Obama: It Is “Very Hard To Untangle The Motives” of Micah X.

It is still very unclear to Obama why Micah X. went on his rampage against White police officers in Dallas. He must have missed the part about wanting to kill White people, especially White police officers, and being “angry” over the Black Lives Matter movement.

Note: Micah X. left behind a manifesto at his house. Will it ever see the light of day or will it be flushed down the memory hole like the Vester Flanagan manifesto?

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  1. In the end, even after blacks burn down a city, white boys will return to worshiping black athletes and rappers, and white girls will go back to imitating Beyonce and chasing after negro studs.

    Globalism is worship pf raw power, and blacks got the most elementary kind of fist, booty, and ‘muh dick’.

    OJ fiasco and black ugliness did nothing to dampen white addiction to black superbowl that year.

    White people must boycott and be free of the Afropium if they want to rise above the black threat.


    If the killer had been Muslim, Trump would say ‘no Muslim immigration’.

    If the killer had been a Mexican illegal, Trump would say higher walls.

    But the killer is black, so Trump is silent on that score, even though 11 white cops were shot.

    It goes to show blacks are the Invisible Thug. Whatever bad thing they do, we are not supposed to see color.

    PS. Whites are a strange breed. They are the ONLY people whose support can be won by insulting them. PC says blacks and Jews are good as a people; they can only be bad as individuals. In contrast, PC says whites are bad as a group; they can only be good as individuals… or as a group devoted to self-debasement.

    So, when you insult whiteness, ‘good’ white individuals will join your side to demonstrate that they reject their ‘bad’ group identity. They are just individuals devoted to justice and freedom. And if they have a collective identity, it is to support Israel, homomania, or MLK-worship.

    Whites may form white communities but always in admiration of something un-white or anti-white.

    • But the killer is black, so Trump is silent on that score, even though 11 white cops were shot.

      Attacking BLM would fit his style perfectly.

      Indeed, attacking BLM is an ideal way for mainstream person to criticize blacks. It’s like attacking yids by criticizing Israel. Both approaches mean that some important facts will have to be excluded, downplayed or incorrectly interpreted, but it’s a good start all the same.

  2. From http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/09/politics/obama-says-u-s-not-as-divided-as-some-have-suggested/index.html (CNN story, headlined “Obama says ‘U.S. not as divided as some have suggested'”):

    “I think the danger is that we somehow suggest that the act of a troubled individual speaks to some larger political statement across the country. It doesn’t,” Obama said.

    Referencing last year’s attack on churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, Obama noted, “When some white kid walks into a church and shoots a bunch of worshipers who invite him to worship with them, we don’t assume that somehow he’s making a political statement.”

    • Such obvious lies. They are scared. Good. The nigger Obama is going to regret his white-hating ways.

  3. The irony is that most blacks will never see how this abomination of leadership is fanning the flames that will eventually make life much worse for them in the end.

    Remember, it was a black president who allowed ebola to be BROUGHT IN to the United States. And, he made sure everyone knew it, too. At least the devils before him were smart enough to do this type of thing covertly.

  4. It’s all about the guns, folks. They (the controllers) are so stupid and arrogant that most people that own guns know exactly what their game is all about.

  5. It’s early but it seems to me that the cop shootings and rioting is turning out like it always does. After the smoke clears the media and politicians speak of the need to come together and address the underlying concerns of the POOR oppressed blacks who have suffered so much and can’t even walk the streets for fear of being gunned down in this racist, white supremacist society.

    Trump has been wimping out and fawning over blacks as we expected because that is the strategy to win elections. Go hard right to win the base in the primaries then veer to the left But still, it is disheartening. He just congratulated that she-ape steroided linebacker, Serena Williams, for winning Wimbledon.

    • That turdbitch has single-handedly ruined my appreciation of women’s tennis. Really, to call that fucking creature a woman…

  6. He did NOT just say that, did he? The same guy who ascribed political motives, fueled by conservative / Republican “rhetoric,” to the kook Jared Loughner, who by accounts from friends was utterly apolitical and tuned out to the subject, now thinks a statement that someone was motivated by the desire to “kill white people” is murky!

  7. Obama knows the real reason, this guy is a MUSLIM. Of course unlike Omar Mateen, who was obviously Muslim, the Media being that this guy is a Negro will attempt to cover it up.

  8. He said he wanted to kill White people and he did. What’s hard to “untangle” about that? Of course MSM will never ask that question nor will the cucks. Instead they’re going to pretend they just don’t understand and it’s all whitey’s fault anyway.

  9. They’re still not clear about Omar Mateen’s motives, either.

    “Not clear,” “hard to untangle/unpack,” means that they don’t want to know or don’t want us to think about it.

  10. Micah X. Johnson attended a South Dallas Nation of Islam mosque. The conservative media, which supposedly exists to oppose the biases of the mainstream media and inform the public about news which the MSM ignores or suppresses, has no analysis and indictment of the Nation of Islam and black nationalist ideology which produced this monster.

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