Somali Refugees Terrorize Upscale Minneapolis Neighborhood

Unlike Western Europe, the United States doesn’t have many Muslim enclaves except for the Somalian refugee community in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area:

“A mob of up to 30 young Somali men paraded through one of Minneapolis’ more upscale neighborhoods last week, yelling disparaging comments and threats against homeowners.

A female resident of the neighborhood, obviously shaken in a TV interview, related how she was screamed at by a Somali man who threatened to kidnap and rape her.

“They were screaming at the house that they were going to kidnap you and they were going to rape you,” one Minneapolis resident told KSTP TV. “It was a very traumatizing experience.” …”

This sounds exactly like the sort of “diversity” that enriched Sweden:

““We couldn’t get them out,” a woman tells Hoffland from behind shadows, her voice digitally altered to protect her identity. “We didn’t know what to do.”

When the shouts of “We’re going to rape you” rang out, “it was just a very traumatizing experience,” the woman said.

The Somalis were driving onto the sidewalk and onto the homeowners’ lawns, “all while shooting off bottle rockets and screaming” their threats, she said.

“It’s a scary thought especially for those who have young children.”

Multiple neighbors took cell-phone videos of the roaming gang of young Somali men. …”

It sounds like the “diversity” that has enriched Twin Falls, Idaho, too.

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    • Part of my awakening was in 2006 when I tried to volunteer with Catholic Charities and they wanted me to teach Somali immigrants how to use an oven and answer a phone. Needless to say my affiliation with the Catholic Church ended that day.

      • To understand Minnesota, you have to understand it is an extension of Sweden, just as parts of Wisconsin North Dakota and Northern Iowa are as well. The Swedes were never true Vikings like the Danes or Norwegians they were basically traders. Sweden is the only nation where Napoloeon’s figurehead ruler, a man named Bernadotte was accepted as the Nations King and his children still rule today. So we see the pathology of the Swede. He will accept his conqueror as leader, his entire mindset is based in Maschocism, he prides himself on not making war on anyone for 200 yrs.

        Adolf Hitlers great failure was in not enslaving the Swedes. He allowed about 8000 Jews to escape to Stockholm and tried to not interfere in Swedens government. Too bad Hitler didnt just make his army march in and 86 the entire mess

    • I don’t feel sorry for rich White liberals who get attacked by their colored pets. The rich are no friends of the White racial struggle.

  1. Get your guns and ammo now before it is illegal. This will only get worse as the immigrant population grows larger and bolder.

  2. Some dude could be smoked a bunch of them and my WAG the powers to be would sweep it under the rug, that stuff is kind of contagious

  3. Don’t expect the pigs to do anything about roving troops of feral niggers attacking White humans. They are afraid of being called mean things in the (((press))) as well as being sued by the Apetorney General Loretta Bonobo-Lynch for violating the ‘civil rights’ of the colored savages.

  4. Somalian Muslims don’t stay very long in Minnesota – winters too rough. It’s an invasion beach head – then the Somalian Muslims move down to the South – places like Murfreesboro TN where traitorous Tyson Foods CEO Donny Smith is eager to exploit them for minimum wage to work in Tyson food processing plants.

    Black African Somalian rapists, Jihadists comet to Tennessee.

  5. FEBRUARY 11, 2016 Columbus Ohio, a Somali Man named Mohamad Barry came into a Jewish-owned Mediterranean themed Restaurant and began chopping at people with a machete until the Columbus Police killed him. When I was a kid, Columbus Ohio was known for Ohio State that was about it, now it is one of the largest Muslim Cities in the United States, next to Dearborn of course. A nice mix of Americoons, Africoons, Westindiacoons, Mexicans, Homosexuals and now Muslims. In 1960 it was one of the Whitest and Safest cities in the USA. No more

  6. Those home-owners didn’t know what to do? I KNOW WHAT TO DO.
    FYI – any-one that has reservations about voting for Trump need to watch his speech at his rally today . Trump was riffing on Hillary’s eluding justice via the email issue. Trump cited Billy Boy’s meeting with Loretta Ought Be Lynched, on the tarmac. Shrillary apparently joked that Lynch will retain her job, if Hillary is installed as POTUS. Trump noted that this, essentially. is a BRIBE. That is Hillary gets in, Lynch will keep her job. The inference was that if he is elected, Lynch will be booted out ASAP.

    • I’m following your comments from now. Femininity has not diminished your ability to reason, perceive objectively, and use deductive and inductive logic.
      Impressive and uncommon.

      A woman who is a woman and uses her higher cognitive powers brings perspectives that are to be considered with priority. Generally, however, women eschew thought for emotion, circular logic, beg the question, and churn out one logical fallacy after another.

      You would assume that I revere Margaret Thatcher, Marie Le Penn, Ann Coulter, Jeanine Pirro (swoon), and you would be absolutely correct.

      Do keep it coming!

  7. This is a tragedy. The police get paid far more than our soldiers yet they will refuse to show up. So much for protect and serve. Wonder if they still want a gun free zone.

  8. People will poo poo this but since the 1800’s it’s been prophetically understood that Islam would play a heavy part in end time events. Guess GOD got it right again.

  9. Lake Calhoun- yup. The center of the lefty liberal Loon-a-ticks that infect Minne-SO-da.
    Vastly of German and/or Scandic heritage, these folks have NEVER had to deal with the reality of niggers, and the lower castes of hominidity. They first brought over the Hmong after the Vietnam debacle, and actually thought they were ‘converting’ the simian Sinoids to “Xtianity.”
    Within a generation, the largest Buddhist temple in the USA was built for the Hmong, to revert back to type.

    Twenty years ago, the first Somalis came. A friend of ours, whose wife is a teacher in the Mpls schools, said they all had to go through ‘sensitivity training’ to learn how to ‘respect’ the Moslem culture. The Moslem ‘culture’? Please! The Somali boys disrespect ALL females, and the largest ISIS recruits have been from among the MN Moslem population. If you all remember, the people who were training for 9/11, trained at a private airport in Suburban Minneapolis at the time…. And we still don’t learn from our errors.

    What it will take for the stupid Liberals of this state to wake up, is a Rotheram, or a Cologne New Year’s rape fest. Perhaps then, they’ll finally see the ‘color of skin’ of the Enemy in our Midst.

  10. “Upscale” whites, typically the SWPL and DWL variety, need a good dose of the Diversity they thought they had escaped from. The same Diversity they foist on other Whites and brand them “racists” for trying to escape from it.

    • True!! Many White Separatists are snotty about defining “White” as Western European with a covert “Aryan” underlay. One stupid commenter on Occidental Observer said a lot of Russians, all Georgians, Armenians, and Kazars are not White.

      But who are the most suicidal, PC, masochistic, mentally ill, and self destructive? Why, it’ the Master Race people, whose men allow their women to be used as prostitute captives of territorial conquerors. They get b#*tt f***ed by a Moslem and then beg the authorities not to prosecute his anal rapist.

      This is necessary for survival: There are generally Caucasian, Asian, and Negroes. Hindus are OK if based on the right selection criteria. Why do I say this? Because they are civilized, their culture ancient, and produce a lot of brilliant people. Their comportment of a civilized people is obvious.

      For survival of the World, Caucasians, Asians need to unite in perpetuity against the coming waves of bumper bumpkins, low quality, low IQ, untermensch from Afreaka and the Middle Beast, i.e., ANY Muslim.

      Phony racial purists (usually they are from a small, isolated rural locale) are even against Middle East Christians. These Christians have, as a whole, more guts, raw intelligence, common sense, civilized culture, and ambition than the West’s blond, blue-eyed DNA wrecked slavish grovelers. It’s about natural selection.

      If you believe that rejecting your son and daughter’s choice of mate and life partner on the basis that he or she is Asian, then you deserve the Darwin Award for Garbage Chute to Extinction.

      I’m a traveling man, and have been all over the Word many times. Many friends and colleagues have Asian wives and the result is success: beautiful, smart children with dignity and diligence. They will go far. Even in traditional White venues, they are accepted as White, because THEY EXCELL IN THE VERY VIRTUES THAT WHITES TOUT AS THEIR SUPERIORITY AND EXCEPTION QUALITIES.

      Statistically, a Caucasian woman of the West is much more likely to be confused, indoctrinated by Jewish cognitive ticking time bombs in her head, less reliable, and further from her congenital female instincts of womanhood and maternity/nurture.

  11. Before sympathizing with the “upscale” and obviously White residents, check their voter registration for self-immolation. Yes, you brain dead Demorodents, you grinned and condescended to nativists, patriots, and those who believe in survival through the necessary beliefs of “blood and soil”. Your virtue signaling of “look how enlightened and humanistic I am”, is your suicide pill for the Matrix or the cemetery.

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