The Truth Emerges In Tupelo

Sorry to disappoint you, but Antwun Shumpert isn’t a victim of racist cops:

“TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) – Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton released new details in the shooting death of 37-year-old Antwun Shumpet on June 18.

“The public deserves to know the truth. Today, we are taking additional steps to set the record straight.”

He says the Street Crime Unit of the Tupelo Police Department was conducting a planned surveillance of the Townhouse Mote on South Gloster Street that day.

“The planned surveillance was conducted based on numerous complaints by local citizens and out-of-town guests of recent criminal activity at that specific location.”

At 9:30 p.m. a tan Ford sedan was entering the hotel parking lot. Three minutes later, the same car was seen leaving the hotel. The vehicle was heading north on Gloster Street. …”

Read the whole thing.

Antwun Shumpert got himself killed through his own stupid actions. The media herd has also moved on from Tupelo to less clear cut cases in Baton Rouge and Minnesota which are much better fodder for the Narrative. By the end of the month, I predict the unrest in Tupelo among the black community will have fizzled out.

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  1. I agree this one is probably going to fizzle out well before the other two. These are well timed distractions by the left, but it will give an interestingly look at their on the ground organizational capabilities.

    Are they able to stir up significant and sustained unrest in multiple locations at once? Especially considering the dubious backgrounds of their appointed martyrs.

      • I think SOLIDARITY demonstrations/gatherings are happening all over the country tonight and the next few days. I know for a fact one is scheduled for Union Square Park in NYC today. More interested to see if they prioritize one over the other or if they can keep sustained pressure at multiple locations simultaneously.

  2. It’s important that people address the myths behind police killings. The media hypes it. Last year fewer than 400 blacks were killed by police, over 500 whites were killed by police. White youths 18 or younger were also more likely to be killed by police last year. The media takes these 400 or blacks killed by police every year and constantly parades the newest victim around so that people assume that there is actually a real genocide committed by police.

    1) Of that 400 or so killed every year, most of them are justified because of the aggression of the person who was killed.

    2) Many of the officers involved in these incidents aren’t even white (think the 3 black officers in the Freddie Gray death, and the more recent incident involving an Asian officer).

    3) Whites and other races are also being killed by police, and per violent crime the number of whites killed by police is actually larger than the number of blacks when you include homicide, rape, and other violent crime rates into the equation.

    4) Cops are not strolling around look for black targets. That is ridiculous. For one, no cop wants confrontation unless their off their hinges. No cop wants to explain why they took those actions and fill out tons of paperwork. Most importantly no cop wants to face endless media scrutiny or have their life ruined like so many of these cops involved in these shootings.

    The whole “Black Lives Matter” movement lacks substance and is using police killings of blacks because they have no other avenue to keep playing the victim of “white oppression”. The whole police vs black brutality thing is basically an example of racism, but not for the reasons the media is giving. It’s racism not because imaginary racist white cops (some who aren’t even white) are involved in the killing of blacks, but because the media emphasizes the white vs black aspect. In the case of George Zimmerman the media literally attempted to label him white even though he looks like every other Hispanic. In the case of Freddie Gray it took the media months before they even mentioned that some of the officers involved in the incident were black. In the more recent case involving the Asian cop killing the black guy the media again paints the case of one about racism, but at the same time being very elusive as to how it’s an example of racism since the cop is Asian. A matter of fact they didn’t even mention the police officer’s race. Had he been white than the media would have said “white police officer executes black man”. The real racism is the media trying to paint whites as evil and oppressive and blacks as victims.

  3. Following Reconstruction, the Negro typically accepted the occassional lynching as the price of maintaining a civilized community. In other words, as long as you went to church, worked hard and dealt honestly with everyone, your chance of being lynched was less than zero. Those who were lynched were almost all criminals and while you could say well Southern Folk should have let the law handle it lets compare 1880 to today.

    In 1880, evidence in crimes was much easier to destroy and you had one sheriff and maybe two deputies for an entire county. So if you had a shifty Negro who had committed a murder and everyone knew it was a murder but the evidence was shakey would you A: WAIT FOR THE SHERIFF TO INVESTIGATE MEANWHILE HE COULD COMMIT ANOTHER ONE or B TAKE HIM OUT AND SAVE A LIFE? The logical answer in 1880 was of course B

    Lynching wasn’t perfect by any means and at times it was downright wrong but it was a necessary evil. When Lynching was at its peak 1890-1930 the Black Communities in the South were safe. As Lynching decreased, their communities fell apart. Who led the Anti-Lynching movement in Dixie? The JEW

    The Jewish Infiltration of Southern Cities and Southern Life was slow and methodical, but any research of the flow of money into Negro institutions PRE 1954 will always find Jews behind it all. In fact if you examine Atlanta GA for instance, as soon as the Civil Rights Movement began, the Atlanta Jewish Community came out behind Martin Luther King and his ilk. One of the big reasons this happened was that Atlanta was large enough to guarantee them a semblance of safety and that the Georgia Klan was not as well organized as the Klan was under Shelton in Alabama or under Bowers in Mississippi. You will see that at the same time, Jews in Alabama for the most part kept their mouths shut. Similar issues with the Jews also sprung up in other Southern Cities where the Klan was relatively weak in power such as Memphis or New Orleans. This was why if you look at 1948 or 1968 Thurmond and Wallace’s support was 98% Rural.

    I don’t know how much Hunter has researched this era, I have only scraped the surface

    • You are correct Billy Ray. Up until the late 1970’s central Mississippi was very safe. Yazoo City was a safe and clean city despite the fact that it was half black. Today nearly all white people have left and crime is rampant, trash everywhere. I left in the 1980’s. I was quite suprised in 2005 when I found out through Declassified Mississippi Sovereignty Commission files that the Yazoo KKK consisted of several of my relatives

      • Yes what is odd about this entire thing is I found a picture somewhere of what I believe to be the children of slaves who were given a brand new radio by the KKK in the 1940s so that they could hear the preachers. The Klan was NOT feared by law abiding God fearing Negroes, but it was feared by the human waste. Were some Klan chapters too exceptionally brutal? Sure that’s part of every group no different than police officers or renegade soldiers or anyone else. Yet overall it’s influence was by far more positive than negative.

  4. Black Magic Woman?@jananamirah

    And for those who are saying “…but the cop is Asian”, white supremacy can be performed through people of color. #FalconHeightsShooting

  5. Baton Rouge looks clear cut to me. A thug got himself shot. Minnesota based on the known facts right now looks like a truly heinous crime.

    Obviously if blacks riot, it helps Trump.

  6. I hope this bastard gets niggered some day soon.

    ST. PAUL, Minn. (Reuters) – Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton said that he did not believe the black man shot dead by police on Wednesday during a routine traffic stop would have been treated that way if he had been white.

    “Would this have happened if the driver and the passengers were white? I don’t think it would have,” Dayton told reporters on Thursday. “This kind of racism exists and it’s incumbent on all of us to vow and ensure that it doesn’t continue to happen.”

    • “I hope this bastard gets niggered some day soon.”

      From your mouth, to God’s ears, as the Christ-killers say….

      Mark Dayton is a RACE TRAITOR, and a SHILL for the NIGGERS. He also is a H8r of the White Germano/Scandic peoples that built this state, and FUNDED HIS FAMILY TO BECOME MILLIONAIRES- Dayton BOUGHT his way into office… but then, that’s nothing new in ((( American ))) Politics, now, is it?

  7. Let’s stop pussyfooting around and just say it: whites need to separate and form their own homeland, a separate country. Without this, we become extinct. Period. Full stop.

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