Pentagon Embraces Transgender Soldiers

I mean … why not?

The purpose of the military isn’t to win wars anymore. The purpose of NASA isn’t to explore space. The purpose of universities is no longer to educate the young. Every institution in our society has been captured and reorganized around identity politics and catering to the demands of grievance groups:

“Washington (CNN)The Pentagon said Thursday it was ending the ban on transgender people being able to serve openly in the U.S. military.

The announcement — which removes one of the last barriers to military service by any individual — was made by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, who had been studying the issue for almost a year.

The decision comes as the military has witnessed major changes in the role of women and the inclusion of gays, lesbians and bisexual service members in recent years. …”

What will it be next? Where will we go from here?

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  1. Speaking of winning wars, it’s been a while since the US has achieved that. Please Jeb! Don’t tell me that Iraq and Astan were a ‘pretty good deal’.
    I’m personally more bothered by the Middle East escapades triggered by Dubya than the fact the military overcome ”don’t ask, don’t tell” or the transgender ban. For the better both of the US and the world, as put Trump, intervene in the US, and rebuild the country.

    • We win wars that are winnable, i.e. don’t require changing a peoples’ culture. The first Gulf war was probably precipitated by secret behind the scenes agreements during the 80s with the gulf sheiks to protect them if the Iran-Iraq War spilled over. We got them to pump oil and keep the price down to hurt the Soviets we were trying to bankrupt in return. When Saddam invaded Kuwait, we destroyed his military and ran him out restoring the Kuwaitis who we could work with. Someone with some sense kept us from invading Iraq proper and getting involved in the tarbaby Bush Jr. foolishly choose to embrace a decade later.

    • All the more necessary as well. As the vast majority of the rank and file of White soldiers sailors airmen and marines last I looked come from the 13 Confederate states plus Oklahoma, obviously the South’s exit will leave a husk that will blow away into oblivion. Won’t be missed either

  2. Elections certainly have consequences. This bit of insanity injected into the military has Obama’s nigger hands all over it.

      • That’s the whole point in my opinion – to keep White people from enlisting. What they want is a military made up of deviants, niggers and foreigners that would have no qualms with raising their weapons against Whites in the US.

        A majority White Christian military could never be used against its fellow White citizens.

        • I don’t think such an army of chaos could be a fighting force. However, I think White Men enlisting is a GOOD IDEA in one way. The training will be necessary to form the New Confederate Army. The Neo Nazis sometimes encourage their members who can to join the US Army at least for a short enlistment just to become familiar with military tactics. We will need such familiarity with weapons and tactics in the future

          • There are other ways to acquire weapons skills and tactical experience.

            For example, we are sponsoring Swedish Nationalist youth to come to the US and undergo paramilitary training with private instructors and security force veterans.

          • Exactly and as I said before we must put all of these ideas into action and use all of the options available to us. A new army will literally have to be constructed out of almost nothing when the day comes. Literally we are talking rebuilding everything from scratch. You cannot trust your National Guards even in Southern States because the Officers are loyal to the Borg not to the people. The Rank and File are loyal or may be loyal to the people. In 1860, the establishment of a Confederate Army was cut and dried and it came together as easy as pie. Today it will be jumping through a million hoops to get there. Can be done though, but it will be a pain gettng there.

  3. Old-time sciene fiction fans will recall that, in his future-“history” timeline series, Robert A. Heinlein called the particular time frame that is here and now, the “Crazy Years.”

  4. Not only will this weaken the effectiveness and morale of US troops in any future confrontation with Nationalists, but it will dissuade young White men from enlisting in such an organization. It also increases discontent among current serving personnel, advancing the odds of a military-led coup.

      • There is an active prosecution of a Colonel for adultery, and the JAG defense is that adultery is biased against heterosexuals because it is explicitly defined as between a man and a woman (unlike marriage?!).

        If adultery was legal, the military would disintegrate overnight in an orgy of indiscipline and fratricide.

  5. Say Hello to a new wave of interest in state militias and paramilitary units. If you’re ex-military or soon-to-be ex-military with good training experience, then you might find that your skills are going to be in very high demand across the nation. Get paid to train your community and family and provide them with necessary skills, or get paid to train the new sissified American military machine. The Alphas aren’t going to have a tough choice with this one.

    I’m dead serious when I say a new wave of interest. The demoralization of seeing the new androgynous face of American military will lead to a massive increase in militias. Possibly a 200% increase in the next few years.

    • But they won’t be like the bumbling militias from the ’90s. Today’s new units will be more savvy, more professional, better-armed, more sophisticated.

      American Volunteer Guard (AVG)
      Self-Defense Units
      Patriot Paramilitaries
      Right-Wing Death Squads (RWDS)

      As the US military declines in prestige, a huge market opens up for young (and old) White men to gain military experience and serve their communities.

  6. More and more the actual blood letting and heavy lifting will fall on the White and normal fools who think they’re patriots fighting for their country.

  7. This is what you get when you allow conservatives to do your negotiating for you, they always play defense so only your stuff is open to negotiation.
    You have to change your attitude, try this thought experiment for once, “What is mine is mine, what is theirs can and will be mine if I want it.”
    I’m actually a bit jubilant over this stupid crap, I am literally seeing the end of the useless “Daily Outrage” crap that we have wasted our time on for decades. Great tactic about 1980 pretty much used up in 2016.

  8. An indicator of a society deep in moral decline. The erosion of western civilization. Brown vs EDU and 1965 immigration reform. The white American extermination act.

  9. The American Empire is Evil. What’s really sad is the Churches still flying the American Flag and supporting Washington D.C. Seems being a tolerant little liberal in Church is the new normal in Christianity. Think it’s called Cuckchristians. Nothing for them. Christians should be supporting a Free South under God. The Confederate Army had Family Values & Morals. The American Empire has no Family Values or Morals. Free Dixie ! Deo Vindice !

  10. Why on earth would any drag queen want to be in the military other than as a way to get revenge on society? This is a serious mental illness, by “transitioning” gay men will no longer desire them and they have absolutely no place in the straight world they think they are joining. No wonder so many of them commit suicide, the only logical out after so shaming yourself. Bruce Jenner’s kids ought to be totally ashamed of what he did. I agree with cases when you hear some of their family has broken off all contact and disowned them when they did this.

    Anyone notice an uptick in TV commercials with men in drag? Not really full on serious transgender shit yet, but more in the vain of the creepy, comical crap Milton Berle did? William Defoe dressed like Marilyn Monroe, some father entertaining his daughters in drag? Just a lot of creepy commercials popping up lately, have to on some behind the scenes agenda.

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