Do Conservatives Control…. The Climate?

American politically correct politics sure makes for strange bedfellows. Under the dictators of the PC thought police – 7th century Islamists are somehow on the same side, the same oppressed minority team as Blacks, women, Native Americans and Gays, Lesbians, LGBT Trans something or other.

David Cole – Low Hanging Fruit (link)

It is political reality that both American Muslims AND American Gays/LGBT voted for Barack Obama in large majorities well over 80%. In, the UK/Western Europe – Pakistani and Algerian Muslims vote overwhelmingly for the socialist Left parties like UK Labour – the Muslims do block voting to win things like the London Mayor’s office. Idiot Guardian Newspaper Lib Leftists like the late and not so great British MP Jo Cox or our own loon social justice warrior Sen. Elizabeth Warren just repeat slogans like “Diversity is our strength”, “Homophobia AND Islamophobia are the same – caused by hatred and intolerance”.

Check out the straight out of central casting PC lib loon Jo Cox’s inaugural speech to the House of Commons (link).

It was also political reality that Reagan Conservatives wasted the 1980s fighting our kinsmen the Russians in Afghanistan arming the likes of the nastiest mountain Muslim jihadists and also sponsoring thousands of these low IQ, inbred, hostile Muslim Jihadists to move to the USA and now…..

They’re heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer doing murder and mayhem 9/11/01 and so many others:

2016: Orlando, Florida, second-generation Afghan immigrant Omar Mateen—49 dead;
2015: San Bernardino, California, first- and second-generation Pakistani immigrants Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook—14 dead;
2015: Chattanooga, Tennessee, Kuwaiti immigrant Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez—5 dead;
2014: Isla Vista, California, half-Malaysian immigrant from England, Elliot Rodger—6 dead;
2013: The Boston Marathon, Chechen immigrants Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev—4 dead;
2009: Fort Hood, Texas, Palestinian second-generation immigrant Nidal Hasan—13 dead;

There has been some honest writing on the horrible slaughter in Orlando Florida – mostly in our Alternative Right, but also in honest liberal places who are promoting sensible gun control policies prevented deranged Islamic terrorists from buying AR 15s with lots of ammunition. After Orlando, Paris, Brussels – any honest person will admit that the worst 7th century Islamism is incompatible with 21st century Western culture which promotes things like women’s rights, gay rights or just the right to hear music, have a beer and see a pretty woman show her face in public.

So how do the PC thought police in the Lugenpresse – Lying Press, how do they try to spin Orlando to get Muslim immigrant/migrants off the hook and blame everything on White Conservatives?

It goes like this:

White Conservatives, White Southerners, White traditional Christians are the enemy of all progressive humanity AND

These White Conservatives, White Southerners have SUPPER NATURAL POWERS TO CHANGE AND CONTROL THE CLIMATE!

The Conservatives created a CLIMATE of intolerance and hatred against gays/LGBT – this individual Muslim guy wasn’t really to blame because the evil White Christian American cast some spell over him to make him do it.

Check out the comments of Obummer’s Black hate white people Attorney General:

“U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch made no mention of radical Islam in her remarks about the June 12 massacre at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, instead blaming “hatred and intolerance” in American society for the nation’s deadliest mass shooting.”

(Source Link)

Bad, bad White Conservatives – these bad White Conservatives do this all the time, change the climate, do….

Climate Change – which can mean anything from floods, mudslides in South America, to record cold spells in the American Northeast. Global warming wasn’t really a good word for the nefarious, super natural misdeeds of rich, White Conservative males, no it’s “Climate Change”.

These lying cultural marxist Lugenpresse will never admit that they might have been wrong about global warming or wrong about trying to integrate millions of hostile, Islamic male migrants in to Western societies that promote anything goes homosexuality. No, with these types they just double down on dogma, put their hands over their ears and scream


So what do we do?

Don’t waste any time trying to use reason with the PC thought police – just expose them as idiot liars.

Learn to Dox.


  1. Regarding the Orlando shooting the clear explanation is that when Omar heard about the war on the Confederate flag he thought they said “Confederate fags”.

  2. I agree, logical arguments are a total waste on shitlibs. We need to learn to dox and harass them. They do it to us. They are totally willing to ruin careers of men with families to support.

      • I just started looking into it. First step is to make sure that we are not easily doxed. Go to and search by ur real name, email, username, etc then do the same w any online aliases you have. Change or delete any of the stuff that might give you away.

    • Thank you – I deeply appreciated that.

      Since we/I have made Amren traitor of the year Rand Paul pretty much back down and keep his mouth shut on his/his father’s treasonous insane open borders immigration, pro BlackLiesMatter views, Paul Ryan has pretty much become the #1 traitor, RINO, anti Trump guy. Mittens Romney wants this job, but he’s kind of considered a has been, losers who don’ts really have a job now.

      No – Paul Ryan is #1 RINO, traitor, cuckservative.

      I’m following your lead on how to expose Paul Ryan. Also, let’s all get better at doxing.

      Where does Paul Ryan’s family hang out, go to school? Should’t Paul Ryan’s kids get to enjoy the DIVERSITY of being in small rooms with Zita, Ebola infected migrants?

    • Thanks again QD.

      I note that Breitbart is back on right side after some very questionable anti Trump Jews and that woman Breitbart reported dated some Washington Post Jew who made up the story of Trump’s campaign manager throwing her to the floor.

    • Poll numbers aren’t good.

      Wisconsin was also the only Midwestern State Trump didn’t win.

      Might be Wisconsin is like Vermont – too White for populist, race realist politics – though Milwaukee and Racine are brutal Black and Latrino crime places.

  3. The only thing that unites the Left is hatred of anything White and normal. Take away the object of hatred and they’ll turn their venom on each other in a heartbeat.

  4. There are some white people I’ve heard of who are greedy, over consume and are really bad on the environment, such as: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Steven Speilberg, Katy Perry, Tom Hanks, Barbara Streisand, Jane Fonda, the head of Goldman Sachs, and last but not least Mark Zuckerburg. And this is hardly a complete listing.

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