Crooked Hillary Cleared By FBI

I never thought she would:

“As I sat in my law office watching CNN’s coverage of FBI Director James Comey’s statement, where he outlined his department’s much-awaited decision regarding the Hillary Clinton email scandal and all but concluded that Clinton had broken the law but would not be indicted, his words merely confirmed what I have always known as a former prosecutor and a current criminal defense attorney: Our nation maintains a separate and unequal criminal justice system that is stratified according to wealth and power.

Now, in full disclosure, before you think that this is a Clinton-bashing article, I endorsed Clinton for president last month after it was clear that my preferred candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.), had been defeated in the Democratic primary. As such, my analysis of this issue has less to a with my personal politics and more to do with concerns I share with millions of Americans that the justice system is entirely corrupt. …”

If you or I had done something like this, we would be headed to prison. The same rules don’t apply though to elites like Hillary Clinton who have the right connections. When they break the law, everyone assumes they will get away with it, and they usually do.

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  1. Now what?

    How’s that rule of law working out for you, America?

    Every day these motherf*cking elites provide more justification for revolution.

  2. We have just entered in to a “banana republic” era. The elite no longer even feel the need to conceal their corruption and blatant crimes.

    • Been that way for a long long time, its just in the past the Jewish Media was more successful in hiding the facts from us. Thanks to the INTERNET they can no longer do that.

      The War Between The States was largely caused by UNCHECKED IMMIGRATION and a controlled media who never allowed the Southern side of things to be communicated to the masses. Even in 1831 when the Abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison founded the Liberator, there were Southern periodicals, but the media even then was controlled from New York, Philadelphia and the [primers and textbooks used in Southern academies were written in the North. Dixie had lost the propoganda war by the late 1840’s

      The sad part was it took a hideous war and Reconstruction for Conservatism to again be powerful but it was also Short-Lived as the Abolitionists and Leftists merely went back to the Colleges and continued to educate children who then in turn educated more until they had built up their base enough to fight again. This was Adam Weishaupts Strategy take control of the Education and the Publishing and its over, the Illuminati wins.

      Think about this, Woodrow Wilson FDR and Harry Trumanhad open Communists working in their administrations, we know about them today yet in 1918 and 1945 no one did. There was enough evidence on most of them to have them executed for treason, yet the Media covered just as they did for Hillary. Same with LBJ Carter and Clinton, Never changes

      The Elites fortunately couldn’t forsee the Internet and renegade journalism. This has been going on for hundreds of years, we just know it now. Before the 1990s they just killed or locked up renegade journalists, now they put one post on the net and it goes worldwide in minutes. We
      have finally begun to turn their propoganda war against them

  3. I always knew she would walk. Bill and Hillary are the Bonnie and Clyde of politics. The Week magazine did a feature on the charitable aspects of the Clinton Foundation and gave it a one star rating, five stars being the highest. Fully 95% of money raised for third world charities goes to salaries, upkeep, and speaker fees. The Clinton library, besides being the ugliest presidential library in history, is a front for political corruption and probably money laundering to.

  4. This place really has no business being the leading country in the world.

    It is astoundingly corrupt. Although it constantly lectures the world on the rule of law, voting and other subjects, it itself is a fraud.

    No country since 1941 has attacked and bombed as many countries as the US in the past two decades.

    It is the biggest debtor in the world. Its trade imbalances are mind-boggling. The whole economy is dependent upon retaining reserve currency status for the dollar.

    Now this.

  5. ———

    “’Nativism … xenophobia or worse’ is behind the triumph of Brexit and the support for Donald Trump, railed President Barack Obama in Ottawa. Obama believes that resistance to transformational change in the character and identity of countries of the West, from immigration, can only be the product of sick minds or sick hearts. According to The New York Times, he will spend the last months of his presidency battling ‘the nativism and nationalism’ of Trump and ‘Britain’s Brexiteers’.”

    Funny. People like Obama would have cheered for the anti-colonial struggles of the Third World that sought to wrest control back from the Western Imperialists.

    People like him cheered for Vietnamese patriots against US ‘imperialism’ during the Vietnam War. And Obama claims to have opposed the globo-agenda of US invasion of Iraq. (But then, he later bombed and destroyed Libya and Syria.)

    It goes to show that Globalism is worldwide Jewish-Homo Imperialism. Elite Mulattoes take part in it cuz they have a stake as agents. And Latino elites, so envious of Anglo achievements over Latin ones in Mexico and South America, are working with the GLOB to destroy yanqui and gringo. It’s motivated by envy. Weasly Latino Conquistador elites never admit that they achieved less cuz of their backwardness and lack of vision and because they ruled over darkie hordes than breeding more white people. They pretend to be ‘people of color’ and act like ‘victims’ of gringo.

    Just like Western Imperialists once attributed Third World aspirations for independence to dark ‘barbaric’ or ‘savage’ impulses, the globo-imperialists(and Obama is nothing but their mouthpiece) are shaming and batting down the liberationist dreams of white people who want their nations back.

    White people want to be INDEPENDENT of their globalist masters. But for this to be possible, white people must stop wasting time on fears of Sharia and name the real globo-masters: Jewish Supremacists, Homo-Imperialists, and white traitor-collaborators who are engineering the total invasion of Western lands and total muddying of the blood.

    But because the GLOB controls education and pop culture, so many white people have been brainwashed by PC. White Independence Movement must fight or try to convert back the white cucks who’ve been turned against their own people. But then, Third World liberation warriors also had to fight the collaborators. Vietnam Independence Movement was against not just against the French and US but South Vietnam whore-dogs of the foreign empires.

    In every Third World nation, there were plenty of ‘turned’ collaborator natives who served the Western Imperialists. They were like Vichy Frenchmen who sided with German occupiers. Trudeau is the quisling of Globalism. Just look at that man-child.

    Isn’t it interesting that Obama never demands of Israel what he demands of white nations. He is taking orders from his Jewish masters.

    Brexit is a War of Independence. All white nations must be made independent of globalism, Jewish supremacism, homo degenerate imperialism, and vile feminism.

    Only then can the nation be saved.

    Name the enemy and name them properly .

    People like Omar Mateen didn’t invade the US. They were allowed by globalist system implemented by the GLOB.

    It’s White Independents vs GLOB overlords and their darkie hordes and white collaborators or cuck-laborators.

  6. I hope Trump beats the hell out of this. His former primary opponents wouldn’t. They’d join the “don’t beat up poor Hillary” whiners.

  7. I never thought she’d be indicted, shit, nobody in Washington is ever punished for anything. The jerks that caused the mortgage meltdown got bonuses.

  8. Loretta Lynchboon just released a statement saying her sister in Canklehood dindu nuffin to be prosecuted for.

  9. No swearing in, no recording, no transcripts of Hillary deposition?

    The FBI is now a committee of the Democratic Party, not a govt agency. (Just as the KGB was a Communist Party committee, not a govt agency.)

    Rule of Law COMPLETELY dead in USA.

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