Loretta Lynch To Dallas Protesters: Do Not Be Discouraged

What about our important voices?

How is it that the C of CC, the Confederate flag, the pro-White community and Southern heritage in general was collectively blamed for Dylann Roof’s actions in Charleston, but the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t to blame for Micah X.’s actions in Dallas?

I made the same point a year ago when I pointed out how the Black Lives Matter movement wasn’t blamed for Ismaaiyl Brinsley putting “pigs in a blanket” in New York City. Personally, I don’t give a damn about stuff like banning the Black Power flag, but if you are going to ban the Confederate flag and hold us collectively responsible for the actions of lone disturbed individuals you have to stay consistent.



“Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Friday encouraged protesters not to allow the “heinous violence” that occurred in Dallas to silence their “important” voices.

Five police officers died and seven more were wounded in an ambush during a peaceful rally in Dallas on Thursday to protest the deaths of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota who were shot dead by police this week. Two civilians were also injured Thursday.

Lynch stressed that she is “deeply grateful” to law enforcement’s commitment to difficult and dangerous work to keep America safe but vowed that the Justice Department would do all it can to help. And she urged peaceful protesters not to give up.

“I want you to know that your voice is important,” Lynch said Friday during a news conference at the Justice Department. “Do not be discouraged by those who would use your lawful actions as cover for their heinous violence. We will continue to safeguard your constitutional rights and to work with you in the difficult mission of building a better nation and a brighter future.” …”

Again, I don’t remember Lorreta Lynch or Obama saying that our “important voices” shouldn’t be silenced because we tell the truth about black-on-white crime, or that we shouldn’t be blamed for Roof’s actions in Charleston. Interesting how this “hate” stuff works when the victims are White police officers.

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  1. How is it that the C of CC, the Confederate flag, the pro-White community and Southern heritage in general was collectively blamed for Dylann Roof’s actions in Charleston, but the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t to blame for Micah X.’s actions in Dallas?

    Black Privilege?

  2. “How is it that the C of CC, the Confederate flag, the pro-White
    community and Southern heritage in general was collectively blamed for
    Dylann Roof’s actions in Charleston, but the Black Lives Matter movement
    isn’t to blame for Micah X.’s actions in Dallas?”

    Two nations, two different points of view?

    • One serves the imposter Jew and one does not. Simple as that. The Negro is the Jew’s weapon to bludgeon the White Christians to death. We are the heirs of Jacob, he is Esau’s demon seed. Esau was a murderer from day one. His actions prove who the father really is

  3. The system isn’t working for us if those in power can’t be held accountable for inciting violence and protecting terrorists, or removed from power peacefully.

  4. Newt for VP?


    July 08, 2016, 01:39 pm
    Gingrich: White Americans ‘don’t understand being black in America’


    Former Speaker Newt Gingrich on Friday said white Americans “don’t understand being black in America” as he reflected on a series of shootings across the nation this week.

    “It took me a long time and a number of people talking to me over the years to begin to get a sense of this: If you are a normal, white American, the truth is you don’t understand being black in America and you instinctively underestimate the level of discrimination and the level of additional risk,” Gingrich said.

  5. It would be such a shame if this heinous violence discouraged the BLM movement
    from engaging in the usual rioting, looting, and property destruction that normally accompany these protests.

  6. Anglin on Lynch:

    She’s saying she understands why the brothers did it, but the brothers should chill.

    What about the cops who feel helpless getting sniped, you stupid fat Black bitch?

      • Exactly these—–are not our friends at present either. Dylann Roof, while I didn’t agree with his choice of targets, his rhetoric and beliefs were as far as I can see NOBLE AND RIGHT. He will be avenged

        • Agreed. I am not advocating FOR Roof’s actions, ’cause what he did as stupid and SELF-destructive. W must protect and preserve our WHITE lives. Our mission is to get this across to other White Normies, AND White cops. Blue is NOT their uniform. White DNA is.

          • That is what I have been saying all along, in this fight your skin is your uniform, God is your first loyalty and kith and kin is second. The Edomite devils aka Jewry declared war on the children of Jacob a long time ago, and its time we reciprocate.

  7. “Personally, I don’t give a damn about stuff like banning the Black Power flag …. ”

    What would you think if it were flying from the Alabama State Capitol?

  8. She is basically okaying further acts like and saying while we disagree with it we still support it and see where your coming from.

    Black supremacist are pretty lucky they live in a racist anti-white country, because if the government and institutions weren’t composed of such creatures their black supremacist BLM would have been brought to justice years ago. Their allowed to block streets, attack whites in Baltimore, burn down innocent people’s businesses in Ferguson like their some KKK wannabes from the 1920s, their allowed to spew endless hate 24/7 in the media, and their allowed to do it with no crackdown on their tactics, actions, or ridicule as a group of people.

  9. “We will continue to safeguard your
    constitutional rights and to work with you in the difficult mission of
    building a better nation and a brighter future.” …”

    That last sentence says it all, and is something anyone with eyes can see. The BLM movement is product of the U.S government, corporate elites, and media. They aren’t just working together, which Loretta just admitted but this is something that was organized for years. The powerful in the media, corporate elites like Twitter’s Dorsey, and U.S government have actually given their weight and support to BLM actions.

    There are several important events to remember:

    1) During the Trayvon Martin case, which is when this whole BLM fake “new civil rights movement” started, the Justice Department financed Al Shaprton’s (Obama’s black community liaison) protest event. The corporate media connected with the Democrats tried to falsely labels Zimmerman as white.

    2) During the Ferguson unrest, the media literally exaggerated the few hundred protesters. They also turned the event into something much larger than it really was after non-stop coverage. In Ferguson the Department of Justice ordered the local authorities to stand down and basically allowed a few dozens black bums to set fires.

    3) During the Baltimore riots the Democrat mayor basically allowed blacks to riot and attack whites by giving them “room to cause trouble”.

    4. And now we have the Department Of Justice openly admitting to working together with the Black Lives Matter racist. This even after the Dallas Massacre. But is this really surprising?

    Link the dots… It’s been years in the making. Obama first started appointing radicals to the DOJ with Eric Holder and to other U.S government institutions. Obama has held talks with Facebook, MSNBC, CNN, Twitter executives. Twitters top exec is Dorsey, and he openly supports BLM and actually meets with on of it’s leaders. The BLM racist group is supported at the highest office in the land, by the biggest U.S media companies, and by top social media execs.

    This is obviously why this BLM has exploded as a movement and why so much hate and racism is being spread by their nasty follower. This is not some conspiracy, but this is the actually reality that they themselves admit to. We’re witnessing the government, media, and racist hate groups working together to bring about the changes they want, and not what the rest of society wants. That they trample of white peoples civil rights and dignity in the process, they don’t care, because whites are already to them non-human and worthless the black lives. Obviously since the government and media only seem to think black lives matter at all.

    • The same set of events play out in the media over and over again. A black man is shot and killed by the police, the officer is indicted as a racist, we are told that society is to blame, and then BLM protests turn violent. Later when the facts become know we find out that the “victim” has a lengthy criminal record and due to his actions the shooting was justified. However, the media narrative is never re-evaluated in light of the facts and everyone moves on until the next incident occurs. In the case of the Castile incident, my first impression was that the police officer’s actions weren’t justified. I had to remind myself that I have seen this story before and won’t be surprised if the facts show otherwise.

  10. Hillary ClintonVerified account@HillaryClinton

    White Americans need to do a better job of listening when African Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day.

    3:24 PM – 8 Jul 2016

  11. Will this liberal globalist society torment black people because of the actions of this black Dylann Roof? It took less than a month for the cucks and liberals to gang up on white Southerners using a picture of Roof with a Confederate Flag for justification to take down the Flag off the Capitol grounds and they haven’t stopped yet going after all things Confederate using Roof as their excuse. Will they ban the Black Panthers and BLM and all identifying items related to them because of Micah X?

    I think we all know the answer…

  12. Some people have theorized that a long-term goal of the US establishment and the globalists is to federalize all of American law enforcement, possibly under the umbrella of the DHS. Hillary Clinton might very well have laid the cornerstone for this project earlier today. In her speech at that black church this afternoon, she called for “national standards” on the use of deadly force by police. This is how it starts.

    Hillary wants massive gun control and a federalized police force. This isn’t going to end well.

    • Memory serves me correctly Al Gore put forward an idea for a National Police Force in the 1990s. J Edgar Hoover when he established the modern FBI in 1935 said that the FBI would NOT be a national police force, it would be an investigative force with police powers over FEDERAL CONCERNS, but that the FBI could be mobilized for other reasons. Hoover actually rejected the idea of a National Police Force.

      A National Police Force has been the dream of the Jewish Left for a long time, after all they had it in Russia from 1917-1991

  13. Hunter you need to write on the Republic of New Afrika, which is a branch of the Weather Underground and that is what the Black Power Flag represents. I know a man who was in Jackson Mississippi during the shootings in 1971.

  14. Things are breaking out just about how I predicted it. Charles Manson was right all along.

      • Yes and I find it amazing how a so-called psychopath and his followers knew this was coming and in 1969 the JRM called them all nutjobs. The odd thing was the Leftists loved Manson. Bernadine Dohrn the Jewish Wife of Bill Ayers and Weather Underground co-founder once stated this

        Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in pig Tate’s belly. Wild! Offing those rich pigs with their own forks and knives, and then eating a meal in the same room, far out! The Weathermen dig Charles Manson!

        Now when Charlie came out making PRO-WHITE Statements and ANTI-JEW statements admiring Adolf Hitler and having the Swastika Tattoo all of the sudden Bernadine began denying she said that. In fact in recent interviews she denied she ever praised him. WHY? Because to a leftist and especially a Jew, any mention of WHITE SELF DETERMINISM by anyone no matter how small must be silenced.

  15. Jewish power is going to have to be dismantled or weakened if we want to do anything about the black menace.

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