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    • conservativetreehouse also got a plug from Stephan Molyneaux on today’s video.

      I am Afterthought there as well.

  1. He is wearing what appears to be a Palestinian Keffiyeh which says this guy is a Muslim. No wonder the Jew Media is keeping this from us. The New Black Panther Party is an Islamic Organization, it has no connection to the Old Black Panthers, which was a Communist Organization who professed no religion.

    • The headress is also used to conceal ear shape from software detection. That’s FYI. Combine that with sunglasses and a goatee and most face reconition software is kaput.

      I understand he also worked as a proving ground driver for MRAPs.

      Why did the US intergrate blacks into their military again?

      • Ya I thought of that already but theres now proof this guy is a member of the Nation of Islam or a group affiliated with it and we know the New Black Panthers are not the Old Black Panthers, they are an Islamic Organization. So it all adds up

        • keep that option open as he has a military record and a record as a contractor. This isn’t your father’s army.

          • I still wouldn’t be surprised if their isn’t a Jewish-Israeli connection in this entire mess. Everywhere this stuff goes on, a Jew seems to be around somewhere!

  2. Someone at the Conservativetreehouse linked to a Michael Savage newsletter ( I know, trust me I know) that was interesting.

    ‘In today’s issue: Savage opened his show the day after the slaying of five police officers in Dallas insisting that the most important question for the FBI is: Did the group Black Lives Matter lead the police into the ambush?

    “Now why do I such an incendiary question? Because all morning we have been trying to find out if the marching route had been published prior to this series of assassinations of the Dallas police officers,” Savage said.

    “We cannot find a permit that was filed by BLM. We cannot find a record of it in the Dallas city office. We cannot find it on the BLM websites. And so, since the parade or march route was not published in advance, I would assume that only the Black Lives Matter community organizers knew which direction they would be taking.”
    Savage continued:

    So now follow the logic, which is not dead in America, especially amongst us old white men, who learned to think.
    Are you following me so far?

    It seems to me only the Black Lives community organizers knew which direction they would be taking.
    Now, correct me if I’m wrong.
    If you are the Dallas police or the Dallas city department, and you have a published statement as to which direction this parade route would be taking, I’d like to know it.
    So, if only a few people knew in which direction they were marching, the assassins were waiting for them. They were set up.
    This is the germ of the investigation.
    It’s also connected to the vile anti-police rhetoric that has been spewing out of the mouth of Barack Obama and his minions from the day this man was foisted upon us almost eight years ago.
    If you remember, this, this charlatan began the attack on police in Boston, Massachusetts, if you remember, with that beer thing.
    He has had a hatred from the day he started his job.

    And if you don’t think there’s a connection between the poison that he and Eric Holder, in particular, put out all those years, then you are brain dead.
    How about the Southern Poverty Law Center, that group of self-righteous lawyers who have a list of domestic terrorist organizations.
    What is their criteria to be included on this list of domestic terrorist organizations?
    Why don’t you check it out, and see if the Black Lives Matter movement meets that criteria in any way.’

    Read more at http://www.michaelsavage.wnd.com/2016/07/michael-savage-newsletter-dallas-investigators-should-be-asking-this-question/#djqidbVjp6mppOVP.99

    • Savage is one of the very smartest Jews, who is not bat sheeyit, 100% crazy, who appreciates the Lands of the White Goyim. He knows that not all Goyim are alike. He still Knishes Out when any criticism of Jews or Israel is whispered, but he knows that life for the Chosen will be very unpleasant, once Whitey is gone.

      • There are some decent human beings who wander through jewishness, but there is NO such thing as a good jew.

        Until people realize the jews are The Enemy, NOT blacks, they own us.

  3. As that brief video was concluding, there came to the fore of my mind a question that I have had for decades: How is it that antebellum Southerners were not completely bored by the mass of Negro slaves among whom they lived? They let Negroes tend their children, cook their meals, and, I guess, tidy their houses. My God, I’d have gone into a coma, just to preserve my sanity.

    • This is a good question. Was at a party a while back and after a while someone started playing youtube videos of darkies doing these dance moves where they dislocate shoulders and wrists and sorta keep moving almost like Zombies.
      All the liberal types were fascinated.
      It’s like looking at a train wreck I guess.

    • Watch Bette Davis’s epic film, “Jezebel”. The Negroes were every present, but they were merely tools to be used.

    • Blacks can also be quite hilarious, there one totally ignorant dummy at work who is drop dead funny when he makes fun of this huge fat white guy who stinks up the bathroom with a massive dump every day like clockwork. “Big Boy lit that fucker up!” Even the other blacks think he’s ignorant, but laugh at his moronic musings over the horrid poop smells that in all truth make the buildings rundown restrooms a nauseating experience to suffer.

  4. We will probably never see the manifesto. If he was consuming a steady diet of MSNBC, Tim Wise, Noel Ignatiev or their equivalents, that is something they won’t want people to know.

    It would also be interesting to know whether Micah X was consciously pursuing a radical vanguardist strategy by using violence to polarize and radicalize people.

  5. First, good on OD – you’re on fire!

    Second, perusing the headlines of national and global media, this is the first time the “conventional wisdom” grasps that the divide in America is not going to go away – ever.

    If we recall the spontaneous petition drive to secede last election, the conventional wisdom laughed it off as the flailing of a dying demographic (traditional white males).

    In the words of Farage to the EU Parliament after Brexit “you’re not laughing now”. Russia, other parts of Eastern Europe, and Parts of the British Isles might have slipped the noose of white genocide. Whites aren’t going anywhere and we are awakening.

    • Boy are we ever! I’ve written before that I say, in 3D world, the exact same things I write online. White Normies I know, who have been horrified by me, are now beginning to ask my advice. Hoo ha I am a generous and forgiving Fuhreress, to my straying, now returning, racial flock.

    • I always say Dylann is tragic like JWB, Neither are heroes, as Dylann’s act did us more harm than good and Booth’s act was probably at least two months too late to make a difference.

      Booth’s plan to behead the Northern Government had a major logistical problem being that the last Southern Army in the east was a couple hundred miles to the South and that army would have had to march across burned out Virginia with no food in sight to launch an attack on Washington and somehow make it past the Union Army. All on no supplies. Had the assassination happened while Lee’s Army was still together, then I think it could have been decisive.

      Dylann would have engendered support had he went full Paul Kersey in Death Wish BUT instead he chose a soft target which would invariably be turned against us. I understand Dylanns emotional feelings and I can respect him for wanting to stand up for his own people but he was wrong.

  6. The real race war is black-dominated sports, rap music, MLK worship, J-WOW(Jewish war on whites via ‘white guilt’), jungle fever, and etc.

    Even if whites didn’t shoot blacks and vice versa, there is a race war where stronger blacks beat up white boys, clever Jews castrate whites with ‘white guilt’, homomania feminizes white males(even straight ones), and black males impregnate white wombs that reject white seed as inferior.

    Race-ism is survival. It is the bind that holds a people together.

    Look at roots of a tree. Fibers of a tree are stronger and bound together. Race-ism is the fibers that holds the white race and roots together. That is Jews attack race-ism in whites(but not among Jews, blacks, and etc). Jews seek to unbind the strong fiber of white roots.

    White Race-ism is necessary. It is good.

    Ism is belief or consciousness. White race-ism is belief and conviction in the white race to survive and win.

    Anyone who uses ‘racism’ or race-ism as a pejorative is a cuck even if on the Alt Right. Race-ism is the fibers that hold the white race together. It is power.

  7. Dylan Roof goes on a killing spree, the establishment calls for the destruction of Southern heritage. Micah X. kills five white cops and Obama is unable to fathom his motives for the killing. Obama shrugged off growing criticism that his own anti-cop statements helped trigger the shootings in Dallas and several other cities on Thursday and Friday. “It is very hard to untangle to motives of this [Dallas] shooter … you have a troubled mind … what feeds it, what sets it off, I’ll leave that to psychologists and people who study these kids of incidents.”

  8. Headline on a Normie Conservatard website:
    “White Anglo Saxon (as though there is any other kind of Anglo Saxon) Protestants are Awakening”

    • Ha ha, they must BAN freedom of speech in order to preserve freedom of speech. Contards are really something. They’ll be the first to whine about freedom of speech when they get banned.

  9. The probable next president, Hillary Clinton (I expect Third World-level fraud and intimidation), says whites need to change their behavior, police need to be reformed, and guns must be controlled (confiscated?). Blaming everyone and every thing except the negroes who committed the mass murder, the wild BLM hordes in the streets and their apologists in the media and US government who encouraged them. What a sick f***king “country.”

    • There need not be any voter intimidation if Whites are intelligent about it, If I was Trump I would tell all my supporters in Urban Areas to VOTE ABSENTEE or to go to their polling places ala ccw

      • Voter suppression by whites is all based on fear and desperation. In the 2012 election the Republican party chairman of Ohio is on record as saying “we use voter registration laws to suppress the minority vote”. Every intelligent person knows that. It won’t last. Many of those laws have been overturned by the courts. But the fact that they were proposed and voted on by white Republicans discloses how terrified these people are. What a joke. Republican tactics: if you can’t win, cheat. Won’t work anymore. White trash thinking and bigotry is on the trash heap of history. Aren’t you guys ashamed of yourselves? No, I guess not. To be ashamed you have to have some means of cognitive reflection.

  10. The public would not accept a naked racial spoils system, so it’s presented as “diversity.” Far from being “our strength” that they tell us, it’s a horrible curse. The turmoil and strife will grow and grow…

    • Almost 60K signatures so far. Needs 40K more by Aug. 5th to get WH to respond. Please sign folks if you haven’t already. Let’s force Obama to tell us it’s not a terrorist organization.

  11. Again, the cop in the Minnesota shooting of Castile isn’t even white. I was waiting for someone in the media to point that out, but haven’t seen it.

    Instead all I’ve seen is Gingrich, Clinton, and Lemon from CNN claim “whites need to listen to blacks” or that “white cops kill blacks”. Jeronimo Yanez isn’t white, just as George Zimmerman wasn’t white, and 3 of 6 police officers involved in Freddie Gray’s death weren’t white. It seems as though whites get blamed for stuff, and this perpetuates a lie and racism against white people.

  12. Saw this message being spread on the internet:

    Of the 990 people fatally shot by police in 2015, only 258 were black.

    494 of the victims were white and 172 were Hispanic.

    Blacks, who comprise 13 percent of the population, committed a
    disproportionately high number of homicides: 52.2 percent. Nonetheless,
    only 26 percent of police shooting victims were black.

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