Harry Potter Infiltrates Skinhead Neo-Nazi Group In New Hollywood Movie

Just, LOL.

“Daniel Radcliffe has never played it safe. Not when he was Harry Potter, the character who doggedly put himself in harm’s way. And not in his acting career, which kicked off with the bizarre and dark Equus stage play, and has since escalated to include a reanimated corpse in this summer’s super-quirky Swiss Army Man. But Radcliffe is always trying to top his own eccentricities, and his latest release will take him in a more serious direction as an undercover white supremacist.

The movie is called Imperium, and it’s based on a true story: an FBI agent, played by Radcliffe, infiltrates a neo-Nazi terror group. That means that Radcliffe tests out an American accent and a shaved head for the role, which we now have a first look at, thanks to the newly released trailer. …”

Look, I agree that there are violent vanguardists out there who have periodic meltdowns on national television, as we saw last year with Dylann Roof in Charleston, but the notion that the Klan, a small-time Neo-Nazi group, or a bunch of skinheads have the ability to construct a dirty bomb and launch a major terrorist attack, well, that is about as fanciful as Morgan Freeman’s various inventions in the Batman movies.

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    • TYVM, Denise.

      I’m so Under-impressed with the HP kids these days. Useless sjwannabes, devoid of any real worth or merit. What a waste of talent….

    • Definately. The Jews change their names so much, but we can always tell who they are IF you know their mannerisms and cranial nose and brow ridge shape

    • theyd look at his general physique and ponder the fact that he’s anything other than a reporter or actor.

  1. Honestly, how many people are dumb enough to fall for this shit? Dirty bomb? Neo nazis? Even the more honest liberals will see through this. These jews, man.

  2. All joking aside, Neocon Lindsey Graham has repeatedly warned (foreshadowed?) that Charleston will get hit by a dirty bomb.

    July 1st there were reports of a drone over a South Carolina nuke facility:


    And now we have this predictive programming movie linking the far right to dirty bombs.

    Graham is a member of the Prescott Bush New World Order club, the same club that did 9/11 and the JFK assassination.

  3. The same entertainers…uh I mean *reporters* are bringing you the news and fiction. The line is exceedingly blurry to nonexistent. Dylan Roof was a poor trailer kid who apparently set up a website in Russia requiring fluency in Russian.


  4. This movie will tank. White people are tired of this shit and hardly any white people will go see it.

    • No one watches Rat Faced Radcliffe’s movies, excepting the Potter movies. He’s an ugly little JEW. He is not a Leading Man. All of his movies have bombed. The Potter films have made him very, very , VERY rich. I’m certain he knows how to handle his shekels. But no amount of Judengelte is going to buy him a career as a Film Star.

      Tom Felton, the Aryan actor, played Drago, Harry’s nemesis in the films. The film-makers had to go to extraordinary lengths to dress down Felton, and give him a really bad hairstyle, in the latter films, in order to make him less attractive and appealing then Radcliffe. Also – Matthew Lewis, the Aryan Welshman that played Neville? He’s a SMOKIN’ hot adult, and is having the best career of all.

      • I think the casting is deliberate. Since he’s the ‘good one’ who either starts out or turns snitch, he has to look non-aryan. All aryans are evil, it’s not just this movie that tries to portray them as such compared to semitic or mediterranean types.

        Further, it might finally start to penetrate that this whole ‘whitesupremacistswanttokilleveryone’ meme is absurd if they actually portrayed any aryan as the main character. When white men actually see their own reflections so distorted they start to question.

        • they get older and ugly. he was a good looking boy. but hes a scrawny 90 lb weakling man.

          • I always enjoyed the Harry Potter books, and the movies, although there have been elements that I’ve disliked. Rowling has turned full on Race Traitor, but she’s surrounded by Zhids, in the movie and publishing worlds. I was never impressed with Radcliffe, even as a child. I thought he was boring, and devoid of charisma, and not particularly talented. This was before I knew he was a Jude.
            His post-Potter career has been absurd and worthless. The Media Jews have periodically tried to promote him as a star, and it ALWAYS falls flat. His Jew family is very well-connected. This why he was cast in the first place.

            I have a great affection for the films because I’ve watched them with my young family relatives. My adult kin and I have schooled our young relatives about racial reality with relentless diligence. We didn’t have ot really teach the youngsters in the Fam; they’ve have direct Diversity experience them moment they entered the Government Indoctrination Centers. I, and other relatives, have simply validated their Vibrant experiences. Anyway – I took a young and very snarky young nephew to see Potter film that begins with the scene in which teenaged Harry makes date with a Negress waitress. My young nephew, who was 9 at the time, I think, express his innate revulsion and disgust with vigor. The entire audience hear his reaction. That was fun!

            I’ve kept tabs on the various actors. Neville was one of my favorite characters, from the beginning. I’ve always liked Lewis. I thought he was adorable and charming. I don’t usually swoon over actors, but when I ran across his recent pics – my eyes nearly popped out of my head. DAYUM!!!!!
            I will leave this line of thought, at that…..

  5. Ridiculous. It’s amusing that they would portray skinheads engaging in the activities that Muslims regularly do in real life.

  6. Why make a fictional movie about racists? Just turn on the news or World Star hip hop for all the black racists you’d ever wanna see.

  7. No one cares, they do their best to create a vapid citizenry and they will in large probably succeed. In the near future it will probably take enormous amounts of energy just to keep the non-white kids from adopting neo-nazi kultur.

    Because we all know non-white kids love to be scolded by Jews and fairy hipsters

  8. A handful of years ago, when the Clancy novel The Sum of All Fears (part of the Jack Ryan series, not our Jack Ryan), was made into a movie, the writers changed the protagonists from Muslims to white neo-Nazis.

  9. The enemy uses these movies for propaganda against White Nationalism. We know the truth. We’re peaceful. The enemy is all about Violence! Just look at Ferguson, Baltimore, and Dallas, Texas. That’s the reality in our World! WPWW !

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