A Mainstream Southern Alternative

Michael Cushman shares his thoughts on vanguardism and mainstreaming in the Southern Nationalist movement:

“A viable Southern alternative capable of drawing a large portion of the mainstream Southern public to our side is definitely possible. If we stick to a few key issues where we have broad support then SN can become an influential movement. On the other hand, if we descend into a spiral of vantardist black-pill rhetoric (which will drive off normies and associate us with the next Dylan Roof) then we will not grow or gain influence. Sadly, I have seen too much of the latter on social media. This venting and signaling never helps our cause; its temporary high from postering and proving how “hard core” one is comes at a big cost for our cause and any group affiliated with such rhetoric.

We have already seen how the UKIP succeeded in secession from the (anti-) European Union by targeting only a few key issues (UK sovereignty, EU corruption and mass immigration). And we have seen how a violent vantardist nearly sunk UKIP’s broad coalition of patriots and secessionists. As SNs we should learn from these events; there is much insight here to be gained….”

Read the whole thing.

Aside from chatting with a few of their members, I’ve never had any contact with them, but the Texas Nationalist Movement sounds like the closest thing to the UKIP approach in the United States. They’ve been steadily hammering away at the idea of Texas independence and have picked up momentum from the BREXIT vote. If Hillary wins in November, I think the #Texit movement is the most likely to catch fire. They seem to be well positioned to take advantage of that scenario playing out.

Once again, I know little about them aside from the fact that they dominate the secession scene out there. I will put the question to our Texas readers: what are your thoughts on the Texas Nationalist Movement? What has been your experience with them?

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  1. I read the whole thing at Southern Future and agree with it except I don’t think the black pill rhetoric is so bad as long as it is not the official platform of our party and is not associated with any of its leadership.

    Orgs, political parties, and political candidates are bound by the Overton window while other people, such as those with anon accounts on social media are not bound by the Overton window and are the “extremists” that tug it in one direction or another.

    Cushman also claims that we will have to decide whether we want a political or militia style movement. I think we can all agree that the preferred option is the peaceful option. I’ll also add that giving the peaceful option our best shot also morally justifies the use of force, so even if we had prophetic knowledge that the political movement will fail, it is still best to choose that route first as a necessary step toward morally justifying forceful secession.

    As Cushman stated, I think we should stick with 2-3 points that are very popular, like stopping undesirable immigration. But I also hope that the platform is open ended enough that over time it can readily take on a stronger position as the Overton window moves in that direction. It will definitely be tricky to take a firm stand on race without backing down while not going over the edge. Our leaders and speakers will definitely have to walk a fine line.

    If we took a position to abolish, or greatly reduce corporate taxes, we could probably get some big money on our side, and I happen to believe low/no corporate taxes are a good idea anyway. Abolishing personal income taxes should be wildly popular with the public, but won’t raise much money. I think it would be foolish to “stand up to big business” on taxes when we could easily get them on our side.

    • I’ve written at length about the issue and didn’t want to beat a dead horse. After the BREXIT vote, there is no doubt about which is the correct path forward.

      • Amen.

        Too many people were having orgasms to the “Battle of Sacramento”. Those are what we call ticking time bombs.

          • The problem with ANTI-FA Hunter is that we can defeat them, our side could drive them from the street without any trouble but the problem is the COURTS support ANTI-FA. If we moved as an military force to neutralize them, we would all be looking at 80 years in Florence, Colorado. Therein lies the problem. How do you engage a violent enemy without being prosecuted for protecting yourself?

          • For now, but that mess down by Stone Mountain awhile back shows these clowns are willing to come into the homeland. Hunter what I think is this. We are literally going to need double agents. Literally men and women who are willing to play antiwhite commie to get inside these organizations then feed their plans out to our side to know where who and why. Think about it. If Joe knew which buses and cars the ANTIFA members were coming in and where, couldn’t that information be mighty useful to us?

            Now how do we make or groom double agents? Absolutely no clue whatsoever.

  2. TNM is reasonably well run for a grassroots movement; regular folks, not the usual flashy psychopaths of big league politics.

    They have a multi-level organization, meaning they have a statewide team, regional teams, and local teams, in a loose hierarchy since most folks are volunteers and have lives outside of politics.

    They use various pushes to train and grow the organization, for instance the recent one trying to get 75,000 signatures to put a non-binding resolution on the Republican primary ballot. It failed, and the later push to get the Legislature to put it on the ballot also failed. But that was more a consequence of Trump and “take back America” than any failure on their part.

    The absolute key to all of this is the tone: regular folks who just want out. Not Nazis, not Hitler-philes, not NeoReactionaries, not Monarchists, not panAryans. As violent as a bake sale. They are marketing the new Texas as America, but without all the bullshit.

    If I would do anything to strengthen their cause it would be clear descriptions of what post secession life would be like: how would commerce, travel, money, etc etc be handled? Where would the capitol be, how would they handle other states entering their compact?

    Also, not much talk about the legal mechanisms of secession, I can think of 3.

    1. Constitutional Amendment to add an “Article 50” or a secession article to the current Constitution.

    2. The Senate ratifies a treaty ceding Texas to a shadow government.

    3. A Constitutional Convention – this would be perfect for Partition, lets get together and have an amicable, rational divorce.
    From a practical standpoint, the political/legal part is just the set up. We will only get this with massive civil disobedience and boycotts that make it so painful for the other side that they prefer to let us go. Then they will acquiesce to the practicable plan in place.

    Will the “alt-right” step up to the plate come November 9th? Or will we still be in rebellious adolescent mode?

  3. Gotta offer your people relief from the word “racist” or its more contard tough talk. You have noticed the anti-Brexit people went straight to that word. So how long will Brexit survive against the word “racist?”

      • They aren’t done, you think they are done? You guys barely handled Connie now imagine the entire establishment targeting your supporters ceaselessly with the word, would your supporters melt like Republicans? Will the Brexit 53% holdout?

        Imagine a leader destroying that propaganda tool?

        • Connie Chastain quit the League years before I joined it.

          I also can’t think of anyone who cares about being called a “racist.” I’ve been at multiple rallies where the media has asked us about racism and the other “-isms” and the response has always been “so?” I know that is on video on YouTube. We’re used to being called “racist” and laugh it off.

          • That’s great now for the millions we need on our side, now imagine a leader who defenestrates the word and the people who use that word.
            Propaganda works, its something the conceited intellectuals and other really tough conservatives have failed to acknowledge. “Racist” the word is perhaps the greatest propaganda tool of all time.

          • It used to be.

            Whites are now wising up to this sort of word play. “Racist” has given birth to “xenophobia” and “homophobia” and “Islamophobia” and so on.

          • “Islamophobia” is a “GIFT”. So easy to mock and delegitimize those that deploy that tactic. All the other “phobias” are dominoes that fall rather easily……………

          • Recently a picture of my vehicle (with league stickers and rebel flags on it) was posted on a radical homosexual website. They said my family and I are white supremicists. They included my name my plate number. I sued them for defamation and libel. The final court date was this past Tuesday. The judge dismissed the case, but told the defendant to remove all the posts from the internet. The issue for me was the apparent malice towards my family. They were using the attack to destroy my reputation and credibility in the community. I couldn’t careless about being called a white supremicist but this was a malicious attack and they could not prove they’re statement to be true. The reason my case was dismissed is because I could not prove financial damages I could not provide a witness that would testify that they stopped doing business or would not do business with me because of the post. That is what the judge actually said. I have 6 more days to appeal.

          • Imagine a political movement that instead of tough talk on the net actually tried to help real people such as yourself by delegitimizing the people who torment you and the words they use.
            Is the CofCC partly to blame for Dylan Roof, sad to say yes. Decades of tough conservative talk that gets roadblocked by the word “racist”, and once that word is used the conservatives retreat back into a smaller ghetto with more tough talk.

          • I think you are exaggerating the power of the word “racist.”

            I don’t think the charge of “racism” has nearly the effect it used to have when I started out. Trump is succeeding because rightwingers are now so accustomed to being called “racist” that they don’t care anymore.

          • Sodomites are not nice people! This is why the Bible condemns them to be stoned in public. We need to restore Theonomy- i.e., the rule of God’s law and HIS Law, alone as a benchmark of all our legal processes, in Christian nations.

    • You have to get over ”racist” if you don’t do anything else. It isn’t magic, don’t give it power. If people are terrified of a stupid word, what will they do when the Feds send the army? If you think that won”t happen I don’t know what to say to you.

  4. Two entirely different situations. Brexit was victorious by was of a popular vote. It is doubtful that Texans would win a populous vote for secession, to many Mexicans and other assorted non-Whites whom would vote “stay”. And that is now, if Hillary wins, you can bet your ass Texas will be flooded by even more non-Whites. That process will begin on her first day of office and will continue until the day she is out of office thus rendering White Texans a minority in their own state.

    Cushman obviously means well, but a vote will not be effective at this late time.

    • “Life is War”. A quote from an ancient ancestor of mine that lived in the Aegean Sea and probably around Rhodes/Karpathos.
      Those Southern Islands of Greece had to endure pirates, Saracenes, corsairs, Persians and Turks for centuries.
      Texans need to think long term but fast.

  5. I believe if anything is to happen, Texas is going to have to lead the way. Unfortunately Texas is so fraught with its own problems, this will quickly get messy, BUT i believe Texas will survive, I just hope it wins its independence without too much good Southern white blood being spilled. Once Texas braves the water, it will be time for everyone else to PUT UP or SHUT UP. I think the League of the South better consider splitting Florida into 2 states and quit the foolish idea that the entire peninsula can be saved in one move.

    A Southern Nation will have to be GENERATIONAL. Generation One will be the revolutionary generation. We may indeed have to consider controversial ideas such as marrying off girls as young as 14 and possibly polygamy to grow the population quickly in that first generation, Every family will need a minimum of 6 boys to restaff the army to make up with the massive loss of life that will take place during and after the Revolution.

    Generation Two will be a time of normalization and expansion. Missouri will have to be Re-Southernized and maybe we can talk about the conquest of the entirety of Florida and reconquering Maryland, but this won’t be until Generation Two.

    I estimate it will take at least 75 years to completely re-establish the Confederacy, purge the outside concerns and move forward.

    • OK are you insane, or just nuts? First off, we’re talking about the American South… Considered the most “Christian” areas of the entire United States! For them, polygamy is a gross soon. And what is even more of noxious in your scenario, is the thought of having women having boys

        • Hunter, I was only approaching this from the lens of a Thirty Years War situation where mass amounts of the population are literally exterminated or dead. This situation will have to be looked at and game planned. Right now we are talking politics, but the war room and strategy will someday have to be really looked at.

          Winning will not be pretty but winning never is pretty.

      • I am approaching it through the entire lens of the THIRTY YEARS WAR in EUROPE. If you remember In 1648 Pope Innocent X had to approach the problem that the war and starvation had literally exterminated half of Germany. So he allowed FOR ONE GENERATION men to marry more than one wife. He did this solely to make up for the massive amount of population that was DESTROYED because of thirty years of warfare.

        Any effort toward Secession will result in Nonwhites mass murdering whites by the thousand in some areas and even if we WIN such a battle, which I am sure in the end will happen, there may have to be some considerations made for growing the population and replenishing the Army, which will be needed to protect the homeland. Now if we have other options ie Universal Soldier Robots at our hands, then forget it, otherwise this subject will have to be addressed.

        I for one DO NOT ENDORSE POLYGAMY but if we are in the future faced with a large loss of population as a result of war, adjustments may have to be made. As for marriage for girls as young as 14 again that is not particularly palatable for me either, BUT in the founding of a new nation in its founding generation some things to win and maintain the homeland we don’t particularly like or find palatable will have to be done. Its just that way,

        In the end you have two choices. Either you do uncomfortable and at times genocidal things and EARN YOUR HOMELAND or you endeavor to show your enemy Christian Love and end up butchered.

        • I don’t consider the Papacy a valid Church. Neither do the other 4/5ths of the Historic Orthodox Patriarchates, nor the Reformers, nor the American Colonists (save, perhaps, for the scattered few Baltimore RC’s of the 1800’s). But thanks for the clarification.

          • I was merely providing a historical standpoint. The fact was, the Thirty Years War caused something unheralded in Europe and the Catholic Church made a decision designed to save Germany. We can debate the rightness or the wrongness of said decision but that’s not the point. The point is there will be massive loss of life in any freedom movement and unless you have any BETTER ideas of how to offset those losses, our side may need to resort to DRASTIC MEASURES. Now do I support Polygamy? No I do not, however if a terrible situation is created whereby much of the male population is wiped out from years of war, accomodation may indeed have to be made. Hopefully this never happens, but anyone who thinks freedom can be won in 2 years or 5 years is lying to themselves. This will be a generational struggle with massive loss of life. Yet it must be done!

        • Billy Ray:

          For now it is to do what worked for the renegade Mormons with their old Joseph Smith polygamist beliefs when they were getting their all wives and children taken away in Texas and Arizona a decade or so ago because some of the tards insisted on marrying 14-year-old girls to 60 year-old men: Simply do as Brigham Young did and cum to an “accommodation” to where the girls got to be past the age of consent, say 16 or 17 or 18. The Warren Jeffs’ bunch simply made that accommodation once they got all their women and children back to not make any marriages with girls under sixteen. That takes away the claim by local ZOG that their supposed cooncern for the girls trumps these polygamist Mormons’ religious preferences. After all, what with homo “marriages” the multiple marriages get in free if they are discreet and the child-wives past the age of consent.

          Secondly, just because a yearling heifer comes into estrus doesn’t mean you breed her the very first time. My father would pen off the bull until a yearling heifer went through a few cycles and preferred to not turn in the bull until August or September for a May or June calf. Like humans a cow takes nine months from conception until birth. A late April or May or early June calf would be born just as the grass quickened but before it got too hot. Likewise with human females. You might get healthier offspring and mother if you wait until she is better physically able to be a mother at 16 or 18 or 20 and before 25.

          You are becoming a figure of fun to the other tards. I’d drop the matter — at least right now — instead of doubling down. Yes, yes the time may well cum where it is necessary to do what you propose — but that time isn’t now.

          Soon enough ZOG/Banylon the Third and Final shall implode and we shall do as we please.

          Hail Victory!!!

          Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
          Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

          • I agree my friend, all I was saying is that I believe that if we really want our freedom, we will have to understand that it may mean we have to do some things we otherwise would not do or doing things that we hold personal reservations about. I would be the first one to tell you, I want a clean break. I do not want to have to resort to radical action such as early marriages or situational polygamy to preserve our people, but if radical action becomes necessary then we will be forced to make those decisions.

            One time I strategized what it would take in a protracted war to win our freedom and I estimate that repairing the social damage and other things that were done to our people with over 100 years of enforced Jewish secularism it may literally take 50 years.

          • I agree. We shall do whatever we need to do in order to win by destroying our enemies, both the racial aliens and the racial traitors. Never say never.

            I don’t think it will take too long for things to be set right once the System collapses and there isn’t any of the ancient regime left around to cause trouble. What won’t be around is problem populations and problem people.

            The bowel Movement focuses on the little day-to-day petty murders of beaner faggots or mamzer-tards in an airport by other mongrels gunning down disarmed whiggers and mamzers. The thing to worry about is the increasing inability of the System to keep things going for the 95% due to their own corruption and stupidity. Systems fail because of financial difficulties, and the Revolutions bring forth Napoleons and Hitlers and Lenins, who end the Revolution with a dictatorship.

            Does anyone really think that Hillary or Baal Clinton or Obongo shall set up a successful dictatorship?

            Which is why I’m trying to ask Brad to simply let all aspects of the bowel Movement to work as they see fit rather than try to put us all in a “Mainstream Cucktard” barrel.

            Hail Victory!!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

        • “In the end you have two choices. Either you do uncomfortable and at times genocidal things and EARN YOUR HOMELAND or you endeavor to show your enemy Christian Love and end up butchered.”
          Perfect. Flawless. There it IS.

  6. It’s claimed that the original agreement between the United States and Texas, allowed for Texas Secession.

  7. Normally I think that it is the radicals that make room for a more mainstream movement. Unless the political environment is already destabilized and in flux that there is no incentive for Establishment parties to move into the Southern nationalist (or any ethno-nationalist) niche. It is the radicals that serve to destabilize the political environment. We saw this in the 1830’s to the 1850’s. The Fire-Eaters pushed secession and it wasn’t until the political environment became sufficiently destabilized for secession to take place.

    • We’re all radicals.

      We basically agree on ends: an independent South. The issue Cushman is raising is the perennial tactical disagreement between mainstreamers and vanguardists.

      • I’ll have to read Michael’s article this evening when I have time. I’m fuzzy on being radical and mainstream at the same time.

      • After reading Michael’s article I don’t see where actual Southern nationalism is part of his proposed mainstream planks. Instead he focuses on immigration, jobs, and sovereignty. I don’t disagree with these positions but they all are reform oriented. Additionally the political system in the US and various European nations are not comparable. The US system has much higher barriers to entry compared to most European nations.

    • Sweetie – the mainstream are Herd Creatures with the sole motivation of Making Everything Nice. The Radicals are the only people that really MATTER.

  8. Having perused the comments below, I can see you Southrons are well-poised to exploit the nationalist momentum occasioned by the success of Brexit. All you have to decide is whether New Dixie will have stud farms for the servicing of fourteen-year-old girls, and you’ll be ready to go. (Obviously, your century-and-a-half of serious political thought is paying off.)

  9. Having read the Cush-mamzer’s latest cucktard post I can see how it would be in line with your notions, Brad. But there is no sense in it, other than sheer empty virtue-signalling. It was around a year previously that the Cush-mamzer took down itz blog and refused to even keep up the archive on the grounds that it was only out to write itz own Neo-Southron Cuck-book and to hell with the goyim tards who read itz kosher swill.

    Sorta told me loud and clear where it stood and itz motivations.

    One would expect you Southrons to have a better grip on nigger management than us Southron Dakotans, but such wouldn’t be the case. After all, the Souix never were good at picking cotton or corn or watermelons or anything other than scalps from an unwary whigger’s noggin. As a result of them never being good property, us South Dakota Swedes preferred the “Custer policy” of killing the inveterate hostiles who wouldn’t behave and get on the reservation where we could sell them mangy old cows but not likker or guns, as they would get into mischief.

    But a Southron like yourself, Brad, has delusions of somehow turning the darkies all gay and getting them to go back to the fields and be “good niggers” agin. None of this shit is ever gonna happen. And when there is The Great ZOG Partition, well, in the name of “Racial Federalism” the rest of us White Supremacists / Nationalists / Exterminationalists are like as not to give up “Dem Cotton Fields” back South to form the new bantustan of “Niggeria.” Say good-bye to your ancestral home of the Black Belt forever, Brad, unless you becum a high-ranking tokin’ Vantard Exterminationalist of them nigger nationalists no less.

    And the Cush-mamzer & itz ilk will have their reservation on Long Island where naughty high-ranking “Vantards” like me can indulge in Amon Goeth Swindler’s List kike-safaris.

    No one is asking you to support Dylann Roof or any other of us Vantards, as you put it. There was a world’s apart difference between you attending the League of the South pudpullertariate and the Golden State Skinhead SA race riot last week. We get that.

    What I’m wondering is why you think you will gain any slop in your trough by forever denouncing those in our bowel Movement who understand that the only times we are taken seriously is when we fight and when we win, as at Sacramento.

    I think that there is ample room for both “Vantard” and “Cucktard” in our bowel Movement. We each try to change the facts on the ground by different means. To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the sun.

    I’m suggesting that individual acts of violence which can be plausibly maintained as being both different and also of us as well are useful in spreading fear amongst those racial aliens and whigger scalawags using the current ZOG/Babylon System to “mix the seed of Men” cf. Daniel 2:44 and hope in all of our People to stand against this Under Satan’s Administration political order. Thus while you need not advocate on behalf of those of our People who fight this Beast System, neither need you denounce us as well.

    If you think that the System will peacefully let us leave any more than the Hyksos Pharoah let our Israelite ancestors leave until there was no other choice, then you are delusional. Where are our People to go? And won’t we want to punish the regime criminals and either enslave them or exterminate them for their crimes in enslaving us with a goal of our extermination? So how is peace possible, unless the enemy be destroyed, or banished to small reservations, and why would they make any such arrangements with any of us?

    The benefits of a chaotic and divided bowel Movement isn’t in [j]unity or foolishly attempting working together when we haet and despise each other . . . it is in chaos as the carrying capacity of the land is reduced by over 90 percent and whiggers must turn feral. And it won’t be the bowel Movement which will provide the Ten Thousand Warlords over 10-20 million surviving whiggers either.

    There have been civilizational collapse and dark ages aplenty before. The one cummin’ up shall be the worst.

    So why follow your pet jews and mongrels into further irrelevancy, Brad?

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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