class whites who see themselves as the defenders of sovereignty. The reformed center would include the beneficiaries of globalization and the poor and non-white and marginal citizens who recognize that the celebration of national identity excludes them. …”

This is pretty much what I expect to happen in November.

I believe Alpha Cucks like George Will will vote for Hillary and throw in their lot with the SJW Left. In France, the Socialists and Cucks combined forces to defeat the National Front in regional elections. In Britain, David Cameron admitted in private that the Brexit vote was a gambit to stop the nationalists. Also, a Cuck-Left alliance is already in power in Sweden. Hofer narrowly lost in Austria because of this.

Hillary is with the neocons and globalists and for preserving the status quo on foreign policy. Trump has made it clear he wants an “America First” nationalist foreign policy. Usually, we don’t have a choice in this matter because the establishment candidate always wins in both parties, which are the two wings of the same globalist buzzard.

It ia terrifying to globalists that we may actually get to vote on their unpopular agenda.

Note: BTW, all their scaremongering about BREXIT and the economy is looking pretty foolish right now.

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  1. by the numbers here fam.

    the Tory party formed a government in the UK with 11,300,000 votes. Labour got around 10,000,000, Brexit attracted 17,200,000 votes. Let that sink in. Trump has attracted more primary voters than any Republican nominee.Let that sink in.

    These liberals have learned nothing and will perish.

  2. man oh man did Cameron miscalculate. imagine for a moment that the UK had held a plebiscite in 1939 about the status of the Polish Corridor and Danzig?

  3. They’re locked in a Goliath versus David struggle to speak power to truth. They know that the powerless, broke and disenfranchised are conspiring against the rich and powerful. Don’t you know that middle class greed hurts billionaires in need?

  4. People…

    Mental associations are powerful because the human mind is essentially associative. It’s like Pavlov’s experiment with the dog whereby the dog comes to associate the bell with food.

    This is how the homo agenda got so far. Homomania would have been impossible if not for its associative tricks and sleights-of-hand. After all, what is homosexuality about? It is about men sticking their penises into the poop-holes of other men. It is about fecal penetration. It is gross and ewwww. Lesbian stuff isn’t physically gross and filthy but it’s ridiculous, with its silly antics of hole having ‘sex’ with another hole. Also, many lesbians are ugly as hell though not all are.

    And what is trans-genderism or transvestitism or transsexualism? (These labels keep changing.) Trannies are into having their healthy sexual appendages chopped off and replaced with fake organs of the opposite sex. It is gross. Just do google-image search on trans surgery. It is sick and putrid, a total perversion of medicine.

    BUT, so many people got fooled into worshiping homomania because of the associative power of media and propaganda. They associated homosexuality and tranny stuff with ‘rainbow’ colors, clean-cut characters in TV sitcoms, and sun-kissed images of the homo flag in news story after story.

    Homo agenda was associated with ‘love’, ‘equality’, ‘family values’, and even ‘conservative values'(like in the cucked out National Review). (If love redeems everything, why not celebrate adultery, polygamy, and incest? All three can involve genuine love among all involved.) For the bohemian types, homos were cool for their deviancy and subversion. But the homo agenda needed to win over the mainstream. And they took a page out of Saul Alinsky’s RULES FOR RADICALS. They dressed homosexuality into the semblance of ‘new normal’ and ‘middle class’.

    Fruitcake was made into white-bread. Homos were associated with green suburban lawns.

    The mass public was also won over to homo deviancy because Hollywood, MTV, and even education promoted cultural deviancy as the fun and healthy among the normal masses. So, we now see so many normal straight people with ugly tattoos and piercings. Since normal straight people are into such deviancy, why would they judge homos and other sexual deviants and freaks? Freakery is now the New Normal for everyone. The trashy narcissism of ugliness. The media no longer promote stuff like the Waltons. Instead, we Lena Dunham and shows that promote teenage sex and even adultery as fun and cool.

    If people were to see homosexuality and tranny-stuff for what such stuff really are — fecal penetration among men and cutting off dicks to get fake poons — , they would have been content with stopping at tolerance for homos. But because homos were associated with fun, color, holiness, clean-cut-ness, ‘rainbow’, and sun-drenched images(more like advertising than journalism), many people came to worship the homos as the best of what America is all about. The new Americana is Homo-Trannicana. It’s Pax Homorica.

    People are now so swept up in holy homomania that they are willing to support a New Cold War with Russia because Putin, as ‘new hitler’, won’t allow massive homo parades on Red Square. Germans failed to invade Russia, but Jewish globalists seek to gain control of the Russian soul by using their homo-imperialist proxies. (Notice how Jews and homos try to associate anyone they don’t like with Hitler. But then, neocons have been calling people ‘Hitler’ left and right to destroy them. And of course, Netanyahu associated Iran’s non-existent nuclear arms program with the ‘holocaust’.)

    Anyway, we need to be alert to the associative power of the mind.

    After all, language itself works purely according to the dynamics of association. No word is the actual thing it describes. If there were a factual relation between word and object, then all cultures would have the same word for the object. But in truth, all words are arbitrary. Any word can mean anything. It all depends on how that word/sound is associated with a certain object. Take a word like ‘shit’. ‘Shit’ isn’t actual shit. Indeed, different cultures have different words for shit. But because we’ve been raised in a culture that associates ‘shit’ with shit, the word ‘shit’ conjures up images of poop. But suppose in another culture, ‘shit’ is associated with beautiful clouds. Then, the word ‘shit’ will be poetic stuff in that culture. So, the meaning of ‘shit’ is totally different between our culture and the other hypothetical culture.

    Or take the word ‘beauty’. To us, it means something that is beautiful. But in another culture, the sound ‘beauty’ could mean shit or vomit. Its associative power would be totally different for that culture.

    This is why words in another culture is often funny to us. It means one thing to them but sounds like something else to us.

    Words are supposed to be mere tools of communication, but their emotional impact goes much further. When we hear a word, we don’t dryly think it’s just a symbol for communication but take it as reality itself even though it only represents something that has no real name. (Everything has to be named by us.)

    So, what does this tell us about how our minds work?

    If our minds come to associate ‘shit’ with the real thing — as if ‘shit’ really is shit — , then our minds can be made to associate anything with anything.

    And this is how Jews play the game. They trick us with associative mind games.

    Just listen to Barbara Spectre:

    She is very clever Jewess. Notice how she associates ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ with ‘survival’.

    Now, to any sane person, Europe can survive as Europe only by protecting its borders against non-European invasion. After all, name one civilization that survived by being invaded by others. Europe can only survive as Europe with Europeans.

    The foreign tide poses a threat to Europe.

    But the clever Jewess Spectre says Europe must go into ‘multicultural mode’ in order to ‘survive’. She associates what will destroy Europe with the ‘survival’ of Europe.

    Furthermore, Jews can get away with such lies because Holocaustianity has associated Jews with nobility, holiness, and wisdom. So, when a Jew(with such elevated association) comes to speak, Europeans listen not with critical skepticism but worshipful devotion. They are under a kind of hypnosis or hypnowicz.

    As Europeans listen uncritically and admiringly, the clever Jewess associates ‘survival’ with ‘multi-culturalism’, the very thing that most threatens the REAL SURVIVAL of Europe. She works like a medical quack associating what is harmful with what is said to be helpful.

    So, the brainwashed Europeans come to believe that they can ONLY SURVIVE BY HAVING NON-EUROPEANS INVADE THEM. After all, the wise Jewess Spectre associated ‘survival’ with ‘multi-culturalism’.

    And of course, Jews have also associated ‘whiteness’ with ‘genocide’, ‘Nazism’, and all the evils in the world. Also, whiteness has been associated with ‘white bread’, thereby implying that whites are bland and generic and have no culture and identity of their own.

    So, in order for whites to be redeemed and gain character/color, they must be invaded by non-whites and racially mix with them.

    And of course, there is the zinger word ‘racism’ that is associated with whites.

    But the very word ‘racism’ is a dirty associative trick because it associates the mere belief in race and racial identity with ‘white supremacism’ and ‘Nazism’ and ‘Holocaust’.

    Ism means belief or consciousness, but Jews have associated belief in race among whites with extreme far-right white supremacism. This is why so many whites are afraid to harbor even the slightest racial consciousness. The perverse use of the term ‘racism’ demands that whites must have ZERO identity because even the slightest white racial consciousness is said to be ‘racist’, a term associated with the Holocaust.

    Of course, such castrated whites do indeed become bland, generic, and ‘nice’ because they are careful not to ‘offend’ anyone(not even micro-aggressively). But then, such ‘nice’ whites are then mocked for their white-bread bland generic-ness.

    It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t if you’re white.

    If you are white and proud, you are ‘racist’ and ‘Nazi’.

    But if you surrender white identity and go into ‘nice’ cuck-mode, you are mocked and ridiculed as generic, white-bread, and colorless.

    If you have identity, you’re a Nazi. If you have no identity, you’re a ‘white bread white boy’.

    It is about time white folks fought back with their own War of Association. Associate Jewish Power with all the horrible things Jews have done. Associate homos with images of fecal penetration and cut off tranny dicks and balls. Associate blacks with black rampage and crime.

    • Such a lengthy screed of verbal diarrhea. Who wants to read all these shit? better keep these excreta to your own personal blog…

  5. Another good overview and another proof there is serious problem about defending “the white race” .

    In case of dramatic events, mr. James Traub will find refuge behind the lines and after the war when young patriots got killed and all the self hating white race traitors survived, mr. Traub will be the first president of the nonwhite anti racist independent confederation. With the rest of the race traitors

    I proudly recommend East European solution. Finish off with the white traitors and you will get all country. No need to secede. All world belong to us. A littlebit predatorship is all the western world needs. Don,t secede, take over. Eastern Europe will not secede from EU because we are the owners of Europe. And we will decide, who will secede and who will not.

    We are the humans, white race traitors are not. This gives us moral superiority to give orders.

    Uups, almost forgot the jews and moslems. We don,t have them because we finished off white race traitors and they lost their power.

  6. I think the history of the past few centuries is a history of elites rising up against threats from the masses and co-opting popular movements to serve their own ends. The conservative movement channeled resentment and anger of social engineering, the civil rights movement, and fear of communism into a pro-big business, lower taxes for the rich, and activist foreign policy movement. The progressives co-opted the populist movement of the late 19th century. The whole anti-racism, multi-cultural agenda is just a way of delegitimizing and demonizing the White working class and their natural opposition to being replaced. Look for them to try and do the same thing again now if they are unsuccessful in quelling the rising nationalism today.

  7. One obstacle to removing these globalists from power is that they have control over the election process. In Austria it appears that the Freedom Party would have won except for irregularities in the vote. Desperate to cling to power, who is to say that they would not cheat in order to win.

    • I expect massive vote fraud this November. Thousands of the deceased casting ballots. Turnout well over 120% in strategic precincts. Millions of illegals voting. “Democracy?” “Free and fair elections?” This whole place is a fraud.

  8. I am seventy-two years old. More than half a century ago, I came to the Right in search of Nationalism (yes, the a-racial civic kind based upon constitutional patriotism). While I found much else that is useful, I did not find Nationalism.

    But while I would like to believe that Mr. Trump believes in what he is saying, I cannot resist thinking he is too good to be true. You see, back in the late seventies, I had the opportunity to observe a world-class BS artist up close an personal in context of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

    OT: Commenting on a previous article here, I said your cause, Southern Nationalism, is a matter of benevolent — repeated for emphasis, benevolent — indifference to me. (I live in the Rust Belt.) However, it is my opinion that you might just live long enough to see your cause come to fruition: If you Southrons can hold it together while the several regions become the separate regions, you just may have the beginnings of a nation-state. Without irony express nor implied, I wish you luck in this. This country is on course for a crack-up, and Mr. Trump represents only the slim possibility of postponing the inevitable.

    Second OT (And thank you for your indulgence.): Several months ago you ran an article about Robert Barnwell Rhett, with a subtext that the master is not free: The principle of the master’s unfreedom is his responsibility. Could you run that again once things have settled down?

  9. Brexit update:

    Boris Johnson no longer seeking to be Prime Minister. Why? His chief backer Michael Gove determined he wasn’t up to the job, and Boris agreed. We may miss Cameron greatly.

    Gove will run as the main Brexiteer and his chief rival is Theresa May, a Remain Tory. Yet even May said that Brexit will not be watered down, and there will be no second referendum and no election until 2020. What this means is that the new government will have time to invoke Article 50 to leave the EU and fully exhaust the 2 year exit window without the chance of the voters changing their minds and ruining everything.

    Baring a super black swan, Brexit is a done deal.

    Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn took the anti-semitism-campaign launch as an opportunity compare Netanyahu to ISIS. Good man! He is withstanding the Labour Members of Parliament who want him out, but because of Labour’s rules, the leader is elected by the members-at-large, so he may keep his job!

    To contrast, the Conservative Members of Parliament elect their party leader. This will be done within 5 weeks and what will happen is that with each ballot, the lowest scoring person will be voted off the island, and the remaining candidates will be voted on until there is only one. This bodes well for Gove, as he can outlast the smaller fish and win the 1 v 1 contest with May on the strength of Brexit.

    Scotland has no path to independence at this time, which is good because they are anti-white. I think a devolved Commonwealth would be an attractive option for the white English speaking peoples of the world: independent nations with a unified military and foreign policy, to include the South.

  10. It isn’t enough to be identitarian, meaning identifying one’s own side. One must be able to identify the true nature of the enemy.

    That’s what’s so great about the (((coincidence))) meme. It is about identifying the true identity of the enemy and ferreting out its interests.

    I think one reason for so much muddled-thinking is we use misleading, generic, outdated, camouflaged, diversionary, and/or obfuscating terminology.

    It’s like the financial crisis. How did it happen in 2008? It was due to housing bubble, and how did that happen? Because the good housing loans(to good buyers) were bundled with bad housing loans(to risky home ‘buyers’). They were all mashed together and called some fancy name and given official stamp of approval and sold to suckers around the world who trusted the US of A as a relatively clean non-corrupt nation steeped in Waspy Rule of Law. (Not that Wasps were squeaky clean, but they ran better operations than Latins, Slavs, Arabs, Asians, Hindus, Africans, etc. So, the Anglos, along with Germanics and Scandies, developed a good reputation. Also, Anglos and Germanics not only did things cleaner but better than other groups. But then, the Jews came along. Unlike other groups, Jews could do things better than the Wasps and thereby gain power over the Wasps. But unlike Wasps, Jews had no sense of shame, propriety, limits, or honor. Jews have extreme personalities in everything: socialism, homo agenda, libertarianism, and etc. We got Chomsky on the left, Rand on the ‘right’, etc. Jewish feminists have been the nuttiest. So, Jewish crooks in Wall Street had no sense of limits. They were in Howard Stern mode. If we take Jews out of the equation, whites are faced with competition from people who are less competent and more crooked than whites. So, whites can win out over such people. But with Jews as part of the equation, whites are faced with competition from people who are more competent AND more crooked. And that explains so much of our woes. Just look at Jordan Belfort in WOLF OF WALL STREET. Clearly very smart but totally unscrupulous. But there’s even worse. If Jews were at least honest in their shameless crookedness, that’d be one thing. They’d be like Tony Montana. Bad but honest. But Jews invoke the Holocaust and Golfocaust to justify their worse abuses. And of course, anyone who notices bad Jewish behavior is an ‘anti-semite’ who must be shut down. So, much of Jewish crookery never goes addressed.)

    Anyway, the financial crisis became so out-of-control because of the loss of clarity. The distinction between good loans and bad loans was lost. Both were bundled together. So, the bad became the good, the good became the bad.

    Had there been a clear boundary between the good stuff and bad stuff, many decent folks would have invested in good loans while avoiding the bad ones.

    But if you mix good and bad and then bundle them together and brand it with some fancy-sounding financial name, people get fooled and shit hits the fan eventually.

    The bundled loans should really have been called “good stuff mixed with shitty stuff by Wall Street sharks looking to make a killing in short-term profits.”

    Then, people would have seen it for what it was.

    Anyway, muddled terms are everywhere, and I think we should get rid of them.

    Some are totally outdated. Some are misleading. Some are confusing. Some are willfully deceptive.

    Take the ‘left’ and ‘right’. The ‘left’ can now mean anyone from a billionaire Zionist to highschool dropout thug in da hood. It can mean anyone from affluent bobo urban yuppy to Mexican illegal picking lettuce in California. It can mean fervert Zionist Democrat or angry Palestinian-American pissed off at Jews.

    There used to the classic left united around economic ideas of workers interest.

    There was also the intellectual left that espoused universalism based on rationalism.

    The former as a mass prole movement, and the latter was an elitist cause.

    The meaning of the left became problematic in the age of anti-imperialist struggle. Anti-imperialist forces in the Third World were motivated as much by tribalism and nationalism as by something like socialism or communism. Indeed, it was often the case that the so-called Third World leftists were waging nationalist struggles with rightist overtones whereas the Third World ‘rightist’ regimes were dependent on the West for protection and support. So, the leftist became nationalist whereas the rightist became pro-‘imperialist'(of western powers). Look at Vietnam. The commie Vietnamese were fighting as patriots whereas the rightwing regime in the South was selling out its women as whores to the US ‘imperialists’.

    In the intellectual-elitist realm, the academic left that used to stand for rationalism and universalism lost its confidence in the post-war era. To some degree, the new left was influenced by pre-war rightwing thinkers like Nietzsche and Heidegger who questioned the rationalist and universalist tradition of the West. Many new leftist intellectuals in the post war era(especially in France) began to argue that Rationalism and Universalism are just Western tools of imperialist justification for control and domination. There was a kernel of truth to this at least to the extent that the West often invoked ‘civilization’ and ‘enlightenment’ when invading and dominating other peoples. We still see this in how Bush II and Obama invoked ‘human rights’ in the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and etc. But never throw out the baby with the bathwater. Western achievements in Reason and Science were indeed great achievements and gifts to all of mankind. But radicals don’t think with balanced minds. They prefer extremes.

    Anyway, since Reason + Enlightenment = White Power, new trends in ‘leftist’ thinking tended to favor identity politics among non-whites and to value(via affirmative action mentality) the ‘contributions’ and ‘achievements’ of non-whites. So, black achievements in everything were inflated and exaggerated. We were supposed to believe that America was Eden before white people came and ruined everything.

    Every non-white utterance(especially black) was greeted with reverence and awe. The latest example is the stuff about ‘black bodies’ by Tahenisi Coates. If something comes out of black mouths, it is assumed as holy. (Even ‘conservatives’ have this tendency as they assume that if something comes out of black mouths, especially holy Thomas Sowell, it is more profound than had it come out of white mouth.)

    But in fact, so much of non-white ideas and rhetoric is stupid as hell, and on the subconscious level, whites felt frustrated about their loss of moral and intellectual authority. I think the rhapsodic hysteria about the homo agenda is that it is implicitly white or at least white-dominated. Through white homo mouths, white ideas and attitudes have been ‘holy’ and ‘authoritative’ once again. This is rather odd since homo privilege is even more extreme than ‘white privilege’. After all, homos are only 2% of the population. If leftism is about the PEOPLE, what is it doing favoring the deviant 2% over all else, even elevating them to figures of worship? Also, the ‘rainbow’ flag implies the unity of all mankind, of all colors. But homos are just a small percentage of mankind. Why should the 2% claim all the colors?

    This is why we need to do away with a term like the ‘left’. It just bundles together too many forces and confuses matters.

    When someone or some group on the so-called ‘left’ makes trouble or raises a ruckus, we need to be more specific in identifying who is he is and what he is and what he is pushing.

    For example, many Jewish ‘leftists’ are really Zionists pushing Jewish power.

    Many black ‘leftists’ are really black powerists. They should be called as such.

    Many brown ‘leftists’ are just La Raza Mexican nationalists(which in the SW sort of makes sense since SW was taken from Mexico by Gringos. But it makes no sense outside the SW.)

    And white urbanites are really just yuppies looking to self-interest in socio-economic matters. They just want to push out blacks via section 8 and gentrify urban areas to make things better for themselves. They are not ‘left’ even if they claim to be.

    Indeed, how many people are really on the ‘left’ today?

    I would say most people on the ‘left’ are really more motivated by rightist(tribal, national, or identitarian tendencies).

    Instead of ‘right vs left’, what we really have is white right vs non-white rightists led by Jewish rightists and homos. Blacks and browns of the so-called ‘left’ bitch about ‘social justice’, but they just want more stuff for their own people. Browns are for illegal immigration because more Latinos means more brown power. They are about identity and tribe. Their ‘leftism’ is a ruse.

    Most brown ‘leftists’ are really for brown interests and power.

    Most blacks ‘leftists’ are really for black interests and power.

    Even their economic leftism or socialism is tribal. They wanna take from Jews, whites, & yellows and give more to themselves. They are not about sharing their goodies with others. They just wanna take the goodies of others for themselves. They are take-socialists, not give-socialists. Take-socialism is self- or tribal-interested, thus not really leftist. Nazis confiscated Jewish property and gave to themselves. That kind of take-socialism was hardly universal-leftist.

    The only people who seem to be genuinely leftist(in the ideological or attitudinal sense) are some white gentiles, some Jews, and some Asians. Though most Jews use leftism to serve Jewish interest(as Kevin MacDonald has charged), there are some leftist Jews who are hostile even to the notion of Jewish identity and interests, and such Jews are now even joining the BDS movement.

    White gentile leftists feel they must live for all of humanity because they believe that any notion of ‘white identity’ is ‘racist’ and evil. So, their universalism is real.

    They really seem to believe in all this stuff about ‘white privilege’, ‘white guilt’, and etc.

    They seem to believe that whites must atone. Whites have too much wealth that they don’t deserve. And so on. They believe in sacrificing white interests for humanity, esp blacks.

    As for yellow leftists, their preference for universal(or non-asian or even anti-asian) interests against Asian interests is the product of culture and genetics. Asian cultures are about obedience and submission to the Power. Since Asians worship the power of America that is now all about PC, homomania, Negromania, and etc, it is only natural that Asian-Americans(and even Asians in Asia) live for non-Asian causes than for Asian ones. The rule of Asianness is it will always serve the Great Power. Asians lack the kind of self-centered collective ego of Jews, blacks, and homos. Jews have powerful sense of Jewishness. Blacks have powerful sense of blackness. Homos have powerful sense of homoness. Asian culture has been about rejection of individual ego and obedience to authority. So, much of Asian politics in the US has no autonomy. Instead, it latches onto homos, negroes, Jews, etc. Another reason why Asian-American ‘leftism’ is more other-centric than self-centric could be its ‘white bread’ or ‘yellow cake’ factor. Even though the rhetoric of the Asian-American left is anti-white(even virulently so), it isn’t necessarily pro-yellow. Yellow Lefties scream ‘black lives matter’, not ‘yellow lives matter’.

    Some whites identify with non-whites because non-white cultures seem more colorful, authentic, ‘real’, and vibrant. In contrast, whiteness is said to be ‘white bread’ or ‘generic’. This is even truer of Asians cuz Asian-ness is seen as so lame, tame, model-minority, normal, conformist, and etc. So, even as yellow lefties bitch about ‘white privilege’, their model of leftism is essentially that of whites. In absence of strong colorful sense of Asianness, Asian leftists identify with and serve the causes of other groups.

    But we mustn’t bundle all Asians together. While yellows are a generic colorless breed, the dotkin Hindus are a different breed. They do have color, garrulousness, personality, and etc that is distinctly their own. Hindots don’t have to appropriate other culture and peoples to feel special or compelling as a people. Consider the Indian accent. It has become pop culture staple in the US. It is sort-of-mocked but also seen as funny and colorful. No one thinks that way of Chinese-American accent that just sounds stilted & dull than funnish & flavorful like the dotkin accent. Also, even though India was no liberal paradise, it didn’t produce a slavish culture like that of East Asia. The yellow way is to get on knees and grovel before master. The Hindot way is to complain, whine, heckle, haggle, talk shit. It’s like that movie GURU. When thin-skinned yellows get pissed, they refuse to talk to people who offended them. It’s like in all those Japanese movies with much silence. In contrast, when thin-skinned dotkins piss each other off, they keep talking and yammering all night long. Watch GURU. It kills me. It is incredible how people do terrible things to one another but still remain on talking terms to insult each other some more.

    Anyway, other than crazy Jews, sucker whites, and colorless yellows, everyone else on the ‘left’ are not leftist at all. They are all tribalists. So, they should be called ‘black tribalists’, ‘brown tribalists’, and etc. It makes no sense to bundle them altogether and call them the ‘left’.

    Such labels as the ‘left’ only obfuscate matters. It doesn’t clarify.

    It also makes us mistake friends for foe, foe for friend.

    The same goes for the ‘right’. The current crackup of the so-called ‘American Conservatism’ is a good thing because it is beginning to clarify the true nature of American politics. Many are learning that Neocons are really just Zionist-supremacists and Jewish tribalists who will support ANYONE who kisses the Jewish butt.

    We are learning that so-labeled ‘cuckservatives’ are gelded castrati errand boys of the Zionist ‘Neocons’.

    Even the term ‘neocon’ is misleading since it suggests neoconservatism is really about ideas when it is about identities. It is about Zionists gaining power over the GOP to turn white people into cucks and use them as suckers. So, we need to do away with the term ‘neocon’ and just use ‘Zio-globalist supremacists’. I mean all this anti-Russian stuff isn’t about ‘new cold war’ or ‘human rights’ or ‘homo rights’. It is about Jews being angry-as-hell that Russia won’t whore out to Jewish globalists. ‘Neocons’ have more in common with George Soros.

    These Jewish supremacists have no conscience. They are just into self-interest. To be sure, I think they are sincere in their righteousness. Jews seem to genuinely think that they are right, therefore they should have most power. So, Jewish interest = universal good in their minds. They’ve been blinded by their own ethno-ego or ethgo.

    Consider the Date Rape Russia in the 90s. A date rape is when a guy gets a girl drunk and then has his way with her. In the 90s, Jews used Yeltsin the drunkard to get their way in Russia. So, while the wino Yeltsin was plastered and half-conscious, Jews pulled down his pants and date-raped him in the ass to loot much of Russia. But Jews feel no remorse over what they did. They figure they had a right to do it cuz Russians are a bunch of Slavic morons who catch fish with penises.

    Jews feel toward Russians how Anglos once felt toward Mexicans. Anglo-Americans felt that the SW territory was wasted in the hands of inert Mexers and should be under Anglo control since Anglos do things better. Well, Anglos had a half-decent case cuz most Mexers were indeed good-for-nothing, not even for catching fish with penises. Also, as SW came to be filled with Anglo rulers and Anglo masses, there was cultural unity among top, middle, and bottom. But the problem with Jews in Russia is most Russians are not Jewish, and therefore, Jewish oligarchs feel zero sympathy for the masses. To be sure, Russian oligarchs are pretty scummy too, but they are more likely to feel at least some connection to the Russian masses(if they are prodded to do so by a national leader). In a nation like Israel where the great majority is Jewish, Jewish elites will be more mindful for the people as fellow Jews. But in nations where Jews just see goy masses, they are more likely to act like Soros or Browder or Belfort.

    Anyway, more honest use of terminology will clarify things.

    We need to stop the bundling of meanings to confuse all of us.

    They create false connections and false loyalties.

    If the neocons had been labeled rightly as Globo-Jewish Supremacists from the beginning, most white Americans would never have fallen for them. But they were called ‘neoconservative’ and bundled with rest of Conservatism.

    The notion of the ‘left’ has bundled everyone from criminal black thugs to Wall Street that funds multi-million dollar homo parades and Goldman Sachs that gives millions to Hillary for speeches.

    Even within a single ideological movement, we need to identify the ethnic content and agenda. After all, feminism controlled by Jews will be different from one controlled by blacks. A socialism controlled by browns will be different from one controlled by college-educated Massachusetts whites. All ideologies have ethnic-content.

    After all, why did so many communist nations end up fighting or bickering with one another? Oftentimes, the ideological babble was just cover for tribal or national differences. So, there was the hilarious spectacle of Mao’s China and Khrushchev’s USSR accusing each other of being ‘bourgeois’.

    In politics, when something is black, it needs to be called black. If something is Jewish, it needs to be called out as Jewish. This goes for culture commentary as well. The term ‘white privilege’ is misleading since it bundles Jewish privilege with ‘white privilege’. If most Jews considered themselves as whites and worked for broad white interests, it would be less problematic. But many Jews act against white power and, furthermore, perpetuate the notion of ‘white privilege’ as smoke and mirrors to hide Jewish privilege. Such Terminological Bundling confuses and fools so many people.

    We need to be specific. When you walk through a forest, you know to know what a tiger is. You don’t bundle a tiger with trees and dirt and rivers and rocks as just part of nature. Tigers may be part of nature, but they have their own agency apart from nature. So, when a tiger charges you, you must identity the tiger and aim your gun at it. You don’t think in terms of ‘nature’ that bundles tigers with rest of nature. It’d be stupid to fire your gun at ‘nature’ — rocks, frogs, ants, dirt, trees, etc — instead of at the tiger.

    After all, most of nature is not coming to eat you as lunch. Leaves, rocks, rivers, dirt, snails, frogs, and etc are not going to kill you. The TIGER is coming at you. It’s like the tiger scene in APOCALYPSE NOW. Tigers and mangoes are not the same thing even if they are both part of ‘nature’. You eat mangoes, but tigers eat you.

    Focusing on the ‘left’ makes us lose sight of the most notable/powerful predators and parasites that are coming to devour white America. Identify and expose.

    Of course, this is made difficult by the PC-mind-programming about ‘antisemitism’, ‘racism’, and ‘homophobia’. Those three terms prevent white folks from identifying the three most dangerous forces against white power. Jews are the leading forces of anti-white globalism(though, to be sure, globalism also destroys all nation-states). Blacks are the main criminal and sexual threats to whites. And homos are the main allies of Jews in demoralizing white America with moral/cultural decadence.

    But the ‘antisemitism’ programming says anyone who sees Jewish power is a Nazi.

    The ‘racism’ programming says anyone who sees black threat is a ‘racist’ like KKK.

    The ‘homophobia’ programming says anyone who is critical of homos is suffering from a phobia or some mental sickness.

    And those terms are effective because they falsely bundle meanings.

    ‘Racism’ bundles the ism-about-race(belief about race) with supremacism and mindless hate’. So, if one believes in race and racial differences, and if one scientifically identifies why blacks pose a threat to whites, his views are not factually racial but ‘white supremacist’ and KKK. ‘Racism’ bundles together belief in race with racial supremacism. That’s the trick.

    ‘Antisemitism’ bundles any criticism of Jewish power & abuse with Nazism and Holocaust. ADL and Jewish-run media tell us that any criticism of Jews is bad cuz it will eventually lead to Hitlerism. Ridiculous, but many have been fooled. Because ‘antisemitism’ bundles any criticism of Jews with Nazism, everyone is afraid to say anything that is critical of Jews no matter how badly Jews act.

    ‘Homophobia’ bundles the sane, factual, and rational observation that homo fecal penetration and tranny dick-chopping are deviant and gross WITH mental illness or phobia. So, if you think it is ugly and putrid for a man’s penis to go up a poopy-chute of another man, you must be clinically in need of help. If you think a man shouldn’t cut off his dick and balls to become a woman, you must be ill with some kind of hate-itis. You belong in a funny farm.

    Such programming suppresses even angry white folks from specifically identifying the main enemies of white identity and interests. As the result, so many white people just rag on and on about the generic ‘left’ while hoping and pretending that good decent Jews, blacks, and even homos are on the side of white folks.

    Or, whites lash out at groups who aren’t so protected by PC: Muslims, Chinese, Iranians, and incredibly even Russians even though Russians are fellow white folks. Consider how Europe is being invaded by black Africans as well as by Arabs and Muslims, but white people only bitch about Muslims cuz they are afraid of being called ‘racist’ if they mention the black factor in all this. Also, they don’t mention that the Muslim tide was set off by Jewish-triggered wars in the Middle East and, furthermore, Jews are the leading force in urging more invaders to trample into Europe. Oh how they fear being called ‘antisemitic’.

    Or white people will just bitch about the generic all-purpose Left. Sure, there is a European white gentile Left that has been brainwashed by PC to worship Diversity and hate Homogeneity, but then, whose ideas came to dominate the West? The ideas of Jewish globalist-supremacists posing as Jewish leftists.

    When Western nations had been homogeneous, one could talk about the Left and Right. After all, when all of Sweden was Swedish, people were divided by ideas.

    But as the West becomes diverse, the main divisions are about identity than ideology. And even in cases where ideology is relevant, it is inflected with ethnic interests. In other words, even genuine British white leftists will think differently than African leftists, Indian leftists, and etc in the UK.

    With rising diversity, all are turning to the Right. Non-whites may form a coalition behind the ‘leftist’ flag, but they are ally motivated by identity and tribal interests.

    All is turning Right.

    It is not Right Vs Left.

    It is White Right vs Various non-white Rights led by Jewish tribalists who’ve made homomania the ‘new leftism’ with the help of Wall Street and the Bank of London.

  11. Jew Traub: “It’s time for the elites to rise up against the ignorant masses”

    In other words, it is time for the jewish parasites to rise up against White people. That statement is a good example of jews inverting reality. In the real world, the jews are already in power. What they can do is try to prevent White people from rising up against the jews.

    In the original article, Traub says this: “Mainstream parties of the left and right may increasingly combine forces to keep out the nationalists. (…) If the Socialists in France do in fact lose the first round, they will almost certainly support the conservative Republicans against the far-right National Front.”

    In the 2nd round of the French presidential election (in 2017), the socialist voters will be instructed by the jews to vote for the phony conservative candidate (Juppé, or Sarkozy again) so as to prevent the election of Marine Le Pen, but there is no talk of the phony right and the phony left merging into a single party, since that would make it too obvious that the real opposition is between jews and Whites.

    “chunks of parties from the left and right of center could break away to form a different kind of center, defending pragmatism, meliorism, technical knowledge, and effective governance against the ideological forces gathering on both sides.”

    The jewish priority is race replacement, not “meliorism” nor technical knowledge. But they can’t say so publicly. And they are not about to yield control of any political party. The only way to get rid of them is to kick them out.

    What’s happening now is that many White people who used to vote for the left may start voting for Trump’s Republican party in the USA, or for Marine Le Pen in France. That could be described as White people breaking away from the Jewish controlled parties. It has nothing to do with Traub’s theory that Jews breaking away from the left and right could join a centrist party.

    Anyway, Trump may drive away cuckservatives and the jews from the Republican Party, but there is no similar split in the Democratic Party. So, Traub is talking nonsense.

  12. We knew the elites tried to subvert the will of the people and steal the election.

    Austrian court cancels presidential election result, orders re-run
    Published time: 1 Jul, 2016 10:09

    ‘The far-right party said the law had been broken in most of the 117 electoral districts, and this included the sorting of absentee ballots before electoral commission officials arrived at the scene. Other alleged irregularities concerned the way the ballots were counted, including the premature processing of postal votes. ‘

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