Black Vanguardists Are Launching The RaHoWa

I just got back home from taking my boy fishing. I powered up my smartphone, scanned Facebook to catch up on the latest news from Dallas, and I see that some more black vanguardists around the South are trying to launch the RaHoWa:

1.) In the St. Louis area, a cop was ambushed and is fighting for his life.

2.) In Bristol, TN, a black shooter motivated by the police shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota targeted White victims. He killed one White woman and injured three other people.

3.) In Valdosta, GA, another black shooter who called 911 to report a car break in ambushed a police officer there.


Update: Crooked Hillary is wagging her finger at us:

Note: If you are in South Carolina, there is a big rally this weekend in Columbia in which the Confederate Battle Flag will be raised at the SC Statehouse. It ought to go back up and stay there after what happened in Dallas.

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  1. Vantard violence is wrong but eye for an eye when your blood meaning family has been wronged IMO is moral and just

    Honestly I’m not having a meltdown over Blue versus Black civil war, but the fall out will have to be addressed

    • Well these cops are at present OUR ENEMIES TOO. Until they realize WE ARE THEIR ONLY HOPE and they stop supporting this evil government then they will continue to be our enemies.

    • Long term goal a small defensible ethnostate, but that seems to mean an ocean of crap will have to be traversed. I’m simply going to try and not be overwhelmed by the usual contardism

  2. Hunter, I have to say I am torn up on this. On one hand, I don’t want to see our people harmed, but on the other hand, this is what it will take for Whites to radicalize themselves. I predicted Texas would set it off awhile back and it looks as if I am right. The problem is though, these cops getting shot are also at present OUR ENEMIES TOO!! I feel for them as a fellow white, but if they uphold the rights of Negroes and these anitwhite laws, then I say the heck with them, let them____.

    Revolution is nigh and I am saying that it is high time the white man takes some scalps of his own.

      • Hunter at the end of the day especially in the South you have to say to fellow whites, look you are either FOR US or AGAINST US. If you refuse to stand with us then you stand with our enemies. Refusing to take sides makes you an enemy by default. We saw this before Hunter.

        This happened in the South during the war in a huge way in Appalachia and in other places as well. The Confederate Government had orders to the states to deal strongly with anyone who refused to aid the Confederacy and in some states they hanged draft dodgers and they also burned people out who refused aid to the cause. Look in the case of Civil War Part Two as Thomas Chittum called it, this will happen again as some folks want to live as if they can be above the conflict when in fact they are fighting for the enemy by default

        Neutrality in this fight is another word for ENEMY

        • Billy Ray, we really need to restrain ourselves and understand the horrible position cops are in. They deal with niggers every day, forced to act polite and professional toward feral Bantus who might shoot them at any moment.

          This will go on until black cops start massacring their white colleagues, splitting America’s police departments along racial lines.

          All leading up to the Negro Removal Act of 2030, ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court but carried out anyway, sending all Africans back to Africa or to internment camps far away from major cities.

          • Law enforcement attracts people who think obeying the law and making sure others obey the law is the highest virtue. It’s a huge cognitive leap from that to overthrowing the government, even if that government would gladly sentence dozens of innocent cops to prison or death to appease a mob of inner-city monkeys.

            So we must treat non-black cops as future allies. The sheer insanity of BLM will force them over to our side, gradually and then suddenly.

          • I will say this, if you are arresting my brothers then no matter your skin you are my enemy. If you wish to repent and come to the right side like Paul did after his encounter on the Damascus Road then I will welcome you BUT NOT UNTIL YOUR REPENTENCE. Until then you are an enemy!

          • Dave- Your comment “Law enforcement attracts people who think obeying the law and making sure others obey the law is the highest virtue” MAY have been true, in, oh, say, 1980…

            But Police forces are no longer that. Police today are seeking individuals who are testosterone fueled idiots, who BELIEVE what the ADL TEACHES them, and that they are an ELITE fighting force, ready to kill unarmed civilians at a moment’s notice.


            Jews have TAKEN OVER the Police force training in MANY major metropolitan areas, using pics of pregnant white women, older white citizens, militia types, and peppers as the GREATEST EVIL they face… NOT the feral Nigger!


            Bloody Hell! WAKE UP.

            Trump was not wrong in putting that Star of David on the ad for HIllary. HE KNOWS OUR COMMON ENEMY.

            Trump, 2016.

          • OMG! A bunch of anti-semites. The dregs of mankind. The Ashkenazi Jew is one of the mainstays of western civilization in the arts and sciences and all creativity. White trash fear Jews because they know they are vastly superior to them intellectually and in their humanity. No sir, our American Auschwitz is in the deep south and there it will die. Don’t you people know whites are a minority by 2040? I’m doing everything I can to bring that date closer. You already know how big business, sports concerns, educational entities are pulling out of N. Carolina because of a homophobic governor. The south is going to be really hurting. It’s funny that big corporations have adopted a leftist attitude re. racism , sexism, bigotry. N. Carolina is really hurting. You know where the government stands. The youth of the nation could care less about your false values .Your legislatures will be turning against you. If Hillary wins [and I think she will] it’s all over for you losers. Remember: you people brought this on yourselves. Your errors were too much God, too much whiteness, too much ignorance and too much “white middle class Christian family values.” I have never seen a section of America so terrified and desperate. Well, it’s all your own doing.

          • This comment violates OD’s rules about wacko conspiracy theories. It’s also inciting hatred against a group of people who can be our natural allies against the black undertow.

          • Look, I feel for the White cops however it is time they understand that they are enforcing the laws that kill their own people. Until they understand who their friends really are, they are our enemies.

        • See my replies above. Believe me, a lot of Americans want you white trash racists gone. Please secede. It’s the only way. We hate you people and your white supremacy bullshit. Look on the bright side: the south could do well on its own: you got Texas oil, Carolina tobacco, Florida sugar cane and I dare say they still grow cotton down there. And as a new country you can bowwow from China, Mexico, Russia. Come on, go for it. Please. And take your Confederate flags with you before we set them all on fire. I’m white but consider my whiteness as just a genetic determination. Whereas you people think your whiteness is a gift from God, an entitlement, a privilege that makes you better than non-whites. That’s a losing proposition these days. Hope y’all choke on it.

          • Let’s see White People created modern civilization, invented the transmission of electricity, modern medicine of course that is all relative to you. You would much rather live in Sub Saharan Africa where its vibrant and people die of the common cold. Of course you are Judenschwein so we know its all an act

          • That’s because non-white people were suppressed and denied education for a long time. That’s all changed. How many Jews are Nobel Prize winners, great educators, humanitarians, scientists and the most brilliant people on earth. Judenschwein?? Haven’t heard that one in a while. I’ll bet you have the Nazi flag and the Confederate flag proudly displayed in your house, right? Don’t you see what a security risk you are to America? That’s why the NSA monitors people like you. You can’t win especially these days. But go on, try another emotional Pickett’s charge. Your mindset is over. No one thinks that way anymore save for the losers who are so obsessed with their whiteness they have become blinded to reality.

  3. Know your enemy — Know their limitations
    Know yourself — Know your limitations
    Know when to move — Know when to remain still
    Know when to direct — Know when to misdirect
    Know when to empathize — Know when empathy gets you killed
    Know when to be a victim — Know when to be a predator
    Know when your Time is your Time… then act!

  4. This will probably end BLM as a credible movement.

    It proves once again why vandtardism is a dead end and has no future, and is the province of losers and loser movements.

    • Black Panthers should have been dead and gone 40+ years ago. All these violence prone anti-White groups would be gone if not for our traitorous white anti-White overlords justifying them.

      • Jewish Overlords you mean. The Black Panther Party went out of existence in 1982, but this group the New Black Panther Party is actually a Nation of Islam organization who adopted the Black Panther Logos and dress. The Original Black Panthers have little to do with them, because they were a Communist Organization and these guys are an Islamic one.

        • OMG! An honest to goodness anti-Semite. Billy Ray, this is hardly the time. The Ashkenazi Jew has always been a key factor in the progress of civilization in science, the arts and all creativity. Billy Ray, you must be southern white trash. You people are on life support. Whites will be a minority by 2040. After that all this racism ends. All you guys can wave your Confederate flags and scream White Power all you want. You’re losing badly by dilution. You’re losing badly because no one resonates with your message of hate and bigotry. The youth culture doesn’t like you and disparages you. These are our future leaders. They are intelligent, progressive, secular, materialistic, pro-choice, pro-science and very anti-white trash bigotry. Jesus H. Christ, is this all you people have to live for? The tunnels the cartels build are not by a bunch of ditch diggers. These are professional civic and mining engineers. The organization I work for smuggles in about 5000 undocumenteds a month. Texas’ Hispanic population will overtake whites in 3-5 years. What’s your guys problem? It’s not the modern America. Look for a Mexican flag flying over the Alamo. Billy Ray, you people need to chill. It’s over. What do you hope to gain? Hide out in Idaho with the neo-Nazis? The NSA has been monitoring you people for decades. I know you people are incapable of learning, so why don’t you either push for the secession of certain states or move into your gated communities and stay there. The country has turned its back on you miserable people. Get used to it!!!

          • You are an admitted Jew, well now that we have this out in the open the Jew has done for humanity but rape, murder and steal for thousands of years. Of course we know who you really are you are not the chosen people you are the people of the devil. You think ignorant Black and Brown people will allow you to rule over them like gods that is until the Terminators are ready to kill them too. I know the Jewish plan to eliminate all of humanity but the tribe. Maurice Samuel wrote it in YOU GENTILES in 1924 as he said we are the destroyers and we will continue to destroy until we have a world of our own.

    • This would end the BLM is the BLM were White. They are NOT White. They are feral Niggers. This is only spurring them on. Haven’t you noticed?

  5. Did we ever get the manifesto of the local TV news shooter? This new guy, Whatever X, has one as well.

    • Getting Top Secret information off of Hillary’s computer is easier than getting any info at all about the news shooter’s manifesto.

    • Hunter, how come you cut off my ability to comment after my criticism of Southern Nationalism? No one has ever mistaken you for anything but a particularly intelligent man who needs only to rely upon his intellect in lieu of censorship.

    • Afterthought, in my assessment you are probably the most intelligent commenter Hunter presently has on his blog. Surely you must have known, assuming your question wasn’t a rhetorical quip, that no nigger manifesto could possibly be more sophisticated than “Muh dik!”.

      So, and in that spirit, what is it that keeps you from endorsing the Northwest Republic other than “Muh Southern dik!”?

      • I have no doubt that parts of the northwest will end up on our side of the dividing line. But if I was able to move, say, 400000 white nationalists right now, I would send them to Pennsylvania, not Seattle.

        The fulcrum of this fight is Texas , if you want independence elsewhere, it runs through Texas.

        Should Trump fall short, we will have that difficult task before us.

          • Billy Ray: See my comment above. The number of Hispanics flowing into Texas plus the number born there are going to drown you. Hillary will grant total amnesty followed by citizenship to 11 million undocumenteds. She’ll own the Supreme Court then and her executive orders will be obeyed. WTF are you trying to prove? You people are pathetic, and I love to see you being squeezed. The point is: nobody cares for you except your own uneducated cross-bred people who are dying out and being diluted. Pour yourself a glass of good Russian vodka and contemplate 2040. Brood on it. Brood on it. You bunch of racist white trash losers. Trump is your Hermann Goering. After the Wansee Conference, Goering said: “I’d hate to be a Jew living in Germany.” Now tables are turned: and we can say: “I’d hate to be a white Republican living in America.”
            VIVA LA RAZA!!!

          • Well I am glad to know you admit being a filthy Jew at least you are honest about it. So you think your Black and Brown Allies will ever catch on to the prophecy of Maurice Samuel that you plan to eliminate 99.9% of Humanity to have the world for yourself? I know you Jewboy

          • No sir, you misread. I said I’m Roman Catholic. That doesn’t stop me from being very pro-Judaism and pro-Israel. No one is planning to eliminate humanity. Well, perhaps ISIS aims at that, but not intelligent and rational people. Behind every anti-Semite is an ignorant, fearful, desperate and silly person with no valid role to play. Our culture and so much of human greatness has Jewish origins. But I forgot, you love Hermann Goering who said “Whenever I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun.” Go ahead reach for it Billy Ray, and put it in your mouth. Billy Ray, whatever state you live in, why don’t you petition the legislature to begin taking up articles of secession? Please. Do it for us. Do it for the collective southern white trash slime. Come on, you can do it.

      • Hunter thanks for deleting the posts of that psychopath though I was enjoying his anti white drivel. By the way you never told me, have you ever heard from CRIMSON TIDE again? Is she alive? She was once a great blogger even did a radio appearance online but shes just off the face of the earth now.

    • New Black Panther Party is an arm of the Nation of Islam so I assume the Negro was also a Muslim. Thats obviously why Obammy is keeping his religious affiliation quiet. Still dont think this Negro did this entire thing, I actually believe there is at some level a Jewish involvement.

    • Remember – the Skins won in Sacramento. I’ll bet none of them went to Harvard or Yale, or attended Kosher Amren.

      • Hammerskins. Time to show these Communists what the Hammers are all about, just like Thor

  6. There is a petition up at White House petitions calling for BLM to be declared a terrorist group. It already has 37K signatures, needs 100K for WH to comment, got till Aug. 5th. Sounds doable. I got the link at Daily Stormer this morning.

  7. White Americans need to do a better job of listening when African Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day.

    Whenever Blacks want to talk race, reach for your pistol with one hand, and your billfold with the other.

    • When a Negro begins talking about anything, all I hear is the sounds of the Teachers on the Charlie Brown episodes bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. I mean in actuality it is even more worthless than that.

      • Careful Billy Ray. Careful. No one wants a race war except the white trash. Your efforts are doomed. The majority of Americans want to move on. Personally, I don’t think the values of the south and the rest of the country have ever been compatible from ante-bellum times to now. I’d really like you and like minded people to petition for secession. You offer the USA nothing. Lincoln was a brilliant president, but I never understood why he never told Jefferson Davis: “OK, secede, but you have to free the slaves first.” So much easier. All the non-whites would move north and west. We cannot and should not live together. You people are a pollution, a miasma and a plague. Just accept it. We have.

        • So Jew, do you think the Nonwhites will accept their inevitible deaths at your hands? I know about the plan to kill 99.9% of the human race and the biological weapon plants in Israel and elsewhere you Jews have planned to use so that the earth will return to the Garden of Eden. You think you can control them forever?

          • You know, it’s 2016 and I can’t believe I’m talking to a full fledged anti-Semite. Anti-Semitism is the last bastion of fools. By the way, I’m Roman Catholic. The Ashkenazi Jew is the foundation of western civilization. Judaism in history leads to intellect, knowledge, creativity and the positive progress of man. What have the white trash ever offered but false values and a delusional concept of whiteness. As I’ve said, much as I’d like to see it, no one is out to kill you. You will disappear by dilution and lack of interest. The white trash and the Duck Dynasty set are a blight on America and will disappear. As I said before: you can secede or move into your gated communities. Either way works for us. History has shown anti-Semitism arises out of fear and jealousy. It always loses because anti-semites have never been the brightest lights on the train.

  8. Has anyone noticed Texas flag overlays on Facebook profiles as they did for other shootings?

    All lives must not matter.

  9. This was a hate crime by a deranged and disgusting man. I’m no fan of police, but this guy’s real motives were clear: kill whites. Police were just an easy target with all the hate against them nowadays.

    The news and Twitter bigots claim this guy was motivated by recent police killings of black men. That is a big lie. According to the guy’s neighbours he was planning for this for months. It had nothing at all to do with recent police related killings. He probably would have shot up a school full of white children had the police not become his most recent target due to public and media reaction to several police involved killings.

  10. —————

    American Racial Formula…

    Sanctification of Blacks via MLK-Oprah-Obama + Black Thuggery + Integration + Gentrification(or White Flight) + Aggressive Policing and Incarceration(demanded by urban haute Liberals) + Encouragement of Black Rage by PC and Soros Foundation + Sensationalization of Rap Culture + Worship of Black Muscle in Sports + Fear of Black Muscle in Streets + Victim Nostalgia that still pretends in Jim Crow Era when we are in Willy Horton era + Massive Immigration that leaves blacks feeling less relevant as Diversity drowns them out in many places + Homomania(that makes blacks bitter and envious that white fruitcakes get more attention than them) + Indulgence of black ‘hate hoaxes’ + silence of truth by PC + media complicity in obfuscating facts, e.g. black thugs called ‘teens’ or ‘youths’ + Globalist dominance over white gentiles who are to be paralyzed by ‘white guilt’ in relation to blacks + Hollywood’s production of black rage movie every year + Definition of ‘hate’ as only a white thing + Regression of black culture into one of savagery + PC tentacles into everything from kids cartoons to TV shows to college seminars + black raciality(racial pesonality) made up ofattitude, sass, aggression, nastiness(after all, smart blacks are no better than dumb ones in lack of reflection and introspection, a trait shared by homos who are totally into self-aggrandizement) = An Empire of Lies.

    US needs a PRICE OF THE CITY(Lumet film about corrupt cops) moment.

    It has to come clean.

    One lie leads to another.

    US is in denial and cover-up mode like Watergate where one lie led to another and another and another. In both foreign policy and race matters, esp pertaining to blacks.

    But even the media, or esp the media, are in with the Racegate, and they even lie inside racegated communities.


  11. The Roanoke TV shooting was as phony as a three dollar bill. I don’t know about the recent Dallas shooting event, but from a distance it looks scripted. How convenient that they “blew him up.” The idea that there would be a sniper in Dallas (near the site of the JFK assassination) is just a little too coincidental.

    Our police forces are full of Freemasons, and our mainstream media are controlled by Zionists and have deep connections with the CIA.

  12. It’s 1968 again. Best thing that can happen is that the voting patterns of most of the country are Southernized by Election Day and we can George Wallace into the White House.

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