South Carolina Secessionist Party Raises Confederate Battle Flag In Columbia

The South Carolina Secessionist Party held their first annual Confederate flag rally at the South Carolina State House this afternoon:

“COLUMBIA — The Confederate flag flew once again Sunday afternoon at the South Carolina Statehouse, when members of the S.C. Secessionist Party re-raised the banner on the one-year anniversary of its removal.

Bringing their own 30-foot pole with them, flag supporters raised the flag shortly after 11 a.m. in an attempt to show the rest of the state their Southern pride and heritage would not be erased, said party founder James Bessenger.

“Our flag is missing and we’ve come to put it back. So without any more delay, let’s put it back,” Bessenger said to kick off the rally that at its peak drew about 150 people. …”

The goal was to raise the Confederate Battle Flag on the State House grounds one year after Gov. Nikki Haley and the Republican state legislature lowered it.

This was a Southern heritage movement event. Over 1,700 people claimed on Facebook they were coming to Columbia to participate. According to the media, only around 150 people showed up at the rally at its peak. The event kicked off at 11:00 AM and was scheduled to last until 5:00 PM. I’ve seen this happen before in Montgomery and the lower than expected turnout was likely due to three things:

1.) The event was supposed to last for 6 hours. This is way too long and people who said they were coming are probably even now still trickling in long after the event is over. They likely assumed they had all afternoon to show up.

2.) No one is going to stand around in the mid-July sun in South Carolina for more than two hours. That is far too long even for diehard activists. It only takes twenty or thirty minutes to become uncomfortable in the hot summer sun even when you are trying to stay hydrated.

3.) Most of the people who said they were coming on Facebook aren’t experienced activists and clicked “Going” only to signal their moral support of the event. It was the equivalent of driving by and honking to signal “right on.”

Still, 150-200 people is an impressive turnout. Hats off to the South Carolina Secessionist Party for organizing this event. I will try to be there myself next year.

A dozen or so clowns from the Black Lives Matter movement showed up to counter-protest. As you can see, one of them is carrying the Pan-African Flag, which is the flag Micah X. displayed on his Facebook page. After what happened in Dallas, the Confederate Battle Flag should be restored to its rightful place in Columbia.

The actions of black mass shooters like Micah X., Chris Harper-Mercer and Vester Flanagan II illustrate that White people have nothing to apologize or feel remorseful for and that taking down the Confederate Battle Flag to appease the black community was a mistake.

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  1. Organizing such events and rallies on FB is no different from throwing a big party and having only ~10% showing up. Though, I’d expect activists to take this more seriously than going out to get wasted. Counter protest always happen when you decide to spread the events on social medias.

  2. Wonderful news. The Rebellion began the day that Nikki Haley took it down, now I see Confederate Flags everywhere, THANK YOU NIKKI XOXOXOX You have done more to popularize Southern Imagry than you ever thought possible

      • Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina. Thanks to her making war on the flag, the flag has proliferated, I am now seeing them everywhere. She’s like one of these people who threw a cleaner on black mold only to spread it. Better and better

          • You remember that by remembering that the Capitol building has a round dome. “O”. Something some of those older lady teachers taught me in my elementary school days. Sadly, they’re all passing on now. Some are in their nineties. That tells you how old, and where they were coming from, when I came along in the mid Seventies.

          • I had perfect spelling as a child unfortunately I noticed as I aged I forgot some of the old rules. I usually remember them.

          • Why would I waste my time suing you? If you, with your English ancestry that extends to the antebellum South, could write English as well as Nimrata Nikki Haley, whose parents are immigrants from the Punjab, then maybe you, not she, would be deciding what flies from the dome of South Carolina’s capitol.

            PS But I’ll give you a pass, since, as you say below, you’re getting old. In recent years, I, who am presently sixty-two, have been confusing things like “their” and “there.”

          • Well I actually applauded her for taking down the flag as it has obviously completely backfired. I am seeing more Confederate Flags now than I did before the whole Dylann Roof flag flap. The thing is Nikki Nimrata Haley has merely spread the seeds of Nationalism into the four winds, from South Carolina throughout the South and into the North as well. At the time when some Southern Nationalists were bitching daily about this decision I remember saying it will backfire and in the end benefit us. Well it has and it feels good to be right.

          • Understood, it was just a figure of speech.Actually almost all of my ancestors were from Scotland or Wales and Ireland. Celts not English

          • Unfortunately, Mr.B, young kids are confusing there, their and they’re, also. They often confuse to and too also.

          • I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right about that, James. A few years ago, I learned from a youngster here in the northeastern U.S. that she was not quite clear on the measurement of inches. She herself seemed a bit frustrated about this, as she explained that her schoolteacher had focused on basics of the metric system (which, as we know, helps one little with, say, the purchase, here in America, of a simple picture frame). She might have said, as she was telling me this, that she had been thinking, with frustration, in the classroom, “I live in America,” i.e., Why are you not teaching me about inches? Her school is in what I think of as a white suburb; and as she told me this, I wondered what’s going on in American schools.

          • They were pushing Metric in the Seventies. However, we just skimmed over it in school. To me, the Metric system is coarse.

          • A few years ago, I read an online piece in which it was remarked, as I myself had long thought, that the metric system doesn’t have anything like a foot, which is a convenient length for everyday life. The author might have mentioned, too, the inch, which is another convenient length without a metric equivalent. Metric’s only advantage, the author observed, is that it’s in base-10 and is thus a match to our counting system; but the author mentioned that the only advantage of base-10 itself is that it matches the number of our fingers. Base-12, of which the author was an advocate, has the advantage of multiple factors–2, 3, and 4–so that it’s easy to break a dozen, a gross, a foot, or, for that matter, an hour (5 x 12 minutes) not only in half but into quarters and thirds.

            Anyway–yes, I had a sense it was being pushed in the seventies, as you say, which came shortly after my own years in elementary school; and I’m wondering, from what that youngster told me, whether it’s even worse in some places now. It’s like soccer: it’s one of those Euro things that liberals love.

          • Well, Mr B. I had to learn how to machine parts in Metric. I cheated by multiplying the dimensions on the print by 0.03937. One millimetre is about 1/32″. You take that and cut it up into smaller parts. Very crude. Then there’s the fact that a 9mm Bolt made in Germany may not fit a 9mm nut made elsewhere. In school we followed DIN, which is German metric, which U.S. companies follow when dealing with metric parts. Like us school kids , they avoid it if they can.

          • I’m pleased to say, James, that you just now sent me to the internet, so I could clarify DIN. Below is a picture of the DIN head-office, in Berlin.

            Next time I speak with my older cousin who was a machinist, I’ll have to ask him how he dealt with the metric conversion that you finessed. He was trained in the ’50s, I’ll mention, and worked, oh, geez, maybe into the early 2000s. Possibly you, with your experience, won’t be as startled as I was by his story, which he once related to me directly, of a job interview in which he was asked whether he could handle the single final grinding, to one ten-thousandth of an inch, on an aerospace part. This was out in L.A., early ’90s maybe, and the interviewer said, “When this goes out the door, it’s worth $96,000.” My cousin said he could handle it, got the job, and then, while driving back to the place where he was already working, stopped at a pay phone and rejected the offer. At the place where he was already working, he was allowed to come and go at whatever hours he wanted to and was even allowed to keep a piano in a room where he could go and play it, for some relaxation. You won’t be surprised to hear he chose to stay with that employer.

            Anyway–here’s the DIN place …

          • I’m not surprised at all. We had a couple of machines in school that had English/Metric micrometer collars. That’s where the cheat came in. It won’t help you on a straight Metric machine, except on CNC programs.The main reason for following DIN is NATO, anyway. U.S./German standards mostly set the pace in NATO for equipment. Otherwise, the U.S. is going to stick with English. Besides there’s just too much invested in tools and everything else to switch. That’s why the Metric changeover flopped by 1980. Even the Canadians and British fudge it a bit.

          • Interesting, James–both the NATO angle and the failure, circa 1980, of the Metric changeover. Probably, I should have known about the former, because my understanding is that NATO ammunition is what led to the rise of 9mm handguns, here in the U.S. Hadn’t been aware–and am pleased to hear–that the changeover failed, those several decades ago. The metric volumes and dimensions printed below the English ones, on the labels of consumer products, here in the U.S., had occasionally made me wonder whether the contest between English and Metric was yet undecided here; I’m glad to know English long ago won.

            I can believe what you say about the fudging, on the part of the Canadians and the British. Within the last year or so, I happened to see, in a comment thread, somewhere on the internet, an Englishman’s statement, directed to Americans, to the effect that English measure had not been supplanted by Metric in Britain. It seemed important to him to communicate, to his American “cousins,” that English measure was holding its own, alongside Metric, over there.

            Final thing: Gave that youngster a twelve-inch ruler two or three years ago, when she was graduated from elementary school. Bought it for her in Kmart, where, somewhat to my surprise, it was made of wood and looked exactly like the wooden rulers of my own elementary-school days, which ended in 1967. Plastic rulers were already widely available by the end of my time in grade school, but those wooden rulers have not disappeared.

          • Don’t get upset with a correction, it is sound advice. Embarrassing, yes, but we all do it. Be appreciative that someone took the time to correct you.

      • John, the “NIkki” that Billy Ray Jenkins is posting about is South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. I don’t know if she’s Nimrata’s cousin, or, for that matter, who Nimratata is.

  3. WELL done, and best wishes to all. Had I been in SC, or anywhere nearby, I would have participated.

  4. Hunter,

    When you have a chance please write on the absurdity of the black ethnostate in the Deep South (as you are posting on twitter now)……or link it if you already have in years past. People get confused because of the high black percentages in places like Mississippi and Alabama, but for a massive black migration to happen, lets say in the next two or so generations, there would have to be a constant fear of physical harm by whites and a significant decrease in social services and welfare.

    Please, ponder that for more than 10 minutes after reading the state wikipedia pages demographic percentages and ask yourself where is it more likely for the above two conditions to happen??? The Deep South or Cleveland and New York?

  5. EXCLUSIVE–New Black Panther Leader: Blacks Need to Migrate to Five Southern States, Form ‘Country Within a Country’

    Babu Omowale, the so-called national minister of defense for the People’s New Black Panther Party, says his group and allied organizations have their sights set on establishing “our own government in a nation within a nation.”
    Omowale was speaking in an interview set to air Sunday night on this reporter’s talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and News Talk 990 AM in Philadelphia.

    Omowale used the interview to claim five states as belonging to the “Black Nation”: Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia.

    The revolutionary stated: “We just need to start migrating back to those states and taking control of the economics in those states. If black people move in, most definitely white people will move out. So it’s not a hard process for us to have our own country within a country.”

    • These niggers need to shipped back to Africa where they can live in their own cesspool states!

    • That “Black Nation” stuff goes back to the Sixties, at least. But I wouldn’t worry too much. Unless white anti-whites and/or Jews provide the transportation, housing and instant welfare upon arrival it ain’t gonna happen.

      • Thats the Republic of New Afrika a Terrorist Group in fact the Mayor of Jackson Miss was a member of that group. A man I know was present in Jackson during the 1971 shootings the RNA pulled on the Jackson police. The RNA is part of the Weather Underground. The Red Black and Green Flag is the RNA Flag

    • Worth noting that the NBPP and the PEOPLES NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY are all Islamic Organizations who fly the Star and Crescent. Unlike Huey P Newton and Bobby Seale’s organization which was Communist and ANTI-RELIGION these guys are for the most part ALL MUSLIMS.

  6. ————-

    In the 70s and 80s when I grew up in the aftermath of 60s mess, everyone knew about black crime.

    Even Libs knew about it. It was the era of ‘mugged by reality’. Few people had any illusion about blacks.

    But since the 90s, there was great reduction in crime, esp in some key cities where pampered kids grew up in whitopias. There are some cities that I recall was quite black when I was young. Today, I see that huge areas are mostly white or non-black.

    So, a whole generation of white millennials grew up without danger of black crime. And they have no idea about the Willie Horton Era since it’s been swept under the rug. They think all the fear of blacks in the past was some delusional mania, esp since academia and media are dominated by Libs. Also, black thuggery has been made ‘cool’ and fashionable via rap. It’s a fashion statement than actual black thugs robbing you and raping your mother.

    All this sense of security, privilege, and PC ‘white guilt’ made so many white millennials take their safety for granted. They began to question stuff like ‘stop and frisk’ and side with BLM.

    Lena Dunham grew up in whitened part of NY with almost no blacks. For her, black rage is just some abstract cause, not a fist in her face. Also, millennials, like X-ers, grew up with education and TV documentaries that sacralized the Civil Rights Movement but turned a total blind eye to the Black Rampage that followed and destroyed so many lives. But Cons have been silent too.

    Well, looks like another round of mayhem is about to hit the cities unless Section 8 works quickly enough to send the Negroes to the outlying areas.

    Remember that the 60s generation that so romanticized black violence also came of age in crime-free 50s and early 60s. So, they could romanticize black rage as noble.

    Had the boomer generation grown up with lots of black crime, they would not have been so naive.

    We see the same shit happening all over.

    Liberals who cleaned up the cities knew all too well about black crime and thuggery, but they remained mum about it even as they went about locking up the Negroes in the Clinton era.

    After all, the Narrative says Jews and white Libs and blacks are allies and pals.

    So, even as cities got tough on blacks, this neo-draconianism was masked by PC lingo about MLK holiness under which millennials were raised. Libs acted ‘racist’ to clean up the cities but had to remain mum about it. After all, it was the ‘racist’ Republicans who did the Willie Horton ad. Liberals, in contrast, implemented policies in fear of Willie Horton but hid the nature of their deed by praising Oprah. Blacks were so enthralled with Clinton smiling at them and being the ‘first black president’ that they failed to see that slick willy was pulling one on them.

    And of course, there was homomania to focus most Prog attention on happy queers than angry blacks. After all, even queenie meanies aren’t threatening like black thugs.

    (Homomania is less appealing now that ‘gay marriage’ happened’. So, there is hunger for the ‘great new cause’ or ‘great new hope’.)

    Origins of BLM shows a crack in the homo movement. Though Jews are only 2% of the homo community, they’ve dominated most of the organizations. Also, Jew Homos got most of the funding from rich Jews to make Homo = Jewish Agenda = Globalism.

    But blacks who began BLM don’t want homo agenda to compete and eclipse the Negro Demand. They want the homo agenda to serve the black rage agenda.

    Some white Libs see this as good sign in the sense of “if blacks come to accept homos more, maybe they will be less macho and threatening and more like Michael Jackson.”

    But it’s not working out that way. Homo Black Lesbians prefer bloody black rage to happy homo rainbow.

    White Lib hope of black mellowing via association with homo agenda is slipping. Pro-homo or anti-homo, blacks want to command the Narrative. They want the megaphone.

    It just so happens that black demands and white/Jewish urban plan are at loggerheads despite the charade that both sides are allies against the KKK and Trump.

    All this stuff about Dallas as ‘city of hate’ into ‘city of hope’ misses the central point. ‘Progressive’ agenda is anti-Brogressive 0r black brotha ‘progressive’.

    Brogressives want more free stuff for Negroes and want to command the Narrative. In contrast, the globo Progs may mutter nice pro-black things but their actual policies have led to gentrification(pushing blacks out), increased policing(locking up black thugs and racial profiling, esp in NY), more diversity(more immigration and more competition for blacks), and homomania(that drowned out black voices for most of Obama’s presidency).

    Globo-progressivism is ‘hate’ slipped into ‘hope’. Of course, affluent white ‘progressives’ will sacrifice the less fortunate of their own kind to maximize their own privilege. They will send blacks to OTHER white communities and don’t care if whites suffer as a result AS LONG AS their parts of the city are more gentrified and made safer.

    So, this is a crazy hybrid animal.

    • You know whats wierd, is on some of these PRO-SOUTHERN sites and t shirt makers you see variations of the state configuration and why I have no idea. I have seen some that exclude West Virginia or Maryland, some who exclude Missouri its downright bizarre why some configure it differently., The 1860 configuration is actually the proper one.

    • The map above is somewhat disputable, since West Virginia broke away from the rest of the Commonwealth of Virginia during the War of Southern Independence to side with the North.

      • Actually 99% of West Virginians identify with the South so its not, but Maryland will definately have to undergo Reconquest and Relocation along with Florida and parts of Missouri North Carolina and Virginia

        I laid out my three point plan for the New Confederacy awhile back. I suggest concentrating first on freeing the Deep South and expanding up through Kentucky and Tennessee to bolster manpower. The first 25 years would be spent solidifying the territory. The second 25 would be spent in conquest of land that was traditionally Southern, sort of like what Hitler did in Eastern Europe. The third 25 would be the first two generations imbued in a wholly Southern Identity taking the nation forward. You literally have to understand and any Southern Nationalist who dont get this is a fool.

        It will take between 50 and 75 years to reclaim Dixie completely!

        • Well every movement has to start somewhere, and the fact that you’re thinking this through and a have a definable plan is a good sign

        • Railroad lawyers for the B&O railroad created “West Virginia”, as Owen says, backed by troops from Ohio, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

          • Lord Baltimore’s family made a very poor decision in the Colonial Days, The Maryland Chesapeake Region was settled because you needed waterways to float the tobacco down to market but further back you got in Maryland the waterways narrowed up to nothing and transportation was nonexistent. Lord Baltimore seeking to sell some land extended his welcome to German farmers and assorted Yankees looking for cheap land and they came, hundreds of them.

            As this group grew in population over the years, they began to flex their political muscles. By 1861 when the Great Unpleasantness began, probably about 60%-70% of this group of people in these central and western Maryland Counties either sided with or sympathized with the Union. There were still plenty of Southrons among them who had also claimed land, but when Governor Hicks in 1861 against the will of the Maryland Legislature ordered the Legislature out of Annapolis to Frederick which was largely a German/Yankee provincial capital by then, the Southerners talked of threats and bullying from the local population.

            One of the lone Patriots from Frederick was General Bradley T Johnson who wrote very scathingly about Governor Hicks literally manuvering with Lincoln the entire time to impose a dictatorship in Maryland. The problem with Southern Nationalists sometimes is they focus too much on Lincoln’s evil they forget the hundreds of accomplices without which his programs would have been impossible. Governor Hicks was the only Southern Governor who against the will of his own people duly committed the Maryland State Militia to the Union Service and demanded 75,000 Marylanders take up arms against Virginia. All 13 Governors of the eventual Confederate States told Lincoln to go to the devil.

            Yes it is true these Unionist Marylanders provided alot of material aid to the B and O seizing West Virginia for the Union against the will of probably 40% of the people. About 60% of West Virginians had wanted to be separate because of economic concerns. In 1776 there was proposed a State that stretched from the Cumberland Gap encompassing Eastern Ky to Pittsburgh called Westylvania that was rejected by the Congress. Lincoln merely provided those who were the children of the men who wanted Westylvania the chance they had been waiting for. In fact Stonewall Jackson’s own family some of them supported the Union and the creation of West Virginia.

            Maryland’s main difference separating her from the rest of the South was her lack of a large Scots-Irish population which was the backbone of the 13 Confederate States and the people who founded the Bible Belt. Her population was old Anglo-Norman nobility in the Tidewater and Germans/Yankees in the rest interspersed with Southerners usually of English blood. This was why the state became religiously liberal like the Northern states it bordered. It was also why aside from Gilmor’s Raiders Maryland had very little partisan violence as compared to Kentucky Tennessee or Virginia. Scots Irish are barbaric fighters, the English try to be gentleman snobs. Stonewall was Scots Irish, he wanted to burn the entire North to the ground under the Black Flag General Lee was old English, he thought of the Northerner merely as a misguided child, he didn’t hate them he merely wanted them to be sensible. He and Stonewall disagreed on this point.

          • At the beginning of the war there was a strong Union sentiment among the people of the counties of Virginia now composing the state of West Virginia. There was a decided majority against the ordinance of secession; but after the war had actually begun, and the state of Virginia became the scene of conflict, very many of those who had voted against secession either enrolled themselves in the Confederate army or remained at home in either active or tacit sympathy with the Confederate cause, so that in 1863 when the new state was formed, a large majority of the legal inhabitants of the counties embraced within its limits took no part in the transaction. Out of a voting population in 1860 of more than 50,000, the state of West Virginia started upon its career with the expressed consent and approbation of less than 19,000 votes. The Union sentiment was strongest in the counties lying along the Northern and Western borders, or along the line of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad; it was weaker in the interior counties; while in the counties upon the Southern and Eastern borders it was almost non-existent, the people being practically unanimous in support of the Southern cause. According to the reports of the Adjutant-General, the state of West Virginia was credited with furnishing to the Union army, from first to last, a total of 31,884 men. Several entire regiments which are credited to West Virginia, were recruited in Ohio or elsewhere, and officered by Ohio men. During the last two years of the war, when large bounties were paid for enlistments to complete the quota of troops called for, the volunteers came almost entirely from abroad, and when substitutes were secured to take the places of conscripted men, these substitutes were for the most part obtained in Northern cities or were newly-arrived immigrants from abroad. It is now impossible to obtain any accurate figures as to the number of soldiers furnished to the Southern armies by the counties composing West Virginia. The muster-rolls have been lost or destroyed, and it is not known that any record even approaching completeness is now in existence. Recruiting was active in many of the counties at the beginning of the war; but when the Federal armies advanced in 1861, of course enlistment in the Confederate army ceased at all points within the Federal line, though it went on with increased activity and thoroughness in the counties not under Federal control, and it can scarcely be doubted that the total number of West Virginians who served at one time or another in the Confederate army exceeded by several thousands the number who espoused the Union cause.

        • In fairness, I don’t think there was much native Virginian vote to suppress … most of the native men were off fighting in the War… for the Confederacy!

      • Actually West Virginians were dissatisfied with their Patrician overlords in Richmond over issues of political dissing and neglect quite some time before the beginning of the War of Northern Aggression.

  7. Well done. The Evil Empire is collapsing before our eyes. Independence/secessionist movements like this will resonate with us more and more.

  8. The South Carolina Secessionist Party is one of queers, negroes, and anything else that wants to join it.

    It is the epitome of Rainbowism.

    That is why the SC League of the South, who attempted to communicate with them well over a year ago, refuses to participate in their actions. They sap the strength of the southern culture itself.

  9. Black panthers are now calling for their own government, and they want the Deep South southern states except Florida. U support their having their own states if whites can have their own.

    • This would be a wondrous outcome, but we would have to divide the land on a more granular level than states. Lousiana for Instance, has white sections more like Scots-Irish Texas and black sections closer to the Plantation South.

      The ripple effect of even a small Partition would cause the remainder of the nation and perhaps even Mexico and Canada to redraw the maps, which is why it requires formal negotiations with “Leave” / “Remain” parties like they had in Brexit.

      It’s too bad the “alt-right” is stuck in Nazi mode and can’t get closer to 2030 than 1930 in their thinking, because the alt-right as a whole could push Partition into the national conversation, if it was unified on the matter. Perhaps in 121 days?

  10. Slavery and secession were not prohibited in the Constitution and more importantly both slavery and secession are not prohibited in the Bible. Lincoln did not use the excuse of freeing the slaves when he called for 75,000 to invade and conquer the South in 1861. He wanted to preserve the Union (for his own profit and the profit of the Northern greedy business community). Secession is not rebellion. Go ask Britain (BREXIT). Lincoln lifted up the sword against the Southern people and was killed by the sword within a week after Appomattox. The South was RIGHT and all these Northern traitors who betrayed the Constitution who want to remove the Confederate Flag and Memorials are just criminals who are trying to remove the evidence from a crime scene.

    “If you bring these [Confederate] leaders to trial it will condemn the North, for by the Constitution secession is not rebellion. Lincoln wanted Davis to escape, and he was right. His capture was a mistake. His trial will be a greater one.”
    — Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, July 1867

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