The False Narrative: Black Lives Matter Supporter Assaults Random White Kid On Washington Metro

H/T Cernovich

This sort of thing happens all the time on the Washington Metro:

“HYATTSVILLE, Md. – Metro Transit Police have arrested a person for assaulting another passenger on a Green Line Metro train.

Police said the second-degree assault happened as the train was at the Prince George’s Plaza station at around 12:10 p.m on Monday …”

Hmm. Is it related to this incident from a few days ago?

“WASHINGTON – Detectives are combing through surveillance video from Metro after a teenage boy said he was held against his will by a stranger. It happened on a Green Line train after the teenager, who said he is gay, refused to perform a sexual act.

The 17-year-old victim said he got on the train at the Congress Heights Metro station and sat in an empty seat next to the suspect. He said another rider asked him to perform a sexual act in exchange for $10. When the teen refused and tried to get up and sit in another seat, the man grabbed his arm, pulled him down and held him in place. Eventually the teenager was able to break free and got off at the Navy Yard-Ballpark stop.

This reportedly happened Friday morning between 8 and 8:30 a.m. as the victim was on his way to a summer job. He said he called his boss who then helped him file a police report. …”

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  1. Remember riding the Washington DC Metro in 1993 we did all of DC on foot. Back then the Negroes were nice, sure there were panhandlers but most of them I came in contact smiled and were decent. HOWEVER THIS WAS IN THE DAYTIME. Since Rodney King Riots in 1992, the Negroes have become more belligerent and more irrational. We reached Peak Negro after 1992 and it only has worsened since.

    When I was in DC Summer of 1993, Bill Clinton had only been President for 9 months, he hadn’t done a tremendous amount of damage yet. By 2001 years of Gangsta Rap and Bill Clinton’s Negro coddling followed by George W Bush’s Negro coddling and Obama have created the Perfect Storm. Now we are in it and its blowing like all get out,

  2. “With these words [Antinous] threw a footstool at [the disguised Ulysses], and hit him on the right shoulder-blade near the top of his back. Ulysses stood firm as a rock and the blow did not even stagger him, but he shook his head in silence as he brooded on his revenge … “

    • We’ve done our share of brooding. One day we will have to follow the example set by Ulysses by stringing our bows and grabbing the sharpest arrows from our quivers.

  3. The green line goes straight through DC’s ghettos. No White person in their right mind takes it.

    • Yes, I rather discovered that in what must have been latter 2000 or early 2001, when I had to make a sort of work-related trip to D.C. I’d chosen the Green Line simply because it had the station closest to the point where I-95 hit the 495 beltway, as I was driving south from Philadelphia; and as I was standing in the moving train car, I noticed my hand was in contact with that of a black girl who was standing on the opposite side of the floor-to-ceiling pole I was grasping, for the steadying of myself. Thinking I’d inadvertently crowded her, I slid my hand a few inches down the pole; but a few minutes later, while I’d not been looking in her direction, I discovered that once again, her hand, which, apparently, she, too, had slid down the pole, was in contact with mine. At the time, I would have been forty-six or seven; and both she and her girlfriend, who was standing beside her, looked as if they could be teenagers. As far as I can recall, the two of them had not even been standing at the pole when I’d taken my position at it; but now, as I noticed them at last, the one of them whose hand was touching mine was staring at me with a look of sexual fascination so helpless and elemental that, with only a slight change in the circumstances, she probably would have copulated with me right there, on the floor of the train. For more than one reason, I simply noted this, mentally, and went onward, toward the source of the Nile.

      • PS Lest I be charged with smugness, for recounting that episode in which I was the Great Object of Desire, all but indifferent to the attentions of the little ghetto females who’d chanced into my presence, I’ll add that I would hardly have to scour my memory to come up with stories involving my discovering, unpleasantly enough, that women in whom I was interested were quite indifferent to me.

  4. I highly recommend the Alt Right Chicago crime blog:


    It’s written by street smart, race realists Chicago police and retired Chicago police.

    SecondCityCop is helping to help the narrative collapse in so many of these police vs Black Dindunuffin confrontations.

    Here’s SecondCityCop on the Baton Rouge LA CD street seller who has a history of threatening people with a hand gun then fighting with police.

    Another Narrative Falls

    That Baton Rouge shooting? Just got a lot more…interesting?

    9News reports the details of a previous arrest of Alton Sterling that is eerily similar to the incident that ultimately led to his death.

    Sterling, 37, was recently killed in a shooting involving two Baton Rouge police officers on July 5.

    It turns out Sterling has struggled with police in the past. Documents show, in May 2009, Sterling fought with cops outside of a convenience store on Rosenwald Road, where he was selling CDs, while carrying a gun.

    In the report dated May 29, 2009, the officer said he was dispatched to a convenience store after getting a complaint about a subject “on the corner selling CDs” and that the subject had pulled a gun on someone.

    Selling CD’s, carrying a gun, threatened someone, fights the police, all in 2016.

    Now the media suddenly discovers, that in 2009, he was selling CD’s, carrying a gun, threatens someone else, fights the police, seven years ago.

    It’s almost like he had a habit of doing this sort of thing.

    Spread this one around boys and girls.

    And be sure to point out that the police being called to the scene negates any accusation of “profiling.” If you don’t want the police to show up, stop calling.

  5. The average IQ of the black man is borderline retarded.

    it’s even worse if they live on or near a Democrat plantation.

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    Black Lives Matter?! Mind over Matter? Blacks don’t matter; I don’t mind! That’s right! Since when did all y’all niggas start to assert your human rights? Are you really human? America’s founding fathers begged to differ! For example, Thomas Jefferson wondered where blacks fit in on a scale ranging from insects to angels. Clearly, blacks’re inferior creatures to whites because after all “the Blacks” were not human. Blacks are owned property, on the same level as farm animals! As such, your destiny is to labor and slave for whites and should stop being so riotous and self righteous.

    I, Susan Cordogan, came from a prominent English family that had come to the Promised Land. My family enjoyed owning and trading black slaves. We saved the lives of your ancestors, for if not for us, your ancestors would have frozen and starved to death in the dead Midwest winter. You niggas should thank we white folks for throwing you guys a bone! So stop yapping “Black Lives Matter” already, because clearly you do not matter! And that’s the truth.

    And I will not submit to this farcical BLM nonsense and I will not allow the death threats, the name calling, and the pack threat mentality stop me from telling the truth about y’all niggas.

    Despite everything, I will gladly take your money and plan your lil wedding because you sure need to make more colored babies to feed the system making sure that our white guardian angel police officers stay employed.

    Susan Arlene Cordogan, President
    Big City Bride, Chicago IL

  7. Props to Thomas Jefferson, who knew how to treat blacks. Never set them free and bone ’em like you own ’em.
    He also kicked muslime butt on the Barbary Coast. Not bad for an “intellectual” president.

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